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Close Your Eyes and Pretend...

Last night was spent refreshing constantly in the hopes that the weather somehow magically transformed to awesome. I kept checking Facebook to see if my two running buddies for this morning were going to follow through even it was pouring with rain. I figured I would get wet and deal with it for 15 or 16 miles. When I woke up, I saw this for our scheduled run time:

Call me a baby, but in a thunderstorm with chances of a tornado? Thanks, I'm staying home. We are rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 7. So all of a sudden I had the morning free and plenty of rain. Hooray. I spent the day working so I was justified in registering for some upcoming races. That evens out, right?

I also focused on eating foods to pretend I was NOT in a thunderstorm and actually in a tropical paradise. First up: Chobani pineapple Greek yogurt. Not kidding, the stuff is like a pina colada. Next time I'm sticking it straight in the blender with ice and rum, thanks every much. 

Also on the menu - and by menu, I mean in my belly- clementines. I always think these are such a good deal in the grocery store but hubby and I go through a pack in a day or two so I think overall it might not be quite as affordable as I'm thinking it is. But still tasty, so they stay. P.S. Sorry for saying "in my belly." You know you just read that in a Scottish accent and have the sudden urge to watch Austin Powers. Just admit it. 

I just found out that Cuties brand clementines are one of the major sponsors for the Publix Georgia Marathon so that all ties in nicely together, doesn't it? It's almost as if I planned it that way. Almost. Oh, you were still wondering about that marathon? Crazy. If you are still interested in registering there are some more great deals thanks to their recent partnership with the Atlanta Hawks. Read here for the details, but basically if they kick some butt tonight against the Cleveland Cavaliers, every point they win by is $1 off your registration fee between noon and midnight tomorrow. Just enter HAWKS at checkout. 

So basically, if they win by like 100 points the race will be free. That could happen, right? Actually, I have genuinely no idea about basketball scoring, teams or points. I know that an orange ball goes into the basket and some guys are tall. The end. 

*Edited to add: the Hawks won by 27 points - that is a serious discount guys! If you plan to register, do it today!*

Do you watch any sports regularly on TV? Are you as clueless about them as me?
I'm just really not interested. I like watching soccer and rugby sometimes if it's a big game, because I've played both those sports and understand the rules well. Everything else baffles me. American football especially! Just hoping for some good Superbowl commercials this year to make watching the whole thing worth it. 

What food/drink/alcohol beverage makes you feel like you're on holiday?
Anything with an umbrella in it usually does the trick, but so does watermelon and bottles of Corona with lime wedges. Yes. Just, yes.  


  1. You like a little thunder scare you? Geez, what a wuss. :)

    I don't watch any sports on TV, but I know the rules and who the good teams are just because my husband is constantly watching ESPN on the weekends.

  2. Eek for the storms! I'm getting ready to head out for a 10 miler here and it snowed at least 6 inches of snow last night. Sometimes the weather likes to give us a run for the money. Hate oranges, ick.

    Wishing for better weather for you tomorrow!

  3. I don't watch any sports on tv, except the Olympics, so I have no idea what's going on with any sport. I bought some of the Chiobani yogurts the other day and had the mango (with 2 cuties) for lunch, so darned yummy! Up tomorrow is pomegranate.

  4. I like watching football. It is something I watched with my dad growing up and now with my BF. I still cheer for NY teams even though I live in PA now. I also like BB high school level because they are still learning and you can sit there and think hmm what will they be like in 4 years??

  5. Pina coladas are my favorite so if Chobani's pineapple Greek yogurt is that good I need to get some ASAP!

    We watch nearly all sports except for golf or tennis. Every now and then we will make an exception and watch one of those but football is a constant in our house from September-January!

    If the Hawks win by a lot I may or may not be signing Allan up for his first half marathon. He pretends to not be excited but I think he is!

  6. Pineapple Chobani is actually my favorite I think out of all the flavors I have tried. Love!

    I am a martini girl. Any type, any flavor! And mainly college football in this house but I am a big Steelers fan :D

  7. Yeah, I would definitely not run in a thunderstorm. Rain is one thing, risk of death is a whole other ball game. Hope the weather is better for you tomorrow!

    I don't really watch sports on tv. Mike is currently watching (and yelling at) a basketball game, though, so I guess I watch by default. Live games are awesome though.

    I need to restock on my clementines!

  8. I'm all for running in the rain, but I don't like running in the wind, so tornadoes are a no-go for me.

    Pineapple is definitely my favorite Chobani, with the new apple cinnamon coming in a close second.

    I <3 Cuties. That is all.

    I drive my husband crazy during baseball season. He's not a big fan, but if the St. Louis Cardinals are on TV, the remote is MINE.

  9. I was thoroughly impressed with the pineapple CHO when I tried it. Obviously, pineapple isn't native to Hawai'i, but it is something we are known for and in my opinion harvest the best -- with that being said, I was surprised by how much I liked it!! Kudos to CHO:) No "can" taste or anything fake or funky - straight creamy yumminess with real chunks of pineapple!! scoooore:)

  10. Oh and I forgot to mention, I TOTALLY read "in my belly" in my best Fat Bastard voice!

  11. Sounds like a GREAT decision to stay home from your run today! Safety first - no run is worth dying for!

    I'm a sports enthusiast. I LOVE watching the NFL!!!! Love it love it love it! I hated the NBA, but my husband is a gigantic fan so . . . we watch a LOT of it (sigh).

    I love rum punch as my tropical getaway drink!

    Can I make a suggestion with that pineapple chobani? freeze it a little, put it in the blender with strawberries (also a little frozen) some fresh or canned pineapple and a little squirt of chocolate syrup - it tastes exactly like a banana split sundae - YUM!

    1. OHHH and I think you will really like . . . .keep her on your reading list for awhile -she's charming and funny and honest and posts great recipes from time to time and her 6 month old son, Miles (is there a better name for a child of a runner???), is the most adorable baby ever! Thanks for checking her out!!!

      Have fun on your run tomorrow!

  12. vanilla protein powder, coconut water, frozen pineapple- blend until smoooooth. :-) it's such a great post workout treat!
    Ive also frozen this concoction and made it into popsicles. mmmmmmm.

  13. My family and I moved from Northern MI to a Northern suburb of ATL almost 2 years ago and this "winter" weather is crazy! I am running the Publix 1/2 as my very first 1/2 and am a little nervous but excited! You must be in our neck of the woods cuz we had the rain and tornado watch too this morning.

  14. oh dang! maybe it's a dream, right? Put on a coconut candle and some jimmy buffet!

  15. Ugh, sorry about the weather, but you made the right choice :) I can take or leave most sports, but Brian loves hockey and college football….so I watch those two. Frozen drinks make me feel like I'm on vacation!

  16. Rain = OK, thunderstorm = Not OK in my book too, lightning and tornadoes can do damage, a little water isn't bad! I am pretty clueless with sports on's constantly on in our house but I just kind of stare through it!

  17. I don't run in thunderstorms. Not good, a runner in MT was killed by lightening last year. I think you made a brilliant choice by rescheduling that run.

    Chobani = yummy in my tummy

    I watch football since my husband does other than that I like the Olympics, gymnastics, ice skating, track and field

  18. I dislike strong winds....something about wind just makes everything erie, so I would've stayed in too :) I love clementines :) YUM!!

  19. Yeah running in a tornado would be no fun! :) I ran yesterday in the rain and snow and got really wet and cold but I think tornadoes and hurricanes are where I draw the line!

  20. My dad and brother are sports nuts, so I grew up being around it. In order to "survive," I became somewhat of a follower.m I know quite a bit about the basic sports, but it just depends upon my schedule (or if there's anything better on!) if I watch it. I am though a huge Nascar fan, but I didn't get that from my dad or my brother!
    I love clementines. I wish that they were around year-round.

  21. Mmm, clementines are the BEST! Although this week, my store had Sweeties, not Cuties. Hope they are just as tasty!

  22. thunder storm is a no thank you I will pass for me. Strong winds...also no...but they have to be strong. I went today in the rain and wind just for 4 miles.

    I watch hockey, basketball and tennis but football no, I dont get that sport they play 11 minutes of real time for 2;30 hours of watching...I pass....

  23. In my belly!! LOL yup I totally read it the way Fat Bastard would say it.

    I don't watch tv at all but somehow if UFC is on I'll watch it for a while. Any other sports besides that im totally clueless about.

    Drinking coconut juice while eating grilled fish makes me feel like im at the beach even though I live 10 minutes away from one. One thing I take for granted.

  24. i am pretty sure there are very few people in the world who are look at their weather forecast, see 16 degrees, black clouds, lightening bolts, rain, and a tornado and go: "YES. TIME FOR A 16-MILER. MAYBE I WILL DO SOME HILL REPEATS FOR FUN AFTERWARDS."

    and i think it's in the constitution that anyone training for a marathon is automatically not a baby. yeah, that sounds right.

  25. I'm a huge Utah Jazz fan- unfortunately I don't have a big cable package so I don't get to watch any games at my house. When I can I go to my Grandma's- I did tonight and they won! Wooohooo! Go Jazz!

    I will run in *almost* any weather, but never thunder and lightning and I HATE wind. Hate it.

  26. I run in the rain all the time. But lightning? I'm with you on that one. No way.
    Holiday drink? I think that would have to be a Mohito:)

    My Running Shortz

  27. I am so tired of this weather! I saw the sun for about a minute yesterday!

  28. I am hooked on clementines right now. I love watching running but that is about it. I do enjoy basketball and a few other sports more when we are actually at the game compared to on tv!


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