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Death by Window Pane

So...our house has a lot of windows. I initially had a fear of crashing into them on a regular basis but luckily I keep them nice and dirty so that never happens. Finally, an upside to my slovenliness!

Unfortunately for the birds who live nearby, the specks of dirt on the window aren't enough to discourage them from flying full force at the patio doors repeatedly. Today this little guy flew into one of the doors and Tim rescued him:

His wings were working fine but he was pretty stunned, so Tim just set him down on the ground in the shade until he was able to fly again. The cats were definitely confused at why we were taunting them with prey just inches from their spot in the house.

Is this treat for me?

The birdie flew away fine and all was right in the world, but we're definitely going to figure something out to discourage birds from flying into all the glass doors and windows.

Today I was planning on running 8 miles of hills on the treadmill, just like I did last week. The final result was definitely not what I had in mind. I felt terrible, it was 80+ degrees inside and my legs felt like lead. Ugh. I love running - I really do. But days like this are less than awesome. Win some, lose some. Total mileage: 4.5 miles.

Anyone have any suggestion for birds crashing into windows?
I read about sticking decals of birds or prey or owls on the windows. While that might work...that sounds hideous. I'm hoping someone has a super awesome secret suggestion for this.

Are you an animal rescuer?
Honestly, no. Please don't think I'm a terrible person. I just grew up on farms and ranches where it was natural for animals to be born and die all the time - part of life. So while it makes me sad, I'm not the kind to rescue every animal I see. Tim, on the other hand, wants to rescue every sad pet on Earth. Such a big heart! 


  1. Awwww, poor little birdie! I'm with Tim on this one. I wish I could save them all! It breaks my heart to see an animal in need.

    And 80+ in the house??? Do you not believe in AC??? lol

  2. I grew up on a farm too. People think I'm mean that I know that not every animal can be saved. It was a lesson I learned early when my dog was attacked by a badger, limped home, and I sat with him while he had his last hours, under the shaded card table the parents set up. There was nothing to be done.

    Then there was mom's cat which was attacked by soomething last spring, after she'd had her stroke. Dad refused to take the cat to the vet, for fear the vet would say to put the cat down. HIs arm was nasty looking for a while, but almost a year later there is almost no sign of injury, the cat is putting the leg down when he runs. If only mom could heal as quickly!

    I have no idea about animals crashing into windows. I guess ours aren't clean enough, never had that happen, ha ha ha.

    Last animal I rescued, the burro someone left tied to the trailer in vacation town (after the burro races). It was bawling something awful and it was basically in the backyard of our rental house. It had twisted itself around the halter/leash and I untied and retied the lead for it, freeing the animal. THat was about 7 years ago?

  3. I am on team Tim.
    I had the same thing happened here with birds and we had a couple dogs "adopting" us for a few days
    I did not want to take them to the shelter because I did not want them to be put to sleep

  4. Both of my kitties are rescue kitties. I am an animal rescuer at heart. I love animals. My dad once had to save a bird from the filter of their pool. He heard the filter acting weird and turns out it was a bird sucked in there. The bird eventually flew away as well!

  5. Your house is beautiful!! I rescued a baby turtle last year but that's about it. If I ever get a pet I will adopt one rather than go to the pet store but that's the extent of my animal rescuer story.

  6. I have no idea but I'm glad that bird is ok! Your glasses must be so glossy and clean :)

  7. So we've had 2 or 3 dead birds on our patio and there didn't look to be any trauma, so we never knew what happened. Now I'm thinking maybe windows. I wish I had a solution for you, but I haven't clue!

  8. I can't believe your husband picked up the bird - he's not only BRAVE but has a BIG heart! Ahhhhh!

  9. AWWW!! That used to happen at my Grandma's house ALL THE TIME. all she did was hang this beautiful Crystal piece, which the light reflected and played on, so no more crashes. Try it!!

  10. So crazy - first, because we brought in a bunny to save just this past Sun (after Jesse did away with his bro/sis and already had his teeth into him). We felt bad because the mom stopped coming back to the nest in our backyard and he had no way of feeding himself. He's so cute though! And it's crazy for a second reason because I was at my friend's house this afternoon and she has these suicidal birds who repeatedly fly into the window. As in over and over and over and…. But we never have birds fly into our windows….strange.

  11. I'd like to save them all but I don't think I'm completely over the top about it. My parents used to have the bird flying into the house issue all the time. They did the decal things (they actually looked like butterflies) which worked and while they weren't terribly tacky, I'll admit I wouldn't want them! At one point, they had some stain glass pieces hanging as well, still not my style.

  12. My husband even saves spiders from the house and releases them back outside. I am not as forgiving. :)

    My kitties would have been wanting to eat that tasty morsel as well!

  13. Your house looks amazing!! I love it!

    Monday was a hard tired day for me. I just did an easy 5 on the tread to get through it.

    I will have to say I am an animal rescuer. When I was younger I even tried to save a little mouse that was trapped in our garage.

  14. Brent's parents have issues with birds crashing into windows. They have resorted to decals (which apparently do work pretty well!), but theirs are a little less conspicuous than birds of prey. They've got translucent spider web-looking decals on their back windows, which you notice if you're looking but can forget they're there if you're not staring at them.

    Blessing and a curse, living in the woods :)

  15. I don't have a clever solution (except maybe lots of curtains?) but I can report that the VERY SAME thing happened at my cousin's house just yesterday... Poor birds.

    But I'm mostly with you - the cycle of life is natural. I'll help an animal in need, but I don't believe in drastic measures (kitty dialysis, for example, seems cruel and unusual to me).

  16. As soon as I read this title I knew it was a bird :( so glad he's still alive and flew away.

    love that pic of the cat looking out at him.....totally want to come live with you ;)

  17. I'm with you. Animals live and die. I can't nurse every lost little nestling back to life.

  18. Love your house btw! Decals of any kind work so they can see there's something there so it can be flowers... I rescued my doggie from the pound does that count?

  19. Aw poor bird! The decals would work but please don't do it. I have a very bad feeling it will look worse than we imagine! I have never saved an animal but I probably would if I had to! I once saw a cat get hit by a car on a really busy street. My mom and I called some animal rescuers as soon as we got home (we couldn't stop) but I think it was too late :(

  20. I rescue worms from the sidewalk when it rains. But, I kind of have a thing for worms.

  21. Not an animal rescuer. I barely remember to feed my children.

  22. Aww, so sad for the little birdie.

    I am a total sap for animals. When I worked at a restaurant in high school, I found a baby bat in the grass outside. I wrapped him up in a napkin, put him in my apron, left work and drove him to the nature preserve and I think they let a group of schoolkids nurse it back to health.

    BTW - your home is beautiful.

  23. Maybe you should get one of those fake owls for your roof. Unless your birds aren't stupid, then that won't work.

    I rescue animals. I just can't help it.

    There is no way I could run 8 miles on a treadmill if the temp in the house was over 80 degrees. I would melt into a puddle of whining.

  24. All I can concentrate on is your house = TOO HOT

  25. Decals can work but as you said they look horrible. Part of the problem can be the time of day. The sun reflects off the windows creating a big blinding spot (which for some reasons the birds want to fly into) and even if you have blinds/ decals... they can't see them. We have the problem at my work (we're on the side of a forested hill so lots of animals) They knock into the windows without any coverings and the ones with coverings. Most get stunned but a few haven't made it. Freaks me out when it's all quiet and then you hear a huge thud though! Kara mentioned a fake owl and I've heard of those working... but not 100% (less ugly then decals...) Sorry I don't have an easy answer :(

  26. Your house is absolutely gorgeous. LOVE!

  27. that poor bird. so sad :( we used to have birds that would build nests in our bathroom window. i liked to watch the lil baby birds but one day i scared them and they tried to fly too soon. terrible. death by dog...not so good :(

    love your house. and i am totally on the win some, lose some running streak!

  28. I thought you could get anti-bird decals that were not very noticeable to people, but very noticeable to birds ... I thought I saw them at our local bird store.

    Yes! I'm an animal rescuer. I'll stop for anything (squirrels, bunnies, cats, dogs, birds, whatever :)

    Love the cat picture!

    My Running Shortz

  29. I'm going to hell but I would never have rescued that bird. I don't cry over roadkill either. I actually don't like animals AT ALL. I don't eat them though, so I'm doing them enough of a favor. That's why I refuse to pet them or help them in any other way.

  30. I'm a big animal rescuer which is explains our 3 cats and the stray we let live in our backyard.


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