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Well That's Embarassing...

It really shouldn't come as a surprise that I get embarrassed a lot. I think I'm pretty sensitive when it comes to doing stupid stuff, and since I do stupid stuff all the's a vicious cycle. Here are a few of the ways I have been embarrassed in the past:

Yesterday hubby looked at me and asked why I was dressed "all sexy." First I was flattered, until I looked down to see what I was wearing. Nope, not sexy lingerie, a pretty dress or some trendy getup. Jeans. Blue jeans and a grey t-shirt. Working at home is beginning to be a problem if jeans are now considered my sexy clothes. I might need to reconsider PJs as appropriate daytime clothing.

Wait, sweats aren't sexy?

But PJs are, right?

Today I ran with some runners I found online (not as stalkerish as it sounds) and we were chatting about paces, past races and expectations beforehand. I was pretty embarrassed to have to ditch them at about 6 miles - I was ready to start running BACK to my car, not keep going away from it. I made it 10 miles total, but I also managed to get lost and call hubby for directions. Twice.

Did I mention it also rained? Awesome.

The kicker? We're going back a few years with this one, but it's one of my most embarrassing moments of all time. I was skiing in North Carolina when I was...14? 15? I was with my younger brother at night, and we went to get those handwarmers to use on the lifts to keep warm. I felt like a genius because I put mine in the waistband of my pants to warm up my body.

So smart, right? It started slipping and touching my bare skin and it was HOT. Like, burning my skin hot. So I have no choice but to reach down my pants and try to get it out ASAP.  And then the lift was at the top of the hill. I tried to ski off the lift with one hand down my pants, failed and face planted. The (cute, young) guy manning the lift had to stop it and come help me up....and my hand was still down my pants.

It's been 10 years since that happened and I don't think I will ever forget the shame.

Ok, fine - one more. Today I watched the movie "How Does She Do It" starring Sarah Jessica Parker. And cried.

What's your most embarrassing memory?
Obviously that ski story. It was definitely made worse by the fact that I was 14 and got embarrassed by everything. 

What would you prefer - a slower running partner who holds you back a little or a speedy running partner who makes you push yourself?
I would probably pick a slower runner. I like being able to talk when I run with someone, so huffing and puffing behind them is significantly less fun.  


  1. I would absolutely prefer a slightly speedier running partner who helps me push myself.

    Nothing TOO crazy-fast, but enough to get my heart rate up.

    And they'd have to be able to compromise and understand that we would need to slow down if the pace remained too fast.

  2. I think I'd actually pick a speedy runner these days. I've been running with a slower partner lately and while I love the conversation aspect, I cant' help but feel like I'm not getting the workout I want. I wonder if that is how my speedy friends feel when they run with me....oh dear.

  3. Right now, I'd prefer either! Running alone is getting...lonely :(

  4. Internally embarrassing moment...thankfully no one knew but I went to school and at some point that morning I was sitting in class when I realized there was something up my I dug it out and it was underwear. Yeah they never came out in the wash and were all bundled up in my pant leg.

  5. Oh man, that ski story is FUNNY! I'm glad you shared it:) And for the record, I think your pj's are kinda cute -- ha ha. Running partners. Hmmm...speedy and slow are both good, depending on how I'm feeling, but I'd probably opt for someone just slightly faster.

    My Running Shortz

  6. OMG - the ski lift story is tragically embarrassing . . . .but funny to read! I'm so sorry that happened to you - what a lifetime of trauma that's going to cause for you. Therapy?

    I also have sooo many embarrassing stories. So hard to pick one.

    I'm sorry that your group run didn't go well - that's sad. I LOVE group runs - okay, that's not entirely true, group runs are hard - partner runs are WAY better. I prefer a faster partner than I am because they can slow down to match my pace or push me to speed up. A slower partner can't go faster. I definitely think there is a place for both though - social, stress mgmt, helping a slower runner to improve, and a whole host of other reasons.

  7. I think I'd prefer a speedier runner, I need to get my speed up! I run with my slower (and only) partner (my 7 year old daughter) from time to time now.

    My most embarassing moment can trump yours! I was 14 and at a friend's jr high graduation, we went to different schools in the same town, and I went to the bathroom after the ceremony. Everyone was milling in the lobby and out front. I walked out of the bathroom, out the door, down the front steps and about 100 feet before someone stopped me to tell me that (wait for it) I had my dress tucked into my tights!! I'd walked through all those people showing off my bum!! It was horrible!!

  8. Well we could talk about running and embarrassing stories or sweats but I need to know - who is that baby kitty in the background? So pretty!

  9. I have 2 running parters babysitter and her dad. They are both faster than me. Now she is pregnant so I lost her for a while. I am ok with them because they do wait for me on the long runs. I would not want to chase after them though.

    embarrassing moments...look I am soon to be 43 and I am a real blonde. So I got plenty. The one that my family will NEVER let me forget is when my brother's first kid was just 2 mos old and they were visiting my parents house. They put the baby to sleep and put the baby monitor on the table where we were playing cards. I started to whisper because I thought the baby could hear US...yeah...they let me do that for a while until I realized that we could hear HER but of course SHE could not hear us.

  10. I spent the first two years of my running career running with slower people and never testing my upper limits. Now I want to be pushed.

  11. lol I love these tales!

    to be honest I don't get embarrassed that easily. I more so hate when people all make fun of me at once. I hate feeling attacked. I'm a wimp.

    I am still trying to think of an embarrassing tale....oh wait! I finally have it!!!

    My first date /w my first ever b/f - we went for a walk at the lake and there was this small maybe foot high (1/3 yard :P) cement barrier between the main sidewalk and the lake "boardwalk" so I tried to be cool and show off and jumped over it.....

    NOT realizing that the other side of the "small barrier" went down about my height! - I completely was classic

  12. I'd prefer a slower runner, too. Being able to chat is definitely better than huffing and puffing. And sometimes it's nice to have an easy run.

    Embarrassing moment: I just found out that my whole life I've been calling daddy long legs...daddy long leggers!

  13. I would love to be able to wear pajama's all day!

  14. Been looking for someone who is always 5 - 10 sec per mile faster than I am! LOL

  15. I like both kinds of partners - my girls and I have a slow pace for our long runs and I have a speedy friend at school who pushes me on those shorter runs. :) Sorry you felt you had to ditch the group and got lost. Not fun at all.

  16. OMG, the ski lift story is hilarious! But don't worry, you're not alone with the movie thing - my "thing" used to be that no movie ever made me cry and now I'm totally the opposite….I tear up at sit-coms and even commercials :) Nice job on getting the 10 in!

  17. Hahaha! That hubby story is awesome!! But what guys think is sexy is usually a lot simpler than what us girls think we are suppose to wear to be sexy :)

  18. Uh oh, so "How Does She Do It" is going to make me cry? I read the book and really enjoyed it.

  19. I was going to get "How Does She Do It" yesterday from Red Box but they were out. Got "One Day" and "Midnight in Paris" instead. Cried like a baby for those two movies.

  20. i just created a bookmarks folder called "funniest things EVER" and this is the only thing in it. you are amazing.

    i wear pencil skirts and tight dresses to work and then very old, size xxl sweatpants at home. EXCLUSIVELY. the other day i threw my live-in boyfriend a bone and said i was packing the sweatpants away, and would only wear leggings at home from now on. i have never seen such pure, unadulterated joy on a human being's face.

  21. I went to work one morning and took off my coat, only to realize I had forgot to put my skirt on!

    Okay, now that is only 1 of my embarrassing moments, and yes, I think you look pretty cute in your pink pjs!

  22. I'm sorry but the ski lift moment did make me giggle out loud. But only because I have a very similar story where the ski lift had to be stopped so the attendant could peel me off the ground.

    I haven't worn jeans in ages. These days I've been super lazy and have been spending most of my days rocking the athletically chic look which others are beginning to question me about. But hey it's winter and I've already scored a yes, I have officially given up.

  23. We do not speak of my most embarrassing moment. ever. It was that bad. But I still feel my face get hot about all kinds of things I have done in the past.
    I farted in front of the whole 6th grade...that is the second most embarrassing.

  24. hah. I hate wearing jeans pants are sooo much more comfortable!

    I think I'd go for a speedier partner as long as I get to relax on my easy days!

  25. LOL! we live in sweats since working from home. sexy means actually showering, haha.

  26. From a male point of view, I'd have to say that a nice snug pair of jeans, preferably white does it for me. Regarding embarrassing moments, how about dropping your entire lunch tray in from the entire cafeteria back in college? I did it and got a standing ovation. I like to run with both faster and slower runners. It just depends on the workout for that day. If it's a hard one then I prefer to run with faster people to push.

  27. I like to chat while I run, and not everyone else does...I do have an awesome running partner who is faster than me, so she pushs me to be faster but she talks the whole time. awesomeness!

  28. I had to ask my husband to share an embarrassing story about me. He reminded me of my 27th birthday, where we had to pull over three times for me to puke on the way home, and then I told my sister to take the birthday cookies I'd made out of the tupperwear so I could puke in there, since we were at a spot he couldn't pull over. OUCH. I'm writing this in a Forever Lazy, so I think that makes my feelings on home attire clear. I also call my husband all the time because I'm lost, often in areas that are close to my home and that I've been in frequently. My lazy self would rather run with someone slow so it's easy, but the wise, accountable self says it's better to run with faster runners who push you. Except you know it will suck.

  29. Funny that your hubs thinks your jeans are sexy. Actually that's a good idea. You have to keep expectations low! If you start dressing up all the time you won't have anything to spice it up!

    I prefer running with someone a little faster than me. Also, in 7th grade, I had gym class right after lunch and we had to do wind sprints (stair steps) and I puked up my nachos. I was really embarrassed.

  30. I'd rather run with a speedy runner who doesn't mind slowing down so I'm not dying, but still pushing myself. Really I'd rather just run with someone perfectly matched to me. Like that ever happens.

    I generally don't get embarrassed because I figure it'll make for a great story later, so what the heck. However, when I was in elementary school, my sister lifted up my skirt in front of my entire church and it was humiliating.

  31. Loving the hands down the pants story! Nice!!

    I would pick the slower runner any day. I hate killing myself to stay w/ people (and I've been doing that too much lately, trust me!)

  32. I have cried at an Iams commercial before.

    Also, while reading this post, I started singing "Looking like a fool with her hands down her pants" :)

  33. lol... i loved reading your embarrassing stories lol... not just because they were funny, but because stuff like that happens to everybody all the time! lol :)
    I can't think of just one story... I do embarrassing things all the time lol... sometimes they embarrass those around me more than myself lol...

  34. haha, funny post! I haven't seen that how does she do it, movie but now I want to :) I usually cry in all movies, sad or not! Ha! I'm a wuss!

    I like slower runners too, I don't like to almost pass out, while chasing the faster runner! LOL

  35. too funny! I'm queen of the embarrassing moments, including walking into poles in front of loads of people, flicking tampons out of my handbag into strangemen, and ones that I seriously can't repeat because I'm so traumatised.

  36. If sweats/ ten year old PJ pants are sexy, then I'm definitely in the running for People's title next year.

    I'd rather have a faster partner and just do my tempo runs with them. I have some awesome training buddies who are mostly slower, and sometimes I catch myself getting frustrated with the pace if I plan too many group runs in a row.

  37. GAh embarasing stories!! I have too too many LOL But I'd pick the slower runner... because otherwise I might die :)

  38. Oh that skiing story made me laugh but I bet you were mortified! I love the random cat in the background of your running picture. You're too funny. I don't think I get embarrassed too easily. I feel down a mountain skiing and had to be rescued by ski patrol. And I haven't been in in like 14 years now but I'm going snowboarding at the end of the month. Hopefully I don't come back with any embarrassing stories...

  39. ha ha too funny girl! I have way too many embarassing stories....most of them involve me being a complete clutz! I definitely prefer slower and faster running parters. Slower ones for nice relaxing runs and faster ones to push me. :)

  40. for the most part I stopped being terribly embarrassed because I realized laughing about it was far more fun!

    but tripping over a speed bump was quite amusing in front of a group of people

  41. I have friends that are slower than me who I enjoy running with just for fun but I think I'd prefer a faster runner who pushes me.

    I fell running on campus one time between classes so there were a ton of people around. I got up and ran back to my dorm in the same movement to avoid the shame. Running is a good time to embarrass yourself because you can just run from whatever you did! Your skiing one has me cracking up!

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