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A Home Gym and Repurposed Tacos

This morning I did the best workout I could without any cardio, and it resulted in one hour of easy yoga, 15 minutes of ab work and 15 minutes of resistance bands for upper body. All good, but...I need my cardio fix. I need it bad. So I bought the $25 cheap-o used exercise bike I mentioned yesterday. I rode it for about 90 seconds tonight and I'm already in love.

It has a pretty sad little monitor for tracking distance, speed, etc., but I plan on wearing a heart rate monitor and just going by time anyway. It's official though - the room can be considered an official "office/gym" instead of just a "room with a tiny Walmart desk and a giant treadmill." So that's exciting. See the little plugs and wires in front of the TM? That's because one day I had a fantasy of sticking a TV up there. Ah, dreams....

To celebrate picking up the bike (any maybe because we drove 45 minutes away to pick it up and I was STARVING) we went for lunch at Moe's. I've never been there before, but it's a new favorite. Um, a salsa bar? Tofu tacos? Sign me up. 

I got two chicken tacos and then realized they came with a giant bowl of perfect chips, and the previously mentioned salsa bar. I at one taco and then gave up - they were good, but the chips were better. 

2 Tacos, chips and 2 salsas: tomatilla salsa is amazing!

Tasty taco abandoned for chips.
So amazing. I promise they're not paying me to say this. It's just that good. (On a side note, Moes? If you wanted to pay me I would do it. I will sell out for free tacos.) Anyway, once I ate all my chips and one taco, I was stuffed. But somehow managed to eat some of hubby's chips. WHO LEAVE CHIPS? A grown man. Pssht.

I saved the taco and wrapped it up to take home and eat for dinner. Popped it in the fridge, pulled it out 4 hours later. Soggy corn tortillas. Nasty. Being the genius/cheapo that I am, I figured out how to make it work. Step one: throw away soggy tortilla. Step 2: Dump the taco fillings and salsas on a bed of lettuce. Step 3: Top with homemade corn tortilla chips.

I will undoubtedly concede that Moe's meal was better. No question. But this was pretty dang tasty too. 

If you love Mexican food: what's your favorite place? Local or chain?
I clearly don't have a very authentic view of Mexican food, and I'm okay with that. BUT - this might be my new favorite. Definitely beats the pants off Taco Bell. I have never tried Chipotle - is this similar?

Any suggestions for ways to spruce up the old home gym? Blank walls aren't that motivating or entertaining, it turns out. 
I'm thinking of some cool framed prints or posters, maybe motivational type things? Any suggestions?


  1. maybe framing race bibs or something? Or I bet you could find a bunch of cool motivational quotes on pinterest and print them out and frame them. I've never been to moes, but chipotle is amazing.

  2. We have a local restaurant - Pedros - & I love it...but most of the time I just make tacos at home and make myself a huge taco salad!
    Love your workout room! I need one of those.

  3. I love everything about reading your blog except that it makes me insanely jealous that I live in a tiny city apartment and not a house. But the non-jealous part of me is so excited for you and your gym- it really looks awesome!!

    I like Meg's race bib idea- maybe collage them on the walls? Or cover one of the walls in chalk paint and then you can write your week's workout plans, motivational sayings, or even menus on there. But then you can erase and re-write new things to keep it fresh.

    I am a chipotle girl all the way!

  4. I think you should get some posters made from pics of you ... running, with your medals, etc.

    Would be very motivating I think.

    Glad you got your cardio fix. Your gym is shaping up nicely!

  5. ooh- love the framed race bib idea! I may steal that... if I ever have a home gym ;).
    I haven't tried too many Mexican food places around me, but I like Cafe Rio, Rubios and Costa Vida. Love me a good taco salad!

  6. Yay for a home gym. I have to admit to being jealous! I had to move my elliptical into my bedroom after I had my second kid. i want a treadmill so bad!

    I think you should do what Meg suggested too, race bibs would look awesome in there!

  7. Love Mexican food! Mike and I were supposed to go out for Mexican on Monday but I forgot and had Pork chops cooking all day. Oops. My favorite is locally owned Solea. Mmmmm

  8. Oh Moes is absolutely the best, ever. After my first 50K, our hotel had a Moe's right outside and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Sadly I don't live near one now. Worst thing ever.

  9. I have been eating a lot of chipotle salads with no dressing since I went low carb. I am afraid to go in a 'real' Mexican resturant for fear of over eating.

    Inspiration for your room - I am sure you can find some pinterest quotes that would work

  10. Display some bibs, medals and trophies up in there! A nice minimalist shelf would work. I loveeeee Mexican. It is my fav and I think the chains suck big time. Everyone in Iowa loves Carlos O'Kellys. Ick. THere's a hole in the wall place here called El Sol. Their guac is amazingggggg.

  11. I'm so jealous of your home gym. Mostly because of the treadmill & the space! So jealous!!

    Kiley @ DailyVitaminF

  12. Congrats on your bike! I have an office gym that has a desk, bike and tready too. lol I love it. I haven't painted or done anything either. All I have is a calendar with nature photos and inspirational messages :)

  13. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    I have had a cheap Walmart exercise bike for many years and it has worked like a charm. Now I think it feels more comfortable than the expensive bikes. Glad you gave it a good home.

  14. There are a few local, authentic Mexican restaurants back in Illinois that I miss dearly. But I do love Chipotle, but don't consider it Mexican food (just like I don't consider Taco Bell Mexican).

  15. Mexican food is the best! Dean's friend has a restaurant right by Dean's place actually! It's called Playa Cabana and his guacamole is to DIE for!! Everything he makes is so authentic and made from top notch ingredients. A bit pricier than Mexican chains like Chipotle but SO worth it!

    Make a motivational collage!! Check out Pinterest for ideas...some really great stuff on there.

    Oh, and s'mores are in the plan for this weekend. Told Dean all about it tonight and showed him your two-pound marshmallow! He's all for it :)

  16. My favorite mexican food places are weird taco trucks that are sometimes in my neighborhood. One of the reasons I love living in Los Angeles.

  17. Allan loves Moe's! I'm a pretty big fan of small local Mexican places.

    I agree with putting your race bibs up or some inspirational posters or pictures.

  18. Ah, I love Moe's!! Also, Baja Fresh, which is very similar to Moe's

  19. sorry about the injury, i am trying to be smart and not push too hard this week so I don't injure myself like i ahve in the past...but it's harder with races coming up.

    love the marshmallow!

    we used to have a home gym area in our KC house, but now i have just a bike trainer shoved in a corner, no room for the treadmill here

  20. i love Moe's but the best is Qdoba. we don't have them in NC, so we have to make due with Moe's and neo burrito!

  21. Loving the home gym, especially with your medals on the wall! I'm thinking of hanging up my medals in my cube at work to make me feel better about being an office drone.

    I LOVE mexican!

  22. One time I won first female in a very small 5K and I got a Moe's giftcard and it was my first experience with it. Love!

    The TV above the treadmill is critical!

  23. You are a taco genius. If I come to GA, will you take me to Moe's?

  24. I use to eat at Moe's A LOT when I lived in Florida and when I moved back to KY there were hardly any so I haven't been there in awhile. I use to love eating at Chipotle but it got old. It doesnt have as much flavor as Moe's I don't think.

    My favorite new Mexican meal is broccoli, cauliflower and grilled chicken (veggies are grilled too) with that queso sauce poured over it! There's rice on the side but man is it yummy! It's fairly healthy too except the cheese! :)

  25. I love the gym, wish I had one! But I can't believe you don't have a TV in front of your treadmill…I would definitely do that! I love that you have your medals hanging, but what about your bibs? I have all of mine up and love looking at them.

    I love making tacos into a taco salad the next day - so yummy! My fav chain is prob Quedoba.

  26. Mmmm tacos. You just solved my dinner dilemma. :)

  27. Haha I've only been to Moe's a few times, but it cracks me up how when you walk in they yell "WELCOME TO MOE'S!!!!" haha

    Love that you got that bike so cheap! Awesome having more cardio equipment!

  28. I like the way you think!! Good use of the soggy taco.

    Awesome gym!!!

  29. I love Mexican food but rarely eat it out. Moe's is good, as is Willy's (same concept). I'm a fan of mom-n-pop shops though because they have draft Dos X.

    Glad the bike is working out for ya!

  30. Yay for the bike!! The other thing I can focus on in the post is the food because I am starving and it looks delicious!! Love mexican!!

  31. There are very few really good Mexican places around here- I wish there was a really good, cheap, place that had great mexican food. Oh, and the only chain we have is Taco bell...ugh.

  32. OMG i LOVE Moe's! So delicious :) Turn those walls into inspiration - race bibs, medal racks, cut outs from RW! do it up!

  33. Barking up the wrong tree for decor ideas I'm afraid, I'm still now here closer with my own :-(

  34. Yum - that Mexican food looks delicious! I love Mexican food. I eat it from anywhere (except Taco Bell - BARF!).

    After just running Big Sur - I think a super cool gym decoration would be framed photos of places you have run before (that of course, you have pleasant memories about). I don't have a home gym, but I'm going to make a poster size collage of some of the pix from my recent race!

    I've seen people hang up there bibs too - that's always fun!

  35. Love your workout room. I am dreaming of one.... :)

  36. Cute home gym! I love Moe's, their burritos are amazing! Huge but amazing! Yum!

  37. I've never been out for Mexican, but that's what we're doing for our Christmas party at work this year! Really looking forward to it!!

  38. Awesome deal on the bike! I want one so bad. We used to have an office/gym when we lived in WA, but now my treadmill is in the garage. Wish it was in the house.

    You can get a cork board and put up your race bibs, medals you have, motivational quotes you can print off, write down or cut out of magazines. I put all my stickers I get from expos or put of a poster of the next race I want to run.

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