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Look Ma, No Hands!

I got a lot of great suggestions for how to eat my 2 pound marshmallow. And I got a LOT of people who emailed to ask me where I got it from, so I thought it any of you were interested: Plush Puffs. I saw it months ago on the Food Network show Unwrapped (guilty pleasure!) and begged for it ever since. Thanks for delivering, hubby.

I decided the only way to start eating something like this would be straight up, tearing off a hunk with my mouth:

I believe I made the right decision. After a while we decided to get slightly more creative, and made indoor s'mores. That's graham crackers spread with nutella, and a giant hunk of marshmallow in between.

Since then the marshmallow has been slowly shrinking in size. But there is no nutrition information on it since it's more of a specialty item - which means, no calories! So awesome. Got lucky on that one. 

I decided to get a little more creative, since it's clear there is enough marshmallow to last me until my next birthday. Enter sweet potato s'mores. Every bit as delicious as they sound.

I sliced a raw, peeled sweet potato into disks and then microwaved them for 90 seconds on each side. Then, I dipped each disk into three bowls: flour, egg white and finally crushed chocolate cereal. Here they are ready to go into the oven:

Half in chocolate coating, half without
Once they got crispy (7 minutes at 400 degrees) I topped each one with a bit of marshmallow under the broiler. The got a little toasty but most just melty, gooey and delicious:

If Tim and I are both licking our fingers trying to get every last bit of marshmallow, you know it's good. 

Foot is still pretending to be all injured. Boo. My abs are killing from yesterday's workout though, so I can't complain that I can't exercise! I'm also trying to coordinate buying a stationary bike tomorrow! That way when my foot feels better I can use that instead of running. Plus - my foot hurts too much to even drive to the gym right now. Awesome. 

Anyway, this stationary bike is very used but only a $25 investment, so I'm thinking it's worth it. 

What do you think about buying used exercise equipment?
I really wanted a new treadmill, because I spend enough time on it that I don't want it breaking in a few months or hurting my knees, etc. But a cheap bike, weights, etc. I'm fine with!

What's better: traditional campfire s'mores or indoor ones?
Gotta be outdoor for the atmosphere, but I have to say...nutella is definitely better than Hershey's as the chocolate layer. Blasphemous, yes. But true.


  1. I am loving your blog! You are too cute. Great job with your working out and healthy eating to get such an awesome figure, you pretty much have my dream body. :-)

    It's always great to see that it's okay to indulge in sweets, too. You rock! Thanks for the inspiration today.

  2. Totally buy the bike!! So sorry to hear the foot is that bad!! I really hope it recovers quickly!

    I've actually really never had a s'more... I don't know why, it's just never happened!! I love graham, chocolate, and marshmallow though so I imagine it's heavenly. Maybe I should just buy everything and make them at home! Put this madness to an end!

  3. Stop making my mouth water. Must have smores. I totally want an exercise bike too. I need to start peeping craigs list. It is a great start to being a better cross trainer.

  4. Love the marshmallow eating picks! I think the bike is a good idea until that foot gets better!

  5. I'm loving that the worlds largest marshallow has made it into all of your recent's like part of your family now! I'm loving this sweet potato coated in batter idea...I think you're on to something with that.

    Go for the bike - it'll make this time 'off your feet be a little more bareable!

  6. Totally outdoors! The marshmallows get a nice campfire-y tasty that I love. PS Do you ever add pb to your s'mores?? It's glorious!

  7. Love the sweet potato idea! That marshmallow cracks me up everytime I see it! :) I say GO for the bike! 25.00 is one heck of a deal!!! So sorry you are dealing with the foot. I hate to tell you how long I have been fighting it :( I can exercise now and even run "a little" but its not always painless. It is getting better with icing twice a day, stretching, aleve, and seeing the chiropractor for work and taping. Wishing you the best!!!

  8. oh my gosh that thing is huge!! and sugar always help when abs are killing you. those s'mores look amazing too

  9. Love the marshmallow eating pics! I prefer indoor s'mores, simply because they're easy. I don't think I'd mind a used bike, I remember my grandma getting one when I was a kid and I rode it all the time while I watched TV!

  10. you are brilliant in two ways. nutella. and sweet potato. genius, please come make me some.

    im totally OK with used stuff but if i were to invest in a treadmill I'd go for a new one too

  11. Nutella sounds good, but NOTHING beats a real campfire s'more. Nothing. Hope the foot starts to improve soon!

  12. okay i am about to head over to check out the marshmallow thing and that may be my gift to EVERYONE this Christmas. haha! my fam is going to love it...i am sure!

    i am so obsessed with smores of any kind. it can get out of control :)

  13. I'm a little bummed that there wasn't a photo of a giant s'more the size of your head. But they do look tasty!

    PS- Is there a hair on the finished sweet potato creation?

  14. Yum!sweet potato smores!What a great idea.

  15. Outdoors, hands down! The taste of the fire adds a lot of yumminess! I make mine with a good shmear of peanut butter. Yummmm, now I want s'mores!

  16. TWO POUNDS of marshmallow?! Holy amazingness!! I'm glad you made your s'mores with Nutella. I recently made one with peanut butter instead of chocolate and now that's literally all I'd eat if given the chance :)

  17. Nutella hey?! I never thought to try that... last summer we did them with Hershey's chocolate and a smear of peanut butter, which was pretty delicious!

  18. hahah this is great! What a crazy marshmallow

  19. Sweet potato smores? Dude. I gotta try these.

    I'm all for some cheap used equipment. I bought a used bike and am going to buy an indoor trainer to go with it.

  20. so glad you included so many photos on this one--- sweet potato smores, how creative!

  21. Oh my God. I never thought s'mores could get better -- I mean, they're perfect and you can't improve perfection, right? But um. They just did. Holy guacamole.

  22. for $25 you should totally get the bike.

    If I didn't have a horrible stomach ache from binging on dinner and dessert, this post would have me drooling.

  23. Oh my, nutella s'mores sound amazing! I like traditional outdoor s'mores, but I will for sure be doing the nutella thing very, very soon! I say get that exercise bike! Can't beat $25. I understand spending more on a treadmill, but even if the bike is crappy- it's just 25 bucks lost.

  24. I think I love traditional 'smores...but I eat them like daily, we have a fire pit in the back and a fireplace that is constantly lit. I love to pout coconut on mine!

    Sorry about your foot, I feel your pain, I really do. I have never bough exercise equipment, but I have often dreamed of it...

  25. Oh my! Looks amazing. Oh the possibilities of that thing.

  26. I seriously can't believe that giant marshmallow. Simply amazing!!!

  27. Well I like outdoor s'mores but I hate smoky campfires so I will go with your indoor ones... and those sweet potatoes look goooood.

  28. i'm with u for the treadmill, but for anything else if it's used but still works great take it!! save the moolah and u'll be so happy u have another way to workout/cross-train. :)

    and i'm in luv with the pix of u and the chunk of marshmallow!

  29. A lot of our exercise equipment is second hand .. either ebay or hand me downs except my treaddie which was new and has been worth every single penny.

    I am so going to try hunt down one of those marshmallows - I have 6 kids here for christmas day and I'm sure they would love to toast pieces in the fire after lunch :-)

  30. That is one huge marshmallow!! can you send me a piece? hehe

  31. we had a used treadmill for a while but it was a piece! I want a NEW treadmill but doesn't look like that'll happen ASAP. I think used equip is a way to get a good workout without breaking the bank :)

    Mmmm, s'mores! I like them all ways!!!

  32. You are creative, I'll give you that…but I have to be honest, the whole sweet potato thing with marshmallow does not sound good to me! But I'm probably the weird one, because a lot of people go crazy for that sweet potato casserole with marshmallows on top, glad you enjoyed :) And, I totally agree with you on campfires over indoor and nutella over choc bars. I have a recipe for bakes s'mores that is HEAVEN! If you have any marshmallow leftover and want the recipe, let me know!

    As for used equipment, if you're looking for something to get you by till you foot is better, go for it! If you were looking for an investment in something that would last for awhile, I would skip it - you get what you pay for :)

  33. Mmmm - I've never had indoor smores, but I think that needs to change. I'm normally not a big marshmallow fan, but when it comes to smores, I just can't get enough!

  34. Mmmm smores! Who would have thought sweet potato smores. Double yummy!
    25 for a used bike? Why not! If it does not last, only 25 was spent.
    Hope your foot is feeling better soon.

  35. WOW I would have never thought to combine the sweet potato with the marshmallow and chocolate cereal stuff. But with your gorgeous photos, I can't wait to try it, YUM!

    I was wavering between personal trainer vs. group fitness instructor certification....may end up doing the personal trainer prep course too and playing it by ear, because that sounds like a better fit for my personality. But it's a tough choice because I like the idea of both. We'll see!

  36. Seriously my mouth is watering over that marshmellow still. I'm pretty sure you are putting it to good use. :)

    I say go for the bike. Hey for $25.00 you can probably re-sale it if you don't like it right?

    Love all of the pictures. Have a great day!!

  37. mmmm those sweet potato smores look so good!

  38. Hi GR - feel like it's been forever since I commented on your blog (sorry for the quickie trip to CA). I think your jumbo marshmallow is hilarious! I think s'mores have to be outdoors - the smells, the temperatures, the sounds of the crackle - ahhh! I also think that used gym equipment of the non-mechanical nature are perfectly great! There used to be a store (still might be in other parts of the country) call "Play it again sports" - FAB!!!!!

    The real reason for this comment was because I saw this recipe and thought of you :)

    I'm sorry for your foot - I'm going to have to catch up on the dealio since I've been a little out of the loop.

  39. I would totally buy used exercise equipment. I mean, most people don't really use it anyway. I'm on the hunt for a used elliptical. I'm thinking Feb. or March will be a good time since people will probably buy stuff for New Year's and never use it :)

  40. Okay, those sweet potato s'mores? YOU ARE A GENIUS.

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