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Rain, Rain, Go Away....

You just know that starting out a blog post with a nursery rhyme title is going to be good, right? The rain was already going here full force this morning and I prolonged getting out of bed as long as possible by repeating rain themed nursery rhymes to hubby. Can I just say that he finds this undeniably hot? True story. Promise.

Has anyone heard this one? Bear with me, I swear that this post is not (entirely) written for 4 year olds.

"It's raining, it's pouring
The old man is snoring
He went to bed
And bumped his head
And couldn't get up in the morning."

Is it just me, or is that the most sad, most depressing rhyme ever? NSF children, that one. Hey, kids! Let's sing fun rhymes about the rain. I know one about an old guy who gets concussed and dies! Not so much.

To contrast with the depression of that last bit, here are the foods you MUST eat when it's raining, it's Sunday, and it's depressing to think about the fact that tomorrow is Monday:

I've never bought creamer before, but I have a feeling it is a new staple in our house. We bought a Bailey's coffee creamer (with 32 servings) last week and it was gone in 3 days. Which is weird because Tim and I together only drank like 7 cups. Maybe you're not supposed to mix half creamer half coffee? 

Now I'm back to drinking the recommended tablespoon and it just tastes like coffee. Blech. Smells like coconut though, and that reminds me of holidays on the beach!

Rainy days are also perfect for soup, so I busted out my new favorite toy (immersion blender) and made a roasted broccoli and potato soup. 1 pound of broccoli, 5 new potatoes and some garlic roasted for 40 minutes, and then blended with 4 cups of chicken stock. Done. I added some shredded cheese and spoonfuls of Greek yogurt in to add some protein. 

What are your favorite rainy day foods?
I almost always go for something warm (even when it rains in the summer!) so it's soups and hot chocolates all the way. But Almond Joy coffee is a new substitute for hot cocoa....

Coffee or tea? (Red Bull is NOT an option.)
Usually I go for tea, which is funny because I used to live on a coffee farm. Anyone heard of Kona coffee? Yep, I lived in Kona and my parents grew coffee. I drank it when I was younger but stopped a few years back for some reason. I find that I don't actually like it much anymore unless it tastes like something else - AKA anything with syrup and flavorings from Starbucks.


  1. Oh my word- Almond Joy creamer? I must find it now!

    And it's coffee all around for me. I love coffee. AND I love Starbucks.

  2. That soup sounds so good! I got an immersion blender for my last birthday and I looooove it!!! We had rain all day yesterday, it probably came to you - sorry! Hey - what's the story on your foot, have you seen a doctor or know what's going on or when you'll be able to run again? I've been impressed with your cardio, given the whole foot thing :)

  3. That soup looks wonderful- thanks for sharing. I will be using that one. I love soups and so do my kids.
    That Almond Joy creamer sounds amazing.

  4. i really wish i could drink coffee, but i can only do the starbucks sugary drinks that are WAY too many calories. i stick with DC and dt mtn dew (which i'm honestly not sure that's any better for me!)

  5. That soup sounds fantastic!

    I'm a coffee girl but not to the extreme. Two cups each morning Monday through Friday. Unless there's a Starbucks around, but I don't consider that coffee. That's more of a dessert or indulgence!

  6. Coffee all the way. Tea bothers my stomach for some reason. Plus, you can't beat the amazing variety of coffee creamers. Love them!

  7. mm that soup looks yummy! I hate rainy days, but it has been decent weather up here for a little while, so I can't complain...even though I did sit inside being lazy all day:)

  8. Holy shit, I have an immersion blender and NEED to make that soup.

  9. Coffee but I like a lot of creamer too and that adds a lot of calories. When it's later in the day I'll drink tea to warm up.

  10. I know that song!

    Rainy day food... soups, eggs, waffles, pancakes.... hot, steamy, carby!

    I am not a big fan of Kona coffee either.. okay if a spoon is added to other coffee grounds.

  11. ooo I havent tried the almond joy yet! I try to stay away from the full fat ones and they have a Sugar Free peppermint that is really yummy and half the calories. I put 4 Tbs in so I can taste it (in a 20 oz iced coffee) and its fabulous!!! Starbucks also now has a skinny peppermint mocha for 109 calories!!!!! TO DIE FOR!! Ok I could go on and on and on .. obviously a coffee person here :) I am fortunate we have a free espresso bar at work so I get all I want and stick with the SF versions to avoid the extra calories. It works! Your soup looks fabulous too! :)

  12. Hubs tried that creamer yesterday and he loves it. I prefer peppermind and bought the Carnation Peppermint mocha creamer, so yummy!! I need an immersion blender, your soup sounds great and easy. For me rainy day food is usually soup, don't really care what kind.

  13. That soup looks incredible!!! I need to start using my immersion blender more. Your soups always sound so yummy!!

    I don't really drink coffee or tea. I will on occasion if I want something hot or if I'm out I will drink one "socially" but I don't crave either one!

  14. okay, so now that you are a creamer girl, you must try the so delicious coconut hazelnut creamer. Its AWESOME!

  15. Sweet tea or coffee in my sugar. :)
    I am hungry and it is bed time and the pic of those cookies made it worse!

  16. I have Almond Joy creamer in my house right now too! First time with that flavor and I like!

  17. You're a soup wizard! I think I may need an immersion blender. I too love some soup on a rainy day and coffee. Coffee everyday please.

  18. Mmmmm I'm obsessed with genmaicha green tea -- I used to put a splash of peruvian java + some almond milk and a drizzle of agave or honey if I felt like it, but it's sooooo good even by itself!

  19. That soup looks so good, I think I'm going to have to try your recipe!

    Also, lots of kids rhymes are based on really sad depressing stories too. Google the history of Ring Around the Rosy. SO weird.

  20. Nursery Rhymes? Nice way to start a day :) Everyone should wake up that way (as opposed to "oh man, I have all those horrible things to do today")

    I love chili and grilled cheese on a rainy day - perfecto pair with the rainy day!

    I don't drink hot beverages . . . so I'm going with Diet Mt. Dew rather than coffee or tea. I do occasionally drink hot chocolate. I saw a commercial for the Almond Joy creamer and wondered if that would work in hot chocolate? What do you think? I saw a cinnabon creamer i the commercial too and thought - YUM in the hot chocolate but I don't know anything about creamer so . . .

  21. OH I just got a new immersion blender, can't wait to use it!

  22. ya, i'm with u in disturbing kiddie rhymes! wat about the rock-a-bye-babay crashing out of the tree?!?!'s that for a sleep tight tribute. ;) jk.

    annnd, i want some of those cookies!

  23. I love chili when it's raining! But really, any soup will do. Yours looks yummy.

  24. OMG, your parents grew Kona coffee? That is so cool! I'm a black coffee girl all the way. Once it awhile I'll have it after dinner and add a fancy creamer like that, more often in the winter.

    I would have loved to have stayed in bed yesterday - you had the perfect rainy day! Mine involved packing the car in the rain and then driving for 8 hours. Not as fun.

  25. Rainy or snowy days it's tomato soup and grilled cheese.

    I'm a tea person, but I usually drink one cup of coffee in the morning otherwise I'm starving all morning even though I eat breakfast. So weird.

  26. oh I gotta make this :) that looks SO yummy! I think my son would even eat it, because he loves broccoli!!!

  27. Oh that looks good! Gotta try it. I love soup on rainy days, winter days, etc. It is the best!

    Coffee and tea..depends on the mood!

  28. GIRL those cookies look so good. I'm drinking coffee with Pumpkin Pie creamer as I type this. I mean, not with a straw. But, you know.

  29. The soup looks delicious! Perfect for this weather! I'm totally a tea person or it has to be a fancy coffee! :)

  30. I LOVE a lazy start to a rainy day. Even better with cookies!!

    You know, I've always thought nursery rhymes were rather morbid. Take this one:

    Rock-a-by baby
    On the tree top,
    When the wind blows
    The cradle will rock.
    When the bough breaks,
    The cradle will fall,
    And down will fall baby
    Cradle and all.


  31. food looks great. and just so you know all nursery rhymes are evil and twisted...much like disney movies :P

  32. (Yeah, as long as I have other people with me, I suppose running in the dark is tolerable. And morning-dark is much better than night-dark...but I still always feel like I'm going to fall over on my face!)

  33. Tea for sure! I just found a local tea shop and everything there smelled so delicious I spent way too much on tea!

  34. Its been said already but I'll repeat it ..... That soup looks amazing :-)

  35. Soup!!!! Usually Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. I don't drink coffee, but I imagine that if I did, it would be half coffee, half creamer, half sugar. Did I do the math right? Yes. I think so. I need an immersion blender!

  36. Allan loves the Almond Joy creamer. It disappears WAY too fast with him. I love soup and grilled cheese when it's cold outside. Oooh, or chili!

  37. I like coffee first thing in the morning but after that the rest of the day I am a herbal tea kind of gal. I love herbal teas. I can't drink hot caffeinated tea, for some reason it makes me very nauseous.

  38. Yum that soup looks pretty good, I might be stealing that recipe!

  39. So true about the raining nursery rhyme. I never realized until now that it makes no sense and is mildly morbid. Weird!

    Love me some soup on rainy days! Soup with lots of crusty bread, that is. And I'm a tea person. Black tea, specifically Earl Grey, is my favorite. Nice and caffeinated with a lovely citrus note!

  40. Soup is my go to on a rainy day.
    When you really think about it, children's rhymes and nursery stories are pretty scary....
    -red riding hood
    -jack and jill
    -hansel and gretel...
    see? Scary..

  41. I only drink tea when I'm sick, so I'm drinking it like all the time now. Green tea heals, right? :)

  42. Grilled cheese and tomato soup are my favorite cold weather foods!! I don't actually drink coffee or tea!!

  43. Yum! Cookies! That is funny what you said about the cream because I measure out the "dash" I was adding to my coffee and it was THREE tablespoons! Which explains why my caloric intake has been so high. At 35 calories per spoon, 3 tblsp x 5 cups of coffee = A LOT of calories. Oops.

  44. You have inspired me. Next Sunday I am going to have cookies with coffee!! I can't wait. I only drink coffee on Sundays

  45. ummm. i just saw this post. and almond joy creamer!?! with cookies!?! omg. i think i am in love. i need to try this combo immediately.

  46. Thanks for a quick and easy soup idea! I have been craving green veggies like crazy lately (must be all that cookie baking and sampling on the weekend)... and tea tea tea! I'm drinking the TJ's Candy Cane green tea as I type this...

  47. I had to make this, this weekend! I wrote about my cooking here:

    Thanks for sharing your recipe!


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