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How to Make Science Fun. Really, Really Fun.

Hypothesis: Cadbury Mini Eggs bought in the UK will be superior in taste, texture and smell to their lowly American counterparts.

Experiment: Taste testing done with one bag of UK purchased Cadbury Mini Eggs and one bag bought from Wal Mart in Georgia. Participants will taste both varieties without bias and compare the exterior shell, overall crunch, taste, creaminess factor and aroma upon opening bag.

Observation/Data Collection: Through extensive sampling, participants were able to note the following:

-While the main ingredient in American bags is sugar, in English bags the main ingredient is milk

-UK shells are thinner and have a less sweet taste
-Color variations are evident. English bags lack blue and instead have a purple egg variety.
-UK mini eggs have a freckled appearance rather than a solid color shell

 -US mini eggs are definitely sweeter and creamier. The UK version has a stronger cocoa taste.

Conclusion: They are both freaking delicious. Participants struggled to avoid consuming both bags in mere minutes. Further testing may be required. American version was sweeter and more like candy than chocolate, but in no way inferior to the English version.

Are you a mini egg fan? ARE YOU HUMAN?
Yes to both. Such a fan. My grandma sent the English variety so we had to do an extensive taste test to compare both versions.

Do you have any traditional Easter candies, meals or desserts you plan on making this weekend?
We will definitely make Easter nests (shredded wheat, chocolate and mini eggs) like we have done the last few years. Other than that - nothing in particular!

P.S. I do still run, by the way. When I'm not too busy eating chocolate. Last night was 6.5 miles on the TM. Tonight I'm going for 8. Wish me luck. 


  1. my favorite candy of all time. for sure. and seeing as i give up sweets for lent every year-i devour a bag in about .1 seconds. :)

  2. You should be impressed that I read this since the thought of eating chocolate makes me want to gag right now.

    Good luck on the 8 miles!

    1. This is the saddest thing I've ever read.

  3. I like the full size cadbury eggs with the super sickly sweet frosting inside. Yummy! I don't know if I have had the mini ones. Peeps are my favorite Easter candy. Especially when they get all stale and chewy. ahhh I can't wait!

  4. You definitely need to contact my college chemistry department and propose this as an official experiment.

    In all seriousness, though, I don't think I have ever tried them (I know, I know...shame on me). I guess this is because chemists are not humans, and are actually probably more genetically similar to lab rats.

  5. Mini eggs are the best, well the english ones are anyway ;-)

  6. The food standards in the UK are so much more strict than in the US. Same goes for US and Canada. Mike works for Nestle so he gets to see it first hand!

  7. Oh how I love Cadbury eggs! Thanks for the very important scientific information regarding my next order!

  8. What fun research. ha ha. You'e inspired me to go get some of each so that I can get the ball rolling for my kids' Easter baskets.

  9. Hahaha - love it!

    Have a great run, and be sure to refuel with some more mini eggs!

  10. I have never had Cadbury anything in the entire 26 years I've been alive. But for some reason, yesterday I bought 4 eggs cause they looked soooo good. I wish I could get my hands on some of those mini eggs though!

    My traditional Easter candy is the Reese's Eggs. Nom Nom!

  11. I don't get those Cadbury egg obsessions people have. I think I'm human, I'm just not a really big candy person.

  12. I've only had American mini eggs, but they are the best easter candy, by far.

  13. Mini eggs are my all time favorite! In fact come this time of the year they are hard to find! (you have to buy them early, right when Easter candy comes out or they might be gone! I've been enjoying your blog!

    ❀ Paige
    Finding Joy in the Journey

  14. Oh My Goodness! Cadbury Mini Eggs are my very very favorite candy ever! Love love love these! And I can eat the whole bag! I am going to have to try to get my hands on some of the UK eggs!

  15. I love SCIENCE! If I only had to eat one candy for the rest of my life, Cadbury Mini Eggs would be it.

    Good luck on your run!

  16. Cadbury Mini Eggs and Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs are my true loves. ;)

  17. Good call on the taste testing. I will be honest, I have never eaten one of those small eggs? Is that wrong and bad? I not a huge candy person except for white reese and dove dark chocolates. I don't buy much else.

    No plans for Easter this year. If I am the only one cooking and it is just me and the husband I don't really do much. I like to just relax cuz he doesn't care about a big meal or anything.

    Good luck with the 8!

  18. Is it weird I have never had one? ... I feel like I'm missing out. Have a lovely Easter Weekend. I think my plans are a good balance between family time and adult time socializing with people around my age.

  19. LOL this is ADORABLE! I haven't had a mini egg in a LONG time. I prefer Cadbury Creme Eggs :D Creme not caramel!

  20. well, we're cadburry fans all the way, and the UK or KIWI version. It's less sweet, more savory. MUCH BETTER!

  21. eggs.
    You should have requested a Canadian version so that you could see if the Canuck mini eggs were somewhere in between the US and UK versions...

    I had UK mini eggs a few years ago and remember liking them more than the ones we had here.

  22. Mmmm... I don't think I have ever had one of those mini eggs but I do think we have them in Canada too and they are likely different from both of the ones you have. But you do make them sound great!

  23. I always make hot cross buns for Good Friday,. I don't eat the candy until it goes on clearance after Easter!

  24. I love mini eggs - I want both varieties. I believe I'm human, but you never know

  25. Hmmm I might have to conduct a similar test over here ... obviously would be best for a more rounded result table?

  26. i think i'd just get stuck in an endless loop of the testing, retesting phase forever! ;) haha..i luv the eggs too...yum yum!

    as a tradition my grandma makes this awesome monkey bread is something we only get on Easter and Xmas, so we look forward to these occasions ALL year! :)

  27. We got froyo the other day and they had Robin's egg flavored froyo! It was amazing. Of course I love those eggs. Now I want to try the British version. I ate some peeps last night, and I'll probably have more tonight. My mom sent us rabbit ears, so I plan on wearing those on Sunday and calling it a day. I used to have a big seder every year with all my friends but all the Jews moved away :(

  28. this experience made me laugh out loud!!! ha! I'm glad you were able to find conclusive information for this study! me,
    I think they're gross but maybe a reeses pieces study can be done over here in Texas?? I'll be all over it :-)

  29. I'm not a particular fan of Cadbury eggs, but I *am* a fan of science, so I would be a willing volunteer for said experiment. All in the name of science of course. It has absolutely nothing to do with my love of sweets. ;-)

  30. I love the regular cadbury eggs non of this mini stuff :-)

  31. Loved your nuun video (can't remember if I mentioned that already or not.) You better be on the team, otherwise the world is falling to pieces.

    I've totally noticed a difference in european versions of american candy-- I feel like the american versions are always more sweet and junky haha.

  32. I am glad you did that study. I think without it, every British person would keep insisting that the chocolate there is better. I for one, am not a big candy fan, so I could really care less, but I dated a British guy for a while who made sure I knew that British candy and especially Cadbury was way superior to the American stuff.

  33. I'm jealous of your science experiment. My parents are weirdos about doing taste comparisons and we do them all the time on things from french fries to sour cream, haha. This would be right up their alley. And mine too, because I love the mini eggs. Yum.

  34. Easter candy is definitely the best. I love those eggs!


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