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The Worst Kind of Blog Post

Want to know a pet peeve I have when reading blogs? Disclaimers. Not the good or necessary kind (I got this combination garlic chopper/running shoe FREE from company xyz!) but the kind that goes at the top of a blog post. You know what I mean. These ones:

  • Sorry I haven't posted! I have been super busy with work. 
  • I had a great weekend and took NO PICTURES!
  • I really couldn't think of anything to say for this post...
  • Wow, has it really been a week since I posted? I have nothing going on!

When I read a variation on the above, it's like a blinking light in my head goes off and tells me to press that little red x at the top of the screen. Seriously. You might as well just post in big bold letters at the top of the page DON'T READ THIS-NOTHING TO SAY.

Keep in mind - I don't mind if you forget to post for a few days. I don't post everyday and I could care less if anyone else does. But if you skip a day - don't worry about it! If you don't have pictures, who cares? Unless you happen to blog for a living (and I read very few blogs who actually do that) then you have nothing to apologize about.

And if you have absolutely nothing to say? Don't blog. I won't mind. In fact, I'll be more excited to read your blog if it's been a few days. I know you'll be saving up the good stuff to share.

Do you feel an obligation to post/comment/read blogs on a regular basis?
I really used to, and if a day went by without a post I would almost feel guilty. I've actually been posting less and less lately (maybe 5 times a week?) and that seems to be easier for me to handle. 

Be honest - do you skip a blog post without pictures?
I would never skip a blog post just because there were no pictures, although overall I do think they help me get to know the writer better. What's that? You have to have a picture in this post? Fine - here:

Just try to find something cuter than that.


  1. Ahhhh! Yes! I have the worst blog guilt! I have been slowly exposing myself to my anxiety by forcing myself to take a break Thursday-Sunday. Those days I don't even open my blog and try not to feel guilty. It doesn't work all the time but I am getting better! I think sometimes I make myself feel like I have an obligation to blog but then I have to take a step back and remind myself WHY I blog and also that everyone else has lives too.

  2. Interesting... I think I'm guilty as charged a few times on my own blog... recently I went a little over a month without blogging and apologized for being gone so long... silly school ;)
    I don't mind the occasional disclaimer, but what I don't like is when someone posts a disclaimer in what seems like .. if that's happening, what's the point in even having a blog?
    BTW, Cute pic of the kitties :)

  3. I'm on and off in the blogosphere lately. I've come to the realization that I don't have to post if I honestly have nothing to post about. I don't need to be stressed about finding something/anything to post about it. And I really find the day to day posts where people post to just to post that interesting.

    Regardless if I'm posting, I still try to read and comment though. And posts without pictures.... Depends on the title. If it looks interesting I'll read it, if not I guess I'm more apt to skip over if there are no photos. Not sure why though, lol.

  4. *I don't really find the day to day posts that interesting.

    Typing too fast and not proofing my comments, lol...

  5. OMG KITTIES!!!!!!

    new favorite blogger. I'm a sucker for cat pictures.

  6. Yup I close out the screen anytime I read all of the above, especially the "sorry guys that it's been so long...". Maybe some people think that the blog police really keep track.

  7. uggg, that;s me - but I'm crazy, I actually DO get anxiety over not visiting blogs - it's insane. But I think it stems from my innate need to connect with everyone I meet on a deep personal level. seriously, if you were my friend living down the street you'd tell me to RELAX ;)

    so GUILTY - but I hate when I go to catch up on a blog and all I see is a sea of text. No photos, just an essay - ARGH! No thanks, says the girl with ADHD ;)

    Anyway, sorry I haven't visited in a while ;) :P

  8. I'm guilty for feeling guilty for not posting... I'm also guilty for posting on facebook how guilty I felt...but then I made up for it with a giveaway today;) I obviously don't feel obligated to post everyday or I wouldn't have let 7+ days fly by w/o a post, but I guess I'm under the false optimism that people care and want to read what I write & are genuinely bummed when I don't post LOL!!

    PS: posts w/o pictures scare me -- particularly if they're long. The picture(s) break it up and somehow make long posts tolerable.

  9. I'm guilty of the above a few times. But it doesn't really bother me unless it's someone who says it all.the.time. I only say it when I feel it's warranted.

    I used to feel a pressure to blog in a really regular schedule, but then realized the silliness of that and now only blog when I have something to say. But I'll still read and comment, but it's because I want to.

    As for pictures - it all depends. Lots of long paragraphs get to me and I normally skim or go to the end. I like pics when they break it up, but if it's well-written and interesting, it's okay of there are no pics.

  10. That cat picture is disgustingly sweet. Seriously. I think I got a cavity from looking at that.

  11. Hilarious! I used to feel obligated to read people's blogs if they commented on mine- I am now over that now. Pet peeve? The wordy, whiney blog.

    1. AGREED - if you want to constantly complain get a journal ;)

  12. I've learned that no one cares when I'm why make a point at pointing out when I don't post. Haha. I hate when I have a post with no pictures.

  13. That comment was supposed to have more but Mike was putting his nasty feet on me and I lost my train of thought. Gross.

  14. I post every weekday, but I haven't felt writer's block yet. If I did, I just wouldn't post. Luckily I live with prime blog fodder.

  15. oh girl, how is it that you read my mind all the time? yes, post WHEN YOU WANT TO and WHEN YOU HAVE NEWS. Or just to because you feel like it. But to each their own. Ya know?

  16. Haha! I haven't been posting on mine because I really havent ran or done anything remotely interesting or fun.
    I will be back though!
    Love your posts.

  17. I don't feel guilt when I don't post and I only post when I feel I have something I want to write about... whether anyone else is going to read it or not.

    I don't mind posts without pictures if they are interesting.

    I would rather read an interesting post than look at pictures, just for pictures sake!

    Your cats are very cute and I bet they are very naughty!!


    Oh yeah, almost forgot. I agree. DO NOT APOLOGIZE!

  18. I like pictures in blogs, but it's a trade off. If the blogger is a good enough writer, pictures don't matter. Then again, the best (to me) bloggers could blog about anything and I would read it.

    I'm learning to let myself skip blogging when I have nothing to say. If I'm boring writing a blog, I'm not going to force anyone to read it.

  19. I often go a week without blogging and then I'll have a flurry where I blog four times a week. And I don't like reading people saying "oh sorry for not posting for so long", so I NEVER say that myself...(or maybe I have, but I don't remember doing it.)

    The one thing I feel guilty about sometimes is not getting a chance to check out people's blogs for like a week at a time, because I always try to visit the people who take the time to comment on my blog. I just sometimes have really bad time management and don't get back to people for like a week.

  20. I'm guilty of starting a post with an apology but that's how I am in real life. I'll start a face to face conversation or phone conversation with "I'm so sorry..." I apologize WAY too much!

  21. Cute kitties!

    If I don't have time or am not feeling creative (or am just plain lazy) I don't blog. I do try to keep up with commenting as much as I can, but I have my Reader set to folders and sub folders, so there are certain people (blogs I like the most) who I try to make sure I comment on at least once in a while. Maybe I am silly, but I feel like it's similar to a regular friendship; you have to have contact once in a while to keep it going. The others I sometimes just Mark All As Read.

    As for photos, I don't care either way. As long as you make paragraphs and don't write your post as one long spew of words. For myself, I like to add a photo to each post if I have one that is relevant.

  22. not every day for me and I am good with that. I am not that interesting to post every day!! my kids are but people would really get annoyed I think!!

    the picture I dont care. I skip posts with many pics of what people eat.

    Pet Peeves....I got a few...dont we all...I dont like the endless complaining about every little thing.

  23. I totally 100 % agree with everything you said!!

    My Running Shortz

  24. Ok, sorry, I apologise ... for all of the above!!! But I honestly do feel guilty for not blogging, but promise next time I'm about to do one of those posts I will put the title "don't read - nothing to say!" I do like a post with photos, but will still read it if there isn't any there.

  25. Pretty sure I've been guilty of the above a few times but I see where you are coming from. When I post can be very random. Every day, once a month, etc. Very cute cat picture!

  26. I never skip blogs for not having pictures, because I know I suck at posting pictures. I do what I like to call a picture drought and binge, where I go forever with no photos at all, and then I'll post one huge picture-heavy post and crash all of my readers' computers in the process LOL

  27. I will say that I have fallen into a few of those traps myself. As humans if we feel any sort of guilt a majority of us apologize ;-/ Bad habits can be hard to break.

    But I do agree with the pictures. I love to see them, that doesn't mean I won't read if there are not but they are always nice.

    I like to comment when I can and if I feel the need to say something, otherwise I just read. Blogging should be fun and enjoyable not a dreaded chore.

  28. I'm totally guilty of all these things, although I haven't apologized for not posting in a long time. Glad people will still read posts without pictures, because so many days are just not photogenic in my life. I don't mind posts without pictures, because often people just post pictures of their pets which I don't care about anyway. JK. But really. :)

  29. If it's a post with no pictures AND no paragraph breaks, yes. I might even consider unfollowing you. Those posts hurt my brain too much.

    I don't feel obligated to comment, but I usually do comment on the blogs I read. I follow because I like them, so why not comment?

  30. My least favorite is the "I need a break from blogging." I don't really care. It's not like you need my permission to go on vacation (real or imaginary).

  31. I don't skip a photo-less post unless it is just waaaay to long. I try to keep my posts that don't include picture short and sweet because I know the pictures help keep attention for medium to longer posts.

  32. Good one! I find more people actually read my posts if I skip a few days in between. I love using photos but often post without any.

  33. haha I love how you say what everything is thinking but maybe don't have the guts to say! I hate it when people say they haven't posted in a while. I totally didn't even notice because I was reading other blogs did post!

  34. I'm not really a cat person, but I want to snuggle with yours. They look so cuddly! If my dog wasn't a cuddler I'd be heartbroken.

  35. too funny...I got here from Running with Spatulas after she commented about your post....I love it and totally agree....


  36. I found you from Running With Spatulas too and totally agree!! Especially since I am new to the community, I feel more driven to be on top of blog guilt. Sigh...I just don't have time!

  37. I don't like those either. I always thing, obviously you have something to post or otherwise you wouldn't have created a post. . . hopefully there is no blogger posting a post that contains one sentence of, "nothing new here; check back later" . I know, it'd never say that exactly; no one seems to like the semi-colon any longer. ;-P

    I have a little anxiety, as I just started my blog, that I was originally going to try to post something at least every other day, but that doesn't work out in my real life schedule. Thus, I am now trying to do something at least once a week. :-)

    Love the kitty photo.

  38. haha too funny I kind of like you. I am like the words worst blogger and I honestly don't freaking care. I have completely realized that my blog is simply more of a journal for me. So I just blog for me and my family and if people want to read it that whatevs.

    I like the picture of the cats. :)

  39. thank goodness you put that cat picture in, otherwise i would have completely skipped this post...

    i dont really feel guilty for not posting, more for not commenting on peoples blogs who do so on mine. but sometimes i just don't have anything to add to the conversation, its not that i'm not reading.

    this blogging stuff is stress city :)

  40. Awww...that's an adorable kitty pic.
    If I post at least once a week I'm happy. I used to feel pressure to post everyday but when it starts to feel like a job- forget it.

  41. I am so glad you posted this! I have to say I am guilty of apologizing for no pictures or having nothing to say lol I think we all do it at least once but no more! I came to a conclusion a few months ago that if I didn't have anything to blog about I would not post and if 3 or 4 days went by and I didn't post, oh well, hopefully I wouldn't lose readers but if I do, that's life. It's blogging, it should be fun and not boring or obligating. As always love your blog Vanessa!!!! We have to run a race in the future together, although I'm sure you will definitely bypass me!

  42. your posts always make me laugh! haha, so true...guess when we have bloggers block, you don't wanna hear about it, eh?

    have a good night!

  43. okay, i don't really have anything to comment, but....HAHA...just kidding! no, i luv ur honesty and u're so creative when it comes to blog post topics. i hear ya, if u have nothing to blog on, don't waste the space. i kno for darn sure i'm not interesting enough to post every day, i dunno how in the world people do the multi-day thing...cray cray. :)

  44. This has been me for the past month :( I think you make a good point though. I think some bloggers like myself start to feel like blogging is a necessity instead of a hobby. Now that I'm coming back to blogging, I want to have a good balance with posting. I don't want to live through the lens of my camera and you're right, we should not apologize for it! Thanks for that reminder!

  45. Nothing cuter than that picture for sure!


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