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High Rolling and Recent Eats

After my less-than spectacular group run on Saturday, I was more than ready to do...nothing. The couch was calling me, and I was happy to oblige. So it was a pretty crazy night of high rolling - lots of champagne, gold, late nights - the usual.

Oh, and by champagne, I mean the bottle of sparkling wine ($8) that was supposed to be for NYE, but I couldn't handle after my one beer. And by gold, I mean an old version of the Alaskan mining show Gold Rush. And by late nights, I mean I went to bed at 8pm. Yeah. Part-tay.

Even if I didn't actually DO much this weekend, I did eat some different meals that were pretty fun. Anytime I eat something that takes longer than 7 minutes to prepare I consider it a success. First up, the lazy plate:

Toasted sliced pita bread, celery, carrots, turkey meat and hummus. Fun finger food. It was really filling but obviously pretty low calorie and not long-lasting. Any suggestions on what I could add in to make it more substantial? Cheese, maybe?

I also remade some manicotti. Last time I made it with ground beef and it was BAD. So I tried a simpler recipe with ricotta cheese and frozen spinach - success!

Lately I've been doing the "weekly repeat" when it comes to weeknight dinners, so I really want to spice it up a little and make some new dishes.

Have you guys ever read Outside Magazine? I had never heard of it until hubby got it a few weeks ago with some old airline miles. When the first issue arrived I was sold. Really interesting stories, great photos of amazing places and gear reviews:

But then this month's issue is less exciting. I even hid it from hubby because it was so obviously dull. 

The cover? No way. I would never let the cover influence my decision. That's crazy talk. Insecure? Pssssh. 

Yesterday's workout was a great 90 minutes of spin that kicked my butt, so today I was planning on just yoga. But then...I had a full day of work and needed that quick sweaty fix. 20 minutes of speedy speedy cycling and then 45 minutes of yoga. 

Do you like hummus? How do you eat it - meal or snack?
I love the stuff, but somehow whenever I eat hummus it becomes a "snack." Any great ways to incorporate it into a more substantial meal? To be honest I was pretty happy with the snacking plate above, but hubby was ready for round 2 an hour or two later...

Ever read Outside Magazine? Be honest - are you more likely to buy it based on the first cover or the second?
I'm just so happy hubby signed up for it so I have an excuse to, about Ironmen. And their training. Stuff like that. 


  1. I've been a subscriber to Outside for probably a good 10 years now --- I love that mag!! It's def my fave of all my subscriptions. They do a lot of outdoor stuff, obviously, but they have really unique stories that get me thinking. Love, love it!

  2. Well, throw in a hard boiled egg?
    I usually use hummus as a sandwich spread instead of using mayo. :)
    I can never eat carrots, broccoli, celery raw. Just too raw-tasting. But I Love vegetables. :)

  3. I love the hummus plate idea! Yum! I usually eat hummus as a snack. Now that I have a food processor, I'm excited to try to make my own! :)

  4. When you watch Gold Rush, do you giggle every time they talk about the Glory Hole? :)

  5. Hee hee - we both posted about hummus today - yeah, we're cool like that!

    That magazine cover is a bit nuts - jus' sayin'. Nope, never read it.

    Could you add olives of various variety to your "lazy plate" to add fat to feel full. How about sprinkling feta in your hummus (OMG feta+hummus = love!). My only other suggestion (not that I'm any expert by any stretch of the imagination) might be pecan halves to add protein and healthy fats.

  6. WTF is that chick wearing, and how is that suitable for outdoors?

    I eat hummus literally every single work day, usually with carrots, as soon as the kids leave and I'm starving. It could never be a meal to me, though.

  7. I have never read or even heard of Outside magazine! I know, I must be living under a rock. Whatever. I'm not much of a magazine person...yeah, I use them to hide the clock on the treadmill at the gym (lol) but overall, meh. I'd rather read a book.

  8. do you have a trader joe's by you? if you do run, do not walk, there to buy the white bean basil hummus. will knock your socks off. so good. i like snap peas on my veggie tray.

  9. Try putting hummus on a grilled cheese sandwich! It's really good. Or on a turkey sandwich.

  10. Logan eats hummus with a spoon and I LOVE HUMMUS too! I think that girls outfit on the cover is weird. I don't even think it's sexy. but hey. that's just me. But she is a hottie for sure. lol I love that you hid it. Colin and I tell each other who we think is hot and you know he's the first person I've never really got too mad at in regards to other women.....he just wouldn't do anything ;) lol

  11. i guess outside magazine has it rough, cuz sex sells, right? they can't run a sexy tree or whoreish mountain cliff on their cover. they're not national geographic, so they can't run beautiful scenic covers. but they're not playboy, either. they have to find that sweet spot in between, um, tranquil scenery and nasty sluttt. i guess... that swimsuit/wrap thing is it??

    am in same place with hummus. relegated permanently to snack food status.

  12. Vanessa I just noticed that you are SO close to 500 followers, way to go!!

    I love hummus. And recently I've discovered their special hummuses, including horseradish hummus and red pepper. Deeelicious.

  13. Dude magazines are certifiably the best. I love outside, men's health, esquire, GQ, details...

  14. When I saw that cover last week I may have tweeted about my girl crush on Lolo Jones. Although perhaps I just want to BE Lolo...

    I do the random hummus plates a lot as well. I always have hummus, veggies, and some sort of cracker or it just makes sense to throw them together for a meal. I second the addition of hardboiled eggs to "beef it up" a bit...or cheese is a good idea too.

  15. I loved the red string Lolo's wearing :) hehe! Outside mag is awesome! I am now cheering for Lolo at the trials this summer!!

  16. I honestly have never heard of outside so I would have to say nope, never read it!

    The hummus though, I love me some hummus. I love eating it with pita at the Greek place we go to. Delicious!

  17. I have never tried hummus. You make it look so good though!! I have a TJ's near me so I might have to take a trip there and pick some up.

  18. I love hummus, but my brother takes the hummus crown. Over Christmas, my MIL asked him what his favorite food was and he mentioned hummus as one possibility….and then debated if that counted. You have to know my brother, he's hilarious. I love it…but just as a snack. But I love it so much, I wish I could eat it more. It's a little like guacamole….I love it so much and sometimes wonder if it would be weird if I just ate straight guac….

  19. umm, hey, i count high rolling if the wine u're drinking doesn't come out of a box! ;)

    yumm...u kno wat i've never actually had hummus! crazy, but hear me reasoning is i'm not much of a dip type person so it doesn't look all that

  20. Oh dear. That cover is embarrassing. Any meal that takes under 7 minutes to prepare is TOTALLY a success.

    I try to make one new recipe every time I plan the menu. It's way fun to mix things up and then I often find something I totally LOVE.

  21. That manicotti looks awesome! Have you ever tried hummus on a sandwich? It's so good if you have sharp cheddar, lots of veggies, and (most important) cinnamon raisin bread!

  22. mmm hummus with anything ... I've read a recipe for hummus mixed with pasta and prawns (shrimps). I haven't made it yet but will be soon, will let you know how it goes!

  23. I like hummus, but never really crave it, so I rarely eat it. I put it on Mike's sandwiches for lunch though.

    That second cover is insane. What does that have to do with being active outdoors?

  24. LOVE hummus and yours looks yummy :)

    hahaha, never read that magazine but I would have hid that second issue too!!! LOL, but that first copy had me at hello!!!

  25. Mmmm, hummus. We eat it for lunch a lot, as a tortilla roll up with veggies, or a cheese-hummus quesadilla. Just had an interesting hummus-feta-olive-eggplant flatbread pizza last night out for dinner, yummy!

  26. Love hummus! I also love manicotti, and I can't imagine bad manicotti. Nevertheless, I'm glad the recent attempt was a success. :)

  27. Have never seen that magazine. I must live under a rock!

    I love hummus and make my own often. It is a great snack but I also put it on my salads and in sandwiches! You can also put it on an omelet.

  28. Yummy your eats all look delicious! I think you are incredibly creative with your cooking.

    That girl on the cover is scary....and ugly...duh!

  29. Outdoor life magazine is hit or miss every month i find...sometimes I read every article and other times I have no interest in any of them. As for the covers, I have to admit I love the second one, doesn't make me buy it any more then the first though, I would just take a gander at the second one a little longer at the store lol...

  30. I have not had hummas in a long time. Maybe I should pick some up next shopping trip.

  31. I love hummus! Both those dishes look super yummy! I really like manicotti and it's really easy to make.

  32. I've never read Outside but I know I always preferred my ex's Men's Health to my own issues of Women's Health. Less fashion and fat talk and more training tips and tricks!


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