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Falling in Love on the Trail

*Warning: This post might make you puke a little bit in your mouth. I apologize in advance.

Since Tim works on Saturday mornings and Sunday mornings are now 7am group run days, we decided to push our long trail runs each week to Fridays. I'll just work on Saturdays instead of Fridays - the joys of working from home on your own schedule. Today we ran the Amadahy Trail around Carter's Lake, which is only a 30 minute drive from home. Each loop is 3.7 miles, so we did 3 loops and then an out and back at the end to make it a full 13.1 miles.

Channeling my inner Vanna White

This was the longest run of Tim's life - and it happened to be on a trail. I could absolutely not be any prouder of him. I have to admit, I'm pretty loved up now. Smitten. Here are some reasons you can tell you're in love on a trail run:

#1: You can run behind someone for 13.1 miles (2 hours, 42 minutes) and still think their butt looks cute at the end of the run.

#2: You give away your last Honey Stinger chew. But then get the chocolate chippiest bite of his Clif Bar in return.

#3: He doesn't laugh when you fall on your ass on the trail but are more concerned with stopping your Garmin than checking for blood.

#4: He humors you when you try to explain how easy a 50k will be. "It's just this much....and then another half marathon....and then an easy 5 miles. Nothing!"

#5: He understands that after a long run and then lunch it's important to stop by Walgreens and buy up the Easter candy remnants. 18 cents for a pack of Peeps? Don't mind if I do.

#6: Even when exhausted after the longest run of his life, he will pose for the blog. Yep, that's a good man right there.

I think I finally got into my "sweet spot" on the trails today. I struggle with long runs on trails because I try to run too fast. I have to remember that hopping over fallen trees, water crossings and dealing with some serious elevation gains slows me down. Today I focused on finding a pace where I could just keep going for a while and it felt amazing. Here's the elevation chart for the run:

I tried to maximize it so the hills looked more intense but no such luck. I'm not sure how accurate my Garmin is with elevation on trails (or ever, to be honest). I think for this run it was pretty accurate but sometimes on a trail run the elevation gain will be 50 feet, or 3,000 feet on a easy neighborhood run. What's up with that?

See those shorts I'm wearing in the first picture? Those are my Aspaeris Pivot Shorts (I got them for free a few months ago to review). Although I do really love them and think they help my hip a lot, they're $60 at full price which is a little steep for me. From today until April 30th you can use the code APS4me to get 50% off - not a bad deal! I'm deciding whether I want a navy pair or a bright red pair. They also offer white, but....white spandex shorts and I just don't get along all that well.

How accurate is your Garmin/GPS watch when it comes to distance/elevation?
For the most part it's pretty accurate with distance I think, even on trails. Elevation is all over the place though. Sometimes it's way less and sometimes way more. I end up ignoring it most of the time, honestly.

What's a typical price for you to pay for running shirts/shorts?
I definitely look for deals at places like Nike Outlet. I honestly can't imagine spending more than $30 for shorts or a running shirt. Maybe for a long sleeve or tights, but that's it.


  1. Totally adorable!!!

    (I'd rather hear happy relationship stories than "my spouse sucks" complaints ANY DAY.)

    And too funny about being more worried about stopping the Garmin instead of checking for injury. Priceless!

  2. I splurged on Underarmour tights for $50 but that's I think the most I've ever spent, and they really do keep you warm on sub-freezing runs, so worth it. Usually I get them from Ross for like $7. I have no idea if my Garmin is correct on elevation or how to check - glad you guys are loving the trails though!

  3. LOVE THIS = and looks like a hard run!

  4. you've got a fine man there! I see he's getting ready for the disgusting summer with a shaved head!

    I was wondering when I first opened your blog post if those shorts were asperis hehe. I think I might utilize the code

  5. I hate when my Garmin doesn't emphasize how STEEP a hill was, or how fast I am running. They should work on that.

  6. Sounds like a fabulous run for both of you! Your husband is a total cutie. And, I buy a bunch of stuff at lululemon, & mix it in with Nike stuff from the outlet.

  7. Hmmm. Can I afford to treat myself to that discount code?? I'd go with the red pair if I did. Bright colors are so happy.

  8. Wow, you really did scalp him if his hair is still that short. :)

    You know how I know I love my husband? When he lets me go run by myself and he stays with the kid. Much better than staring at his butt...I think.

  9. Nice trail run! The longest Mike and I can last together on a trail is about 5 miles. To be fair, that's as far as we've tried to trail run together, so who knows.

    Thanks for the shout out on the shorts!!

  10. Yay!! GO TIM (and YOU)!!! How amazing is it that he ran a half with you?!?! You two are starting to sound like me and Dean ;)

    I hate my Garmin. It was never accurate and actually died on me after less than a year. I have to get it replaced which will probably take months! Sometimes I don't even understand the purpose of those dang watches!

    Get the RED SHORTS!! I have the red and black :) Love them! I usually spend about $50-60 on shorts... I know it's a lot but I can't imagine wearing anything other than my lulu speed shorts. They are so comfy and come in so many nice, bright colours! Workout clothes shopping is one of my guilty pleasures!

  11. I think this is a super sweet post but I love stuff like this!! I get most of my running clothes at TJMaxx (Nike brand) for cheap money! Rarely do I pay full price.

  12. D'awwwwww this post is SO CUTE =)

    I agree with Christina - RED shorts! Didntcha know that anything red looks like it's moving faster?!

  13. Puke? No way girl!
    This love story is sweet to the bone! :) Better than Peeps sweet. Love it! He's lucky to have you, and you are lucky to have him.

    I think u should go with a red pair! It is auspicious! You will PR in red. Yeah!

  14. Hurray for you and Tim - his longest run ever! and you got to watch his cute butt for 13.1 miles. win win.

    I hope you didn't take too hard a tumble. Good man to help you with that and the candy and sharing treats!

  15. Love this, so proud of you both!!!!!

  16. Sometimes my GPS tells me I'm running a 4 minutes mile, then the next is 30 minutes. It also tells me I have elevation climbs, but Chicago is flat as a I don't really know where it gets that from.

    Congrats on a great trail run!

  17. My pace on my Garmin usually seems pretty dead on, but sometimes my elevation appears to be a little funky....

    Oh and I could TOTALLY see you doing a 50K, you love those long steady runs. I'd like to try one eventually.

    And Tim's haircut looks great, Tappan's sporting a similar do these days as well...although he just went even shorter and did a full on head shave the other night!

  18. That's awesome! I try to get my boyfriend to run with me, but he hates me, so it doesn't work out very well. No really though, he runs but doesn't really like running with other people, so we drive to the place and run separately! I don't mind. I get to listen to This American Life and take breaks when I want!

    I am a cheapo and would not spend $60 for shorts, but my favorite pair I have is the Nike Tempo which I think retails for about $40. I need a new pair, but am waiting for a sale!

  19. I find that the garmin has more trouble in the city with big buildings than it does on trails.
    As for shorts - try to find sales because I hate paying more than about $35-$40 (keeping in mind that everything is more expensive here than it is there)

    PS - super sweet post and no, i didn't throw up in my mouth :)

  20. Awwww so cute that you were still looking at his butt at the end of the run!! The only thing I tend to spend a lot of money on is sports bras and tops to hold the girls down, after that I have no money left to spend on the shorts or singlets! Ps have put up the recipe for the lettuce cup wraps.

  21. OMGoodness how cute are you two!!!!! Awwww - sweet so stinkin' sweet!!!!!!!

    I love your number 3 - it might also work well for . . . ."You might be a REAL trail runner if . . . " ;)

    So cute - eek! You guys will have an incredible race.

    High 5 Tim for running his personal distance.

    I'm garminless - sorry!

  22. My Garmin SUCKS with elevation. I did a flat track workout last week that had 3,000 ft of elevation change. Every other run is almost as bad. Distance accuracy depends on the tree cover for me, but it is about .25-.50mi off on the road, and nearly unreliable on the trails I run on.

  23. He's a keeper. Who knows what this may spark inside him - Watch out.

    Long trail run - With trial and error, I've found a slower steady pace will beat starting with a faster pace and slowing down half way until your exhausted. And you will feel better during and after with a consistent slower pace. Beside, you want to train your system to dip into fat energy which is best by keeping your heart rate lower.

  24. first off CONGRATS!!!! u have every right to be super proud of the hubby and pass along my praises too! :) okay, this post is adorable...i totally cracked up on the Garmin/split times thing because for me, that will be the test of true love and if i've found my true soul mate. :)

    funny u bring up the pricing thing becuz i've been thinking about it lots lately and i'm super poor/cheap-o and if i read a $30 plus price tag it's almost an instant...heck no. :P

  25. Sounds like a great run! I love that you and hubs can run together :)

    And I really need to try those shorts, I've heard a ton of amazing things about them.

  26. I would go with bright pink! I wouldn't spend $60 on shorts either. Loved the post, super cute :)

  27. Congrats to Tim! I have the black and navy Aspaeris shorts. I contemplated ordering the red ones but Allan would have killed me. By the way, Tim's hair looks good short!

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