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More Candy = Faster Running.

Don't quote me on that title. I'm sure in reality, faster running = chia seeds and great genetics. Whatever. Apparently if you take a rest day AND eat a family sized bag of conversation hearts in the same day (15 servings my ass) you'll have lots of energy to tackle a run the next day. It's basic science. An extra thousand calorie in pure sugar is bound to have an impact on your run.

Exhibit A: One bag of candy, eaten in 24 hours-

Turns into 7 miles which are pretty speedy (for me) -

Was I happy after the run? In a word:

I also got an awesome package and now the mailman thinks I'm a super runner. A while back I missed out on running the Rock N' Roll Miami Half, but Amanda managed to find someone to run with my bib. And by someone, I mean some speed demon who managed to get 3rd place in the 18-24 age group.  

My favorite part is that it has the award title right on the front of the box, so everyone at the post office now thinks I'm really fast. I like it.

Don't worry - I'll send it on to the real runner. Just as soon as I take a good picture with the plaque and post it on Facebook.

Do you think food affects your running performance?
I know that in theory a lot of junk food ought to slow me down, but I swear a nice hefty dose of sugar always gives me energy for a good run. That, or something in my body feels the need to burn off said candy. Either way, win-win. 

How far are you willing to drive for a good run?
I'm thinking about driving to Chattanooga (about an hour) to run on a really pretty, flat, pedestrian friendly riverfront path this weekend. Does that seem ridiculous? I think my new theory is you have to run at least as long as you drive. So as long as I run for 2+ hours, it all works out.


  1. When I eat candy, I feel more motivation to work out harder too.

    Great job getting that 7 mile in!

  2. I'd drive an hour to run if I had a running partner to meet up with. I don't know that I'd go by myself.

    That's a sweet plaque.

    I'm sure food affects performance, but I have no proof.

  3. If I didn't have to negotiate my running time with my husband and coordinate with his homework stuff, I'd drive to run in a pretty area.

    I fuel pretty exclusively on sugar and saturated fats. It works well for me.

  4. The real question is: what is your favorite color of conversation hearts?

  5. what is with you and always getting speedy people to take your bibs?! didn't this happen before? lol and I love candy fuel....I prefer chocolate though :)

    PS: I don't know if you're a coke drinker but I seriously never understood why runners were always drinking coke, then after my sub 2hr 11miler on the weekend I understood....I downed a coke immediately. YUM!

    1. ps: I drove 35 mins to run on the lakefront and LOVED it :) do it

  6. Haha love the plaque! Food definitely affects my performance. When I eat really heavy the night before a long run or race, the run ends up being disastrous! I have to be very careful because my stomach is really sensitive. Candy is okay though...I think the sugar is good for you :)

    An hour is a looooong way to go for a run! But then again, if it's with someone you like and in a really nice area, then it's worth it!

  7. You are making me crave candy hearts now. It seems no one in my family likes them so I always got all their extras!

    I have driven about 30-40 minutes to get to the trails for a run before. As long as it will be a long run I totally think it is worth it.

  8. I'd drive to meet up with other runners but if I'm alone, I run right out my door. Sugar definitely has a positive impact on my runs. Haha nice AG award!

  9. Sugary goodness is a great carb-fuel! Rock on.

  10. ha ha you are so funny I love it. Great job on the run and I think you deserve another bag of candy now. :)

    I am probably going to drive about an hour for my run this Saturday. Totally worth it to have some company.

  11. ha that's sweet! maybe i should give convo hearts a second chance! lol

  12. Sugar helps me at times...nice job on your speedy candy fueled run. It tends to depend on my mood on how far I'll drive. Most days, I just want to maximize time and just want to go out the front door but if I'm meeting up with people or a trail, it's usually at least a 20-30 minute drive and we did a few that were more than an hour away before!

  13. candy DEFINITELY = speed. before or after a run. sometimes i motivate myself with cupcakes...girl you better believe i am flying at the thought of a cupcake post-run ;)

  14. Sugar = energy = speed! Yum! I am eating conversation hearts right now, only purple though. I haven't ever driven to run (except for a race), I can't say how far I'd drive, maybe a half hour.

  15. I think all that sugar helps speed me up. I tell myself that since I am a candy fan!

  16. What kind of conversation hearts do you like? I prefer the sweet/tart kind - a little tangy! I definitely started eating more candy as I added miles in the spring when I was running a lot. I'm particularly partial to Skittles & Starburst.

    I'm driving from Seattle to Portland for a run with my sis. She's just getting into working out, so I really want to support her. She's going to do a 5K, and she signed me up for the 15K. Apparently, she's ambitious on my behalf. :-)

  17. OMG freaking awesome third place finish...I'm always scared of bib transfers because I just KNOW that someday I'll runin someone's bib and totally PW them!

  18. Junk food always seems to help my running! If I have chocolate/cookies/etc. the day before I run, I always feel like I do better. I think its all the extra sugar.

    I drove 2.5 hours for a race. But for a normal training run...maybe an hour.

  19. Ha!! I love this post so much for some reason. Probably because of the candy. I BELIEVE IN CANDY.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. my go to 1000 calories in sugar are any type of "Haribo" gummy bears--- it works. can't wait to see photo opps with the award

  22. When I was training for my 5k food definitely played a role in how well I did. I couldn't eat anything at least an hour before hand and too much sugar made me crash and burn.

  23. I LOVE conversation hearts. OMG I totally forgot about those. I'm going to have to go buy some.

  24. i dont think its crazy to drive that far for a run. especially for a long run, it sounds beautiful. and then its just and excuse to stay there a little while and find somewhere good to eat post run!

  25. I have driver up to 3 hours to run a half marathon race. I live in a little bitty town and there's NO half marathons near. :(
    I just treat all those races as "getaways" ... and love it!

  26. everything in moderation...and i kno that depriving urself of one thing will lead no to one coming up the winner. hey, i mean that sugar is a carb after fuels ur for me!! :) my thing is the cake and cookie style treats over the hard

  27. there are a lot of things i can eat an entire family-sized package of, but i don't think candy hearts are one of them. maybe because i've only ever had stale candy hearts bought from the clearance rack at the dollar store three weeks after valentine's day? but for now i think i'll stick to just eating entire family-sized packages of reece's peanut butter cups and then crying in shame at my family-sized trashcan filled with candy wrappers.

  28. So candy does have extra benefits? I'll take it! ;) I'm not sure how much food affects my running. I'm sure it has an impact, but I'm not sure how much of an impact that really is.

  29. HAHAHAHA!! I love the idea of you posting with the plaque!! GENIUS!! What are the odds of that!? So many people!

    You go ahead and down that candy! It's almost Valentines Day! I'm trying to set a Guiness World Record for consecutive days having eaten peanut M & M's.

  30. Kudos to you on the sugar high run. I am totally zonked after sugar, quite lethargic and can't seem to get my running down.

    I love the larger conv. hearts with the wavy edge.

  31. i remember a couple cases in the past where I really splurged on a dessert the day before a long run and totally knocked it out of the park. Overall i'm sure good nutrition is helping me recover...but fuel..hmm

  32. Wow, that is a super fast runner to get third place in such a big race!

    How far I'm willing to travel would depend on how excited I was about meeting up with someone to run. Side note: Chattanooga is only 1.5 hrs from me!

    Food definitely affects my running performance. I try not to drink cokes leading up to race day or before I run. I should probably do a better job of keeping up with what I eat and how it affects me running.


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