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My Friday Run in Numbers & Atlanta Blogger Meetups!

Want to see my run today in number? I knew you did! So convenient.

8 - Number of miles managed today for my run.

3- Immodium needed to make that run possible.

1 - Number of stops I still needed to make halfway through. Dang generic brand.

2 - Friends I got to run with. 

17 - Times I regretted running on the treadmill so much. Running outside is a billion times better.

19 & 30 - Ages of my running partners. How awesome is it that a college student, a stay at home mom and little ole me can all have so much in common? Running!

16 - Miles we are planning to run on Sunday morning. 

5 - Time I will have to wake up on Sunday morning for said run.

1 - Sushi date planned during the run.

11 - How happy I was, on a scale of 1-10,  to have hubby make me an awesome dinner tonight. Thanks!

I would add up all those number and do something cool with it but I'm fresh out of ideas. You can have this random photo outtake gem instead of thought provoking content today:

Oh, man. Outtakes are fun. You're welcome.

I wanted to ask those who are planning on being in Atlanta for the Publix Georgia Marathon on March 18th if they have any suggestions for meetups. If anyone is interested, I'll be staying at the (stalkers please stop reading now!) Days Inn in Downtown Atlanta. It's the cheapest place I could find that's still less than a half mile from the start AND from the expo.

If someone wants to volunteer to help me put iron bars on the window that would be awesome. Turns out that $60 for a Saturday night in downtown Atlanta doesn't guarantee safety. Weird.

I was kind of thinking anyone who was interested could get lunch or dinner close to the expo the day before the race (so the 17th - St. Patty's Day!). Anyone have any input? I think it's best if we go somewhere walkable in the area, as I know a few people will be visiting without cars.

By the way, if you feel like joining in but aren't running the race, still let me know! I'm excited to meet some Atlanta peeps too. I promise not to wear all green and embarrass you. Probably.

How would you plan the ultimate running blogger meetup? Stereotypes encouraged.
First we would all run 7 miles at a "fun" pace while proclaiming how awesome running is. Next up, salads covered in 24 different ingredients. Fiber! Then eat back all the saved calories by consuming giant frozen yogurts, taking closeup portraits of each topping. I promise I'm not making fun of anyone here. That genuinely sounds like an awesome day to me.

Have you met any people through running you might not otherwise be friends with?
Most definitely. Just recently I've been meeting tons of runners in my area who I'm sure I would have nothing in common with otherwise - especially moms. Nothing against moms, but generally those with young children I don't have a TON in common with. But running is the common bond and I love it.


  1. sorry for the tummy issues but it still sounds like a great time! I want to come to that blogger meet up, I would totally want to do all of that :) I've met a few people now through running and the blog and I have no idea what i would do wo them now! happy weekend!

  2. Atlantic station has a lot of restaurants and is close by. Glad your feeling better?or can at least run!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! Feeling well enough to run but still lots of rest needed.

  3. I want to do the blogger meet up! I will be there early that Saturday so lunch sounds great. I am downtown at the Hilton I think. We are splitting to cost so it wasn't too pricey. At least is marathon weekend so you will be surrounded by other runner.

  4. You poor thing -- i love your stubbornness --er I mean dedication;)

    I hope you feel better soon! Keep hydrated, avoid milk, cheese, and other dairy products--except for live-cultured yogurts, like kefir, and keep carb loading if you're still craving it. I would stock up on blueberries, too, since they are are rich in anthocyanosides, which have antioxidant and antibacterial properties, as well as tannins that combat diarrhea. Also, chamomile is good for treating intestinal inflammation, and it has antispasmodic properties, so stock up on that while you're at it;)

    And you know I would LOVE to do a blogger meet up! I was thinking Maui, but Seattle works, too! haha! xoox's

    1. WOW I love this. I have the stomach virus now and I am SO doing all of these!
      Thanks for the "prescription!"

  5. You can't post about meet ups, it makes me very very sad!!!!! :) ok, u can only post about meet ups if we make plans to run a race inc middle ground - Chattanooga :)

  6. Oh and someone mentioned Atlantic station - geisha house is there and sooo yummy!

  7. I would not know my EMTs were it not for running. And they are some of my favorite people ever.

    Also, now I want STEAK.

  8. Oh man. Story of my life. Crappy bowels and running don't mix, but I'm trying to make the marriage work. Know what I mean?

    And runners are awesome. Kind people 99% of the time.

    Ultimate meet up- I would do a Ragnar. Fo sho.

  9. ew, sorry about your not-so-great immodiums!

    I love other runners, I totally would love a bloggy meet up but I'm gonna have to step up my races to meet up with some of you SUPER runners :)

  10. I can't wait to hear about Sunday! I also am very excited to get a recap of your time in Georgia. Be safe!

  11. Ha ha, so glad to hear you're realizing how fun running outside is and you might understand why I was AMAZED when you would talk about the 20, or whatever, mile runs you would do on the treadmill. However, having said that, I have to do 10 on that thing tomorrow :)

    I would love to come to the meet up!!!! Sometimes I think my blogger friends are better than my IRL friends :) Hope you are all better for your 16 miler!

  12. I've met people through running that I would not have met otherwise and I love it. It's hard meeting other girls to hang out with, but running is an amazing way to find fun people that I usually end up having a lot in common with.

  13. At least you are getting some miles in.
    Is stomach virus transmitted through the Internet? Cos' I swear I caught it from you. :) (Just kidding).

    I am going to hit the treadmill and see if I can wing out a few miles though.

  14. You are totally making fun of people with that blogger meetup suggestion, and it makes me love you. Well done. I am still very tempted to hop in the car after my half in DC Saturday morning and surprise you by crashing in your room at the Days Inn. I live in the ghetto and know all the gang signs so I can totally protect you.

    I've met some of my best friends here through running! I'm so glad I joined my running group.

  15. I really kind of wish I enjoyed running more because it seems like an awesome way to make friends!

  16. I am running the 5k Saturday morning but would love to meet up for lunch after! Atlantic Station might be perfect. Something for everyone.
    Very excited! :)

  17. nice to meet a fellow runner!!

    check out my new blog!

  18. Love the fact that you want to put iron bars on the windows but I don't think that will be too necessary, granted one wrong turn will send you right into the hood of Atlanta haha

    Totally excited about your blogger meetup-Count me in! Atlantic Station would be a perfect meetup.Its only a 10 minute or so drive and the train station is fairly close so those w/o car will be fine. Fish Hook would be a great option :)

  19. You're hilarious - LOVE that you told the stalkers to quit reading and then solicited bloggy help to install bars on windows :) NICELY DONE!

    I wish I lived closer, I would so totally join you all for the bloggy meet up and then find my way along the course to cheer everyone on. Hope lots of bloggers join you in the meet up - it will certainly be fun!!!!

  20. Oh my gosh. Can I please frame that outtake?? Probably the best picture of you I have ever seen.

  21. And my ultimate meet-up would look similar, but maybe pizza instead of salad :)

    Now let's meet up!!!!!!!!!

  22. I want to meet up....come to canada. and that sucks re: bad bowels. YUCK I hate that during a run.

  23. haha...dang, check out those stats!! ugh, sorry the tum tum is still gurgly and i hope u feel me i know the feeling!! the worst is the pinched cheek shuffle if u can't find a bush close enough! ;)

  24. I think we might be cutting it close getting into ATL the day before the race...have to check my itinerary and get back with ya.

  25. I'm interested in a meetup! I haven't booked my tickets yet but I think I'm going to try to fly down the Thursday or Friday before because I'm staying with friends. Are you running the 5k the day before?

  26. I don't plan to run the 5k - I actually won't be in Atlanta that morning. I think I'll be happy to have meet-ups afternoon/evening of the 17th or anytime after the race too!

  27. Anywhere is fine with me and I will have my car if anyone needs to be driven. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'm going to be lucky enough to have a driver on race day AKA Allan who is going to be dropping me off, parking, and coming back to cheer for me!

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