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Omelettes and Giveaway Winners!

One of the benefits to living in the boonies is that your neighbors have tons of animals and gardens and bring you free food all the time. One amazing couple regularly drops off a dozen fresh eggs, which means I immediately go into a tailspin trying to figure out how to eat them. Sometimes they're great for baking with, other times I get creative and make frittatas. Most of them time, I fry one up for a sandwich or just make an omelette. We had some veggies lying around last night so we figured--why not make omelettes for dinner? Definitely no reason to restrict them to breakfast time!

I sauteed some mushrooms, red onion, bell peppers and garlic together and then set the mixture aside. Then I beat 4 eggs together with a splash of milk, salt and pepper, and poured into the pan. Top with sauteed veggies, cheese, tomatoes, thinly sliced ham or chicken, spinach--whatever you have lying around. Voila! 

I happen to know you're all dying to find out who the winners were for the Active Bands giveaway! I was lucky enough to get to choose TWO winners, each of whom will receive a $25 gift certificate to pick out their own favorite Active Bands. helped me pick the winners, #31 and #228! Here they are:

Congrats, ladies! Just send me an email to gourmetrunnerblog (at) and I'll make sure you get your certificates.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! I'm not having the easiest time getting back into the swing of things--now my family is gone, the race is over and it's back to real life! 4 weeks until the marathon....bring it on!

What are your favorite omelette ingredients? Whole egg or all whites?
I love sauteed veggies, and if I can have an omelette with asparagus that is just divine. I almost always top them with salsa for some flavor too. Hubs uses ketchup--blech. The omelette shown in the pictures has 4 whole eggs, that was for Tim. Mine had 2 whole eggs, and one white. 

Do you always like to have things to look forward to? What's the next exciting thing ahead?
If I'm completely honest, I get really sad when fun things end. Last night I was really dissappointed that the fun time with family, race, concert, etc. was over. I always like to have something fun coming up on the calendar so I have something to plan and dream about. Now I'm looking forward to the marathon (Nov. 12th), my birthday (Nov.18th) and of course our first American Thanksgiving together!


  1. I love spinach and tomato in omelets, plus any kind of cheese. :) I wish my neighbors brought me fresh eggs!

    The next thing I'm looking forward to is the bake sale!!

  2. Ugh, hate you right now for having awesome neighbors! I remember when I used to run home for fresh eggs, right from the chicken coop. :) The fam lives on a farm. ;) I'm looking forward to school starting Monday. I mean, not looking forward to it, but it's happening regardless!

  3. OMELETS are the I am obsessed with and delicious! I LOVE tomatoes and peppers!!! WHOLE EGG FOR ME!

  4. That looks so delicious! I made breakfast for dinner last night, with fresh eggs from our friends' chickens. YUM! The only bad thing about omelettes is that they're gone way too quickly.

  5. I love omelettes for dinner too! (Why does that word look so funny, did I misspell it?!) I love them with spinach, mushrooms, peppers, and a little bit of feta. Delicious! :)

  6. Omelets are good for pretty much everything. In a perfect world, basil and sun dried tomatoes, but I rarely have either on hand, so I settle for salami and salsa.

  7. ok, i'm pretty sure this has been pointed out to you, but if you were off your time goal by 1 minute, and your race included much weaving and puking in someone's yard... girl, you did it. whatever your official time was, i don't care. in my mind, you're sub-2. and, uh, only my opinion matters. right?

    and YES to salsa on eggs.


    Mine usually turn into "scrambles" because I can never flip them right.

    My usual suspects are spinach, onions, and cheese!

    I always use whole eggs.

  9. I don't think I have omelets enough. I use egg beaters, save the whole eggs for over easy. Tons of veggies and cheese is the way to go.

    I always have to have something on the horizon! Now that the marathon is over, my parents are visiting in just 3 days - I'm so excited! I do get bummed when fun stuff is over though.

  10. Congrats to the winners!

    I love frittatas, I wish I had farm fresh eggs, I would go crazy!

  11. UMMMM YUM!!! i need to stop reading your blog when I am hungry ;) congrats to the winners!

  12. whole eggs, green peppers and ham and cheese. with sour cream and salsa. Yummy!

  13. Mmmmmm veggie omelette all the way! Yum!
    Congrats to the winners!
    we have all the holidays to look forward to right?

  14. I won? WOW - cool! Thanks!

    (me going on stage to deliver my acceptance speech) . . .
    "I'd like to thank for selecting me for this awesome prize! I'd like to thank Gourmet Runner for hosting this incredible give away. I'd like to extend a big ol' woo hoo to Active Bands for supplying GR with the prize. I love you all and I promise that I will wear these in the awesomely positive fun spirit that I bring to all my races!!!! (cue the music). Wait I need to thank my mom who taught me how to tie my shoes so that I can keep my running shoes tied and also wait . . . don't go to commercial yet I'm not done!" :)

    Thanks GR!!!! I'm soooo excited!!!!

  15. Those omelettes look AMAZING! Even better with farm fresh eggs from the neighbors!

  16. My favorite omelettes are the ones my hubby makes...ham, onion, and cheddar!

  17. Oh sorry, got all caught up in my "speech" that I forgot to answer your questions.
    Omelet ingredients - fav are peppers and sausage; close second is feta and greek olives with spinach.

    I MUST have a big race upcoming to keep me motivated otherwise I wouldn't get out there. I like to have things to look forward to in my personal life as well and get bummed when they are over.

  18. Truth be told, I cannot make an omelette. Something in the flipping. I lose them everytime and they go from omelette to scrambled eggs in no time flat.

  19. Mmm omlets! I don't think I have the patience to make them... I always end up with scrambled eggs haha

  20. I love deviled eggs. I could eat them every day. Sometimes I make egg salad and add mustard and paprika just to get that same effect. I'm such a master chef.

  21. Yum, looks delish.
    My favorite omlette ingredients are spinach, mushrooms, tomato, and goat cheese.
    I love having something to look forward to.

  22. I am the same way, I love having things to look forward too. My biggest problem is living in the moment, I always feel like I have to look foward to the future and never take advantage of the things right now.

  23. I too live in the boonies, my sweet goddaughter raises chickens to lay eggs, she sells them cheap and they are sooooo good. I love veggies in my omlettes, and I am looking forward to a week in Florida with my husband and good friends next month :)

  24. I hate eggs but I love the pictures of your omelette! My race in NYC on the 29th is the next big thing for me! I really hate when trips come to an end's the worst. A lifetime vacation of races, shopping and eating would be the best.

  25. LOVE OMELETTES! yummy and congrats ladies :D

  26. Oooooh those pics are beautiful!!! In my omelettes, I love spinach and bell peppers and mushrooms and....welll EVERYTHING haha!

  27. I had a craving for an omelette for dinner the other night as well! Sauteed mushrooms, green onions and parmesan are my must haves and a side of grilled asparagus and baby greens never goes astray!

  28. Man, your food pics are always so yummy looking!!!!

  29. Now that looks delicious! I usually end up scrambling my egg but I do enjoy a goood omelette!

  30. I like to have things to look forward to. In fact, sometimes the anticipation is better than the event itself. Sometimes.

  31. eggs: egg whites = angel food cake; egg yolks = make lemon curd! FARM FRESH EGGS=the absolute best kind!!!!
    scrambled eggs, omelets, pancakes, pseudo omelet (just scramble eggs with your add-ins and top with cheese).

    Favorite omelet ingredients: spinach, portabello mushrooms, cheddar cheese, green onion/shallots, oregano, pepper. Asparagus is great too, but usually I get that when we dine out. (and I usually use the whole egg).

  32. I like mixing whole eggs + egg whites for my omelets. I always put lots of fresh basil in my omelets.

    I definitely need things to look forward to. I just got back from my NYC trip and I am wracking my brain for the next big thing to put on my calendar.

  33. I love massive, super-filled omelettes. I like when they have veggies (including mushrooms and onions!), cheese, ham.... mm... soo good.

    Another great omelette I used to make often was ricotta and basil... SO good. seriously. Try it!


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