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It Feels Good Not to be Crazy

After Friday's trail run I was pretty much dead to the world. All I could handle was lazing around and then thinking about my next meal. Since the prospect of even cooking was beyond me we had a mini barbecue outside. Our grill may be 12 inches across but that works for me!

My parents bought us this grill when they came to visit last October and we hadn't used it since they left, so it was definitely time to break it out. I marinated some chicken breasts in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper before skewering them along with cherry tomatoes, green peppers and onions.

This was such a fun way to mix it up a little. Nothing fancy, but the smell of campfire smoke, some loud music blaring from the car, fresh corn on the cob and a tipple or two made for a really nice evening. Tim had a ready made frozen pina colada that you just stick in the freezer, and I have to say it was pretty amazing.

I pretended I was classy and had a glass of wine from a $6 bottle instead. Since I drank it out of a glass that looks like a medieval goblet, I can call it fancy.

Since I didn't get any actual work done on Friday, it all got pushed to Saturday. I did manage to squeeze in 15 minutes on the bike and a 6.5 mile run. This morning was another bright and early group run - and Tim came along! We did the 4.2 mile loop and he got to see what it's like to run with fast people. I think he liked it.

The group meets at a local Panera and then we all run a loop and meet back for breakfast. For the second week in a row, I ordered oatmeal. I always feel so guilty ordering stuff in a restaurant/cafe that I can make at home for 1/4 the price, but....I don't care. It's good oatmeal. It's covered in delicious stuff that I don't have at home (like strawberries, pecans and a cinnamon sugar topping) and is pretty much the reason I woke up at 5:45 this morning.

I think the best thing about a group run is not the motivation, the conversation or even the food rewards at the end. It's the fact that for a few minutes, you don't feel crazy. Most people I talk to about running either think I'm delusional or just plain don't care. But when I chat to a guy getting ready for a half ironman or discuss the Stumpjump 50k with a guy who has already run it twice... I feed oddly sane. And that just might be worth the 5:45 am wake-up call.

Do you barbecue often? Also, who calls it "grilling out"? It that a regional thing?
I'm such a stereotypical female and leave the barbecue to the men. Really helping the feminist movement with that one! I do love it though, and I actually really enjoy the charcoal smoke smell. When we got to Georgia everyone called it grilling out but I've never heard that before!

Would you order oatmeal for breakfast or pasta for dinner in a restaurant?
These are the two things I typically avoid ordering out since they are so cheap to make at home. If I go out to eat I would much rather eat something I can't make at home! 


  1. I'm all about the barbecue in the summer! I don't actually do the grilling though - I leave it to Dean ;) I have never heard the term "grilling out" either! Maybe it's a Georgia thing!

    I probably wouldn't order oatmeal or pasta unless there was absolutely nothing else I liked on the menu. I try to always order something out of the ordinary or something that I can't make at home! (just like you said yourself!)

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. hahaha! We LIVE off our grill in the summer! The ATL heat and humidity makes it horrible to turn on the oven or even stove top! Down here, they call it grilling because BBQ is a noun (ie let's go out and get some BBQ y'all) and NOT a verb (I am BBQing if y'all want to come over--->grammatically incorrect in the S and you will be teased mercilessly if you say it this way). Seattle is home, I have lived in NY and CA, it has been BBQ everywhere but down here. I don't mind it, 'cause eating BBQ (the Noun) is ah-MAZing!!!!!

    PS: I love the oatmeal at Starbucks and if I need to eat breakfast on the go, that is my go to!

  3. I avoid the oatmeal for breakfast and the pasta for dinner as well. If i'm at an airport, I'll usually do starbucks oatmeal though and if there is a stuffed pasta that looks really good, sometimes I'll order it because I don't have the patience to make stuffed pasta.

    We don't have a grill/BBQ because of our apartment situation. I desperately miss having one. Grilled meats are the taste of summer.

    And I love your goblet.

  4. Here in Iowa, we grill out and have people over for a BBQ.

    I love oatmeal and eat it every morning, so, yes - even though it cost pennies to make, I get excited to see it on menus at restaurants, especially if it is steel cut oatmeal.

  5. We have a huge Broil King - I always want to spend more time in our backyard but I hate my neighbours.... A LOT. I am trying to convince Colin we can afford a big fence just for their side ;)

    and I drank last night too - twins!

  6. I love my running club for the same reason. I'm never the most crazy person there. It's a beautiful thing.

    If I'm an Panera, I have to get the mac 'n' cheese. No matter what time of day. Yes, I could make it at home, but what am I? Amish?

  7. Glad to hear I'm not the only one....I never want to purchase a soda for $2 at a restaurant when I know a 2-liter can be $1.25. I never want to order just eggs and toast for $5 b/c I know that loaf of bread and carton of eggs would last me a week if I had it at home.

    I usually order something totally different or that I wouldn't make at home just to feel I got my monies worth. crazy....

  8. We definitely don't call it that in CA :) I love your bbq- the big fancy (expensive) ones scare me.

  9. We call it grilling, but not grilling out? Not sure how that affects it. Our apartment doesn't allow grills which is torture so every time we visit our parents between April - Oct. we demand they grill even though both sets live in super cold climates. I'm with you on ordering stuff I can't get at home but sometimes restaurants have pasta with like fancy sauce or something and I have to go for it. My friends and I actually are the crazies in our running club. It's pretty tame.

  10. We broke out the grill today! Those kabobs look so good! (putting that on my menu next week since DH makes awesome ones) We also call it Grilling Out and we have lived all over the place! :D

  11. We grill out at least a few times a week, even in the winter! SO YUMMY! I order oatmeal almost every time for breakfast when out. I like that its "safe" calorie wise and thats more important than the money. It always seems to taste better out than I can do at home anyways! LOVE your goblet :)

  12. I love your little baby grill, so cute! I don't order oatmeal out ever. I think I would feel the same way about wasting the money...but I do agree with getting breakfast as a motivator for getting up early for a run ;)

  13. We call it grilling.

    I am the same, usually I won't order something that I could make myself. When my husband orders a turkey sandwich at a restaurant (which he does often), all I can think is, we could have made that at home for 1/3rd the price! But he says it tastes better when someone else makes it.

  14. I love Tim's hair! I think you said it was a mistake, but I like it :)

    We grill all the time….er, Brian grills all the time! I'm with you, I leave the grilling to him - I don't even know how to use our grill and that's fine by me. We don't call it grilling out though, never heard that.

    I love eating breakfast out, even though basically ALL breakfast foods are super easy to make at home.

  15. yep we BBQ here..well I dont...Bill does!!!

    I am with you on the oatmeal and pasta in restaurant...well pasta maybe if it is a dish I have never had before...but that was when I could eat that so now no!

  16. Guess I haven't been to Panera for breakfast lately, didn't know they had oatmeal. I don't know how I missed that since we practically live there. I order oatmeal at other places though! BBQ is the best...and little clean up!

  17. I agree with you on the pasta thing - that's my go-to speedy dinner, so I'd hate to buy it out (another no-no: in New Orleans you can order red beans and rice. Please! That costs about $0.19 to make at home!). The only pasta I order out is homemade ravioli, usually portobello or lobster. That I can't do myself and I'll pay $25 for it.

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  19. I have yet to do a trail run yet, I'm such a klutz, I worry I will sprain my ankle.
    I like those frozen drinks, but they are really strong! lol

  20. Cute BBQ! I love to eat BBQ foods, smell BBQ, but not actually operate the BBQ. :) I'm with you - leave it to the men!

  21. You are SOOOO right . .. as you know I'm a SOCIAL runner, but I never thought about the commonality (aka sanity) experienced by talking to other people you are running with as a perk - but yes, you're sooo right! YES you are so right. In my race today the girl who ended up finishing the race with me is prepping for the half I did last May - I shared what I knew about the race and course and she was super appreciative! YES _ that is a fantastic perk of group runs! Super smart observations.

    Here in Indiana, we call it grilling out or cooking out. Another question for the future you may want to ask everyone is "what are the typical things they have at a cook out?" I say this because here in IN we make hamburgers and possibly hotdogs. When I lived in VA - everyone had a fish fry (delicious, but odd, they didn't even use a grill). Your kabobs looks DE-LISH-US!

    I do occasionally order pasta for dinner, but not just like spaghetti - usually something fancy sauce or toppings that I can't make/don't have at home. I don't order many steaks or chicken either because my husband is an awesome grill man and can usually do as good or often better than a way over priced hunk of meat at a restaurant.

  22. In New England we called it a "cookout." In southern California we'd invite people over for a BBQ. My lived-in-Texas husband has corrected my "misuse" of the term barbecue and informed me that BBQ involves smoke and low heat for a long time...
    As for gender roles, I'm happy to work the grill, but Hubby is better at it.

  23. We call it "barbecuing", even though no actual barbecue sauce is involved. I sometimes call the chicken we make "barbecued chicken", & then realize it's a gross misuse of the term, & now call it "grilled chicken" on my menu plans. Because I'm crazy & anal. ;-)

    I do like things that I can make at home at a restaurant, because they give me good ideas for mixing things up myself.

    I made breakfast for the kids yesterday, & they requested chocolate chips & sprinkles in their pancakes. I topped mine with a little peanut butter & called it a day. It was *fantastic*. Those are the things I'd never try on my own. ;-)

  24. grilling out is totally reagional but I lived in GA most of my life without hearing it. Here in Texas, it is the norm. I have lost more firends than gained from talking running or sports with nons...we are insane to the nons (non-exercisers)

  25. we "grill out" at least once a week! my husband loves to bbq! As we drive through our neighborhood, you can smell all of the pits, grilling up their meat! LOL, is that a Texas thing? not sure!!

    and the cook offs around here happen almost every week, so there's stuff being grilled on the pit/smoker every where we turn! Ha!

  26. We got a grill for Christmas, but haven't put it together yet. We really need to. That grill is teeny tiny!

    I've bought oatmeal from Starbucks at the airport when I'm travelling for work because it was the only healthy option and I hate how I eat when I travel.

  27. Grilling = the act of cooking food on the grill. Barbeque = the slow-cooked meat covered in sauce. Lived in Georgia all my life, and that's what's it's always been called!

  28. I miss grilling out every summer! Hopefully soon we will be moving to an apartment that has a patio so we can sneak in a mini grill :)

    I feel bad too about ordering stuff I can make at home but I do it anyways. Cuz lets be honest, it just tastes better when someone makes if for you :)

  29. What a fun time! Up in Tennessee we always say grilling out! Must be a southern thing. Panera is delicious too! Glad y'all had fun!

  30. I think its so weird when people call it grilling out. It doesn't even make sense to me. Those skewers looks good though...I may have to replicate.

  31. I can't answer your questions or focus on this post because I am stuck staring at the open trunk and door of the car behind you in the wine glass shot. Are you going somewhere? With the wine? Or did you just exit the car? With the wine? I am confused as to why both the front door and trunk are open. Is Tim vacuuming out the car while you are sipping $6 wine? These are very important questions.

  32. I don't know when I've had pasta in a restaurant but I do love the oatmeal at Starbuck's. We call it grilling out here. Pina coladas are my favorite!

  33. I am from GA and we also call it "grilling out". In fact, even if I use the "george foreman" on a rainy day in my kitchen I still call it "grilling out". I love that little grill, btw. We've got a big electric one but that looks perfect for trips! Nice site, I just found this via a link from another site. Look forward to reading more!

  34. I call it BBQing, and my husband usually does it. He thinks he's king of the grill and its one less thing that I need to do. My friend who lived in NC calls it "grilling out" too. Must be a southern thing.
    I would not order oatmeal in a resturant and pasta only if it was an italian place and super yummy


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