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16 Miles, Dancing and Pecan Pie

Yesterday was the birthday party of a friend of mine, but her husband sent a text to my hubby about it and for some reason it seemed cryptic. Yes, I'm paranoid, but I kind of thought maybe it was a surprise party and I would ruin it by calling her up and asking what to bring to the barbecue. That's definitely something I would do.

Anyway - nothing cryptic. He's a man of few words and it was just a number we didn't have. But still, I figured I better bring a bunch of stuff to the party just to be on the safe side. P.S. I'm just letting everyone know how awesome of a party guest I am so more people invite me to parties. I bake brownies! I bring beer! I bring bottles of wine as a gift!

I made two massive batches of homemade brownies to take along. Ugh, fine. I mixed up the batter from two boxes. But I put it into the oven all my myself. Hubby helped a little with cleanup:

If by cleanup you mean licking the spoon and then asking for a "refill".  I reloaded the spoon full of gooey brownie batter since he asked so nicely. 

Anyway, we went to to a barbecue. I ate what I believe to be kind of a sad portion for dinner - two ribs, a piece of corn on the cob, a handful of shrimp and a little piece of bread. I was heading back for seconds but then realized that as good as all the food was (and it was GOOD!) nothing would be as tasty as a bunch of dessert. So brownies and pecan pie it was. Some of the younger kids were making s'mores out back in a bonfire and I snuck out to make one of those too.

After the barbecue the birthday girl really wanted to see a live band playing in a local bar/restaurant called the Dalton Depot, so we loaded up and I got hammered on, cokes. I figured if I had to get up at 5am to run it better be worth something so I was the designated driver. We danced, we sang along to old Southern rock songs and I felt like an awesome hillbilly and loved it. 


What I did NOT love was waking up at 5 this morning with a raging soda hangover (is that a thing?) and being greeted with the coldest morning in over a year. I took a phone picture in the car because I couldn't believe it was 22 degrees in Georgia. Seriously? Not a fan. 

A slow and unhappy 15.5 miles was what I got this morning. Happy to have company but on days I feel badly I kind of hate the feeling that I'm slowing people down. Oh well, I guess it works both ways. Everyone has a bad run day, right?

Are you a fan of live music? Best concert you've ever been to?
I love listening to live music, but it's about a million times better if I know the lyrics. I love singing along! So I prefer listening to cover bands a lot of the time because they sing a bunch of hits that I know the words to. On Bourbon Street in New Orleans a bunch of the bars had cover bands that I thought were fantastic.

Would you rather run in cold weather (below freezing) or hot weather (above 80 degrees)?
I would rather run in a breezy, climate controlled area where the weather is always 55 degrees, but since that never happens...I think cold is better. As long as I'm bundled up!


  1. Hot weather, always. I LOATHE being cold. I like running skantily clad.

  2. 22 in Georgia? Do you even have gear for that there? (just kidding, sorta) - In Maine, sure thing, 22 is normal this time of year. I'm really sorry. :( and yes, I think everyone has had a bad run day.

  3. I love this post - it reminds me of the Seinfeld where they have to go bring cake and wine :P hahah! and Tim licking the spoon is CLASSIC.....same story here....not Logan, Colin ;)

  4. I would so much rather run in hot weather than cold.

    You are an A-lister party guest for sure!

  5. Somewhere in between freezing and hot is always good. I think 50 degrees and overcast is perfect.

  6. I don't like it too cold or too hot when I run. I like it just right so 22 degrees sounds painful.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  7. Running is the one time I prefer cold weather to warm. I always warm right up while I'm running (of course, it totally sucks when I'm done). Haha, I hate those nights as DD because of long runs - I guess it's the price I have to pay for marathon training! Less dinner for more dessert was the right option. Although I probably would have just stuffed by face with both.

    I'm a weirdo who hates live music at bars. Concerts are cool.

  8. Ugh, I like it to be perfect! Ha, but if I had to choose, I'd go with hot. If it gets too cold (like below 10-15 out here) my asthmatic lungs can't take it and I literally can't run outside....I can always handle the heat :)

  9. i think having run in both extremes i can safely say that i prefer cold runs to hot runs. because running makes you warm. so if you run in the freezing cold, it balances out to be perfect. when it's 80 degrees and you're running on an unshaded course, this is not as welcome. hence why most of my summer runs are followed by eating a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream. oh, wait, that happens in winter too....

  10. i would run in the below zero in a heartbeat but the above 80 makes me want to cry! I don't want to run if it is above 70! I am kind of a heat wimp :)

  11. I prefer running in cold weather, my body does not like the heat - it can but it does't like it :-)

  12. I think it is easier to run in cold weather, although I would pick the 40s for my perfect temp. And you are totally invited to all our parties. Stop by whenever you are in New England!

  13. i have definitely had 'soda' hangovers, or at least from the caffeine. Nice job getting the miles done, even though you felt blah about them. I will always take cold over heat. I'm much more of a wimp in extreme heat than cold. I like live music, not sure the best concert I've been to, there's been a lot! I need to invite you to parties, you really bring everything but the kitchen sink :)

  14. Definitely cold over hot! Nice job getting the run in….but too bad you had to wake up that early to do it on the weekend, hopefully you got a nap later on :)

  15. If I am outside running, I like it cold. Nothing above 40ish.

    Ok, if you lived closer to me, I would invite you to everything in a heartbeat. Brownies!!!! and Wine!!! Hello!!!!

  16. So, V... we've having this party... hahaha Okay, really we're not. I just want someone to make me some brownies.

    When my sister lived in Knoxville, I went up a couple of times to catch concerts with her. We saw Chevelle a couple of times, Halestorm, Three Days Grace, Adelita's Way... it was always a great show. Especially Chevelle. They ROCK.

    Your night out sounds like so much fun! I'm no redneck, but a redneck night out is just what the doctor ordered sometimes! Live music, beer, and pool! WOOHOO!

  17. how do you have energy after a long run?? I'm totally not productive for the rest of the day after a long workout (but maybe that's just because I don't have anything interesting to do and a nap always sounds better than cleaning...)

    1. Ha! All of the fun stuff happened YESTERDAY! Today after my long run I read blogs, napped and went for dinner. That's all I can handle!

  18. I would much rather run in hot hot weather!! I loveee to be in just a sports bra and spandex! I am sorry your run didn't goes a well as you had hoped, but your next one will be great!!
    I hope you have a fun week ahead of you!

  19. 22 is a high during the day here! It's hard to imagine warm weather right now. I'm totally a brownies-from-the-box maker too.

  20. Cold!
    (and every day I wonder how I ended up in the deep South?)

    And I'm going to throw a pot-luck just so you can come over with brownies! :)

  21. MUCH prefer cold weather!!! By far. Hot weather makes me want to scream.

    5AM is the worst time in the world. Great job getting it done even when you were not feeling it.

  22. As long as im not in direct sunlight I like to run in hot humid weather than cold. If its already reaching 70 degrees F i'll need a sweater. Im a pansy when it comes to cold weather.

  23. 22 is balmy for this time of year in these parts, but I'm still not a huge fan of running in the cold and ice. I think we all have bad runs sometime. Good job of pressing through and logging those miles!

  24. Sounds like a fun night! I am going to start inviting you to all of my parties. :)

    Good job at getting the LR in. It was 11 degrees in UT when I woke up for my race sat morning. brrrrr

  25. I prefer the cold, mostly because then I don't have to hurry and get up super early to run. I do hate that feeling of freezing to death after you finish the run though!

    Great job on the 15.5 miles!

  26. You are officially on the guest list for all future events I host! Good job knocking out the long run in the cold. I am a hot weather running girl. Give me 90 degrees and 100% humidity any day of the week!

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