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21.5 Mile Run, PSLs and Pull-ups!

Normally I feel guilty spending money on Starbucks treats, because house building mode = budget mode, all the way. Plus, I can usually bake something healthier and tastier at home. But today I had plenty of reasons to hit up the 'Bucks, and ZERO reasons to stay away. I enjoyed my very first Pumpkin Spice Latte of all time, a lemon square and a mini carrot cake cupcake:

Alright, I'll admit it. I get the hype now. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are GOOD. I blame all of you for beginning what will surely become an addiction for me. So why did I go all out at Starbucks today? Two reasons:

One-I ran 21.5 miles this morning, a new record in distance for me.

Two: Jenn sent me a Starbucks giftcard straight from Hawaii! How I could I resist when all the goodies were FREE?!

It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon. Reading in the sun, enjoying tasty treats and chatting with hubby. There MAY or may not have been a quick trip to a certain Nike Outlet which will be discussed tomorrow. Let's just say I spent $26 dollars and came out with running capris, 2 tees, 1 running tank and a huge pack of socks. Thank you coupons!

In other news, hubby got this door hanging pull-up contraption online with an Amazon gift card we had. He hung it up over the bedroom door and said every time we walk through we have to do a set.

For hubs, one set = 7 pull-ups. For me, one set = 1 pull-up. And then after that, I sort of just hang there. Try not to be too jealous of my upper body strength.

Drinks only from Starbucks, or do you get anything to eat while you're there?
In Hong Kong at the Uni my husband worked at we got a discount, so we would eat lunch. But now I rarely get anything but a drink. Today was such a nice treat. Thanks again, Jenn!

Did you ever have to do pull-ups/chin-ups in school? Do you do them now?
I HATED doing chin-ups when I was in PE at school. I was always really bad at them and got embarrassed. I couldn't even do the monkey bars properly...ahh!


  1. YUM! I have never tried the PS latte either. I am afraid to :) I am not a huge nutmeg fan so its hard for me to find a pumpkin spice that is not to nutmeggy, but I do want to try. Afraid I will be addicted too :) I only usually get either an iced coffee or a Strawberry Black Tea (iced and with the Strawberry puree) SO YUMMY! I hated pull ups/chin ups and still do! Maybe caues I cant do any! I admire your 1 :)

  2. ooo and you did 21.5 miles on a treadmill? I would die of boredom That in itself deserves some sore of keg of lattes!

  3. YAY!!! You FINALLY got to try the famous Starbucks PSL!!!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and I'm so sorry in advance for future addictions;)

    AWESOME JOB on your 21.5 miles today -- you are a BEAST!!!

  4. I really CANNOT believe you do that kind of distance on a treadmill! Yikes, that would drive me nuts! Congrats on a great long run, especially after yesterday!!! As for Starbucks (yum!) - I normally only do drinks and I rarely go…but I do love it. And I don't do pull-ups :)

  5. 21.5 miles on a treadmill?? My feet feel numb just for you.

    Did you ever watch the Tosh.O marathon? It's the race designed for you. :)

  6. I'm extremely impressed with your treadmill running. I don't know how you do it!

    I've never been that into PSLs, even when I worked there, but today I had my fourth of the season, and fall has barely started! I never get the treats though, I had several lifetimes' worth in my six years. Everything has a strict shelf life and gets thrown away or eaten by employees when it's over. Ahhh, the good old days.....

  7. As a recovering PE teacher, I have to admit, I hate making kids do chin ups...I think running is better for them!

    AND, Im not worthy TM queen! Awesome. I have 16 in the morning...Im gonna catch you!

  8. I love Starbucks! We usually do drink only but when I'm feeling rich I'll get oatmeal or a breakfast wrap. Or if I'm starving I get a protein plate. Yum!!
    As far as pull ups go, I hated and still hate them! I'm strong, I carry my 4 year olds around (at over 80 pounds total) but pull ups are hard!! We have the over the door bar and I should really try to use it!!

  9. Ok. I had my first pumpkin spiced latte two weeks ago and I have no idea what the hype was all about. I wasn't impressed. Maybe I was expecting something to take my breath away.
    But to me, it is just regular latte with pumpkin spice sprinkle on top. Nothing "unmakeable" in my own kitchen.

    I do love their low fat cranberry orange coffee cake though.

  10. And 21.5 miles on the treadmill?
    Girl ... you deserved more than a trip to Starbucks!!!!!

    And I thought I was Princess of the World when I did 10 miles on the 'mill.

  11. Um... so am I reading this correctly that you did 21.5 miles ON A TREADMILL????? You are a rockstar. Wow. Super impressive.

  12. My first and last pumpkin spice latte was the morning I moved away from Alaska. It was sad. So I associate it with that moment. Also, it was waaayyy too sweet for me. I'm such an amateur compared to you!!!

    Congrats on the distance PR, you're gonna rock that marathon!

  13. I'd say that treadmill is worth every penny if you can handle long runs like that on it. You're amazing!

    Hooray for a PSL-I have to use lots of restraint these days when it comes to Starbuck's!

  14. We have a pull up bar inbetween our living room and bathroom. I need to start using it.

  15. Dang 21 miles on the Treadmill? Holy cow! I actually don't drink Starbuck. Here in the pacific northwest we have Dutch Bros. and once you go Dutch, you never go back, lol. I am excited for some fall weather to enjoy their candy cane mocha's in though... just not the same to sip on one iced when it is 80 degrees and christmas in august. ;)

  16. wowwww congrats on the 21.5 on the mill. That is awesome! I am AWFUL at pullups. I'm the same as you. one equals one set. I don't recall having to do them in school...but maybe I just have blocked it out ;)

  17. I used to do pull ups, chin ups, and static hangs all the time. I don't know why I don't do them now lol.

    Um by the way that distance is awesome.

  18. PSL's do totally rock. Glad you've joined the bandwagon!

    Pull ups rock my world. I can't do a full one but want to SO BAD!

    Get Up & Go

  19. For starters, I'm super glad you're feeling better and were able to knock out a HUGE run (girl, you're just so impressive!).

    Second, I'm not into 'Bucks (thankfully) - otherwise, I'd be in trouble for sure!

    Third, thought this was funny (or pathetic - you can decide) and worth sharing. I went to basic training for the army when I was 25 years old. EVERY SINGLE DAY after EVERY SINGLE MEAL we went out to the pull up bars and spent at least 30 minutes doing them. After 11 weeks, after 3 times a day, after what must have been a total of hundreds of hours of practicing pull ups - want to know how many I was able to knock out by graduation day? zero, none, naddah, zippo, goose egg. I maxed my PT test in push ups and sit ups and even the 2 mile run, but pull ups -!!!! Never could and still can't! I'm NOT letting my husband to see this post otherwise I'll never get to go to bed ever again :)

  20. i BOW down to you... 21.5 on the treadmill?????? crazy girl, you rock!! and oh yea, pumpkin spice is just what you needed to get in the fall mood... i always treat myself to starbucks after a long run.

  21. I'm so jealous of you all with your Starbucks and your pumpkin spiced lattes. Starbucks closed down in Oz a few years back and the equivalents don't do the yummies you guys have. You beat me on the pull up - I can't even get the first one out - well done.

  22. I still don't think I can really do a pull-up, so go you! I tried to buy one of those things and of course lost the receipt before I realized it was missing pieces!! Never been used. Not that my boyfriend didn't TRY to make it work without the other know. men. :P

  23. 1. congrats on finally having your pumpkin spice latter.
    2. 21.5 miles is impressive- 21.5 miles done on the treadmill is down right insane!!!
    3. I have a pull bar, I suck at using it. I totally have to use the chair as an assist.

  24. I tried my first pumpkin spice latte last week and I was not impressed. I don't know what the hype is about. I prefer a regular mocha, light on the chocolate. I don't like my drinks too sweet. Maybe that's the problem with the PSL.

    I can't believe you did that run on the treadmill. You are crazy!

    I used to be able to do one pull up. I don't know if I can now. I have NO arm strength!

  25. Awesome run girl! I trained for my first marathon on a treadmill so I know those runs are NOT easy!! I cannot do a single pull up. I use the assisted machine at the gym... I don't go to Starbucks too often but the latest thing I tried was a soy hot chocolate and it was good! I've tried that cupcake before and it was tasty ;)

  26. Nice going on the 21.5 miles and winning Jenn's giveaway.

    I have been making my own PSLs and I like them better than Starbuck's - check my food blog for the recipe. It was on last Friday's Feature on pumpkins.

    Nice pullup, Hubs!

  27. LOVE Starbucks coffee! It is starting to be latte season for me, which is much more expensive than ice coffee season in the summer. I don't normally get any food there, but when I do it is usually a cake good!

    Nice work on the run this morning!

  28. I could never do the monkey bars either :)

  29. Congrats on the distance milestone! So exciting!

    I hardly ever get anything to eat from Starbucks, but I like that they have the mini baked goods now if I ever do want something. I don't feel AS guilty for getting the little portions :)

  30. oh how i want to do a pull up....

  31. Great job on your long run!! That is pretty awesome! And I am still jealous of your touch screen treadmill!
    I usually get a coffee drink without food.

  32. treadmill?? YOU GET THE MOST AMAZING AWARD!!!!
    Way to go Vanessa!

  33. I'm a Starbucks addict. I admit it! It's our after run treat...every week. Now, did you run 21 miles on a treadmill? That's freaking crazy! I'd last about 2 minutes. Great job and those Starbucks treats were well deserved!

  34. Woohoo for your long run!! When is your marathon again?

    I really only go to Starbucks for the drinks for the same reason as you, I could make something better at home. Though, I did get a slice of pumpkin bread on my trip home from a work conference the other day. DELICIOUS!

    Mike has a pull-up bar just like that. He has it over the guest room door. I should make him do the same thing.

  35. I'm still reeling from you doing 21.5miles just like that ;-) A well deserved starbucks treat I would say.

  36. Awesome deal at the Nike Outlet! I have never had the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte, but I do love the pumpkin spice coffee at Brueggers Bagels!

  37. Awesome deal at the Nike Outlet, I have never had a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks but I do love the pumpkin spice coffee at Brueggers Bagels. Good job on your run!

  38. Me + Pull ups = complete failure of upper body "strength" and collapse into uncontrollable laughter. Oh well, at least I can keep 'em laughing!
    Congratulations on your long run! Awesome distance, you definitely deserved that pumpkin latte and your treats. I still haven't tried one!

  39. 21 miles on a treadmill is crazy but you have a great brand new treadmill so that makes it much easier! I am not the biggest treadmill fan especially the smell of the gym that comes along with it! You definitely deserved the Starbucks treats!

  40. Dang girl you're crazy for running for so long on the TM. Either that or you're seriously in love with that machine! I've never had a pumpkin spiced latte... what exactly comes in one of those? I grew up on Dunkin Donuts so the whole Starbucks world is new to me :P

  41. I used to be obsessed with their oatmeal raisin cookie... then the apple bran muffin... lately I've just been sticking to drinks though! Mostly coffee and always with a sugar-free flavor shot :-) There's nothing like a pumpkin spice latte though... ooooh now I want one!!

  42. um I cannot believe you did that on a treadmill!!!! crazy girl! good for you!

  43. whoa, how do you run for over 3.5 hours!?! I've only done that for marathons. were you dizzy? Bored? HOW? THAT IS SUCH A LONG TIME!

  44. Congrats on your run!!!! I haven't had my official pumpkin latte yet but I am dying for one!!! OMG you two are too cute with your pull ups!! Ugh, I absolutely can't stand pull ups, but it's just because I can't do one!!

  45. why are you so awesome?? 21.5 miles is soo intense! You go girl! The chin up idea is a great way to get in some extra upper body work. I'd be happy with just doing one pull up!!

    By the way, I just saw where you are doing the Chickamauga Marathon in November?? I'm coming to this race to spectate, so we will have to do a meet up :)


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