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Run Like a Girl Necklace Winner + Nike Deals!

Did you really think I would let you find out the winner at the beginning? Come on now, people. Not a chance. First you have to earn it by reading my blog and looking at my pictures. My giveaway, my rules.

Thanks to a $25 off coupon AND a $5 off coupon that were set to expire, I went to the Nike outlet yesterday to see if anything caught my eye. In brief? Lots caught my eye. I left after paying $26, and scored the following: a pair of running capris, two t-shirts, a pink running tank and a set of socks (boring, for the hubs). I consider that a huge SUCCESS. Drool away:

My favorite deal of the day!

All for $26 after coupons...yes!!!

Alright, now the good stuff for you guys. The winner of The Run Home "Run Like a Girl" necklace is...

Watch MeGo Run is the winner! Congrats Meg! Send me an email with your information and I'll get the necklace in the mail to you. Meg is running a half marathon today, so head over and wish her luck, or read all about how she did once it's finished!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!

What is the best shopping deal you've ever gotten?
This Nike trip is definitely at the top. I always shop on sale and clearance racks but I rarely get into coupons. I'm starting to for a few things and I'm very pleased with the results!

Does anyone else go shopping, come home and immediately have a fashion show in the living room?
Of course not. That's ridiculous. I would never....

Ok, fine. Every. Single. Time. I go shopping.


  1. Hahaha! Love good deals! They had some amazing deals at the race expo! I got hooked up for sure! Congrats to Meg!

  2. Nice job with getting all those great deal! I love coming home and having a fashion show. Have to make sure I still like what I got!

  3. Fashion shows are the BEST part of buying new clothes!!!!!! I flippin' LOVE that shirt btw ... gonna have to make that!! =)

  4. There's a Nike outlet up in Santa Fe. I think I should head up there some time and see what deals I might find!

  5. That shirt rocks!

    The real question is does anyone come home from shopping and NOT do a fashion show???!!!! That is the most fun part!

    Get Up & Go

  6. I do a fashion show for the Hubby. And sometimes I feel guilty for buying myself nice stuff so I'll go out and get him something too. Usually in the form of socks (c'mon now, totally the reason you bought some for your hubs right?) or undies. Then I make him model what I got him too. haha.

  7. That is a MAJOR haul! Nice!

    And I, too, always fashion show after shopping.

  8. SA-WEET SCORE at the Nike Store!!!!

    I married an IT guy and almost all of my shopping is online - far less exciting!

    Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

  9. The fashion show in the living room is the most important part!

    I just bought a piece of luggage and it was half off and with the store discount I ended up with a $423 suitcase for under $200

  10. Great trip to the Nike store! You got some good deals!

    Earlier in the summer Allan and I scored over $1000 of clothes at the GAP outlet for around $300. I'll probably never beat that shopping trip!

    We had a Spring Break tradition of always going to the GAP & Banana Republic outlets and we would always come back and try on all our new clothes. I may or may not still do that...

    Have a great Sunday afternoon!

  11. wow, awesome deals. I'm jealous! Yayyy i'm super excited I won. I'm emailing you now :)

  12. You did really well at Nike!!
    I especially like that tank.

  13. Cute gear you got! I love finding good deals on my workout clothes!!

  14. Very nice!

    Fashion show. Yes. The Captain insists!

  15. I love that shirt!

    I usually get really good deals on baby clothes at Kohl's, but for me I haven't really bought much lately. I do check the clearance rack for workout clothes at Target on a weekly basis. :)

  16. i just need to cut to the chase cuz i'm late: CONGRATS on that 21.5 miler!! dang girl, u're a rockstar!! hehe...i'm super proud. :)

    as for deals, i'd be hard pressed to one up that nike loot, i'm also a nike-a-holic so i give u double props...hehe.

  17. Fashion show is a must ... your family needs to tell you how good you look in the bargains you just found!! I tell the hubster that everything I buy is on sale ... I don't think that is wrong is it?

  18. I want Nike to make a shirt that goes with their motto "Hit the road not the wall!"

  19. I seriously almost bought that shirt at the Nike outlet a few months ago! That is a great deal for all that stuff!

    Yay for Meg-O!

  20. I usually count on Megan (the one right above me) to help point out the running clothes deals. I never have that luck on my own!

  21. I love that shirt too:) I work in the department at Nike that makes t-shirts and I kept one of those samples in grey and pink because I liked it so much. We spotted Kristen Cavilari wearing it in Santa Monica shortly after it was released! $26 is a great deal for all that stuff!

  22. Congrats to MEg - that's awesome! Hey I have the same pink/white Nike tank & LOVE IT!!! Enjoy the savings!!!

  23. Great minds think alike! It looks like we were both spending our Nike Score Cards on the last day before they expired. I didn't score any deals as good as yours but I was able to pick up some tanks that I really needed for $25 less than what I usually pay. Love the shirt! I did not see that at the Nike Outlet that I shop at :(

  24. Wow, nice score for $26. I was at the Nike Outlet over the weekend and couldn't find anything cheaper than if I went to any of the sporting good stores here with a coupon.

  25. Ahhh that is the best shhirt!!!! Love me some bargain shopping!

  26. Thank you for sharing, I also like nike hyperfuse shoes very much.


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