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What I Stuff My Bra With : Personality!

I've mentioned before that I have a sick addiction to the game Jeopardy. Dinner needs to be at 7:30 pm sharp every night - not because I'm always hungry at that exact minute but because that's the start of the show. If anyone is interested, the online Jeopardy quiz is next Tuesday-Thursday, if you want to try out for the show.

Once upon a time, I made it to the first interview and game trial stage (where I didn't meet the host) and got rejected because I lacked personality. Trebek, please.  I'm overflowing with personality. I eat personality for breakfast topped with Greek yogurt. I have so much excess personality laying around that I stuff my bra with the stuff. 

You KNOW I could use the padding. 

I'm only telling you guys this because the comments I get about me being funny straight up crack me up. Kari did a post a while back where she said she was funnier in person that on her blog. I'm the opposite, 100%. (Unless you happen to think I'm not funny in either.) In real life I am pretty shy, a little nervous and not super comfortable in big groups of people. 

My jokes always go like this:

There was a guy who walked into a bar. No, wait! He walked INSIDE a bar. Yeah, inside a bar. And, um, he was carrying a duck. I forget what's next.....47 nuns?

I can never remember the first part, I have zero timing and then I yell the punchline in the hopes that is all makes sense. Heads up, it doesn't.  I think you guys may have figured out courtesy of my one and only video that hubby's got the funny genes. I'm going to try and get him to take on a speaking role in the next one. Fingers crossed. 

A couple people have asked me how my running/marathon training is going. Not perfectly, I'll admit. I seem to be in pain if I try running hills, speedwork or consecutive days. FUUUUN.  So I've been running 6-7 miles at a time at an easy pace, with a day in between for cycling and strength training.

Do you think your personality is the same online and in real life? Even if you don't have a blog, is there a difference between how you email/leave comments/chat and speak in person?
I don't tell jokes. I can be pretty dang silly but I'm not funny unless you're into that "laughing AT me thing". 

Have you ever been on TV or gone to a live taping of a show?
Nope! Now that there will never be an Oprah's Favorite Things episode I'm basically not interested.


  1. In theory I think I'm funnier in real life because I'm not so funny on my blog (expect when I am posting about nearly killing myself by swallowing vitamins), but I'm pretty shy in real life too (and sometimes come off as bitchy and standoffish because I am so shy). So I'm not really funny anywhere. I've never been to any tapings, but would love to go to Rachel Ray.

  2. I think I'm pretty much the same, except I take a while or a beer to warm up. I am a bit shy at first too and worry I will make a fool of myself.

  3. Oh and I was at the live taping of Flo Rider in NYC for the Today Show. Mike was on the Early Morning show for CBS on the same day. We were just walking around the city and hit both up. Today was busy. CBS, not so much. I've been on the news when I was younger but that's it.

  4. ahh I am so bad at telling jokes too! I always mess up the punchline within the first minute. haha! You have lots of personality...don't listen to the Trebek!

    I don't think I am funny in real life or on my blog, but ask me after 3 drinks and I think I am a freakin comedian. Yikes!

  5. I think I pretty well come across the same in written word as in person. Although I may be a little more entertaining in person. haha I'm not that great at one-sided conversations. Not a great trait for a blogger! I can't think of funny things to say all by myself. lol I've got more of a REACTIVE sense of humor. I can always pop off a witty, funny comeback to anything.

    I've never been to a taping of anything, but do you remember the show Whose Line is it Anyway? I used to dream of going to a taping of that!

  6. I'm SURE I'm different online versus in real life HOWEVER, I tend to write how I talk... soooo, I guess what you see is what you get? =D

  7. I don't think my blog is funny at all which is a shame because I am actually quite funny in real life. Or so I have been told. All I know is that I can make people split a side with laughter. BUT that is only people I know. If I am just meeting someone for the first time...nope. Shyness kicks in, I want to crawl into a hole and I hate having eyes on me. No thanks.

    I have never done either but I second the Rachel Ray taping :D

  8. I'm shy in real life and take awhile to open up with people. When I do I'm a big goofball but takes awhile to get to that side!

  9. I'm definitely more articulate through writing, but probably the same in both real life and the blog as far as humor. We all wear different hats!

    I've never been to a taping, which is pathetic, since I did my undergrad at UCLA.

  10. As you know, I'm way funnier in person. I try so hard and it just doesn't translate to online!!

    You are funny, so now I need to meet you in person. We'd probably hate each other. :P

  11. I'm much, much cruder in real life. Which for some, equals funnier. :)

    A pirate walks into a bar.

    The bartender asks him "Did you know you have a steering wheel in your pants?"

    The pirate answered "Arrrgh, it drives me nuts"

  12. Haha love this. I love jeopardy too. I'm the same as you. I'm more shy until I get to know people...then I don't shut up lol

  13. i think you're funny. usually i think i'm funny, and others don't always get it and i think that i have a difficult time conveying that through my blog. but i'm most about self amusement.

    my dad is oprahs personal photographer and so i've been to a lot of oprah tapings, never the favorite things though. every show i went to was really lame like how to run away from someone shooting a bullet at you or if you are locked in a trunk by a kidnaper how to escape. they really aren't that fun because you have to arrive early, you can't leave if you have to go to the bathroom, and there are all these stupid rules. i hate rules.

  14. We have something in common!! I LOVE Jeopardy! My husband and I DVR them, and let them stack up, so we can watch a bunch in a row!

    There is NO way the people they choose for that show have more personality than you! They are SO lame!!

    I took the Jeopardy quiz online last time, but I had no chance. I enjoy the game because it validates my English degree.

    My husband HATES the literature questions. Those and the bible questions. He says they are "worthless." LOL

  15. I think I'm the same!! I don't know...ask Julia!!! I try to write like I speak though. I think every blogger should do a VLOG so that we all can know each other a bit better!! That would be fun. A national vlog day!

  16. Yeeeah because whenever I watch Jeopardy, I always think, "WOW, that contestant in the sweatervest has so much... personality." For serious?! You should've told them the ski lift hand down pants story!

  17. Hubby and I watch Jeopardy every night. It rocks my socks. If I knew I wouldn't completely clam up and start to cry once on camera, I would try out for it. I swear, my couch at home holds magical powers, and if I'm not sitting on it while answering questions, I can't answer even the easy questions.

  18. I have zero cool random facts saved up, so I think I'd lose Jeopardy big time. Actually, just the backward query format stumps me sometimes. I end up saying things like, "What is Bible for $400...wait, I mean...who is Genesis...what is $400..."

  19. Oh man I just posted about how I registered for the online quiz... haha

    I have been to tapings of shows before... pretty cool

    I'm way cooler in real life haha

  20. My husband and I love Jeopardy too!!! Yesssss!! We play by the rule that if you get final jeopardy right first, you automatically win.

    Oh, and I am way cooler in person :) Wait-nope. Still a nerd. Darn.

  21. i doubt it's possible, but i'm even dorkier in real, u kno u want to meet me.

    actually, i'm not really a joke-teller but i'm just sarcastic a lot...people sometimes take it the wrong way and think i'm serious or making fun of myself to the point that i have no self-esteem. so i guess i need to wear a sign saying that 99% of anything out of my mouth is in sarcasm. :P

  22. I was on TV before when my XC team made it to states. They came a taped us during our practice. Way to be a fly on the wall for the other teams!! I have also been on TV for big races before..out of all the people they caught me on camera while I was dying! I had run 10miles to get to the race and just need the 5k to finish my 13 for the day...I looked HORRIBLE!

  23. In real life, I'm much less outgoing. I'm really shy unless I know you well or I'm drunk. I think it depends on the crowd of people I'm around as well... the more important that it is that they like me, the more shy I get (I figure if you just don't talk, they can't not like you...right?)

    I have definitely never been on TV, because I really do lack outgoing personality. It's a shame, though, because I could use some to stuff my bra with. Tragic.

  24. I think I'm crazier in real life. Life of the partying - the bringer of fun and people. My friends used to beg me to come out with them just b/c they knew we would meet new people and have an adventure.

    now maybe I'm more laid back as my mom self, but I think you'd probably say "ya, that is how I thought Ali would be" - I also complain a lot more in real life - but only Colin has to suffer through that ;) hahaha

  25. Um how cool that you were almost on Jeopardy!! I love that show but usually only know like 1 answer during the entire 30 minute show. ha!

    I am the exact same in real life as I am on my blog I think. It is funny though because so many bloggers are totally different in real than what you would expect from reading they're blogs so you just never know!

  26. I went to a live taping of Late Night with Conan O'Brien a few years ago and I work in marketing so I've been to many TV commercial shoots.

    Funny story- when my husband was a kid his parents played in a charity golf tournament with Alex Trebek. He asked Trebek for an autograph and he said "I don't have time for you kid". To this day we don't watch Jeopardy in our house.

  27. Haha! This post alone - even just the very title - should win you spot on the show. And, please... the contestants that they do pick are so often very dry and booooring! Their pre-double Jeopardy interviews are so lame. Alex: "So, I understand you have a funny story about your pet, contestant?" Contestant: "Yeah, this one time, I had a cat. Her name was Bonnie. She really liked cat food, so much so that I had to feed her several times a day!"

    I vote we start an online FB petition to have more interesting people on Jeopardy, starting with you!

  28. I don't know if I will be able to go on with out Oprah's favorite things.

    Oh my gosh. My blog bores me to tears! What's up with this?! Every once in awhile I can crank out a post that is more the real me- which is usually the "Confession" posts- but most of the time it's mindless running jibber jabber that I just need to get out. It is what it is. I'm way funnier in person- or at least I hope to high Heaven that I am because wouldn't that be tragic?

  29. Great news -I'm as upbeat and crazy in real life as I appear to be on my blog (hope that my enthusiastic and positive and kind personality comes through on my blog).

    On live tv - yes! I was a victim of identify theft

    and because it was all just so nuts, I was on ABC evening news with Peter Jennings (via satelite) and also on Oprah (again via Satelite). I was on the local news a bunch of times too.

  30. JEOPARDY!?! That's my fave!! I've never been on anything. I always wonder why the people on Jeopardy don't seem nervous. I guess I just know I would be shy. Lol. I think I'm fairly similar in my blog/real life. Except that I'm shy around new people. I guess my blog is how I'd act with my friends if that makes sense!

  31. haha. omg. this post had me laughing. i would say you have tons of personality both in internet world and real life. seriously. i feel so lucky to know you in "both" worlds because you are one of my closest friends through the blog world! whatever jeopardy...they dont know what they are missing ;)

  32. I can be surprisingly shy (even to me) at times when I don't know people and can get anxious really easy in some situations! But in others, I'm totally a spaaz. Go figure! Your training sounds like it's going pretty well if you can get that kind of mileage in! Even when I am injury-free, I have a tough time running two days in a row….it brings out the injuries in me :)

  33. OOH my gosh I wish you had ended upon Jeopardy, I love that show too! But I never really get to watch it much anymore because of my work schedule and such. Congrats for making it to the first round. They are crazy not to have had you back on!

  34. I have very exciting news to comment. My husband came in as I was reading this post and swore that you were Kathrine Heigle and didn't believe me when I said it wasn't. NO JOKE. I have no idea how I appear differently in real life vs. blog, but I love meeting bloggers, because I think some of them are exactly the same as I expected, and some are totally different!


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