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Long Runs and Nutella Croissants

Lately I've been in the habit of writing a blog post at the end of the day, but last night I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Reasons:

a) I did nothing interesting yesterday. Nothing. I ate leftovers, ran 3 miles on the treadmill, and worked. Stop the presses! Most exciting day ever!

b) I spent the hours before I climbed into bed (at, um...9 pm) snuggling with my babies. I just couldn't tear myself away from the little guys!

Right now it's noon on Saturday, and it's already been more exciting that yesterday. Another early morning wake up call so I could meet with the running group at 6. Some new additions to the people I met on Thursday, which was really nice. Believe it or not, I can be pretty shy around new people, so today was big for me because I was chatting away. I ran about 11 with the group, walked a bit with them, and then took off for 4 on my own.

I finished up with 15 miles in 2:25, or about a 9:39 pace. The final four were at 9:09 or below, which is what I need to run next week to get a sub-2 half marathon. That's my goal!

Once again, I made the ultimate mistake of going grocery shopping after a long run. Seriously, dumbest move ever but I NEVER LEARN. Go in in for salad stuff and cat food, and end up with this:

I have no one to blame but myself. But oh my gosh the most fantastic pairing. 

If you have a blog, do you write everyday? Do you ever force yourself to write a post or comment?
I think that if I write a post when I haven't done anything worth noting--it's going to be dull.  And of course there are times when I would just rather watch a movie with my husband, get some work done or play with the cats than blog!

I have a question for the early risers--either for long runs or every day. When do you go to bed?
This week I have had a few 4:15 am wake-ups, and today was 4:45. For me to wake up at that time and NOT need a nap afterwards, I have to be in bed by 9! Are you all going to bed that early, or are you continually sleep-deprived?


  1. obsessed with both of those ingredients! last week my aunt bought chocolate filled croissants- they should be illegal

  2. oh, forgot to add- you will rock your sub 2 1/2 mary :)

  3. HOLY NUTELLA!!! Yummmmmmers -- I think it was a grand idea if I do say so myself;)

    I try to be consistent w/my blog posts, but you of all people know I SLACK! Daily posts are my ultimate goal(s) and as I get more followers I feel more accountable, but there are times life just supersedes!

    Oh, and I usually go to bed around 11PM and get up anywhere from 5-6AM ...I get super excited for the first cup of hot coffee;)

  4. I think that Nutella and croissants are a great post-run snack!! You'd love the pain au chocolate in France. (they melt chocolate inside the croissant while baking it. YUM!)

    I don't like to blog everyday. I feel like it's better for myself and my readers to favor quality over quantity. If I've got something to share, I will write about it. :)

  5. combo ever...if only you could have baked the nutella into the middle :)

    awesome run! i have no sleep advice for you because I have the most ridiculous sleep schedule ever....I work nights, so 3 days a week I wake up at 2 to run and work at 7pm then other days I sleep in till 11 and other days I wake up at 8 to run...crazy!

  6. I think after 15 miles you deserve some Nutella! That looks amazing...Nice job on your run and being more social. I can be really shy too!

  7. I've made that mistake too, but there are worse endings than Nutella croissants! Great pace - I really think that based on your training, sub 2 is in the bag for you, you've had some very speedy runs and been really focused. I'm guessing you'll crush that goal and get closer to 1:50. I don't force myself to post, blogging is for fun, so if it's not fun, I don't do it, and like you said, some days just aren't post worthy! I aim to get to bed by 9, but, honestly, this school year it hasn't been happening. I'm hoping that when I get more used to teaching a new grade level I'll get home from work earlier, and in bed earlier. Great job on the run!

  8. Nutella is heavenly sinful :) I try to post as often as I can, but it tends to turn out to be once every couple days at the most. If I don't post, I at least try to spend more time commenting on other posts. As far as waking up early... if I'm doing it on consecutive days, my body naturally shuts down by 10 or so to wake up at 5.

  9. I can't go grocery shopping when I'm hungry either! But you should get Nutella either way, so don't feel bad :)

    My schedule typically changes everyday….I normally wake up around 5am during the week and, ideally, would go to bed around 10…but Brian has practice 2 nights a week and doesn't get home till 10:30, so I'm always tired following those nights!

  10. I only blog when I have something to say. I agree with you, it will just come off as forced if I write something just for the sake of it.

    The pictures of you and your cat are too cute!!! And I am the queen of exercise-related impulse grocery store purchases. Next time I'm at the store, your nutella and croissants will be on my mind. Sounds so good!

  11. Sub 2 hr half is yours - Go get it.
    Shopping while hungry from a long run - danger.
    Who am I to comment - I crave bacon cheese burgers after a long run (and sometimes reward myself:-))

  12. If you have a blog, do you write everyday? Do you ever force yourself to write a post or comment?
    I tend to blog a few times a week, I don't ever have anything terribly interesting to say so I figure when I've compiled a few semi-interesting tidbits I'll throw them out there. Also, I am like you and have the desire to just hang out when I have the free time some days.

    I have a question for the early risers--either for long runs or every day. When do you go to bed?
    I try to be in bed by 9:30, especially on the days I plan to get up and on the treadmill or the road by 4:45, but that doesn't usually happen and then I end up either sleeping in or dead tired the rest of the day.

    Love your kitties! And Nutella and croissants sounds amazing!!

  13. UGHHHHH i do NOT get up that early in the morning unless it is for a race that i've already paid for. SO NOT A MORNING PERSON!!!! :)

    i went grocery shopping after my run, but we had a big lunch first.... which that has a bad side too, cause then nothing looks that great and you don't buy enough groceries haha.

    i like to write everyday on my blog, but sometimes i have nothing going on and get burned out so i just skip for like 3 days, then i feel like i have lots to say!

  14. Yum-croissants are so good and I rarely let myself eat one!

    I normally write every day during the week unless life happens and I just don't have time or like you said if I do nothing and have nothing to talk about.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Great 15 mile run this morning-fingers crossed that we will all be celebrating a sub-2 for you next weekend!

  15. I try to write at least one post a day but I tend to be more flexible with that if I am traveling.

    I have a really hard time getting to bed before 11pm - which is making adapting to east coast time tough since 11pm west coast time is 2am east coast time - yikes!

  16. I am not a big fan of croissants but honestly, I am have an open jar of Nutella in the cupboard, and 3 more new ones in a locker!

    I don't post every day. I can't keep up with daily posts from everyone else either.

    Snuggling with fur babies is great.

  17. Love croissants. Love Nutella.

  18. Ahhh BEST grocery shopping trip ever, sounds like a glorious combination.

    I'm meeting with a new running group tmrw, eek! Doing 10 with them and 10 by myself.

    When I used to get up at 4ish I would always be in bed by 9, there's no way I could function if I didn't.

  19. Mmm... snacks!

    On blogging: I try to post 5 times per week. I save ideas as "draft" posts for times when I'm short of current material. So, I suppose that's a yes -- I feel obligated to post/comment regularly.

    On bedtime: Our household has two schools of thought. Hubby could stay awake 'til 2am every day (and he's the one who has to wake up at 6) and I prefer 9pm. So we meet in the middle -- bedtime between 10 and 11. :)

  20. I get up a 6 and am usually in bed by 10, if I'm getting up earlier, it's 9 bed time.

    I usually post everyday, though usually not on Sundays.

    When I studied abroad in Vienna, I had nutella on croissants or rice cakes EVERYday. So delicious!

  21. Oh my gosh, I haven't had a croissant in foreverrrrr! SO GOOD.

    When I was between jobs it was easy to blog everyday, but now I'm like you... there's definitely days where the most exciting thing I do is make a cup of coffee, haha. I try to be way more relaxed about it now...

  22. Sometimes I post every day and then other times it's every few days, I think it's been 2 or 3 days since I posted, but I had nothing going on lol so why post?! I like to keep it interesting!

  23. I try to post every 3 days ( unless work has me crazy). I have never tried nutella...never heard of it! for real!!
    Will check it out at the grocery. :)

  24. I try to blog a couple times a week. Lately I have not been good at it though!

    Usually the earliest I get up to run is 5 or 5:30, and I go to bed around 10 or 11. I am pretty tired but the run always energizes me for the rest of the day!

  25. I love blogging, and would like to do it every day, but seriously - like every day of mine is the one you described. It's so. sad! So I'm trying to go for every other day or a few times a week.

  26. I try to write everyday but it's hard to find the time. Sometimes I'm feeling extra motivated and I write a few posts in one sitting. Love a productive hour like that.

  27. God I love Nutella - give me a spoon and the jar and it magically disappears ... I'm really not sure how!

    I'm having a hard time getting back into writing blog posts after being away. I love reading everyone else's but just can't be bothered to do my own!

  28. I go to bed early because the baby goes to sleep early (meaning she gets up early too), so I need to stick to her schedule.

    Great 15 miles! I'm jealous since my weekend has been less than epic, but I'll be back out there soon :)

  29. I have never tried Nutella. I'm afraid to try it, because I tend to become obsessive about things I like.

    I try to blog once a week, but like right now I cant even keep up with all the other bloggers post, let alone do a post. I see people posting something everyday and I just dont know how they do it. My life doesnt change very much from day to day.

    I'm an earlier riser. I get up at 4:15 to go run before work. I like to be in bed at 9:00 but lately it has been 10 or 10:30 before I get to bed. Usually 3 days of that schedule and I cant wait for a evening when I can go home after work and take a quick nap before supper. It's hard some times but I not an after work running. I like getting it over so I dont have to think about it all day at work.

    Great run.

  30. My alarms set at 2:55 each morning... so I am a grammy and start to fall asleep around 8:30-9ish. If I stay up later than that I def. am sleepy all day long!

  31. I've often though I would never have put on as much weight as I did if checkout peeps had the power to *edit* your groceries as you checked out .... nutella & croissants should NEVER be allowed to be purchased together, they kill me 'cos I can;t stop until they are finished!!!

  32. i try my best to blog each day but if i'm busy with another deadline or i plumb have NOTHING interesting to write i won't and then try to comment on other blogs.

    on to u...holy cow, 4:15 would KILL me!!! ya, naps and getting to bed super early would be my advice.

  33. Your cat is super cute. I love snuggling my animals and can do it ALL DAY. I'm glad you had an "nothing" day. You deserve it. PLUS you make me look less like an under achiever....haha.

    Get Up & Go

  34. It is impossible for me to write or even read blogs every day. I am behind on my reading now. That's why you usually see my comments and responses all at the same time.
    I try to go to bed before 10 and I am up during the work week at 5:30am. On weekends it is usually by 7am.

  35. I had never had Nutella until last month... what is wrong with me??! Your cat is adorable!

  36. Damn, girl! Those Garmin stats are so impressive!!

    I love the pics of you snuggling with your baby! I still have yet to try Nutella. I think I'm viewing it as Pandora's box, and I'd better not EVER try it.

  37. I don't write everyday on my blog and sometimes I feel guilty that I don't post as much as I 'should' however when that happens I remind myself that I write because it makes me happy. Your night sounds perfect - run, snuggle and relax.
    Early morning workouts are the best time for me and so I typically try to go to bed at about 10 or before. Great job on starting those early morning runs with the group :)

  38. Nutella Croisants look amazing! Really nutella anything is amazing :)

    I agree with you about the blogging- without good content it's not worth writing just to write. And sometimes taking a day or two off can re-inspire you.

  39. Nutella and croissants sounds like my kind of heaven.


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