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A Run 12 Hours In the Making

Today was the day for my last "long" run before the big day - 10 miles at marathon pace. I was looking forward to it all week, wanting to test out my planned outfit and get excited. But this morning? Nope.

No desire to run. None at all. I stayed in bed later than I have in a year (9:30-ish) and then finally ate breakfast. I changed into my running clothes, even tossing on the calf sleeves and head band.

And then I went to sleep. No, seriously. I got completely dressed for my long run, and then crashed on the sofa.

When I woke up a couple of hours later, I was STILL not ready to go for a run. I rarely have completely lazy days like this, but it was amazing. I goofed off online, napped off and on, and then finally decided to do something semi productive by getting some grocery shopping done. 

BUT - I refused to change out of my running clothes. I knew if I did, that would be it, and I wouldn't get around to it at all. 

Finally, tonight around 5 I decided it just had to be done. 10 miles in 1 hour, 37 minutes (9:42 pace). Wasn't the best run ever, but I think it's because I'm thinking through every possible negative scenario for the race. Real positive, Vanessa. Anyway, the run is done and oddly enough, I have energy again!

Maybe too much energy? I'm pretty sure pretending to be a ninja is NOT normal after running 10 miles. 

I'm officially the last person in the world who needs an extra hour of sleep tonight, but thanks anyway Daylight Savings Time! 

Congrats to all the amazing runners who were part of Tennessee Ragnar Relay today, and who ran the Savannah Rock n' Roll half and full marathon. Can't wait to read recaps, and of course good luck to all the runners tomorrow in NYC!

Do you follow along to get updates for runners you know during their races?
If I know someone running very well, I do check! Especially for bigger marathons where they have constant updates. I may try to stream the NYC marathon tomorrow - I get so excited watching!

What do you do when you don't have the motivation to work out?
Getting dressed for a run always works. Every time I look down I remember - "oh, right. I should be running." Eventually it works!


  1. Nice job! I have been guilty of putting runs off, for sure. If I don't have motivation, I try to guilt myself into it telling myself I will regret skipping it later! I only get updates for runners that I am close friends with - it can be fun though!

  2. ONE MORE WEEK until our marathons, yayyy. I'm excited to try this marathon thing out. And then after that I'll be ready to take it easy for a looong time.

  3. PS: sometimes I have days like yours too-- when I'm off during the week when no one else is around, it sometimes takes me a long time to get the motivation up to get moving. But then once I do, I feel amazing and full of crazy energy!

  4. good job!
    I do the same I don't change, I stay in my running works, the guilt always wins!

    you look like you are smiling while sleeping!!

  5. Ok that was really kind of funny! Got all dressed then went to sleep. I love it!!!!!! You're in taper.. wooohooooo!!!!!!!

  6. I do that with my runs quite a number of times..... and then throw in a couple of towels into the washer and pretend I slogged all day doing chores!!!!

  7. Good for you getting out there! The running clothes trick always works with me.

    I'm looking forward to the TN Ragnar recaps.

  8. I have to say--you are dedicated! I don't think I could keep putting the run off like that and then finally get out the door. Way to go!

    I was actually in NY through last night and got to meet up w/ some bloggers (posted pics today). Marathon fever is crazy up there!

  9. I'm guilty of procrastinating ALWAYS! I have to admit I love the constant reminder of being in your running clothes...I will have to try that!

  10. I felt the EXACT same way yesterday! I could literally not motivate myself to go to running group, so I just went back to bed. I ended up running at bout 4 instead, but I made things happen!

    Awesome job getting your run done. Are you psyched for next weekend!?

  11. I have to find someone to watch the kids when I run so if I don't go at the right time I might just miss out on my run..huge motivation to get it done!

    I love that you are wearing short and I am looking outside at the 6 inches of snow and 19 degrees getting ready to bundle up.

  12. I have days like that too where I'll get my running clothes on and several hours will go by before I finally force myself to get it done!

  13. You are hilarious! And awesome for getting your run even, no matter how much you didn't want to.

  14. Sometimes extra rest is exactly the right thing to do! Glad you got some extra rest - you'll need it for your marathon just around the corner. Great job on your run - you're really fast! WTG - hope this week goes well for you!

  15. despite the procrastination (and honestly, who doesn't procrastinate?!?!) you still got the run done. Today was my lazy day- woke up at 1030 and still sitting here just catching up in blog world. Everyone needs a lazy day for their sanity!
    also- love the ninja shot- its very 'artistic'

  16. HAha that's awesome, I am so impressed that you were able to run after a nice lazy day. My lazy days always end with me going to bed surprisingly early and NOT running.

  17. Nice going on getting in that 10 miler.

    I got up early today to watch the live stream of the NYC and it was awesome... and the runners I was tracking are all done now... off to get dressed and enjoy the rest of my day.

  18. Its funny how your body can just shut down like that, but you obviously needed it! :)When is the big race???

  19. Totally jealous of your lazy day! You are going to do great on race day, so exciting :) :)

  20. Great job getting that run in. Sounds like your body needed some rest. :)

  21. great blog--newest follower! Check out my giveaway--ends tomorrow!!

  22. You are a peaceful napper!

    I totally know what you mean about not feeling a workout.....when I don't feel motivated I just bail. It is supposed to be fun right???

    Get Up & Go

  23. Getting dressed totally works! You are so clever... putting new music on my iPod also helps me, as does buying new running clothes (because I know I'll want to wear them and the only way to wear them is to run!)

  24. The ninja picture is awesome! I have days like that too and it tends to happen to me more often as the days shorten and winter gets here. Can't believe it's already race week!


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