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Weekly Blah Blah Blah

Monday: Le Rest Day. (That's French for rest day. It means I'm fancy.)
Tuesday: Cycled 4 Miles, Ran 7 Miles, 100 push-ups
Wednesday: Cycle 4 Miles, Ran 6 Miles
Thursday: Cycled 20 Miles, Ran 1 Mile, 100 push-ups
Friday: Cycled 4 Miles, Ran 5 Miles, 10 minute ab workout
Saturday: Ran 12 Miles, Walked 2 Miles
Sunday: Ran 4.2 Miles

Totals: 35.2 miles of running, 32 miles of biking, 200 push-ups, 10 minutes of abs, 2 miles walking

Slight improvement over last week with strength training. Still not lifting anything heavier than a diet coke can, but I did at least force myself to stop and do sets of 15-20 push-ups on a couple days this week and do an ab video on YouTube. In my house, we call that success.

This week I'm doing something pretty unusual for me. There's a race - and Tim is planning on running. It's a local 5k and 10k. But instead of running...I'm volunteering? I've never volunteered for a race before, and that just isn't right. It will be a little different, but I'm excited to be cheering and supporting instead of being the attention hog (aka - everyday life).

On other news...this is the weather this week. My little kiddie pool is calling my name!

Unfortunately, that means running needs to be done before sunrise to avoid heatstroke. GUESS WHAT?! It's the season of runners complaining about the weather! I think we probably have until October for general bitterness and anger over the heat, then 2-3 weeks of pleasant fall weather. Of course, then we can start complaining en masse about the winter.

One person in my family is definitely loving the sun and heat:

He just runs around finding the tiniest spots of sunlight to set up camp. I joke about turning into a crazy cat lady, but I think it might be official now. Tim wants to rescue every animal in the world, but I typically stop him because I'm heartless. That's what he tells me, anyway. But last week we went to the local shelter and might be picking up a little kitten tomorrow after talking with the vet. If it's 3-2 in the house, I think the cats have won.

Are you a bitter weather complainer?
Add me to the club. I really don't like the cold for anything other than running, but I guess I'll get used to it eventually. But I'll still complain about it.

Have you ever volunteered at a race before?
I haven't and that seems a little odd, considering I have run 10+ races so far. I like having the excitement without any of the anxiety, too!


  1. I haven't volunteered either but I think it is a great idea, and something I will definitely be doing this year.

    Complain away about the heat, I dread the day it arrives here in DC. Just awful.

  2. I've never volunteered at a race. I'm a pretty selfish runner, if someone is running, i want it to be me. That's why I'm a terrible spectator, too. I can't wait to hear how it goes!

    I"m SO glad the temps aren't like that here, yet. It was only 60 today. I also took a rest day, so I can't really complain.

  3. Volunteering at races is the best!! You will feel so good. But I will warn you, you will probably run right home and start registering for the next race you can find. It's so inspiring to be out there with all those sweaty people.

  4. I love volunteering at races. You get to eat the best snacks before they even finish.

    I expect lots of kitten pictures.

  5. yup, humidity in the south sucks and i will always complain about it.. don't forget about the hills too. hehe
    at least running in the humidity gives us a one up when traveling to other locations for races

  6. I volunteered for my first race with my hubby about a month was a great experience and we have already signed up to help with another the first weekend in June. The people are so appreciative (who are putting on the race) for our help and the runners (we were part of packet pick up day) who picked up their packets were so excited....just like I was when I ran my 2 yes, only TWO races so far, races and picked up my packet.

    You should do it....volunteer for some thing you are NOT running in...way more fun. ;-)

  7. Girl I need to run more days. You are killing it! After my race this Sunday I am going to start to incorporate more running days.

    Never volunteered. Im lame

    I will say I am more than excited for the heat. I am sick of running in the cold and am going to try and enjoy as much as I can. (but in the end I will complain I am sure :))

  8. I haven't volunteered at a race yet but I hope to do so sometime soon.

    Aww a little kitten sounds so cute. I wish we were able to have a cat.

  9. i'm jealous, i want a kiddie pool so so bad. Ryan tells me I'm ridiculous. I complain about the heat, i don't do well in it at all. I haven't volunteered for a race yet, but really really want to!

  10. I've never volunteered at a race before, although I probably should because I am always so thankful for the people who volunteer at the races that I do!

    Virginia is just as hot as georgia right now, I think.

    ...but thankfully I'm in sunny San Diego for the week, visiting my aunt and uncle-- so the high is in the mid 60's and lows are in the 50's. Such a narrow range of temps and humidity of like zero. I could get used to this! I think I'm going to do a marathon on Sunday, I hope it's not too hot.

  11. Oooh! I bet you will be so motivated and happy to volunteer. I always think of those people as superstars- especially when the weather is MISERABLE and they are smiling away! I died laughing at the diet coke can lifting. That has to count for something.

  12. Those temps are not fun at all! Yuck. You definitely rocked the mileage girl! & I love pets. I have a soft spot for animals...and cannot say no. But now we're down to one dog - and I feel this need to fill the hole.

  13. I looooove the heat. I don't mind it at all. I mean, if it's 100+ for several days in a row, that's annoying. But 80s & 90s are fine!

  14. The weather is going to be sooo warm this week! Time for sunbathing!

  15. I live in Tampa and the mornings are still decent for running. It's the afternoons that are brutal. We are definitely too hot during the summer so I do complain. The other three seasons are beautiful though.

    Great job with all your workouts.

  16. I've helped at races but never an 'official' volunteer! It's fun. Yay for the potential new kitten! And, you can do a 100 push ups a day, impressed!

  17. Le rest day? I love it. I am le resting today fo sho. I am also volunteering for a race this sunday... I have to be to my post by 7:55am and I volunteered for this? oy

  18. you can do 100 pushups? in a row? are you kidding me. dang for not working your upper body you're kinda jacked!

  19. I volunteered at the Boston Marathon in college... that was such a rewarding experience! Can you do 100 pushups all at once? Ever heard of the 100 pushup challenge?

  20. First of all, nice week of exercise.
    Second, good for your for rescuing a kitty and volunteering at a race. I would like to do that too.
    Third, I posted the recipe for the PB&Nutella cookies on my food blog today.
    Go Tim!

  21. i will bitterly complain about the weather until the day i'm 6ft under at which point i'll say that it's a tad too chilly there....actually i hope i'm not saying it's blazing hot! ;) jk.

    man, get out there and beat the heat girl! i've helped out at a few races before, not big ones, hopefully u get a nice job like handing people water along the route...helping people thru the finishing chute isn't so much fun...i had to dodge some puke before there! :)

  22. I've never volunteered at a race before, but I am volunteering at the CrossFit Games this weekend.

    Great mileage for the week...I have not been interesting in running more than 6 miles since my half

  23. Enjoy your sunshine, feels like we are about to get water logged this side of the pond!
    I have volunteered for the local midnight half marathon walk (still to be done) but otherwise I used to spend every year at a water station with my mom at the Comrades marathon.

  24. Nice miles! It's such a great experience to volunteer for races, it's great getting to see it from the other side. Also when I volunteered for the IM and saw what everyone else went through it made me feel better about myself, thinking "oh so I wasn't the only one completely disoriented when I got out of the water. Have fun!

  25. That's a lot of miles! You are doing a ton of biking -- are you gearing up for a tri or just getting some cross training in?

    I have volunteered and loved it!! The race I volunteered for was a 50k, and it was so inspiring to see all the folks running their hearts out. I got great pleasure from helping them achieve their goals! I met one girl who was running her first race EVER, and it was a 30k trail race!!! What guts! And she came in first in her age group!

    I hate the heat, but trained in it last year, in Missouri no less (humid! hot!) so it's doable. You just have to run early and even then it's pretty darn hot! I don't mind the cold though. It's a lot easier to put on an extra shirt than it is to deal with the heat.

  26. We could use some heat here in VT. Cool and rainy today. I haven't volunteered at a race, but I am going to this year..

  27. I complain about heat...which is ongoing here in Georgia!

    Volunteering for a race is FUN! I highly recommend doing it for a longer race too, inspiration abounds!

  28. Are you serious?! 100 push-ups? I can do probably 10 push-ups. Maybe 25 if I take steroids and drink 3 Red Bulls. You crazy.

  29. ummm friend. 200 push-ups any time...even in a month...sounds like seriousness to me! you rocked the workouts last week!!! i love love love how you mix it up!

    my dogs love to find the sunny spots and just lounge. i cant wait to have a deck and just sit outside with them! haha!
    yay for a new addition!!!! that sounds so exciting :)

    annnnnd. so pumped you are volunteering! i was so surprised at how much i absolutely loved it! hope you have a blast and especially have a blast cheering on the hubs!

  30. Damn you are on fire with those pushups! Nice work!

    I've volunteered, but not enough, and I feel tremendous guilt over that. I'm so lazy.

    Without a job to get to, it will be tough to force myself to wake up at 5:30 to run this summer....could be interesting.

  31. I hate hate hate the cold! Sadly, I live in Idaho, for now. This Idaho living will not be for ever, I assure you! But we are heading into spring and summer so I am OK for now.

  32. 100 push ups? WTF! HOLY COW she-woman!!! Great job!!!! I'm just jealous! I actually had a dream last night that I did 50 push ups (men's style) and hardly noticed I did them . . . .ummm that's because I was asleep and didn't really do them - so sad to have woken up to realize I wasn't that awesome.

    I have volunteered at a couple of races - absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!!! It's almost better than actually racing!

    Your cat in the sun cracks me up. My dog also finds the little square of sun shining on the carpet in order to lay in.

  33. after being in california for a week and coming home to the humidity all i want to do is whine about it. guess its back to early morning running. boo. and yes, i’ve volunteered. and i love doing it! its really fun and you know what to say/do since you are a runner.

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