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Red Ribbons and Celebrity Look-Alikes

Lately I've been keeping all of my runs on the treadmill to avoid a flare-up of what seems to be an injury that is (knock on wood) no longer too much of a problem. So when I got an invite to run a hilly course today with a friend, I was so ready to get outside.

But then it was 31 degrees as I started running and super windy. Let's remember for a second that 1) This is Georgia, and 2) I'm a wuss. 31 degrees to run is COLD to me. But it was a great 6 mile run and went by quickly thanks to good conversation. 

Stretching on the floor after I got home quickly turned into a Cuddle Fest 3000 with the cats and their favorite toy of all time, a ribbon.


I swear that every 3 or 4 weeks we buy them some new awesome catnip filled toy that is supposed to be the best thing ever, and then they go crazy for a plastic bag and a ribbon. I give up.

After my run I had one of the last Purefit bars I got sent last week. I got sent 10, so you can guess that they're not terrible if I ate one every day for the past week.

Great ingredients, but 3 out of the 5 flavors I wasn't excited about. BUT - the granola crunch and the peanut butter were really tasty. They are really chewy and soft. By the way, if anyone likes marzipan (I don't) the Almond Crunch tastes so much like it! I was hoping for a more fresh almond taste but there ya go. 

Also, have you guys heard that I'm basically a supermodel? I may have interpreted the comments wrong, ok...maybe I just kind of resemble a model/wannabe star/reality sellout name Courtney from the Bachelor. A few different people mentioned it to me so I had to check her out.


Deep down I want to be excited about this but from what I hear she has just about the most horrible personality on earth so...overall, not a win. While finding a picture of her online I read....


...that she is the winner! Something about her walking the Bachelor's dog in LA a few days ago? Not going to lie, I've never sat through more than 5 minutes of the Bachelor so I have zero opinions. I just kind of hope she wins so I can get recognized in public and work on my autograph. So excited.  

Are you a fan of the Bachelor/Bachelorette?
Nope. Although I did watch one whole season of the Bachelorette a couple of years back...I definitely prefer the version where there are 20 hot guys and only 1 girl to ruin my fantasies, thanks. 

Any celebrity look-a-likes?
People used to say often (about 6 years ago) that I looked like Lori Loughlin. Except they wouldn't say that, they would say, "Aunt Becky!" A couple of people have said Angie Harmon too, but I guess I don't see that one!


  1. I get so mad at myself for it, but I always seem to watch the bachelor/bachelorette. I always say it is like a train wreck....and I can't look away!

  2. i totally see it! (and i was the one who commented about it yesterday) but you are like a billion times nicer (she seems like a total bi-otch!) don't mean to be annonymous, just dont have a blog..but we are Daily mile friends :)

  3. I get this girl...or USED to all the freaken time when it was on TV. Then they did the reunion and it all started again. It's Brynn for Real world Las Vegas.,r:3,s:25

    That's it really.

  4. I am like you. I'm a southern girl, so it doesn't take much to make me cold and I'm a wuss for running in temps below 50. Add to it the fact that my left hand seems to lose blood flow during runs and gets ice cold very easily and I hate cold weather runs!

    No, NOT a fan of the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Haven't watched any episodes because I think the premise is ridiculous.

    I used to get Tootie/Kim Fields (it's because I'm short, chunky, and black, right???). I've gotten Jada Pinkett (not quite!). Nobody else I can think of.

  5. DAMN YOU!!!! If she is the winner, I will freak out!!!! She is horrible! But yes, breathtakingly beautiful, like you. I am obsessed with the Bachelor. I can't pretend for a second that I am not completely pathetic.
    I remember a long time ago that facebook app that showed you your celebrity look alikes. I got Venus Williams and Reese Witherspoon. Call me crazy, but those two seem like polar opposites.
    It was better than my friend, though. She got Hugh Grant.

  6. I love that about the cats loving the ribbon and plastic bags. I find plastic bags all over my floor when I wake up some mornings. This AM it was a recyclable bag!

  7. I definitely see a resemblance!! I hope she wins so you can be a celebrity-look-alike :D

    Also: we don't have a cat anymore but I'm pretty sure ALL cats are like that. I don't even know why they make cat toys.

  8. we buy our pups all types of different toys, and they always want to play with our socks. so i've given up on the toys and now just give them old socks. weirdos.

  9. Cb absolutely prefers to play with the packaging the toy came in as opposed to the actual toy. A balled up piece of paper will be his new BFF.

    Great run outside! The low temps scare me too, but once I'm out the door I'm always happy I ran outside.

  10. Great job on running outside. Even though it's cold, it's pretty incredible to know "hey I did that!". I much prefer outside running (that said, I have no other options currently - sigh!).

    I look like a celebrity - Tracey Gold from the late 80's - we were nearly twins. People would randomly stop me in the mall back when I was in middle school and say "you look just like her". If only I could have been clever enough to say, "why it is me." :) hahah!

    Nope, no Bachelor watching for me - but OMG you do look exactly like her!!!! It's kind of a freakish similarity. As I was reading your post where you said, "well you guys know me as a super model" - I honestly thought that was a picture from your days when you modeled the clothing (you talked once about being modeling clothes for clothing companies to ensure they fit normal women. I really thought it was a photo of you from then - crazy similar). Ummm, hope she doesn't commit a crime and you get called in for a line up . . . you're a gonner!

  11. I get Ann Hathaway ALL THE TIME, at least once a day.

  12. She's not a celebrity but I always think you look like you could be my friend Julie's little sister!
    Yes, my cats couldn't care less about toys but bring home a box? It's Christmas morning all over again! I have to be careful with ribbons though because one of them likes to eat them. And that doesn't, ahem, "end" well.

  13. Oh heavens. If she is, indeed, the winner, then I give up on the human race. Or at least half of the human race because people like that SHOULD NOT be breeding.

    Wow. I just sounded no better than any of them. Whatareyagonnado???

    I get Wynona Ryder sometimes. Something about being skinny and a brunette seems to ring a lot of bells. People are always telling me that I look like someone they know.

  14. i don't watch the bachelor or the any of those, but u do bear a strong resemblance, but i think u're much cooler and prettier. ;) plus u runneth over with personality...duh!! :)

    some people say i look like natalie portman, but i don't see it...i WISH i did..but i don't...hehe

  15. Aww kitties! Yours are so cute. Mine always visit me when I am stretching too. :)

    I have never watched that show, but the girl really does look like you!

  16. I got a ProFit delivery last week as well...will have my post tomorrow on those!

    I am so guilty of watching the bachelor...
    I dont like this season.
    He is so boring.
    I do see why people say you look like are much prettier...and I am sure MUCH nicer!
    she is aweful.

  17. ohmygosh! I have watched that show and knew she reminded me of someone but I couldnt place it!!!! NOW I know! ITS YOU! :) You are so much nicer tho and honestly prettier :)

  18. I agree - you are much prettier than that girl!! I don't know anything about her personality because I haven't seen any of The Bachelor yet! I have gotten the weirdest look-a-like comments from people - Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Tina Fey (WTHeck?!). Yeah. Not impressed.

  19. Cats are like kids:
    They come for a cuddle when they want to
    They play with the toy packaging/box more than the toy
    They look all cute and cuddly but have a mean hiss on them
    They don't like getting up in the mornings
    ..... did I miss anything?

  20. I love cats. Don't have one at the moment...had one for 18 years! She's hard to replace. Your kitties are so cute rolling on the floor with you. And that room is GORGEOUS! Wow! WIth those windows, I can see how you were itching to get outside & run!

  21. People tell me I look like all kinds of people: Kristen Wiig, Amy Adams. It just depends on the day.

    I can never stretch without Bungee barreling into the room and trying to join in.

  22. Wow, you really do look like her! If she really does have the worst personality, that doesn't speak too highly of the bachelor dude. I don't watch those shows either, so you didn't spoil anything. Also, I buy my dog tons of toys to chew on and she'd rather dig through the contents of my trash can.

  23. You've always reminded me of Angie Harmon, who I think is gorgeous of course. :-)

    Love your open/airy windows at your house.

    Back in the day, I used to get Leann Rimes (gag), when she had curly hair & was not stick thin. No one has been mistaking me for her lately. ;-)

  24. You definitely do look like Aunt Becky!!! I love the windows in your house. How awesome! One of my coworkers swears I look like Bridget Fonda... and the kids I work with say that I kinda look like Ginny Weasley. No offense kids but I'll take Bridget Fonda.

  25. Great run - glad you are feeling better :) I'm not into the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows either….although I don't sit on a high horse or anything, there is plenty of other cheesy and bad TV that are guilty pleasures for me! I don't think I have any stand-out celebrity look-alikes….

  26. I can definitely see Angie Harmon. :)

  27. I do not watch those shows but you really do look like her! Your both gorgeous! I dont blame you for running elsewhere to prevent injuries! Thats the only way I run, I've had so many leg problems, I just run for the fun of it now, while training for a half marathon, hehe. I must be crazy!

  28. I see the Angie Harmon, especially after the vlog. Now I think you should become a lawyer.

  29. aunt becky, now that's funny! but you don't look like her at all. Bachelor.. that show is a comedy, it's hilarious. but i don't watch it anymore, totally over it! i love look alikes, i think angie harmon for sure!

  30. Don't watch it so not a fan.

    I don't think I have any celebrity look a likes but twice now that I've gone into Buffalo Wild Wings the serve (two different ones) have told me I look like the girl from the Taco Time commercial... haven't seen it so can't say if I do :)

  31. I can see Angie Harmon. You both have very well defined cheek bones.

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