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Don't Be Vain Like Me

Tim has been having shin splints this week pretty badly so we couldn't stick to our long trail run weekend ritual. (BOO) Instead, I made plans to meet my friend Julie and run 12 miles. Somehow I thought - yeah, 9:30 sounds like a great time to start a long run. For the record, it's not. Not at the end of April and not in Georgia. It was over 70 at the start and we ended at noon, 80 degrees and the sun overhead.

The run itself was fine, we took it easy because of the heat and added in walk breaks when necessary. The problem was that my vanity stood in the way of one thing - the hat. I don't have a running hat or visor, but I found this less than awesome, doesn't fit well, totally random hat somewhere and grabbed it.

Typically I could care less what I look like when I run. But for some reason...I hated this hat. I refused to run with it. What did I get? Sweat in my eyes the whole run, that sexy squinty thing going on with my eyes the whole time and a sunburned nose. Next purchase: a hat.

Even though my run was a little bit of a disaster by some standards (slower than I was aiming for and the Garmin ran out at 11.73 of my run) I still ended up having a nice time chatting with a friend and catching up. Oh, and planning about 14 more races. Anyone planning on running Savannah R&R this November?

Not what you want to see on a long run...

To make up for the lackluster run I ordered my new favorite drink from Panera - acai berry tea. By itself it is kind of weird but if you load it up with multiple packets of sugar and 8 wedges of lemon, it's really amazing! Plus I love that the glass you get is roughly 843 ounces of liquid.

This morning I figured I would take it nice and easy with a group run to recover. Except the ladies I typically would run with wanted to do 2.5 miles and I was itching to do a little more. I ran with another group instead and ending up literally chasing them up some very steep hills. I wanted to walk so badly but I couldn't lose sight of them or I would be lost, since it was in a neighborhood I wasn't familiar with. Kind of nice to have that extra push though!

Do you wear hats/sunglasses/visors when you run in the sun? Any recommendations?
I absolutely cannot wear sunglasses - way too much bouncing around on my face. I really hate hats in general but I think I just need to get over that and stop being a baby. 

Other that water, what's the best drink to have after a hot run?
I always drink water/nuun during and after my runs, but when it's really hot for some reason I really crave something different after my run. Iced tea and slurpies top the list!


  1. I love my running hats! They all smell pretty awful by now, but it's much nicer than slathering sunscreen on my face and still getting sunburnt. Plus...I don't have to wear sunglasses. Embrace the hat!

  2. I got a cheap hat from Road ID and I have worn it a few times. I like it so far. It doesn't move and hides me when I'm looking ugly at 9am in the morning. It's not hot enough here yet to actually have sweat going into my eyes.

    A Wheat Beer. YUM favorite drink possibly ever. A am a big fan of slightly sweetened ice tea. NOT to be mistaken with sweet tea. That stuff is gross to me.

  3. Hats make my head too hot so I wear visors. I love cold gatorade or water after a long run.

  4. I was at Panera this weekend and EVERYONE was trying that acai berry tea! I just couldn't wrap my head around acai + tea + lemon haha.

  5. I never wear hats or headbands - I use bobby pins and wear sunglasses: the saddest part is I don't have running sunglasses so they're just your average cheap "fashion" ones with the big lenses. I'm so cool.

    I have a MASSIVE head and hats usually sit about an inch above my ears = not pretty. I like so fashionable hats though.

    I always drink water but I think sangria is most likely the next best thing ;)

    And FYI - I'm totally vain when I run - I want everyone driving by to honk. It's one of my daily running goals :P

  6. I'm into beer and chocolate milk after a hot run. But usually it doesn't get too hot here.

  7. so i bought a visor last year and wore it for one race to keep rain out of my face... even though its a visor I got so ridiculously hot I had to take it off. I bought some iron man sunglasses last week from target, $20, and wore for race yesterday--- they do not slip at all, but my eyes were sweating (don't think it was from sunglasses, just the lame humidity)

    If I had to choose, sunglasses over hat every time.

  8. I just recently started wear sunglasses, but never a visor. When it rains I wear this nasty old baseball hat that I've had for like 10 years, but not often.

    Favorite post warm run beverage would be a cherry slushie or just a popsicle. Yummo! Too bad it's in the 40's here, which makes me just want coffee of hot chocolate when I get in.

  9. Post hysterectomy, I overheat very easily therefore I can't wear a hat or visor because they block the wind to my face and makes me hot (weird)! I did purchase a pair of ironman sunglasses from Walmart for $15 and they are fabulous for short runs. I'm itching to take them for a long run as soon as my sciatica and sick kids cooperate.

    I love to recover with chocolate milk!!! Then I crave ice water.

  10. I don't wear hats or sunglasses on runs because they drive me crazy. I just wear sunscreen and hope for the best. I think if it was crazy hot, I'd opt for wearing a Buff instead because it's multifunctional.

    After a long or tough run, I always crave soda. It's weird. Most of the time I'll use a GU tab to get the carbonation, hydration, and electrolytes I need and THEN have soda.

  11. I have a lululemon hat but it just isn't very comfortable. I'm all about the headbands and will generally wear thicker ones when it's hot out because they do a better job at sopping up all the sweat! I thought sunglasses would bounce around but the ones that I won from your giveaway are awesome! They don't move at all (thank you again!).

    I'm lame and generally don't drink anything but water. The craziest I've gotten recently is buying flavoured BCAAs to mix with my it's blue raspberry at the moment :)

  12. or a couple years now I have worn a bandanna do-rag when I run (I have chin length curly hair. It's not long enough to pull back in a ponytail, but I have to do something with it when I run, or by the end I have a horrifying 'do). I hate hats, because I also have a narrow face, and between that and the hat mashing down my normally biggish hair, I just look stupid. However, when it rains I want something to keep the rain off my face, so I broke down and bought a hat on clearance from Athleta. I've actually grown to kind of like it. I will not hesitate to wear sunglasses, though I use a cheapo pair of Ironman glasses from Target that I have bent to make them stay put on my face without bouncing. I also load up with sunscreen. Even early AM sun in Atlanta is no joke!

  13. I almost always wear sun glasses. But I don't like hats -- they're too hot. But I think I might try and find a visor I like.
    I hope Tim feels better soon!

    My Running Shortz

  14. With you on the sunglasses thing...and I am not willing to pay a lot for a good pair b/c I always seem to break them (or my kids do ;-(

    So I have started wearing hats...I have what I affectionately call "big hair" and a "big head" (but only in size not in mind) hats that fit are hard to find but, I have a couple that I love....


  15. I have a Lululemon hat that I wear in the hotter months or when it's raining that I love. It is great for keeping the sun and sweat and rain out of my eyes and it is made of a wicking material so I don't get hot head.

    Running with friends can be dangerous for race planning. Sadly I'm on such a tight budget right now that I think I can only afford one more race this year unless I find a cheap, local 5k or something.

  16. I've gotten on the chocolate milk bandwagon for after longer workouts. I also really love the chocolate coconut water.

  17. I have a Sugoi running had that I like (though it needs replacing - it is white and definitely showing its age) and my tiny noggin is often too small for visors but I have on from KSWISS that actually fits and that I love. I have to use either a hat or sunglasses (sometimes both) because my eyes are really sensitive and I need the protection.

    A really cold Coke is fantastic after a run...but beer works too :)

  18. Love my headsweats brand visors and hats for running...cant run without them. Picked up cheap Ironman sunglasses at Walmart that dont budge a bit when running. I think no one knows its me under all the garb so dont feel like I'm embarrassing myself out there! lol

  19. I started wearing straw hats on the boat and for golfing I will wear a visor, but I hate caps! And I hate the way I look in them so that is a hard one for me.

    I do wear sunglasses though, whenever I am outside, even on cloudy bright days. And I have lots of them.

    That drink looks amazing. Hope Tim's shin splints go away soon.

  20. I double up I wear a Brooks hat and sunglasses when I run because I have to weakest eyes ever and I burn very easily, even mid winter. I actually go right for caffeine after a run, sometimes sports drink loaded with caf. or a pepsi.

  21. I only wear hats in the rain, too hot otherwise. I'm not big on sunglasses either but think I should start. No tips, heat is just brutal!

  22. YES TO RNR SAVANNAH!!! My dad and I will be doing it (first marathon for both of us!)

    You should totally do it too! :D

    I always run with a hat once the warmer months hit. I don't wear sunglasses, but I wear my regular glasses so I'm not blind. I really should get contacts and prescription sunglasses... Guess that is going on the stateside to-do list. lol

  23. I really want to run Savannah but it doesn't like it this year. Booo! Maybe something will change last minute and I can do it!

    I never want to run with a hat cuz I always want to get a tan lol but I do run with sunglasses.

    I only ever do water. Boring I know.

  24. Oh gosh that reminds me of running in the summer in New Orleans; you had to get an EARLY start! And even then it's NOT fun.

    I don't wear hats, but I do wear sunscreen and sunglasses.

    I love me a HUGE Starbucks Mocha Frap after a run!

  25. haha...i HATE hats...i hate anything on my head, they always bug the crap out of me. so, i'm sorry, i can be of no help on that front.

    man, the heat, u guys are ballers out there, and come the middle of summer i will be in awe of u doing those long runs in the heat/humidity!

    glad u had a great run and pass along all the best healing vibes to the hubby! stay cool and keep sipping away...slurpess count too! :)

  26. when it's sunny out, i have become a visor-convert. mine has a stretchy band and towel-y forehead part to soak up the sweat. I wear it like a headband :) but it shades my face. I do wear sunglasses too, though. I have a pair of Ironman sunglasses from Target that do NOT bounce around...and i have a little head. They were only 25 bucks :)

  27. I wear hats for running because I don't like getting pieces of my face hacked off for skin cancer. It really overshadows how dorky I feel wearing a hat.

  28. I hate hats, but I love my brooks "Run Happy" hat. It's mesh and super comfy... but I like this one too:,default,pd.html?start=2&q=hat

  29. I'm not big on hats, unless it is raining - then I view it as a must! I have thought that I should try to wear them to block the sun…but it just seems hot to me. I haven't had luck with glasses before, but I ordered a new pair and am waiting for them to arrive…hoping they don't bounce!

    I ran Savannah last year and really liked it. It got a lot of bad press, but I enjoyed it and would definitely run it again!

  30. Literally laughing out loud about this post. ha ha! Because everyone told me I HAD TO wear a hat at Boston....and I was like heck no I'm not going to be caught dead in a dam visor or hat. ha ha so funny because I generally could careless what I look like. I mean yesterday I went to Walmart in slippers and compression sleeves.

  31. I've never wore a hat running but I bought one recently because the summer is coming up. I still think it would annoy me but I'm willing to give it a try!!

    I don't think I could ever wear sunglasses. They get sweaty and bounce around. Ugh I would definitely just throw them off. Not my thing!

  32. You really do need that visor! Perfect timing in a way I suppose. I had never run with a hat or visor until this month and they really keep the sweat out of my eyes so for hot races I'm sold. I do really like my Tifosi sunglasses that I run in and they don't move at all.

  33. I motherf'ing HATE running in hats.

    It was so hard not to type that whole thing in caps.

    HATE. (I tried.)

  34. i hate running in hats but sometimes you gotta do it. i have a mizuno one that's pretty good! and i'm signed up for the RNR savannah half!

  35. Always a running hat. I like the light ones by NIKE. they are perfect. I wear sunglasses always. I found a pair at an expo for $30.

    I only drink water during runs and NUUN after.


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