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How to Make Your House Smell Like a Hippie

My little sister is turning the big 2-3 in a few weeks and thanks to the mail system to Hong Kong (read: will take 2 weeks minimum to arrive) and I decided to get a head start and grab her birthday present today. I went to a local outlet mall in the afternoon because the idea of going there on a weekend is traumatic. I ended up with a few serious questions:

#1: Why do stolen frozen yogurt spoons make food taste better?

I can't help it. They're fun. They're cheap. They're one of the few things I can steal and not feel guilty. May as well, right? Otherwise they go in the trash, so no guilt.

#2: What, exactly, does dragon's blood smell like?

Tim and I were thinking about getting some incense and were browsing through some of the varieties. I smelled Dragon's Blood and I wasn't impressed. Kind of like Indian food? I don't think Daenerys Targaryen would be impressed.

#3: How many people read this sign and don't realize the pun?

They had another one that said "clothes quarters." While I think it's cute, I can't help but think some people are going to read it and think, "oh! I've been spelling it wrong for years!"

Do you ever take extra things from stores/restaurants/hotels?
I'm such a sucker for this stuff. Hotel pens, shampoo containers, ketchup packets, all that stuff. I want to say that 75% of the time it gets shoved in a drawer or thrown away, but I'm so cheap I can't turn it down.

Have you ever had incense or use it today?
I'm meh about it. Sometimes it's great and sometimes it makes your house smell like a hippie. 


  1. For some reason this reminds me of taking all the stuff they hand out at races. While it's free and they want you to take it, it still makes me feel guilty.

  2. Yes, I'm a sucker for certain free things and then wonder 'What the hell' later. I'll probably never learn. I like incense but HATE HATE patchouli oil. So, as long as it doesn't smell like that, I call it hippie stink. haha

  3. gasp, stealing.

    yeah I take all the shampoo/conditioner/face wash/razors/etc from hotels lol

  4. I'm exactly like you and now am about to get recommended for an episode of hoarders because I have 79 tiny bottles of shampoo and bags of pretzels from races. So useful. I used incense when I was a badass in HS and used to steal cigarettes and smoke them. Hopefully my mom never reads this.

  5. I grew up surrounded by hippies. Patchouli was a way of life. I avoid the crap out of that stuff now, but the smell does remind me of home.

    My mom used to collect that stuff. But we'd use all of it. Now I leave it be. I have so much crap and not enough space to put it.

    Oh, wait, if I'm somewhere fancy and they put weird shit in their drinks, like a plastic monkey? I will steal them all and shove them somewhere with plans to put them on my Christmas tree. But then Christmas rolls around and where are the plastic monkeys I stole? No one knows.

  6. i love "stealing" things that really aren't stealing! so fun! haha, and things DO taste better with plastic stolen spoons, SO true!!!

    hahahaha, I've never read the signs on the dressing rooms, but now I'll start paying attention! lol!

  7. I am guilty for stealing pub glasses from bars. I have a whole collection. Writing that makes me feel bad...hmmm.

    I once worked at a cart in the mall that sold incense. I was convinces only dirty hippies bought that stuff after that. :)

  8. Never was a fan of incense but I do like scented candles... well some anyway. I always keep the lotions and shampoos and shower caps, sewing kits, from hotel rooms. And I occcasionally even use them... them make good travel utilities.

  9. I love hotel note pads...and frozen yogurt spoons.

  10. False. Fire cannot burn dragon's blood.

    I really feel like Dwight Schrute would be a huge Game of Thrones fan.

  11. hehehe I totally take all of the free stuff at hotels!! lol. We have a drawer full of shampoo, conditioner and lotion. So I'm not alone! lol

  12. Nag Champa is a unique smell of incense, have used it before, but it will make your house smell like a hippie.

  13. Fun post - you're picture with the spoons just made me smile - you've got to be a riot "out in public" (though, you've said you're shy . . . you stole spoons . . . ummm!) :)

    Sad state of America for those who don't get the pun - but I'm sure you're right - I'm sure there are many folks who don't even realize it!

    Have a great weekend!

  14. I am a suckers for taking all the bathroom stuff. I love having travel size shampoos and lotions because I usually try to carry on which means I can never take that stuff with me.

    I feel the same way about incense. All in all I usually don't buy or burn it because I feel like it makes everything dirty?

    Have a great weekend!

  15. I sometimes take extra condiment packets from restaurants. And hotel breakfast buffets. I love the peanut butter, jelly, and sugar free syrup packets, so I always take extra. Hey, I could have eaten all of it at breakfast if I was really hungry! And my husband usually doesn't have anything from the buffet except coffee, so I figure it evens out.

  16. I remember in middle school when incense was so cool. Now, whenever I smell it, I feel like I'm going to barf. I don't spend much time in Catholic churches, luckily.

  17. the only thing cooler than plastic colored spoons are sporks!! oh man, any time i see them i get excited and swipe some....i'm such a sucker for anything free. :P

    send some bday wishes to the sis for me too! :)

  18. Hotel shampoos and "sewing kits" are totally worth stealing. Frozen yogurt spoons? Where from? And I'm meh on incense too. I like diffusers better.

  19. I love little hotel shampoos, they are so much fun to have! I used to burn incense in middle school, I'd never even consider it now, dunno why...

  20. I take free stuff all the time too!! Those little bottles at hotels are the best even just to refill when you're travelling! I have never used incense... Some smell alright but it really does remind me of hippies!

  21. I WISH I could get my apt. to smell like a hippie w/incense. Right after I burn it, it always smells like cheese or something. Weird, but it happens everywhere I live.

  22. I definitely take free things. I really enjoy hotel pens and the little pads of paper, shampoo and other things like that. Also at businesses when they have pens with their logo.

    I enjoy incense. I think it can smell really nice and I don't mind if my place smells like hippie :)

  23. I'm totally a sucker for free stuff! At UT, clubs always set up booths and hand out everything they can think of! I tend to rack up! Love the "clothes" signs.


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