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Starbucks and Stickers

So it turns out that marathons are kind of a pain. Like, literally - I'm in pain. Since Saturday, I have walked 2 miles, and that was on Sunday. That's three days since then with ZERO physical exercise, because one foot is pretty sore and I want to give it a break. And this is how I feel about that:

I have, however, been able to spend some of that former "running time" doing some other things, including discovering a great new building store.

I know, who I am? A new building store? Yep, just said that.

I've become so domesticated that soon I'll be driving around with those family decals on the back window of my mini-van. You know the ones I mean:

Except that mine would look more like this, in all likelihood:

That's more like it!
Today's particular building store was newly opened, and so had just a few items. But it was definitely worth the trip. It was the "Restore" of Habitat for Humanity. They sell donated items, some appliances, building materials and the like. So not only are things cheap, but the proceeds go toward building more homes for the underprivileged. Win-win. 

We got some oak lumber and a brand new lamp for the grand total of $10, which I call a success. To reward ourselves, we headed to Starbucks. Starbucks for me is ridiculously exciting. Once a month or so I get something there, so sadly it's kind of a big deal for me. Today I had my first Christmas drink, a peppermint skinny mocha, while I got some work done on the computer.

After an hour or so I was ready for some more food, so I decided to see what they had, meal-wise. I hardly ever get something to eat at Starbucks, and if I do, it's dessert. But today I got one of their boxed meals, and it was delicious. Hummus, pita bread, roasted chicken breast and raw veggies. 

Not the most filling meal in the world, but something nice to last until I got home. 

I find it mildly amusing to see how riled up people get about the whole idea of decorating/shopping for Christmas too early. I mean, I get it. It's weird that stores are decked out pre-Halloween for Christmas. But I each their own? I won't even consider buying presents until the first week of December, and maybe decorate two weeks in. But Christmas themed drinks and candies? Sign me up ASAP.

What's the verdict? When do you think Christmas should start being celebrated?
If my opinion would make a difference (and, doesn't) - then I would say December 1st. Just because. 

When you see family decals on the back of a car, do you:
a) Think, "aww, how cute!"
b) Think, "So glad I don't have 6 kids and a dog!"
c) Wish you had a super cool mini van like them. 
Ha, it's b! Kids are lovely, but the stickers truly crack me up. Come back to me in 10 years when I am a soccer mom and ask again, I may have changed my mind.

Oh! Starbucks has a deal where from November 17-20th (from 2-5pm) it's buy one Christmas drink, get one free. So make someone buy one and then get a free one for yourself. Tis the season for giving, after all. 


  1. I am soooo in love with starbucks, it's borderline obsession. And I was too excited to hear about that buy one get one free deal! Guess who will be at starbucks at least once a day from nov. 17-20

  2. Rest up your foot, lady! I'm glad you are taking it easy and not trying to push yourself.

    I say to each their own with christmas decorating! I just get uber annoyed with retailers shoving it down your throat in October!

    Minivan stickers - comment.

  3. love the ass family...i think that you may have stole that from one of my parents cars! ha! but no, i will not put them on my own vehicle. my hubby is super anal about his belongings and likes to keep them as new as possible for as long as he can. our current car, which is just over 5 years, still has some of the orginal plastic on items in the back seat. our tv and computer had the packaging on them for months until i ripped them off in an annoyed rage.

    so long story short...sadly my car will never has cute little stickers on it.

  4. Vanessa! I'm just now finally getting caught up on everything after being out of town all weekend. CONGRATULATIONS on your marathon! That's fantastic! Screw Oprah.

    I totally feel you on the Starbucks thing. There aren't any around here, so when I'm near one I'm just pathetic. As soon as I hit the gate in Charlotte where my flight laid over, I hit a Starbucks and grabbed a Pumpkin Spice latte. And again on Saturday morning at the hotel. And again on Monday morning before flying home. It's a good thing I don't have one here. I'd be broke, fat, and perpetually high on caffeine.

  5. In my opinion no Christmas stuff should be out until after thanksgiving!

    Hope your body starts feeling better soon!

  6. I keep needing to check out our restore. So generally my parents put up the tree day after thanksgiving, so thats what I'm used to. peppermint mocha is my FAVE flavor :) When we were at Bongo Java for the meet up I had ordered their version, which was equally as good.
    Lastly the family stickers don't even really register with me- guess thats what they call apathetic?

  7. I saw those family stickers on a car once when the woman sticker had a big "X" over her. I guess that didn't end well?

  8. I love the peppermint mocha hot chocolate from McDonald's and the Eggnog latte or frappe from Starbucks. Delicious! I skipped over the Spiced Pumpkin latte because I am afraid it won't be my thing. I should give it a try though!

    I usually don't put up Christmas stuff until sometime around my birthday (Dec. 6th!!!) but this year I changed my theme. I usually go with my red and gold decorations but this year I wanted to try a different color. To please my husband, we are going with Purple and Gold for LSU. I know, I know... but I didn't want to have to put up my big tree this year so I put up a 3 footer. I grabbed some ornaments from Wal-Mart that look great and were cheap. Now I need to find some sort of purple and gold or LSU ribbon to put on top. I suck at making bows so I am not sure when or how I will get that done. Since it is football season, I don't feel so guilty about putting up me tree. I would've have waited to decorate otherwise.

  9. I followed a truck once decals of 2 parents, 9 kids, 6 dogs and 5 cats. I probably counted the damn things 6 or 7 times to make sure I wasn't seeing things. Rest up! You deserve it!

  10. I really don't care when people put out Christmas stuff- to each their own :).
    I didn't know about this deal at Starbucks! Yay! The Christmas flavors are the best.

    Since I am the lady with a minivan and 5 kids, that first sticker should be on my car... but I REALLY can't stand those things. I don't really understand the need to advertise your family like that. Sometimes people have their names under the pictures- that's just weird.

  11. I completely agree with December 1st...they start advertising for Christmas way to early!
    I'm not a fan of the decals on the back of vans...they are just plain silly! lol

  12. No way - I need to get in on that deal! I still miss constantly drinking their stuff - I am all about Christmas, if it were up to me, I'd start celebrating like Oct. 1. I am chomping at the bit to put up my tree. Awkward weird confession - my dad is Jewish and hates xmas and all things related, so we couldn't decorate or anything (other than the tree) when we were kids, so now I overdo it. Now you know a weird fact about me that I can't admit on the blog :)

    No opinion on the decals, I never really noticed them, I'm too busy rocking out when I'm driving.

  13. I had food at Starbucks once - that wasn't desert - I was so mad that I did. It was disgusting. It was some type of egg wrap...thing. EW. That, on the other hand, looks delicious! I love me some hummus :)

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  14. So, no lie, this was my FB status update from earlier today: "Just heard Christmas music for the first time in Starbucks…..I try to be in the camp of waiting till after Thanksgiving, but I love it!" I will buy Christmas presents early (I am always on the lookout for gifts for people and, if I see something, I snag it and save it), but I don't decorate till after Thanksgiving….but I'll do it like the day after. I saw one shop with decs up in Aug and I kind of wanted to puke, that was WAY too early!

    The stickers with the family…it's cute, but I don't think it's me. Who knows, time will prove.

  15. Well technically you did walk in to the building store and Starbucks. Just sayin'. :) Sorry you're so sore, but I'd take a marathon under my belt and legs on fire any day!! Good job. I think Christmas should go up the day after Thanksgiving at the's just so fun. I prefer to have my tree up a few days before but I've only done that once. December flies by so fast, I like to feel like it was worth the work of decorating...that I had a chance to really enjoy it. Then again, by the time it's over I can't wait to take it all down and give the house a good cleaning.

    I love the Ass Family sticker, I think that was meant for us. I see those and usually think, ugh I'd die if I had that many kids. Bad right? :) Hey have you ever heard of Blissdom and or ever considered should! -Jessica

  16. I love the Ass Family sticker!! :)

  17. hahaha girl you know where I stand on the Christmas decorations!!

    Anyone can start celebrating at anytime.

    Except retailers. They can decorate and play Christmas music but they CANNOT have commercials and present related marketing until after Thanksgiving.

    Because I said so. =)

  18. Glad you got to hang out at Starbucks for a bit! I think they're missing me -- I quit coffee 11/1 (WHAAAT!? ..I know!) It's okay though, I'll rock the green tea! Oh and I'm a December 1st fan too:)

  19. I just mentioned those stickers to Dean the other day!! Someone had them on the back of their car and there were like 8 little people all lined up! A little ridiculous, but maybe it's just not my thing!

    I love Christmas decorating! I think it's still too early though. I'd say as soon as December hits, then it's a go!

  20. Two weeks ago Kohls was already decked out for Christmas and playing Christmas music.

    With all the companies that are starting shopping on Thanksgiving it just makes it look like corporate greed over rides family time. Makes me sad in that aspect.
    I worked retail in high school and it killed my holiday spirit for the longest time. :(

  21. Allan and I have Starbucks dates lined up for the next 4 days at 2PM for this very event! I can't stand those stickers because I think it gives people a glimpse into how many kids and pets someone has just by seeing their car. That's just my opinion though!

  22. Enjoy the r&r and the lumber store of course. I don't quite get the decals and the day my husband drives a minivan is the day he never gets laid again... ever. Okay, maybe that was an over share. I, like you, am not signing up for soccer mom hood anytime real soon.

  23. Ohh I love the ReStore!

    I think the stickers are dumb. But I rock a minivan, and I'm proud. :)

  24. Hope your foot heals up soon.

    Christmas - I wait till around the middle of December to play music myself and decorate.

    I really wish the stores would wait till at least the beginning of December, but who cares what I think? I am not spending!

  25. I am determined to run the 5k I have planned on Saturday. I'm still very sore too! I'm ready to put a plan in motion for the Marathon giveaway trip your going to send my way...
    I usually love Christmas and have been known to have Mariah singing carols on my ipod in June. Don't even get me started on my weird friends in college and our obsession with Christmas caroling with trombones at Halloween. gasp! I have given it all away. I'm truly a dork to you now!

  26. HAHAHA....okay, usually when i see decals on the back of cars, if they are the typical cutesy-annoying ones then i think, "cutesy-annoying, gross."

    BUT, seriously, if u up the ass family up i would LOVE IT!!! hilarious!

  27. I like your Dec 1st idea. It just sounds like a good time to start. However, I usually have my Christmas cards all stamped and ready to go the day after Thanksgiving. And shopping? Done by the first week of Dec. I just don't like to be one of those last minute, stressed out people I see at the malls on Dec 24th.

    As for the decals...B for sure!

    I love the peppermint mocha, but I have to get it with half the chocolate and mint, becuase otherwise it is so sickly sweet!

  28. dont get me started on the whole Christmas thing
    I dont get the hurry
    stuff was out BEFORE Halloween
    cant we have Thanksgiving anymore and why the rush
    it is crazy
    we dont get to enjoy anything anymore
    December 1st...not a day sooner!

    hope you get better soon!
    the stickers...I got a running mom and a 13.1
    no family one :)

  29. I was so excited just to READ about Starbucks. Sad. Anyway, good job on your cheap finds! Love it. About the Christmas thing, decorations are such a pain to put up so I say... November anytime is ok by me. Then you can enjoy them more. Not that I am planning on putting them up this year. Just doesn't seem right when it's 85 degrees...

  30. Take car of that foot, good call to rest it up - it has served you well.

    LOVING the "Ass Family" :-)

  31. My husband put those stickers on our van when I was at work..... Ugh is all I have to say

  32. I think it's a little weird before Thanksgiving but I don't necessarily mind...I get it. People are excited! Besides (embarrassingly) I already watched my first Christmas movie!

  33. The ReStore rocks!

    I was contemplating the family sticker a few weeks ago, but decided against it in the end. They are kind-of cute - but I don't need to advertise that.

  34. I think the day after Thanksgiving is a good time to start thinking about Christmas. I guess that would be Black Friday!

  35. I know you live out in the middle of nowhere, but let me just tell you, starting today (and for about 5 days or so), Starbucks is doing a buy one, get one FREE deal on their holiday drinks! YOU HAVE TO GO BACK!!!

  36. The family decals crack me up. I saw some in NC that were scull and crossbones family. Hilarious.

    When I was a kid, we'd go to Michigan for a week every year for Christmas. Because we'd be gone for the actual day of, my mom liked to decorate right after Thanksgiving so we could enjoy the tree, etc. We don't go away now, but I still decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving. I LOVE christmas. It's really the only holiday I care about/celebrate.

    I had a peppermint mocha this morning! Twins!

  37. That building store sounds awesome! I bet there are a bunch of great finds in there, and I love that it goes towards a great cause!

  38. You have completely sold a skin pep mocha for Starbucks :)

  39. I usually think decals on vehicles are cheesy, but the "ass family" one is pretty clever, haha.

    Honestly, I am ready to decorate for Christmas right now. We had our Thanksgiving weeks ago and holiday stuff is everywhere you look in stores! I don't think it's ever too early!!

  40. Thanks for the heads up on Starbucks! I just made a date with a colleague to hit up the one in our campus library.

  41. Totally normal to be insanely sore after a marathon. I generally can't walk for 2 days. ha ha! I agree about people overdoing Christmas. I think they should wait until after Thanksgiving at least. :)

  42. I love me a tall, nonfat, pumpkin latte/hold the whipped cream! Love Starbucks!

    we have one of those stores near us, we went once but didn't really have anything to buy at the time...this post is making me think we should go again, now that we'll be moving soon and know we wanna add some things to our new backyard!! THANKS!

  43. OMG yes! thanks for the heads up on the s'bucks bogo - my roomie and I have a tradition of going, and I was wondering when it was. And I LOVE the peppermint mocha!

    Those family stickers on cars seem like a red flag for predators and pervs, but maybe I just watch too many television crime dramas.

  44. I would normally say that I don't think that Christmas decorations should be up until the day after Thanksgiving, BUT I have been listening to Christmas music this week and am in the spirit so I'm going to go with, it's ok.

    Those family stickers are silly, I don't like them, I would never have one. I also don't want the whole world knowing my girls names so that is a huge thing for me!

    LOVE Starbucks, I try to only go once a week (I'm a bit addicted)! Love peppermint mochas, they are my all time favorite drink!!

  45. Ha Ha! Love the 2nd family sticker! You won't be hurting as much after your next marathon I promise..

    We have a restore too and it's a great idea I just haven't actually gotten around to doing the remodeling I've intended to do but they are first on my list of places to check.

    I usually put Christmas decorations up at Thanksgiving just because it's usually the only time I have enough time away from work to do it before then.

  46. I don't really like the stickers, but it's a personal preference.

    I get excited about coffee beverages, too! I don't have an espresso machine, so getting them from a cafe is my only option. I've had to rein myself in because I can easily blow excess money on drinks. SBUX is having a buy 1 get 1 deal on lattes from now until the 20th!

    Most of my Christmas shopping is already done because I bought a majority of the gifts online. Otherwise, I wouldn't have started yet.

  47. Those family sticker normally piss me off, but again, I may start changing my tune when I have some kids. I always wonder what I would be doing in the sticker....running? shopping? The action is so permanent.

  48. I like my 13.1 sticker but I dont think i would want a family sticker. Maybe a sticker of a black Lab ... :)

    I hate it when Christmas stuff were out before Halloween. I like Christmas decorations and all, but I think we should give Thanksgiving a chance first and not let Christmas steal the show.

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