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There's a Dirty Joke in Here Somewhere...

What do a couple of TV repairmen, an 80 minute bike ride and a serious decrease in productivity have in common? Heck if I know, but that's what my post is about. Deal.

Today we got a new internet service and TV. Our old internet service was super fast and awesome and roughly a gazillion dollars each month. No bueno. For some reason the same company booked our internet installer to come today, and TV guy to come tomorrow. Lots of last minute calls and changes, and they showed up almost at the same time instead.

I love this. Maximum efficiency right here. Clearly we need two giant TV vans with repairmen at the same time. I wish you could have seen me sneaking around trying to take this photo. Dang big windows letting them see in.

Anyway, now we have TV which means I expect my productivity to go down to an all time low. On the upside, I finally got so see what happens in Glee. It's a toss up I guess. Luckily I did make time to fit in a bike workout. I stalk people like Beth and Victoria on Daily Mile so I'm trying to pretend to be as cool as them on this guy here:

Today's workout was 19.25 miles in 1 hour and 20 minutes. I started with a 5 minute warm-up, and then let my playlist do the work. One song was fast and easy, and then next slow with hard resistance to recreate hills. Repeated for 75 minutes. It's official - I like the easy and fast way better than the slow and hard. There's definitely a dirty joke in there somewhere...

And now if you don't mind, I'm going to go watch craploads of horrible television and catch up on pop culture. Wish me luck!

Are you on Daily Mile? Let's be besties!

Real question much time do you spend watching TV each day on average?
I always wonder this about people. Usually it's around 45 minutes before bed on our computer, but I know actually having a TV will mean more. I'm sort of dreading it...

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  1. I usually watch like 3 hours of tv. I'm home all day. I watch the new in the mornign while drinking coffee. I watch Days of our Lives at noon and then at night I watch about an hour before bed. 3 hours sounds terrible.

  2. I watch a few hours a week. Usually its always on but I am in front of the computer reading blogs ha! (pretending to work!)

  3. Ugh depending on the day, sometimes I watch up to three hours at night. I'm a slave to tv shows, its a real problem. I try to offset it by not watching it at all, if possible on other days and doing productive things like folding laundry while watching.

  4. I think I am signing up for the Atlanta Marathon in March. I am going to decide in the next couple of days! Thanks for the coupon code if I decide to run it. I heard it is hilly!!

  5. Keep stalking us on daily mile. We are both a hoot.

  6. My tv watching varies from day to day and working from home I'm able to have it playing in the background while I work so I do most of my tv watching then.

  7. I'm on daily mile! Let's be friends! :-)

  8. Funny, I prefer slow and hard myself. Anyway, I am your newest wannabe friend on DM!

  9. I"m not super big on tv---maybe a few hours a week at most. BUT I love watching movies....tradeoffs I suppose.

    On the bike, I am totally opposite--all about slow and hard!

    Going to find you on Daily Mile now!

  10. We watch TV every night. It's our way of relaxing. The kid and I will watch some too, but it's more for background noise (music videos) than anything else.

    I still can't believe biking is a good workout. One day I'll try it. One day. :)

  11. Still no TV for us! We are CHEAP :D But I used to spend maybe an hour to an hour and a half on TV every day? I'd watch the news, then the Daily Show & the Colbert Report. And you wonder why my husband calls me a dork. Well, maybe you don't. ;-)

  12. your great guest post is up today!!

    We probably watch way too much tv. I'd say D and I watch about 2 hours in the evening when we are hanging out and talking or on the computer. I also watch while I'm on the bike trainer

  13. I'm seriously considering making my own workout room IN OUR APARTMENT. I can't stand the no TV in front of me deal. #firstworldproblems #thisisnttwitter

  14. We watch an hour or two of TV at night just to wind down from the day. Part of the time it is just background noise while we do other things. If there is a big game on we obviously watch a little more.

    I hate the cable companies. One time our cable box was acting weird so they sent someone out to look at it. He determined that we needed a new box, but he didn't have any in his truck so he said someone would come out the next day. They next guy came out and had no idea we needed a nex box and that sucked cause he didn't have any in his truck either! What cable company doesn't carry cable boxes???

  15. I don't watch THAT much TV but I do have my shows... Biggest Loser, Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, Walking Dead mainly. Sometimes we'll put the TV on for sitcom reruns (Big Bag Theory, Friends and Two and a Half Men are faves) too... mostly for background entertainment while chatting/cleaning/eating/etc.

  16. :-) love it.

    I think I sit in front of the telly WAY too much but I don't actually pay it much attention because its either what the kids or hubby has on.

  17. Woo for TV! The only time I really watch is when I'm on the treadmill, otherwise I just read a book. I'm a giant nerd, clearly.

  18. I LOVE your little exercise bike. I think I need one. :)

  19. Actually WATCHING TV? I would say maybe an hour. Some days are less and some days are more, but on average- an hour. Sometimes I turn it on while I'm cooking or cleaning just so I have background noise and hear adult conversation.

    I need a spin bike so I can ride it while I watch TV. That would be awesome.

  20. Holy crud I watch TV like all night. Its freaking rediculous really. But hey I figure I run 2 hours a day, work 9 house a day, go to school a few and I freaking deserve it right? ha ha

    Good job with the long bike ride. :)

  21. You are amazing! I don't think that I could ever spend that long on a stationary bike. I would loose my mind from boredom. How do you do it???

  22. hahaha! I LOVE this. every time i see pics of your house i am more in love and want to come visit seems so you have your own little piece of the world :)

    your bike workout sounds super intense and awesome! way to go!!! sooooo hope i win that race entry. pleaseeee pick me! haha! hope you are doing well dear friend. i have missed your posts so much this week!

  23. I don't really watch tv. Well, only on streaming video on my computer.

    I mostly watch movies.

    But, left to my own devices I would have it turned on all day whether I was watching it or not - so that would equal 8 - 12 hours?

    Average, right? :-)

  24. Just requested you on daily mile (Pam). YAY besties! You can see how little I'm running these days, ha ha.

  25. I probably watch an hour or two a night. It is more I have the tv on while I am doing other things and half pay attention to it.
    I requested to be your BFF on daily mile, you can now see how lame my mileage is.
    So your guest post on RunToTheFinish, good post!!

  26. Don't really watch any TV, I'd rather be on the computer like a good little internet junkie, reading my blogs :)

  27. I watch about 1-2 hrs of childrens television a day. Logan watches 30 mins in the morning while I'm getting breakfast ready....then 30mins before lunch and then usually a show or two /w dad at night. lol I'm so bad. But he loves it!

    I myself don't watch any shows during the day. I try to avoid day-time tv b/c it's horrible. I also NEED Logan's naps for working out and

    Colin watches TV every second he can. He loves movies and TV and always will, so therefore I probably watch 1-2hrs a day! blah.

    if you asked me how much I was on the computer though....I wouldn't even want to tell you, if we include data on phone the answer would be - ALL my awake hours except work :Plol

  28. I love daily mile stalking :) Keep up the good cycling!!

  29. i want to come visit too! sheesh! i might not leave. you've got everything. Party at Vanessa's!

  30. I love dailymile too! I'll have to find ya :) Wow, awesome job cycling! I can't wait until my family of four can all go for bike rides TOGETHER!! It'll be a while, our 2 year old can't even reach pedals! Ha!

  31. I might get in 30 minutes of TV per day and that's not really sitting and watching, it's watching while I do something else (like cook dinner or make lunches). I stopped watching when I started training for triathlons, because I no longer had the time. To be honest, I don't miss it.

  32. Ahhh TV. I can never decide if I love it or hate it (for being such a time waster). I will go 3 days without turning it on and then watch 3 or 4 hours the next day. I have no balance!! Especially not when it comes to the E! Network...

  33. We're already besties on daily mile right ;-)
    Seriously, too funny that you were sneaking around getting pictures. I love reading about your bike workouts, I want one so badly I can hardly stand it.
    I watch a lot of tv! BUT, I never watch it live so we end up actually watching half as many hours as we record. We watch 1-2 shows a night after the girls go to bed (we have cartoons on about 65-75% of the time in the background when they are up) and I watch 4 shows during the day on my days off (4 total, not 4 each day). I'm not sure exactly what that adds up to. On the weekend that we don't have any kids we watch quite a few movies.


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