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Virtual Trail Races and Ice Baths

It's official. Saturday = trail run day. I love the new tradition Tim and I have. I don't have the same long run anxiety when I know it's just going to be a chance to hang out somewhere scenic. Today we ran at the Amadahy Trail around Carter's Lake. It's really convenient - less than thirty minutes from home which is basically just down the road for our rural location.

We planned on doing the 3.8 mile loop 3 times but Tim was having shoe/blister trouble and to be honest...I was happy to cut it short. So we made it two loops (7.6 miles) in 1:34. Still strange to be working so hard and see a 12 minute mile pace! Once we got home I added 3.1 miles on the treadmill to up the mileage a little and use it for the Jelly Bean Virtual Race!

So...funny story. Notice how Tim's head is missing in the picture? Don't blame my bad photography skills. A few days ago he was buzzing his hair and accidentally shaved a certain portion of the head, um...basically bald. So I had to help him even it out and now he's embarrassed about his lack of hair. I keep telling him it makes him look super tough but I don't think he's buying it.

Obviously the best way to recover after a tough trail run is to take an ice bath. Problem is, they are just a little bit miserable and Tim and I don't fit in our little tub together. Solution = buy an inflatable pool and fill with well water. That was SO COLD!

It's not warm enough to stay in for longer than about ten minutes but it was still a nice change from the tub. Come summer're invited to my kiddie pool in the yard for pina coladas. It's like a trip to the beach for people who can't afford a trip to the beach. Awesome.

Anyone else participating in the Jelly Bean Virtual Race?
If you're not, you should. You can bike, walk, run...whatever. The prizes are pretty fantastic too (read: Visa giftcards and iPod shuffles!)

If you say something nice about really short hair I will be your best friend.
Seriously. Something like bald is beautiful, or buzz cuts aren't just for soldiers. Make Tim feel better. Thanks.


  1. One time my husband went to bad barber who did his fade up SO high that I just started laughing when he came home. He looked like a giant pencil with just a nub of an eraser on top. I still laugh when I think about it.

    See? It could be worse. That should help Tim feel better.

  2. I cut Mike's hair for him and there was definitely a learning curve when I started. Usually, I didn't tell him when I messed up in the back. I'm a horrible person.

  3. My husband won't allow me cut his hair due to a few bad experiences trying. So now I cut my dogs hair... and ya, if he could speak he would probably tell me to keep my hands off him!lol
    You can see his bad cuts on my website under his picture pawpaw..:)

  4. Your ice bath looks way nicer than mine today - a tub filled with more floating baby toys than ice.

    I really do think short hair is sexy. :)

  5. For my husband's birthday last year I bought an inflatable pool that was maybe 3 feet across. I spent a lot of drunk time sitting in there with my EMTs. Not a lot of room, but the more people who were in it, the warmer it felt.

    As for bald, one of the hottest guys I ever dated kept his head totally, totally shaved. And he was a sexy beast.

  6. bahhahaha!! LOVE THIS! and everything you said is exactly the reason why I am loving trails lately :) loving the "no pressure" feeling and also feeling like I was "flying" fast if I am under 13 minutes/mile. haha! awesome job today! sad that the hubs wont share his badass new hair with us ;)

    ummm count me in on the pool invite :)

  7. I totally dig buzz cuts, my hubby has one and he's HOT! What a fun way to do an ice bath! I really need to find a trail to run on because that sounds so fun!!

  8. Hate ice baths, but I think buying a pool and soaking in there instead makes them seem a bit more bearable.

  9. No ice bath for me but when the sun heats it up I'll be there!

    I like any haircut on men except that thing where it all comes up into some kind of a pointy thing... hate that. So I bet Tim looks just fine with short hair. And at his age, it grows back anyway!

    Yes to the Jelly Bean - did a 5 km and used 10 km of today's run toward it too.

  10. TIM! Let us see your bad hair!
    Ps: Great idea with the inflatible pool. GENIUS I SAY!

  11. When I moved to Spain in college, I didn't speak fluent Spanish and went to get my hair cut. Clearly a bad idea and I walked out with about 10 inches cut off and hair shorter than my ears. It was awesome.

  12. Nice run(s)! I can't even imagine how cold that water must be. Happy Easter:)

  13. When I was going through cancer treatments, Matt buzz cut my hair when it was falling out too crazily. I like to tease him that one time he gave me a haircut and it took a year to grow back! At least Tim's will grow faster than mine did!!

    Oh and when it grew back to about 1/2" long, I got hit on and complimented so often. Not even a joke. So if I can rock the buzz cut, your man sure can. :)

  14. I like the inflatable pool idea, how warm is it there that you can be outside in a bathing suit? I cut Eric's hair and then shave his head. Bald is sexy. It's one of the first things I noticed when I met him.

  15. Good job on the Jelly Bean TRAIL run (I did a trail version of one of the runs too!!). And brrrrrr to the ice bath in an inflatable pool.

  16. Trail runs are so much more difficult, but so scenic! I'm jealous-- we used to live near lots of trails (upstate NY), but haven't found much around us right now (TX). I did the Jellybean today too, I added 2.2 miles on after a four mile race for the 10k. Her race is amazing- so well organized!

  17. Bald guys are GORGEOUS!!!
    I've never done an ice bath. Yikes!
    But my husband and I run trails all the time. Love it. Just finished a 9k this morning through the hills.

    My Running Shortz

  18. Your pool picture is cute. I thought your were standing up though...hehe, it is a kiddie pool. Nice job on your trail run and jelly bean race.

    I like super short hair on my man.

  19. Don't worry Tim....Tappan shaves his head down to a 1.0 with the clippers, and it's pretty darn short. I think it looks better than when he has longer hair.

    Oh that kiddie pool looks inviting!!

  20. I LOVE it when my husband shaves his head, super sexy!!!

  21. I've become a big trail running fan lately too! I've been doing one mid-distance run a week on trails andI love it... i also think it's a knee saver. Nice run'

  22. Every member of the military service has short hair and they are our uber heroes so . . . .your husband's new do makes him uber cool.

    Um, with all the trail running - there is a chance of getting ticks and with his new short hair - it's really all for his health . . . he/you can see the ticks easier and remove them more quickly.

    Short hair will significantly reduce his morning prep time (not that dudes generally take very long int he morning).

    He's really just being generous - think of all the money he's going to be saving on hair products that you can now use for your race funds :)

    Happy Easter!

  23. The same EXACT thing happened when my wife gave me a buzz (

    I decided I'd just say I was trying to be more aerodynamic.

  24. I am running my Jelly Bean 10k today, yay!

  25. oh man, i'm a dork and wasn't aware there were some awesome jelly bean inspired runs going on today!! randomly i posted a pic of that variety on my post earlier this morning, so i guess it was a happy sadly, i wasn't able to actually run, but can my elliptical this morning work?? ;)

    ice baths!! eek, yea i hate them but they are awesome for recovery...u are way too cute, those first few seconds are TOUGH!! happy easter! :)

  26. We've been tempted to get a huge inflatable pool for our yard too! Haven't done it yet, but I wouldn't put it past us :)

    And short hair? I'm sorry, have you seen Brian's hair (or lack there of)? Love it!

  27. Trail running is so different, and like you said--it is hard to see a MUCH slower pace. But you are almost working twice as hard. Yay for Jelly Bean run!

    That pool looks super inviting and I bet it is nice during a nice Georgia summer.

  28. Trail running is fun but you can't expect the same times, not even close! I ran a trail race last weekend at an average pace of about 11 minutes and I felt good about that! It was hard! That pool looks great. I think when it warms up a bit, you are going to love it. Ice cold though, not so much.

  29. Allan keeps his hair buzzed almost all the time and I think it's sexy! I love your pool in the backyard. We wish we had one!


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