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Nude Racing --No, Really!

Don't lie - all you care about is more information on the nude racing. Usually when you hear of risque running, it's more like this:

"Naked running, tee-hee!" = Didn't wear a Garmin. So naughy.
"I ran TOPLESS! OMG!" =  Just wore a bra. Inside. On the treadmill. In the basement.

So when I say nude racing, I mean it. But I'm making you wait for it. Sorry. First up, weekly recap:

Monday: Rest. Always a good start to the week, right?
Tuesday: Ran 6 miles on TM.
Wednesday: Ran 6 miles outside.
Thursday: 6 x 1 minute @10MPH running, circuits of planks, push-ups, jumping jacks, walking lunges
Friday: Walked 2 miles, 10 minutes of Yoga
Saturday: 30 minutes of spin
Sunday: Ran 15 Miles outside

That's right...I ran outside twice this week and loved it. Even though I have to drive over an hour (round-trip) to get to a safe place to run, it's really worth it. Plus, since I'm running a marathon in Atlanta I need to get VERY comfy with hills. Today's run:

Parked at Panera to meet up with the others planning to run and (duh) ended there too. Naturally had to run in for a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese. Such a waste, really. I ate the whole thing in like 2 minutes before I even started driving home and I swear I didn't feel any more full. I don't have any pictures of the bagel because I was too busy scarfing it down, but if you aren't sure what a bagel looks like...let me know. I'll hook you up. 

Now I'm doing what I do best. Laying on the couch in a stupor. Awesome. 

I bought these compression socks around Christmas when my ankle was really bad, and I'm so in love with them. I'd never heard of the brand before but I definitely prefer them to the Tommie Copper calf sleeves I have. Just wish I picked a more fun color than black. 

Alright, alright - naked racing. So in April there's a race less than an hour from me called the Fig Leaf 5k. Description:

The pros of this race: it's a hilly trail 5k that is only $20, and all proceeds go to the Humane Society. Small race means greater chance of age group awards. Lots of door prizes. That $20 not only gives you a race, but also entrance to a resort for a day! Admittedly, the resort is a nudist one, but still. Plus, you get a free-shirt. To not wear. Ironic?

Cons: you know that awkward moment where you try to pass someone running on a trail? Now imagine they're naked. Yeah.....

Streaking - now it's literal.

I'm going to be honest, I'm totally intrigued by this. I'm no exhibitionist, but I think it would make for a pretty hilarious experience. If nothing else, the blog photos would be infinitely better that day. 

Would you ever run a nude race? What about if you were dressed and everyone else ditched their duds?
I think I'll let Tim answer for me on this one with a big no. If I could get him on board I think it would be awesome. I feel like a hippie, but now I kind of want to find some deserted trail to run on in the nude. Luckily my girls won't go anywhere, so there's that. 

Do you have any compression socks? Any brand you recommend?
These were pretty cheap compared to some others, which is why I picked them, but I'm wondering if they get better as you're willing to pay more? 


  1. I can't believe there's a race like this! I wonder if there's a huge turnout. CRAZY. You should TOTALLY do it. I bet it would be a REALLY unique experience, if nothing else!

  2. if the hubby is okay with it, i say go for it... maybe run in a bra??? it would definitely be a fun experience you can say you did.

    I have one pair of run love socks from running skirts, and 1 pair of cep compression sleeves- love them both, but sleeves are more convenient bc i can wear flip flops with them lol

  3. I would run in my panties pre baby no questions asked! - proceeds to animals, even better. However now I guess I'm a little more modest. biknin's if I did some more ab work ;)

    I think you should do it. It's probably pretty liberating,

  4. Running nude in a race is on my life's to-do list!! I'm hoping to find one this year!! :D

  5. Omg this is the funniest thing I've ever heard!! I really think you should do it! Do you have the option of wearing clothes?! Or maybe you would just look weird if you did!! Ahhh this is so great. I don't think I would ever do it though...

    I have CEP compression socks and I love them! Also - Zensah compression sleeves are amazing. Way better than TC!

  6. Just the thought of this makes my boobs hurt. I need my industrial strength sports bra.

  7. It sounds like an interesting race with the potential for many years to come talking about "that time I ran the nude race." haha I know there was a nudist colony in Florida near where I lived and they would have some 5ks "dare to bare" I think was the name. It just sounds painful to run without a bra...,

    Great job on the long run! I love my CEP compression socks.

  8. Maybe if it was prebaby and I was like 18 again...sure! But way. But that is so funny that it actually happens. How awkward would that be??

    I am still trying to find a good pair to wear! I have heard conflicting reviews on Tommie Copper so any input is awesome!

  9. Awesome job on your long run and, um, were you DONE at 7am? That's crazy!

    I'd totally sign up for the naked run. i'd probably run it in a sports bra and booty shorts, but it'd be a hilarious race to experience.

    I've tried a bunch of different compression sock brands and, by far, the best is CEP.

  10. oh my. i would NOT run a nude race at this point in my life. eek.

  11. I think I'm too self conscious to do it, but I think it would be fun! Before I left home in CA to move to NY, I ran Bay to Breakers in SF and lots of people ran nude there (illegally). It was sort of weird to see bare bun cheeks in front of me when I was running! lol
    I'm actually looking into compression socks but I'm so overwhelmed with all the brands that I don't know what to get!

  12. HOW FUNNY! I definitely couldn't run in the raw... even in the best shape of my life I was modest and while this could be translated to great motivation, I'd have to politely decline!!

  13. haha I have too many "wobbly bits" to even think about running in as little as a sports bra and shorts but it does look intriguing. I suppose you'd probably feel a little out of place if you were the only one clothed and running it. I wonder how many people actual run without clothes...

    I finally stopped wavering about registering for the Georgia (half) marathon and did it today (thanks to the Hawks winning by a lot last night! too bad they limited the discount to $15 or I'd have gotten a super sweet deal!). Now I just need to wrap my head around the cost of the airfare...maybe we can meet up!

  14. Great long run Vanessa!!
    I wouldn't do a naked run only cause my girls would not be happy. It sounds painful just thinking about it haha. Maybe you can compromise with your hubby and run naked on the treadmill? :)

    I have two pairs of compression socks. One is Smartwool brand and I love them they keep me warm yet are wicking so no sweaty feet.

    Also got a pair of pink Zenzah compressions socks for half price when there was a schwaggle deal a while back. I love them too and especially the color :)

  15. I usually wear two sports bras when I run so going in the buff?? Impossible. Maybe I should design some see-through running gear for the exhibitionist that needs a little support :)

  16. Nekkid racing huh? Sounds uncomfortable! But hilarious!
    I love my CEP compression socks. They are tighter than my Zensah calf sleeves and I love them! But yes, they can be pricey. But worth it for recovery!

  17. Great job on the solid 15! Sure didn't take you long to get back in the swing of things!

    And speaking of things swinging... lol... I would NOT run nude, but I would definitely run in a clothing-optional race. ESPECIALLY one to benefit the HS. It would be toooooo hilarious not to! I'm frankly kind of shocked stuff like that goes down in Georgia! California I can see, but Georgia??? hahaha

  18. I just wear plain old granny compression socks. They are about $15 but you can get them on sale for less - at my discount pharmacy (where I worked as a pharmacy student) Futero men's dress socks (which fit just like gals compression socks) are $13 a pair and I had a $3 coupon. Of course, I actually wear these to work under my dress pants since I stand all day. No post-run compression for me. I'm usually too tired to pull the darn things up.

  19. Ah I don't think I could do it, but I think it's hilarious! Really, how can any girl actually run without a sports bra? And don't get me started on running without undies. It's a funny though though :) But even in my best shape when I may have even had a 4 pac-kish, I never ran in a sports bra! I'm too self-conscious!

  20. Wait a second! Running the Fig Leaf 5K and you get a t-shirt? Doesn't that kinda contradict the whole idea behind that race?

  21. I have never run in the nude. But I was just reading an article about the Undy 5000! It sounds fun and I think they do it in Atlanta too!

  22. That sounds amazing...I can't even imagine people running naked but I am certain you would never forget it!

  23. I don't think I could ever do that, I would be laughing too hard! I have asics compression socks and love them, they were cheaper than the CEPs but prob not better. I still love them

  24. haha I did bay to breakers last year where there were a ton of people who were nude because it's just tradition. It made the race more interesting, but I don't like being naked in general. I just like clothes lol. I don't hate my body or anything but I get cold easily so I just prefer clothes, so I doubt I'd ever run a race naked. I have smartwool compression socks and love em!

  25. That's crazy, if you read my last post about locker rooms, you'd know now how mature I am when it comes to that. :-)

  26. My poor boobs don't deserve a naked 5K. I'd need at least a sports bra. :) I'd go just to spectate that race and file it under "Things you Can't Unsee"

  27. Great run for the week. I just can't imagine running nude...not really even for the nude factor but I just can't imagine how that bouncing around would feel, ouch!

  28. Nope, couldn't run nude and think I'd vom if I had to watch it. Sorry!

  29. HILARIOUS that there's really a race like this :) Go for it, but I could NEVER. EVER.

    great runs for the week and like the compressions. If I told my friends to meet me in a parking lot for a run, I'd be there ALL ALONE> Why can't I find running buddies??! Argh.

  30. That would hurt my girls way more than it would be worth entertainment wise LOL

  31. This makes me think of Seinfeld and the debate between good naked and bad naked.

    Pretty sure this would be bad naked....

    You had such a good workout week! Way to go. As you can guess, I'm super jealous of it. And the bagel.

  32. My girls aren't fit for nude running! I would run in undies and a sports bra, but that's as far as I'd go. I wouldn't mind running with nude people at all, in fact it would most likely be quite amusing. Great run, glad you are getting back in the swing of running and feeling better.

  33. You must do the race, and you must wear a leaf. ha ha love it!! Seriously we do not have things like this in Utah. How fun!!

    Great job with your 15 yesterday!

  34. I don't think I could do a naked run. I would be ok with other people being naked, but I don't think i could do it myself. If you do run in the nude- I think you should run in your compression socks- just so that something is clothed :)

  35. I did a naked 5k on a treadmill in my garage last spring. It was AWESOME.

    I looked up local nude races after that, and found one. But, on the site there were race pictures.


    While I'm cool with running around nude, I don't want uncensored pictures of it out there, you know?

  36. i have shared so many inappropriate stories about myself in the comments section of your blog and it is time for another one: i am a 34D (sometimes a 34 DD depending on the store... i try not to go to those stores). i will never, ever, ever, ever run a nude race. ever. OW.

  37. LOL, I agree with Michelle. There is no way anyone wants to the these jugs flopping around. I'm not sure my body could handle that kind of floppage, anyway. Even with a really really really great bra, sometimes it's too much. Don't even get me started on the "apron of skin" that was once a belly. Seeing that flapping in the breeze might be a good ad to prevent pregnancies! No lie. Clothing is a must for me.

  38. I did a naked race at a nudist colony just outside Dallas a couple years ago. Don't be fooled, some of these people are serious runners and it was an all day event. I have to say, once you get moving you forget that you are naked and just run like it's a regular race. After the finish is another story. They had a catered BBQ and swimming while in the buff. One of the best races I have ever done and will do it again someday.

  39. No Garmin?!?! No shirt?!?! Soooo trashy (ha, just kidding). Your post just cracked me up!

    I have seen some pictures of actual nude races and it's SHOCKING - can you imagine running next to some dude's twigs and berries bouncing around? OH NO THANK YOU!!!!

    I have Zensah compression sleeves - love them so much I have about 5 pairs - love love love them! They really do help with recovery!!!

  40. Oh, sweet lord no. Nobody needs to see all of my parts bouncing & jiggling up a hill. That is craziness!

  41. Please do a follow-up post on the search terms that now bring people to your blog because of this post! I once did a naked running post and was embarrassed by some of the activity it drove!

  42. WHat?! haha that is definitely an intriguing race - are you signing up?!

  43. Wow I've never heard of a race like this! I'm not sure I'd physically be comfortable running this race, I mean I'm not big on top but I don't like any bouncing even when I'm wearing a sports bra lol!

  44. Wow, I don't think of myself as a prude, I'd gladly run the race, but not naked. Nice work on the long run!

  45. Wow! Now I'm going to have to google this. Allan would totally run naked as long as I splashed baby powder on him to prevent chafing (he's going to kill me for telling people this) but I'm not so sure the girls would be a fan of running while not being contained in their Nike sports bra. Sports bra and bathing suit bottoms I could probably handle though!

  46. I wondered about this very thing when I read Runner's World's article about a nude triathlon last year. I think I could be convinced to RUN naked, or to SWIM naked... But naked bike riding? That's where I draw the line!

  47. Hey,
    sweet lord no. Nobody needs to see all of my parts bouncing & jiggling up a hill. That is craziness!Thanks

  48. I took a deep breath and ran a 5K in Michigan completely naked except for running shoes. Once I stood at the starting line I knew I had made a mistake. I was among a lot of women and I felt humiliated once we started and my buns and dick bounced around bare. My face was completely red. At one point I began to go back but there were so many people on the sidelines that I stood out stopping and starting. So I ran the rest of the way embarrassed as hell. Never again!


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