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A Pain in the... (You Fill in the Blank)

Oh, it's a pain in the (expletive of your choice) alright, but I'm also literally dealing with a pain in my foot. I feel so fortunate to have avoided all injuries, both major and minor, during training for my first marathon.

But since then? Not a mile has been logged. Any and all short attempts at walking resulted in pain. A sore ache in my foot became a sharp, pronounced pain.

I avoided talking about it in the hopes that it would go away, along with the other mild aches and pains brought on my running 26.2 miles - but no such luck. I was also hoping none of my Daily Mile buds would notice. But Ali from Running with Spatulas had to go and be all observant on me:

It's now official - I'm dealing with peroneal tendonitis, also known as "ankle-ouchy."  At least, that's the technical term I'm pretty sure.

Please Note: Not My Foot
I'm icing, resting and compression with the best of them. I bought some compression socks to try out - the brand is Swiftwick and while they are tight and seem like they should work, it's soon to really tell. They were recommended by running store worker man (we're very close, that's his full name) so I have my fingers crossed.

I've been staying off the foot, because any repetitive motion hurts. In an effort to do a little exercise, I've added in some resistance bands to work the upper body, mat work for the core and a little yoga if my ankle feels alright.

Sad face. I miss running.

Instead of wallowing, which I've done plenty of, let's highlight 3 positives of this situation:

1. I'm forced to do some strength training now. Be prepared for my guns to grow exponentially.

2. I've been cuddled up in blankets reading for hours, thanks to my newfound spare time.

3. I get to eat a lot more salad. Wait, huh? Lots of fiber and lots of running are NOT friends. True story. But no running = excuse to eat all the fruits and veggies my little heart desires.

The second one was amazing - "Thanksgiving Salad". Romaine lettuce and spinach topped with apples, cranberries, grated carrots, and sliced turkey. Like a healthy holiday meal!

I'm sure you'll all be happy to know that I didn't consume this entire bad boy in 24 hours. Believe it or not, even a sugar fiend like me can't eat 2 whole pounds of marshmallow in one day. It has some serious dents in it though, and some delicious recipes are coming your way tomorrow. 

If you couldn't run (or really do any cardio), what would you resort to?
For now it's pilates done on the mat, and some light yoga. I'm also busting out my resistance bands and reminding myself that my arms need some attention too!

What are your favorite salad toppings?
I love fruit on salads, either fresh or dried. I almost always top them with parmesan cheese as well, or flax seeds. Everything else changes each time I make one, depending on what we have on hand. 

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  1. :( Thats exactly what I have. :( Its horrible and I hate it.

  2. I am actually dealing with the same exact thing. It has been driving me nuts for the past month, but I recently read that it typically takes about 3 weeks for tendonitis to fully go away, and I have only been giving it about a week and a half to recover at a time, so I guess I should just bite the bullet and stay off of it.

    Let me know if you find a miracle cure! And if those compression socks work! I hope you feel better. :/

  3. Haha our first questions are the same on today's posts :) I am biking and ellipticizing right now to make up for running )it's been 3 weeks since my race and it's KILLING me). I don't mind it though. I think our legs and bodies need a break from it sometimes. It's also forcing me to try other things, which is great.

    I love fruit on my salads too! Chickpeas are also great, sometimes green olives... It think it depends on what I'm in the mood for!

    I want to meet running store worker man. He sounds nice.

  4. sorry to hear, hope a few more days makes the ankle ouchy go away...not running sucks, I know! But, you put it through a lot with the marathon. I'm currently eating like crap, thinking chocolate and lots of gooey, cheesy things will help while I await X-ray results but of course that's really just making me feel worse! Although, that Thanksgiving salad looks wonderful so thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Dang foot! It'll be back and I commend your efforts to pump up your guns. Way to excenuate the positive. That salad looks awesome! My latest salad obsession. Turkey, Dried Cherries, Walnuts, Gorgonzola Cheese and Newmans Light Raspberry Vinegarette on mixed green. Heaven!

  6. awww friend. hate hearing this. when i saw the picture i was like omg...i think i have this. but i have soreness/pain a little bit higher above my fifth metatarsal base. i am going with the whole "i WILL ignore you for at least 2 more weeks so please do not mess with me right now" mindset. ummm far its working. lets hope it stays like that or gets better. hopefully lots of rest and the socks will help you friend!

    in march when i couldnt run i stuck with strength training circuit training. and my all time favorite (not joking) super hula on the wii. anything that would get my heart rate up...i was trying it. I LOVE craisins on my salad!!!

  7. OOOH no Vanessa! I am so sorry about your injury. But when you think about it, this is a good time to have this injury because it will force you to take a long recovery after your marathon so that you'll be nice and healthy before your next training cycle.

    If I couldn't run, I would do spin classes. When I had the stress fracture in my pelvis last year, spinning was the best alternative sweat-inducing activity that I could find.

  8. I'm not sure who that kid in the picutre is but I want to steal her.

    Other than kidnapping attempts i'm bummed to hear about your foot BUT it's gotta be a relief that you finally know what the heck is going on and you can do what you have to to get better!

    When I had my brokedown foot I spent time on the bike and eliptical (when it started to heal) and started pumpin' that iron.

    Fave salad toppings right now is goat cheese and making my own greek yogurt dressing - enjoy your fiber, friend!

  9. Boo! Sorry to hear about your foot. I hope it feels better soon! In the meantime, I think it's both wonderful and hilarious that you are excited that you get to eat more salad now! :)

    One of my favorite salads: butter lettuce, grilled asparagus, toasted hazelnuts, and chopped egg -- I first had it at a tapas place in Portland, and I've made it at home many times since!

  10. So sorry to hear that! But, you are making the right decision. At least it happened after your marathon, so now you can take a mental and physical break and come back stronger than ever. I was injured and most of my energy went into being angry about it, but I did fit in a random upper body boot camp that I made up, and some good elliptical work. I don't like any sweet toppings on my salads, but I have a friend who LOVES any thanksgiving themed foods and would go nuts over that salad!

  11. oh friend!! i'm sorry to hear about your foot. i know how frustrating that is after the break i had to take after my last race. a couple of things i did to try to help my foot were rolling it on a tennis ball and rolling it on a frozen bottle of water. when i can't run, sadly, i do hardly any exercise. but i do love pilates! ps. stop telling people about your giveaway... hurting my chances!!! :D

  12. I kind of know how you feel.... I injured my Achilles last March while training for a race & couldn't wear any running shoes (let alone running!) for half a year. During that time, I did a lot of yoga & swimming to keep up my cardio. Hope that ouchy heals soon!!

  13. Stupid tendons. Hope you get yours whipped into shape soon!

    I would SO enter that giveaway, but I am already entered in the Shamrock that weekend! Think they would reschedule for me? :)

  14. I know exactly what you are going through. Two days after completing my first half I had the pain in my foot/ankle as well. I was put in a boot and diagnosed with peroneal tendonitis. I think I ran maybe 10-12 miles in the month after my half, and those were probably not the wisest decision but I was trying to stay in shape for my next half that was exactly a month after the first!

    I hope that you heal quickly, I am still in physical therapy trying to heal my tendonitis - but its definitely better.

  15. I generally do p90x or some type of weight training that doesn't put pressure on affected area... also great excuse for some good old fashioned core work!

    Hope the running store guy did you right by the recommendation of swift wick compression socks

  16. Sorry about your injury! When I can't run I like pilates as well. I love fruit, avocado, parmesan, almonds, craisins, and pistachios on my salads! Your Thanksgiving salad looked delicious!

  17. oh man, I can relate to this post because I am going through a rough time with my foot as well. It's really hard not to be able to run, even though I went for 1.5 miles today...not sure I should of had :(
    What I am currently doing is swimming, and cycling; a lot of upper body strength as well.
    I hope we are both in good health sooner or later. take care!

  18. 2 lbs of marshmallow? Are you kidding me? Very impressive!

  19. I had the same problem but it was originally misdiagnosed as a stress fracture! I was forced to wear a boot which helped the healing while still being mobile but the boot sucked all of my willpower to be healthy :( biking can be ok if your foot doesn't hurt or upper body strength training. Ohh swimming is also really good!

  20. Oh no! I saw your comment about not being able to run on Christina's post and wondered what was going on. So sorry! What's the prognosis in terms of recovery and stuff? Swimming is a great replacement when injured, but you need access to a pool - I have always had trouble with the latter part. I think it sounds like you're doing what you can - keep it up! A recumbent bike might be a good option to ease into because your weight won't be on your foot/ankle.

    As for salads - I go crazy with toppings! I love avocado, dried cranberries/cherries, cucumbers, chicken or shrimp, tomatoes…I could go on.

  21. Oh no, sorry you are hurting! Hope that rest and some TLC cure you quickly!

  22. Too bad you and Christina can't get together and commisserate!

    I know you don't ride a bike so likely wouldn't do spinning either... can you go swimming? I cannot think of other cardio that isn't on your feed somehow.

    Hope it clears up soon.

  23. ah crap
    so sorry you are injured..I hope it gets better soon...

  24. soooo sorry to hear about ur foot pain, and if it's any consolation i'm too wrought with a bummer foot and stuck cross-training. :( misery loves company, right?!

    but take care and heal up, the time WILL go by. until then, great plan to work on other areas at this time: along with abs and core do flexibility stuff. are there any other options u have for cross-training? bike, elliptical, aqua-jogging??

    but regardless, after a marathon u should be taking time off injury or not, so don't feel as guilty, mmmk! hang in there!

  25. I hope your ankle gets better soon. Those salads look delicious! I have been on a Caesar salad kick lately.

  26. oh MAN.
    That's not what I have...but I can relate.


  27. Well that's a bummer but your 3 positives are pretty good...especially the snuggle in a blanket all day part. Good luck with your foot, all this reading about others injuries makes my foot hurt too. Maybe I should do something about it so it doesn't get worse and get in the way of my half training? I don't know, it's been a year next month and I'm able to run...just mostly is a problem if I wear heels or platforms. Which sucks because I'm short. :)
    BTW, come read my first guest post in a new series called "Motivate Me Monday"...give her some comment love??? :D



  28. BLAGH, who needs tendons anyway ;-) Hope your rest it up good and proper and it heals quickly xx

  29. I hope it starts feeling better soon! Honestly, when I can't run, I walk. The damn dog is crazy, so it's really not an option to skip it for more than one day.

  30. I had some pretty bad ankle pain a couple weeks ago... I swam, Cycled, Compression Socks, Iced, Write the 'ABC's with your feet multiple times a day... all together it seemed to help. Hope you feel better soon!

  31. Sorry you are injured.. what I have been doing when my ankle was hurt was walking and riding my bike. I pretty much neglect the whole strength training thing AND that area called my abs.

    That marshmallow is awesome! I have never seen anything like that before!!

  32. Oh my gosh I want that salad and I don't care that it's 6AM right now, haha. My favorite combination is sweet onion dressing with lettuce, spinach, sweet onions, cucumbers, yellow/green/orange bell peppers and feta cheese. It's pretty plain but it's totally got that "sweet and salty" thing covered!

  33. Hopefully your injury won't be long term! My PF is acting up again after a trail run Sat. (dumb) and I'm not so happy about it. Need to blog about it. :(

  34. I'm sorry about your foot, hope it feels better asap! Is that frowning pic of you as a kid?? It is the cutest!!

    I am so torn about your race giveaway. I reeeally want to enter, especially since it is sponsored by publix and I have a publix obsession, but I am running the rock n roll half in DC on 3/17 so I'd have to miss that... Still thinking about it though!

  35. Taking time off after a marathon is a good idea even if you aren't hurt, so you're doing the right thing. It's a bummer about your foot though!

    If I can't run, usually I'll walk or hike, but it sounds like that might be out too..maybe a stationary bike?

    Feel better soon! I can't wait to see what you did with the marshmallow.

  36. I hope you recover quickly! Nothing worse than not being able to do what you love :(

  37. oh NO!!! I hope the recovery is quick!

    If I can't run, I like bike riding...much less impact.

  38. Serious BOO on the continued foot pain. But YAY for strength training!!!

  39. first off. I can't believe I didn't see my shout out till now and second As I began reading I was like "oh no! I hope I didn't make her feel bad /w my stupid comment on dailymile" ....continue reading....then I SEE MY COMMENT :( lol "oh no, I DID make her feel bad" and she links me :) lol

    I just love dailymile and commenting. I am having ankle pain as well but on the inside? I may look into it. I hope you feel better. I think injuries give us time to work on other parts of our bodies, so I expect those guns will be a force to reckon /w and then when you're better you'll be so fast b/c your arms will be able to pump faster :D

    feel better xoxoxo

  40. Bummer Vanessa! You are doing the right thing by listening to your body. Good thing this happened now and not before or during your marathon then that would have been a super bummer. I developed this strange pain in the back of my knee after the great run I had yesterday and I think it may be ITBS again. I am hoping it will go away because I am signed up for two turkey trots this week. Injuries really suck but at least you can focus on your strength training now. Take care and I hope you feel better soon!

  41. Oh, no! So sorry to hear about your injury.

    I totally understand the frustration of being 'benched' while you heal up.

    If I can't run I do 90 minutes of vigorous vinyasa power flow.

  42. That is one really large marshmallow!!

    Sorry about your foot - I hope it heals up quick!

  43. Vanessa, I can't run right now either cuz I tore my gastrocnemius muscle, and it sucks so bad :/
    I'm sorry for you, but at least you don't have to be out for too long!
    i'm sure you will heal quickly if you continue to do all of the right things.
    Sorry I have been away from your blog for so long
    <3 Haley

  44. :( so so sorry to hear about your ankle. You are so smart for taking it easy and I'm sure that before you know it you will be back at it.

    The salads look amazing and I am glad that you are able to find the positives in the situation. I am thinking about you girl!!

    Ok I just might enter the giveaway for the free marathon. eeeek!

  45. I had PT after my 2nd half, and it knocked me out for a month! Even some yoga was hurting.

    I went to a physical therapist, got some ultrasoundy stuff, and some massagey stuff, and he showed me a bunch of stretches and ankle strengthening exercises, and poof! Healed in a week and back to running.

    Hope the Ankle gets back to normal soon!

  46. I'm so sorry to here about your injury. I hope you have a speedy recovery

  47. Well that stinks - totally know how you feel being with an injury! IT just stinks! All you want is for it to heal faster. Hope the recovery socks work! I have three different kinds and love them!

  48. Could I use some of your marshmallow for my sweet potato casserole on Thursday? :)

    I hope you heal up quickly! In the meantime enjoy the break in running so you can come back stonger!

  49. Bummer! That doesn't look like fun!

  50. is that a baby picture of you? my gosh you were a sweet looking child, i could just eat you up! you must have kids asap, they will be so stinkin cute!

  51. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear about your foot! Hope it gets better!

  52. I'm so sorry you are hurting! If I couldn't do cardio, I would stick with yoga and pilates, too. I need to do more of that anyway.
    My favorite salad topping is crumbled blue cheese. I love love love.

  53. Sorry to hear about your ankle! Hope it gets to feeling better soon!

  54. Wow - major pain in the . . . .

    I'm soooo sorry!!!! How sucky - you had such a great training cycle and awesome race and BAM! BOO -


    Hope you can find some outlet for your running itch!!!


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