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Weekly Recap, Sushi and Candy for an Upset Stomach

Blah, blah,'s my weekly recap. I don't know any new ways to segue into talking about it. I basically do this to keep accountable to MYSELF. When I'm relaxing on the couch and consider taking an unscheduled rest day, I remind myself that I will have to put "was a lazy bum" on the recap and that motivates me. Whatever works, you know?

Monday: Ran 4 Miles
Tuesday: Rest - Sick!
Wednesday: Rest- Sick!
Thursday: Ran 5 Miles
Friday: Ran 8 Miles
Saturday: 30 minutes of spinning, 25 minutes of abs, push-ups, planks, dips, etc.
Sunday: 15.5 Mile Run

Total Weekly Mileage = 32.5 Miles.
I definitely want to be topping 40 miles each week soon, so I am going to try to slowly build to that over the next couple of weeks.

The lovely Ralcony asked me yesterday how I had any energy after a long run. The short answer? I don't have any. At all. Ever. After yesterday's 15.5 mile long run I barely managed the 40 minute drive from home, showered, ate and then decided to see if it was ACTUALLY possible to mold the couch around my butt. Turns out I wasn't able to, mostly because I moved from the couch to the bed for a 2 hour nap.

I did have the energy to go for sushi though,  because I had already made plans to meet up with a running buddy, her husband and some of their friends for dinner. We went to a Japanese Steakhouse called Fuji and hubby got to see his first Hibachi-style performance. I don't know who was more impressed - him or the 3 year old at our table who practiced his own moves with an eggshell and his spoon. Too cute.

Even though everyone else in our group got hibachi Tim and I were not passing up their deal of 50% off sushi on Sundays. I'm confident, however, that no one truly feels full after eating raw fish and rice, especially not on a long run day. So we headed over to the grocery store to get our first seasonal candy for the year! A bag of mini eggs for Tim and a bag of conversation hearts for me.

I also spotted some ginger candies I used to eat when I lived in Hawaii. I think they are the perfect thing to eat after a meal - a little sweet and a little heat. Plus, I figured the way my stomach has been recently a little ginger couldn't hurt the situation.

Do you keep track of your workouts each week? Is it to keep you accountable, to share with others or just to reference later?
I keep track of everything here and on Daily Mile. I like the accountability a lot, but it's also important for me to see my mileage to see where I made gains, when I had injuries and things like that. 

Do you have any seasonal candy favorites for Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas or Halloween?
I'm pretty sure I'm just a sucker for good marketing because I love seasonal stuff. Conversation hearts are tops for Valentine's Day, then mini eggs at Easter and who can resists candy corn at Halloween?


  1. I use Daily Mile to track my workouts. Before I signed up for that site, I never counted miles at all.

    I like seasonal candy, but not for valentine's day. I'd rather eat a piece of chalk than a conversation heart. :)

  2. I do keep track of mine. I like to see my progress and how much I do. It keeps me accountable for myself :)

    I don't usually buy candy. I eat too much of it!

  3. Nice job this week, your mileage isn't bad, especially considering you were sick two days! I love sushi and usually get an app or two to make it a little more filling - seaweed salad and/or steamed shrimp dumplings and then some rolls. But, I agree, after a long run, it might take a little more. Like an entire pizza and milkshake :) I like seasonal candy!

  4. umm amazing week for being sick!! You rocked it girl! Hope you are feeling a bit better and more energized!

    I love, love, love ginger anything, especially candies - if I ever see those I am going to have to snatch some up!

  5. I love the conversation hearts! And Cadbury Eggs are my other spring candy obsession!

    Nice work on the running this week!

  6. The only valentine's candy I want is godiva chocolates :). I do love easter candy, though.

    I use Daily Mile, before that it was nothing.

  7. Great job tracking. It looks like you had a fantastic week minus the days you were sick. Hope you are feeling better. I try to track in my head on a weekly basis. I aim to do a certain amount of exercise each week like 45 minutes/day (averaged out).

    Seasonal candy is the best isn't it? I try not to go overboard though because I have a serious sweet tooth. My favorite used to be those pumpkin heads (orange coin shaped pumpkins) you get during halloween! I haven't had those in years.

  8. Necessities:

    Long run=nap

    Tummy ache=candy!

    My life. Love it!

  9. I think you had a great training week considering you were sick the majority of it.

    You lived in Hawaii too? Geez girl you've been all over it seems. I am jealous!

  10. wow! you still had an awesome week despite being sick friend!!! great work! jealous of that candy! yum!

  11. Sushi yes! And love the teppan table too.

    Cinnamon hearts for me ... love them ... the hotter the better.

    It seems you are feeling better! Hurray!

  12. SICK...boooo!!! I am just like you after a long run...couch and NAP!!! Way to go girl!

  13. I use Dailymile too, I like it. I would eat until I popped with 50% off sushi! Yum! I'm usually a huge lump after long runs too, although I had to suck it up yesterday and I am feeling the pain today.

  14. Oh I hoep you feel better...I'm so impressed you knocked out that long run despite being sick. that's mental toughness.

  15. I wish I could rest after a tough workout! Usually, I am either too hyped up from the endorphins, or too sore to rest. I usually crash about three days later!

  16. I experienced hibachi for the first time on New Year's eve... I was probably showing similar reactions that Tim was "ohhhhhhhhh awwwwwww" hehe. I don't really track cross training workouts, but definitely runs on daily mile. Im working on getting better at commenting on others workouts as well- been slacking for months

  17. Nice workouts!! I'm lazy after crazy long runs too. All I do is lounge and sleep. Wish I had a cute little cat to hang out with though!! LOVE seasonal candy. Mini eggs are my favourite...but they're not even seasonal anymore. They're available ALL YEAR!!! Dangerous.

  18. I love the brachs juju hearts that come out around valentines day. They are really hard to find around here for some reason, but the hubby found them at Target a few weeks ago and stocked up for the season. Just what I need, a cabinet full of gummies.

  19. Yah, you definitely spent some time in Asia. Ginger for belly troubles. That's what my granny used to do. She would also rub ginger dipped in some methol-spicy ointment and rub the belly. Supposed to get rid of gas.
    Now, I just settled for a packet of ginger tea when I have tummy troubles.
    Love sushi~

  20. I have a training schedule I have to stick to right now. Otherwise I have to email my tri coach and tell him I'm a lazy bag of dicks.

    When I'm not training, the only place I keep track of what I do is on my blog. One of the main reasons I blog, actually.

  21. eww i do not like those convo hearts. the sweet tart ones are the way to go! :)

  22. I use daily mile to keep track of my runs mostly! Otherwise I use an app called RunKeeper.

  23. I do the same thing every Monday on my blog. Iy's totally just for me, however, I always learn from other pepple's workouts too. Sushi would never cut it for me. I'm more of a McDonald's girl after a LR. Terrible, but TRUE.

  24. Oh seasonal candy always sucks me in! Somehow reese's peanut butter cups always taste better in the shape of christmas trees, pumpkins, and eggs! haha.

  25. Reese's PB Cups shaped like Christmas trees, hearts, bats, pumpkins, and eggs!!! They're the best because there's finally more peanut butter than chocolate.

  26. that's how i first got into the habit of working out-- i made a calendar and checked off days when i got exercise. i was really proud of my checkmarks and worked hard to fill up the week. and now, bam, it's a habit.

    and THAT is where i am going to stop writing this comment, because it's nice to write something nice and inspirational for once instead of an embarrassing and overly-personal story about my mom, my underwear, or my breasts on your blog.

  27. I'm a dailymiler...I need to see the stats and where I am at.
    I just finished the emergency stash of jelly beans I have at my desk.
    Could be a long day...

  28. I do keep track on daily mile, but it still seems a bit odd to me to be keeping track of weekly mileage. I was reminiscing the other day about the good old days of just running for fun and not being accountable to dozens of daily mile friends - sometimes I miss that! I love seasonal candy, and I love conversation hearts.

  29. Nice week!

    Cadbury cream eggs... If I could somehow crack them open, pour out the filling, fill up a pool with that creamy white and yellow goodness, I'd willing drown in it's sweet embrace and die a happy, happy woman.

  30. love the shot of you on the mac! i just bought one and have no idea how to use it.. any tips!? :) i love those reed cookies, delicious!! um, yea, my fav season candy is the cadbury mini eggs.. those chocolate things. ammmazing

  31. that was me exactly this sunday after my long run....TC sleeves and scattered phone and candies to boot. I love seasonal candies....can't wait for cadbury cream you get those???

    or lindor hearts!!!!!!! cinnamon hearts?!? yum!

  32. I use Daily Mile to keep up with it myself and to hold myself accountable to not only me but social media. Easter candy is the best/worst time because I love Cadbury eggs, the mini eggs, etc. The sweetheart conversational candies at Valentine's are pretty fun though!

  33. Thanks for the shout out :) I found the trick to surviving long runs today...pain killers and a large glass of iced tea (assuming you rarely drink caffeine, this should be enough to keep you awake for hours!). I drove down to Boston (about an hour away from my house), hung out with friends for a few hours, drove back, and I'm still not tired!

    PS I love the tart conversational hears


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