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I Guess It Wasn't So Bad After All...

Yesterday's post was pretty lame, if I do say so myself. I'm not sure how much of my negative energy got through in the writing, but it was definitely there. Luckily, Saturday night was a pretty spectacular evening, and I was able to cheer up and feel pretty darn happy--I raced a half marathon, and had a PR! I'll get that sub-2 next time. :)

Part of the deal for the race yesterday was that you got entry to a concert by Sister Hazel later in the evening. So after dinner hubs and I headed back into town. For the record, it was a fancy night out. Never mind that most people were still in running clothes and in lawn chairs. I. WORE. MAKEUP. Like, eyeliner and mascara and everything. I know, I know. Impressive.

I think I'll skip the makeup tutorials for now. Unless anyone is looking for tips on how to swipe on lip gloss? If that's the case, send me an email. I can totally hook you up. Anyway, first things first--I needed frozen yogurt. I took my snazzy, eyelinered-up self to the nearest fro-yo place and found candy corn in the toppings! Sneaky employees. Candy corn is amazing in EVERYTHING, but also deceptively heavy. 

The Sister Hazel concert was lots of fun, really small and intimate and most people brought chairs. We did not. I enjoyed a comfy seat on the curb for 2 hours. I also sang along to a grand total of 2 songs, which were the only ones I knew. Still fun!

It was all topped off with some pretty impressive fireworks. Ok, fine. I was bored. They were certainly impressive for a while, but really, after 5 minutes? Bored. Done. Time to move on. Took pictures of hubs to entertain me:

Since it was a Saturday night, I'd just raced a half marathon, and we were out at a concert, it was a pretty wild time. I went to bed--wait for it--at 10:30. Sometimes I just like to let my hair down and get crazy, you know?

Candy corn fans? Don't tell me if you're not. We probably can't be friends. 
Do I really need to say how much I love it? When hubs and I first came to America to visit a couple of years ago, I bought a bag of candy corn to take home. Except I ate it all in a couple of days, and had to buy a replacement bag. Whoops! So glad it's officially autumn and I have a seasonal excuse to indulge.

Be honest--do fireworks get old after a while?
Maybe I just have a short attention span, but I'm usually ready to go before the fireworks end! I would prefer a short and spectacular show, rather than 15 minutes. I feel like this makes me a bad person. Next post - why puppies aren't even that cute. 


  1. ha! I LOVE candycorn too. Good thing we can be friends still or I would cry uncontrollably! :) Way to turn that attitude around too. You did amazing :)

  2. You made me want to go buy some candy corn. I think I'll have to add that to our pumpkin carving list this Friday night. :)

  3. Candy corn on froyo...BRILLIANT! Girl, you look gorgeous! Fireworks definitely get old for me after about 5 minutes!


  4. Such a positive attitude to take away from everything and YES you got a PR! Congrats! Amazing! I am going to pretend that I like candy corn just because I would be sad if we were not friends!

  5. Um I have never tried candy corn. Is that weird? I don't get why everyone is talking about it but I might just have to try it to see what all the hype is about!

    I can be fine with one firework. That's it. Then it's home time.

  6. I love fireworks and Sister Hazel!!! :) I saw a free concert of theirs when I was in college, but was pretty much the only one of my friends that could sing the lyrics to all their songs. So lameo, but they still are one of my favorite groups!

  7. I love candy corn and I like the "makeup" picture! I'm not much of a fan of makeup and I straightened my hair and wore makeup this weekend. Glad you were able to stay awake for the Sister Hazel concert!

  8. I adore candy corn, but even more I love the pumpkins they put in autum mixes (or I buy 4 bags of the pumpkins alone...). Fireworks are ok, I enjoy them enough. Glad the evening went well and you are feeling better about your race.

  9. Love candy corn! This post cracked me up. No negativity here, except for those ugly puppies.

  10. Froyo - yes.

    Candy corn - NO thanks!

    Sounds like a fun night!!

  11. Just read your recap - sounds like you rolled with the punches quite well! It's hard when everything does not work out perfect. This race will just push you even more to get your sub-2:00 next time.

    Yea, I wouldn't have been so into the fireworks either, especially after 2 hours of sitting on the curb.

    And candy corn! Yes! Mixed with peanuts. Then it's a healthy snack because of the protein, right?

  12. I freaking love Sister Hazel. I would have been singing along to all of their songs. :)

    Good job on the race yesterday, I'm impressed with your puke and go method!

  13. I am freakin obsessed with candy corn. Eating it during the marathon was my heaven.

    Sounds like fun, and you look absolutely gorgeous! I'd take your makeup tutorial :)

  14. I like the white parts of the candy corn, so I'll just bite the ends off and sneakily try to put the rest of the corn back. Is that weird?!

  15. I never really understood the thrill of fireworks. I like to go on the 4th sometimes just to see people I haven't seen in a while.

    I like candy corn, but I LOVE candy corn pumpkins!

  16. I love candy corn...definitely my downfall in October :)

  17. I like candy corn....I get too ADD around anything that forces me to stand still for too long - fireworks included. I love that you don't have to wear makeup - but you look pretty with it too. I have the worst skin ever that I don't think I'll ever grow out of. BLAH hate it.

  18. Candy Corn = Love

    I havn't treated myself to them yet this season.

  19. haha candy corn... I must keep my mouth (fingers?) shut about this one haha. And I love fireworks though agree that they would get old if they lasted too long

  20. I can only eat candy corn with peanuts. Then it tastes like a payday candy bar. So good!

  21. Congrats like crazy! Not just for an awesome run but also for the eyeliner, haha. That takes maximum effort!!

  22. Fireworks definitely get old very quickly! I'm with ya! And kudos on the PR, that is pretty darn awesome!

  23. What are you doing out past your bedtime?? Glad you were able to cheer up and have a good time!! Even when things don't go as planned it is still important to realize that you have accomplished something huge and there is always next time! Have a good week!

  24. What a fun night! I love all of the pictures. I agree that fireworks can get a little boring after a while but then again I'm about 99% sure I have a severe case of adhd. ha ha!

    I love candy corn!!

  25. You look beautiful! I mean, you always do- but still :).
    I LOVE this time of year because they put have candy corn in the bulk bins... making it that much easier/cheaper for me to eat my weight in candy corn!!
    I can really only take maybe 10 minutes of fireworks before I'm ready to head out of there. Luckily that's about how long it takes my kids to fall asleep while watching them.

  26. so im a little jealous, i honestly love sister hazel and fireworks, no sarcasm...I wish they did that at events up here!!

  27. I'm OBSESSED with candy corn. Like, it's my favorite. Seriously.

  28. I LOVE CANDY CORN! I can't keep it in the house…because I eat it, like ALL of it! As for fireworks, I like the beginning and the end, the middle gets boring because it's repetitive, but then the grand finale stuff is cool :)

  29. Aww pretty makeup. Yeah, I guess I don't get the allure of fireworks either. I love candy corn though! Like two pieces and then I feel ick.

  30. What a fun night! I love candy corn! I bought the variety bag with the little pumpkins too, yum!

  31. Yay, glad your are feeling better about your race! And I LOVE Sister Hazel - good for you seeing them live!

  32. I only know a couple of Sister Hazel's songs, too. I did get to see them at EPCOT once and enjoyed them - I think it was the nostalgia of college that I liked.

    Fireworks - after working for Disney for so many years I have to have a story line and coordinated music or I am NOT impressive. Disney made me a fireworks snob!


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