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Winners and Crackers

So...first things first. I know like 99.9% of you are only reading this to see if you win. Thanks mom, for reading just because you love me.

There were 290 entries for a pair of Aspaeris Pivot Shorts, and thanks to the winner was...

#187 - Rachelle Wardle - Congrats! If you don't read the blog Running for Trevor, get over there now. She is more than just an incredibly speedy runner, she also has a heart of gold. Go say hi!

Can we head back in time to yesterday's post for a minute? I mentioned Christmas crackers in it, and I don't think I've ever received so many comments/emails in my life. Also, I can't believe so many of you are deprived of this awesomely mediocre tradition. Here's my explanation of crackers:

Nope, not these crackers...

Here we go...these crackers:

Around the Christmas table, two people each pull one end of the cracker, and it pops open. Inside, there are terrible prizes like a mini magnifying glass, a paper crown, a bad joke, a tiny pencil or something else you will undoubtedly throw away before it even makes it home. BUT - it's tradition. So I keep buying them year after year. 

I'd also like to mention that until I looked it up on Wikipedia today, I had no idea that the popping sound was created by a highly explosive chemical. I kinda just thought it was tension from the paper or something. So that sounds slightly less than safe. 

If my house goes up in smoke over Christmas, try not to blame it on my subpar culinary skills. The kitchen probably caught on fire because of the Christmas crackers. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

I'm keeping it short and sweet today, mostly because I'm in a funk and just want Christmas to get here already. Blargh. I hate waiting for it. Especially working while I wait for it. Wake me up when it's holiday time please. 

So...did my explanation of Christmas crackers make you want to rush out and buy them, or ban them from your home as a fire hazard?
I may have overdone the dangerous chemical aspect. I'm sure they're safe. Probably. Mostly. 

I have a grand total of ONE Christmas CD. I need Christmas song recommendations please!
Seriously - I only listen to my one CD, Trans Siberian Orchestra on YouTube and somehow "All I Want for Christmas is You" gets into my head every 3-4 hours just because. Gotta love that Mariah. 


  1. I just want the work week to be over already.

    I LOVE Christmas music. I like a lot of the old songs, but Michael buble is pretty great

  2. Sugarland "Green and Gold" is a great holiday album. :)

    I already knew about the cracker thing. My Norwegian grandma used to give them to us!

  3. 1 more day of school and I cannot wait! I'm with Amanda - I love my Michael Buble Christmas CD.

  4. My mom loooooooooooves those crackers, so every year there are inevitably pictures of us in the dorky paper crowns.

  5. Congrats Rachelle she will look great in those red ones! I love mine!

  6. I always make homemade crackers for christmas <3

  7. Yayyyy! So happy for Rachelle! She has been wanting a pair of these so badly :)

  8. So those are the Christmas crackers. I am deprived. I saw a video on youtube and it looked so much fun. Im gonna try to find some.

  9. I didn't tune into today's post to see the winner - I simply wanted to read your post . . . your mom and I kick it like that :) SMILE!

    Christmas crackers so . . . I thought they were crackers in Christmas shapes (you know like Pretzels that are the shape of trees or stars or whatever). OHHHHHH - I was oh so wrong! Thanks for the explanation! Nope, not gonna go out and buy any, but might be fun if I had kids. Are they a hong kong thing?

    You're fun - Merry Christmas!

  10. I cannot stand TSO. Tried but I just cannot like it. It makes me road ragey....

    Christmas crackers sound like fun. I am too scared to try it though. But I want to see others do it.

  11. You just named my two favorite Christmas songs. I cannot handle working right now, especially with 95% of teachers in the country being off. I'm so over it.

  12. I'm such a hick. I have never heard of crackers. I think they sound like a cool tradition.

  13. I didn't enter so that is not why I am reading!


    I think Michael Buble has a nice Christmas album if you like him. And there is an old Boney M one I like too. Not a huge fan of Chrismtas music, sorry.

    I think it is so funny that so few people seemed to know about the Christmas crackers!

  14. We had crackers every Christmas growing up! You're right, the prizes are crummy but it's tradition! I'm sure on Pinterest there is a tutorial on how to make your own & put better prizes in, ha!

  15. I have never had a Christmas cracker. Well, I've had the kind you eat with cheese!

  16. No crackers in this house this year .... kids ALWAYS complain they are "stupid" so I'm not putting myself through that stress - bet they all miss "stupid" this year .... HA!

  17. Haha. Nope, I have no desire to purchase a Christmas cracker. I do like Christmas crackers though (the other kind). Every year, my grandma used to put peanut butter between two ritz crackers and dip them in chocolate. Wow. Just wow.

  18. I love crackers! When I was growing up my best friend's Dad was from England. He introduced me to a Christmas cracker when I was 5 and my life has never been the same. I'm glad you enjoy the tradition!

    I'm dying for Christmas too. I can't decide if it's because I'm really that excited, or if it's because I'm tired of my kids saying they want "every toy in the whole world." I try to explain to them that that's greedy, but they don't seem to care.


  19. congrats Rachelle! And It all makes sense now! I have used those crackers on New years before, but never Christmas!

  20. congrats to the winner, but c'mon, i'm a little disappointed u didn't do it old school style again and put all the entrants on slips of paper and draw from a hat...i mean, sheesh! ;)

  21. Yay still so excited that I won!!! I love christmas crackers and any crackers for that matter. I have a massive addiction to cheese and crackers. Yum!

  22. Have you ever heard of Sufjan Stevens? His christmas album us freaking amazing. It's all original stuff, but it's phenomenal. Also, I won't take it personally if you hate it.

    I can't wait for my Christmas crackers this year!

  23. I hate things that pop and make noise (weird I know) so no, you did not persuade me to purchase some crackers lol. But maybe those Ritz...

  24. Just found your blog. I am hoping to get back into running on a regular basis. Love the blog.

  25. haha! I wanted to rush out and buy them BEFORE I read, explosive chemical!! LOL!

    Merry Christmas :)

  26. Congrats Rachelle! I have a new love for Ritz these days after a friend brought them over last weekend.


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