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Running in Pearl iZumi and Drinking with Cocoa Puffs

After yesterday's 20 mile run, I was tempted to lay around in bed until noon. But I also had a brand new outfit to try out courtesy of Pearl iZumi and Outside PR, so I braved the cold weather (hey, 34 degrees is COLD in my book) for an easy 4 mile walk/run with the hubs. I got to try out their Infinity Jacket and Select Tights. First off, I don't have a lot of cold weather running attire. Last winter, I just tossed a hoodie on over my running clothes, and I wasn't that serious about it. Cotton? Sure, whatever.

This time around, I want to find quality pieces that will last me from one winter to the next, and will keep me warm (FINE! And looking good...) for long runs. I tried to take some photos this morning but dang it! It's hard to pose when you're cold!

Here I am telling you how good you'll look in these clothes...ignore the fact that I look like an idiot, please. Maybe I should switch gears and tell you how comfortable they are instead. 

This is really lightweight, and more for wind than for cold. That being said, I was fine in just this and a dri-fit shirt, so it is also pretty warm. There is a great zipper "cover" at the top, so the zipper can't rub against your neck while you're running. There are vent panels under the arms and on the back for those sweaty areas (it happens) and a zippered arm pocket that could hold an iPod, small phone or a couple of Gus and a key. personal favorite...little "fist mitts" inside to keep your hands warm without gloves.

First, these are tight. Yes, they're called tights, but still. They squeeze you in. I have to say, I'm pretty sure they are flattering if you're carrying your weight on your, um...rear. Hubby liked running behind me, that's all I'll say. They are elastic at the back, but not the front, which meant no muffin top. HUGE plus in my book. There's also a small key/gel pocket in the pack. The only thing I didn't like was the zip at the ankle. They came unzipped when I moved the zip up a little, but when it was zipped all the way it looked a little funny. But that's vanity issue, not a comfort issue.

So what's a girl to do after a stressful day of running a grand total of 4 miles, eating her weight in oatmeal cookies and then watching Thor? Simple. Crack open a couple of Sam Adams'.

We keep it classy here in Georgia. Fancy bottled beer. That's right. With super upscale snacks too.

What, you've never had the Cocoa Puffs variation, Brownie Crunch? So you're NOT a 7 year old boy with an obesity problem? Interesting. 

Needless to say, I'm a ridiculous lightweight and three sips in I was tipsy and thought I was an artiste. So I started snapping away at stuff. 

I have this horrible feeling that I'm going to wake up in the morning sober and realize I just took a ton of pictures of bottle caps.

What do you wear for cold weather runs? Any brands to recommend?
I have never really bought any proper cold weather running gear. So far I have just worn shorts and a giant hoodie and hoped for the best. That worked in Hong Kong, but it's definitely not going to cut in here this winter!

Anyone else eat cereal as a snack, rather than a meal?
I haven't had cereal with milk in over a year, but 3 or 4 times a week it becomes a snack for me! Favorites are Frosted Shredded Wheats and Lucky Charms. Except...I'm cheap and buy a giant bag of the generic Lucky Charms, "Magic Stars."

I received both the Infinity Jacket and the Select Tight free from Pearl iZumi and Outside PR, but the opinions and review are my own. Also, I bought my own beer. Just letting you all know.


  1. Beer and cereal? You are my idol! HAHA. I ate my weight in cheese today....not even kidding!

    Get Up & Go

  2. You looked mighty fine in that outfit!
    Got some strong lean legs, my friend!

    Beer and cereal - wow! Love it!

  3. Zipping at the ankle inevitably equals chafing after a while... so I definitely recommend putting whatever you put on for anti-chafing in your achilles/ankle area. :)

  4. that outfit looks super comfy!! isn't it weird to think that just a few weeks ago we were still complaining about the southern heat!! :)

  5. cute running outfite!!!

    I have never had beer(dont like the smell of it) and I have never had Coco puffs so IDK what there is to miss!

  6. Cocoa puffs brownie crunch?! Are you kidding, I've got to find these!!

    I love the jacket, it's cute and the idea of fist mitts sounds amazing.

  7. If that outfit was guaranteed to make me look that hot, I'd order it right this second!

  8. You didn't get the beer for free?? How disappointing! ;)

    This is my first Winter running, and since I'm now training for three races in the cold weather, I need EVERYTHING for running in the cold. I'm definitely going to have to check out these brands. I love the mitts inside the jacket sleeve!

  9. When I gave up sweets before the marathon, I used cereal as my dessert, but it was usually like nothing exciting.

    Loving the PI gear. I have a couple pairs of tights and jackets, but nothing I'm really in love with for the cold.

  10. Okay, I take that back. I just looked at the prices on their tights. WOW.

  11. you look great!!! and love the "i bought my own beer" hilarious as usual!

  12. oh my gosh, i want that running jacket. i'm a lightweight too, don't feel bad. I may not be a 7 year old, but i want to try those cocoa puffs!

  13. Ooo I love that jacket!!! So cute! I have a Nike one that has the fist covers. I love it!

  14. I love the jacket! And the Sam Adams

  15. love it! I have the same jacket in black/blue/green..I wore it for a bike ride but not a run yet and I loved it. They make some good quality stuff. Oh, and a Sam Adams Boston Lager is a phenomenal way to end a day :)

  16. Cocoa Puffs Brownie Crunch!! Why did you even tell us about that?? YUM!! You look great in the outfit too but don't eat too much Cocoa Puffs or things might change lol!! :)

  17. 34 in Georgia? Geez, it was 38 up here in Maine this morning...downright warm! I need to get some more cold weather gear to get me through my first full running winter. I only have Champion zip-up pullover and pants from Target and a YMX long sleeve that I won. Love, LOVE the "fist mitts" - genius!

  18. I live the fist mits. Love. and when I was in Georgia, we had ramin noodles and Sam Sdams...but that was college.

  19. Wow that jacket looks so perfect and comfortable!!! Nice job on the 20 miler by the way, AND your 3rd place in your half :-)

  20. As a cereal afficianado I am VERY disappointed in myself for not knowing about these...

  21. I WANT that jacket! I'm in need of some new winter running clothes this year so maybe I'll take a look at it. PS I NEED that cereal!

  22. You can see the muscles from your toned legs through those pants! You look fantastic - all that training paying off!

    I get tipsy off a few sips too - but I love being a cheap date.

    Cereal can be a snack, meal, breakfast, dessert - but I need that brownie cereal in my life asap!

  23. I had only run in the cold once, I don't like feeling too hot with all the layers, I guess once I can afford it, I will buy something like that jacket and tights. My kids will probably love that cereal, so I'm going to look for it!! We like the mini wheats chocolate flavor! And of course I like beer once in a while- I'm a red wine person! :D

  24. i have one really good cold weather shirt. I need to invest in a few more...but i'm so cheap and theyre so expensive :(

    i love your artistic pictures, those bottle caps look pretty stinkin fancy

  25. okay, can i say u are the cutest person in pink!! adorable!

    i JUST saw these new cocoa puffs at the the store yesterday!!! okay, not even gonna lie, i lingered there a bit too long, but in the end i opted for my cinnamon life. tho, the only reason was because i knew i had choc muffins back at home and i'm in love with life cereal...wat can i say? ;)

  26. Yip, those fist hits would be a seller for me to :-)

  27. HAHAH I love that you drink beer while eating the best cereal ever! haha.

  28. I take the most random pictures when I'm drinking - glad I am not the only one!

    Awesome looking outfit. I'm in love with those "fist mitts"!!

  29. That outfit looks great on you and I love the color of the jacket! I have a few cold weather pieces, but nothing too fancy, and they are all from Lululemon. That's definitely next on my list of running investments to make...

  30. I have Brooks tights with ankle zippers and that shit will CUT you on a long run. Be sure to Body Glide the inside of the zipper or wear tall socks. Consider yourself warned. :)

    I love Cocoa Puffs, but probably not with beer. Beer requires Ruffles. I don't know why, but it does.

  31. Ooh, I love that jacket with the little hand mitt thingies! I really like a lot of the North Face stuff for cold weather running, and also my cw-x compression tights.

    Cereal is one of my go-to late night snacks!

  32. Beer and cereal. That sounds awesome :)

    I love the jacket. I might have to go buy one now. Thanks!! ;)

  33. Love the outfit! I love long tights. They are perfect for compressing and so compfortable.

    Beer & cereal. ha ha love it!

  34. Right now I just piece together random sweatpants and sweat shirts. I struggle most with the pants though, have plenty of sweat shirts and tops, but I lack in pant numbers.

  35. Love the jacket especially the finger mittens - my hands are always cold in the winter.

    Those pants look great on you! Unfortunately, I have nothing in the rear department to hold in so they would probably end up looking like clown pants on me:-)

  36. You just constantly remind me why I love your blog and your adventures! I always read with a smile on my face...or drooling over something you are eating or cute clothes you are wearing! Love the arm pocket thingys on that hoodie - dig it!

    Congrats on another 20 and you are pretty dang awesome for going out for 4 the day after!

  37. That outfit DOES look awesome and warm. I'm buying it :D

  38. I love those "fist mitts" - I might have to get that jacket just for that reason alone! Personally I love cold weather running gear, but I like to keep it light and not feel bulky or weighed down. And I think I probably eat cereal dry and as a snack more than I actually eat it for breakfast :)

    By the way, I just got around to listening to your hubby's music and he rocks (pun intended!)!

  39. I bought my first pair of running tights this weekend too and LOVED them!! idk how "TIGHTS" could be flattering but they were!!

    You look awesome and totally legit in that outfit!! (;

    And I'm partial to the beer and cereal treats as well!

  40. The outfit looks like a great one for our "Southern winters" that seem to feel much colder than they actually are.

  41. Cute jacket and tights! I don't have much winter weather running clothes either, but I'm not a huge fan of running in the freezing cold either lol


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