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My Black Friday Gift to You

Fellow residents of America - I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! Everyone else around the world - I hope your Thursday was bearable! It was a quiet day at home as I prepared a feast for 2, but we spent the evening with friends, neighbors and babies that I came very close to taking home with me. Their moms said no, what spoil sports. There are plenty of photos of the the table, the turkey, the leftovers....but also plenty of me sneaking pieces of turkey skin. Ah, thats crispy goodness.

I thought this was a close up table shot....

Busted again!

Manly carving

The best part : leftovers!

After a wonderful day of eating, drinking, and pretending to care about the football score, Hubby and I are attempting to brave the madness of Black Friday in order to get a TV. Yep, it's official. We can no longer deal with watching the Office two days late on our laptop.

Since there's absolutely no way I'm getting any of you guys TVs (sorry bout that) let me give you this instead:

-$10 Registration to the Publix Georgia Marathon (or half!)
-A chance to win two entries to the LA Marathon HERE!

The Public Georgia Marathon just announced that they are having a 5k and fun runs for kids age 4 and up (adorable - can't wait to see that) so you can bring the whole family. And then they can wait while you run an entire marathon. Seems fair to me.

When you register for the half OR the full, enter GOURMETRUN10 at checkout and get $10 off the price. No deadline or limit for these, use it whenever you want. Or, enter my giveaway for two entries for the race HERE. Only a few days left....

WHO is coming to hang out with me in Atlanta for this race?
Seriously. I am in dire need of friends. I promise to: take you for frozen yogurt, pretend I know the city of Atlanta and give you a horrible tour, and let you beat me in the marathon. Maybe that last part is just because of my whole running speed thing, but still. Self esteem boost for YOU.

Best thing you ate yesterday?
Cranberry sauce from a can. I don't believe in making your own. Just slice and serve. Hubby laughed at me because I was eating equal parts cranberry jelly and turkey. WHAT?


  1. No Thanksgiving here, so it was just any old Thursday. Everyone is killing me with the food pics! I have to wait til Christmas. Mmmmm turkey skin is the best part!

  2. I wish I lived in the US!! I could have celebrated Thanksgiving AND it would be easier for me to travel for all of these races. I would totally run them with you.

    Best thing I ate for Canadian thanksgiving last month was stuffing!! So good! Good luck with the TV hunt!

  3. I'm with ya on the equal parts turkey to cranberry - I am a condiment girl alllll the way. But I have't had canned sauce in... well probably ever. My Mom loves making her own and gets her cranberries shipped in from the Yukon because she "prefers the flavor" to the berries you buy in the store. I don't argue with her, she's too hardcore, haha.

  4. Oh you need to try my easy cranberry sauce good. I never ate it before this little treasure came into my life. Everyone at my house thought it was the star of the show! :) Glad you had a good time eating your turkey skins...too funny. Thanks for the giveaways, I entered for the chance to win the LA marathon (half). :) I'm not that crazy!! Jess

  5. I'm all about cranberry sauce from the can!

  6. Good luck with the TV - if you can brave the crowds, today's the day to do it :) The best thing I ate yesterday was the stuffing - yum! I also brined the turkey for the first time ever and it was the best turkey I ever had!!!

  7. Your Thanksgiving looks perfecto! Aaron and i had the same feast for two. No cranberry sauce from a can though... I might need to look into that for next year. Plenty o stuffing and apple crisp though. Oy. I'm detoxing today.

  8. I sooooo totally wish I could come to GA and run with you :) I do hope that our paths will cross one day . . . probably not in a marathon anytime soon though - ha!

    I'm soooo excited for your first American Thanksgiving with your hubs - awesome!!!! Looks like a homerun!

    The best thing that I ate yesterday was a pumpkin roll - wow, YUM - impossible to stuff more creamy center into it. Delish!

    Happy left over day!

  9. My hubby makes the most amazing pumpkin pie! All of my dinner items were good though.

  10. Cranberry sauce from the can is the way to go! I'm impressed that you made a whole turkey for two. I'd be way too lazy for that. :)

  11. Vanessa I think you are the last person in america still eating canned cranberry! I kinda think it's awesome! I can't hate on the stuff because I grew up eating it and loving it...why did I decide to get all classy and make the real deal last night? haha

    Glad you had a nice day! I wanna run ATL with you...and its so close to my family...hmmmmm!

  12. oh my gosh! canned cranberry sauce used to be my FAVORITE. no joke my mom would buy an extra can just for me. but last year i got crazy and made some homemade and it was delicious! still one of my favorites. up there with homemade stuffing!

  13. I have braces so I could only eat cornbread dressing and mashed potatoes.
    I prefer freshly made cranberry sauce ... :) Delicious!

  14. My brother says it's not a Thanksgiving without canned cranberry sauce.

    My favorite part is the turkey limbs.

  15. Thanks for the heads up on the LA giveaway! I want to run that marathon so bad and was planning on it, but recent financial events have put that dream on the back burner for now. Fingers crossed for this!

    The best thing I ate yesterday was stuffing. I rarely ever eat it and my dad makes the best stuffing ever, so I think that I ate at least a pound of it!

  16. I can show you around the ATL! :)

    And the best part of Thanksgiving is the stuffing!

  17. Atlanta is reeeeeeeally not that far from here all things considered!!!! Too bad there's NO WAY I could run a marathon for at least another....ohhh at this rate 3 years or so. ;-)

  18. I must say, I prefer homemade cranberry sauce. Didn't get any this year :(. Best thing I ate was my MIL's macaroni and cheese....delish. I would love to come to Atlanta, I've always wanted to go there!

    Enjoy the TV :)

  19. Oh my gosh, I really really want to win the marathon entry, I would love to come down and stay with you and do the marathon! That would be a fun lil trip.

    Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving, it looked delicious!

  20. Sounds like such an awesome laid back Thanksgiving. Your kitchen is absolutely gorgoues. I love it!!

    I hope you got the TV. :D

  21. Black Friday braving the crowds! Yikes... hope you get a wonderful tv.

    Your dinner looks lovely.

  22. I did not brave the black friday craziness today and not sad about it. I hate the crowds. Looks like you had a yummy Thanksgiving! I love leftovers!

  23. I don't do Black Friday, it's scary, good job getting out there! Leftovers are the best part of Thanksgiving, but if I had to pick a favorite from yesterday it would be my sweet potato casserole, yum!

  24. I am notorious for nibbling at food before it is set out at the table. Probably why I start off most of my meals being full (not that it stops me from eating more, of course). My favorite thing this thanksgiving would have to be my boyfriend's mother's cranberry relish. LOVE. must get recipe.

  25. I love cranberries in a can. It's a gelatinous deliciousness. I also love my crockpot stuffing!

  26. How great is cranberry sauce! I could seriously eat that stuff by the bowlful! I might have to pick some up this week after hearing about all of you Americans and your turkey dinners this week :)

  27. I really like that table! :-)
    I usually get stuck with making the cranberry sauce but if that's all I have to make, guess that's not too bad!

  28. ummmm I love your table (I know your man made it...I showed it to Colin and asked if he could do it - since he WORKS w wood for a living - he said ya = HAPPINESS) I was going to tell you some other things but then I saw wee tots running and got distracted /w their cuteness <3 I hope Logan likes running

  29. so i'm hoping u got lucky and scored that TV!!! i'm equally hoping u aren't dead from being trampled by any crazy shoppers dead set on beating u to that TV. ;)

  30. i don't need to come to atlanta because you are coming to miami in just a few short weeks! so fun!

    don't forget to update the challenge spreadsheet with all your great workouts

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. New reader! I love your kitchen!
    Thanks for the $10 off code! I am hopefully going to register this week! :)

  33. I love mixing the turkey and cranberry sauce. That's the best combo! Sometimes I even put that on a sandwich with gravy. So there.

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