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Twas the Night Before Race Day...

T-minus 17 hours until my half marathon in the morning! I happen to know quite a few of you are gearing up for all sorts of races this weekend, so I thought this little poem might be appropriate for us all. For the record--this is what happens when you don't have television. Hubs and I spent a somewhat embarrassing couple of hours doing this early in the morning after my family headed off to the airport. Once again, I'm convinced I've found my true love because I can't imagine ANY other grown man spending that much time helping me rhyme. Love you, Tim!

Twas the night before race day, and all through the home
There was stretching and rolling, on rods made of foam
Compression stockings were placed on their calves with such care
In the hopes that on race day, no pain would be there.

The runners were nestled all snug in their beds
While PRs and course records danced in their heads.
Laying out was my jacket, my shoes and my cap
I’ll be cold at the start, but warmer each lap

When at the wall socket there arose such a clatter
I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
Off in the darkness a blue light did flash
A fully charged Garmin to record my dash

 I looked out my window and saw only snow 
Which meant running in temps far less than zero
I shivered and thought of a race all gone wrong
So I checked one more time on

The forecast was dismal, gloomy and cold
With gusting wind of speeds untold
For a prediction of fifties, clear skies and sunny
I’d have given each cent of my hard earned money
Now, left leg, now right leg, now tight IT band!
Now bum knee, now shin splints, go away on command!
I’ve got a full race to run, and I want to BQ
If you all work together we just might squeeze through.
Counting out each mile, one split at a time
If I time it all right a PR would be mine
Pushing the pace for negative splits
But no matter my time, I won’t call it quits.
I’ll spring to my feet when the alarm starts to ring
I need way more sleep but I’d rather have bling. 
I gobble up bagels, oatmeal and Gu,
Down two cups of coffee and head to the loo. 
A speech, the anthem, a prayer for good luck
Either way by mile 20 it’s still gonna suck!
The race director exclaimed, as we started our run:
“Good luck to you all-this is supposed to be fun!”

Yes, I plan on quitting my job to become a full-time bad poetry writer. If any of you complain about my lack of verses (did you know the original has like 20?) I will never forgive you. 

Tomorrow morning I'm running the Dalton Red Carpet Half Marathon. I always say, "I just want to finish!" but let's be honest--I'm human, and I have a little ambition. Yes, finishing is my first goal. But I also have a little dream for a sub-2. In good conditions, it could happen, so that's what I'm hoping for. Weather should be clear and 49 degrees at the start, warming up to 55 at the end. Can't beat that, can you?

Rock and Roll races may have crazy headlining artists but here in our neck of the woods, we get a band that was famous 20 years ago-Sister Hazel. I'm not complaining, because my musical tastes got stuck in the 90s. So my other secret goal is to stay awake after the race until 9pm when the concert ends and the fireworks start. 
So, to recap, my goals are:
-Finish (alive)
-Finish under 2 hours (also, still alive)
-Stay awake until the concert.

Wish me luck on all three. 

When you run a race, do you set multiple goals for yourself?     
Yes, yes yes! Definitely. I usually have an easy goal, and one that is tougher but not totally out of my league.

Anyone else racing this weekend? Let me know so I can wish you luck!


  1. Ha - awesome poem.

    I always have a goal, and then a secret goal, and then a super-secret goal. But I almost always say my goal is just to finish, which is almost always a total lie. :)

  2. This. Is. AWESOME hahah ha i love it!

  3. Multiple goals??? NO. Just one. Finish. It's all about the journey right?

    Sister Hazel? Really? Odd selection on R&R. It will be fun anyways....

    Get Up & Go

  4. Ok, I love your poem, such talent! And I love sister hazel! Theyre from Gainesville, my brother is obsessed with them, still. Good luck tomorrow, your gonna nail it!

  5. Such a cute poem! I loved it! Awesome that your hubs helped you too. Good luck on your race tomorrow! I usually have multiple goals like you as well because I never want to feel disappointed after a race. If you voluntarily get up early and run your butt off, you should be proud of yourself no matter what your time was!

  6. Love it.

    I have a goal I say, a goal I would like to see and a goal that I never tell anyone (not even hubby).

    Racing next weekend!

  7. Vanessa you are awesome! I can't believe Tim rhymed this whole thing out /w you :D you guys are kick ass. I hope your half goes AWESOME weather looks great :D good luck

  8. Great poem! :) And mucho luck to you tomorrow.

  9. Oh. My word. Great way to spend your time WITHOUT television! I hope you have so much fun tomorrow!!!

  10. Ha! I love the poem!

    Good luck tomorrow!!

  11. Good luck! You and the husband are hilarious. I like it.

    I usually don't set goals for myself other than "don't walk." :)

  12. SISTER HAZEL!?! I am so jealous. Oh man I love that kind of music. Good luck at your race.

    The poem is crazy awesome. My husband always makes me sing with him and make up new words to songs on the radio. So you might not be the only one with a crazy hubs. :)

  13. Have a great race! Don't forget to laugh and smile even when you're running! It always helps keep your spirits up and gives you energy ;) it's one of my secrets! love the poem- so cute!!!

  14. I loved the poem. So cute!
    Good luck tomorrow!

  15. That poem was pure AWESOMENESS! I totally loved it. As far as conditions for a race, you can't get any better than that. Push it, girl! I can't wait to hear how you do.

    No race this weekend- 12 mile run for fun :)

  16. Genius! :)

    Good luck with the race (and staying awake afterwards!)

  17. Good luck!!! All the hard work will pay off! Enjoy the concert too :)

    I will be run/jogging a 5k race in the morning. I will not be full out racing again until November I think.

  18. Cute! Goodluck! I'm doing a bike race for fun with the fam!

  19. I love the poem!! Very cool!! Good luck tomorrow. You can easily sub 2! The weather will be great!! Have fun and let us know how you did!

  20. Great poem, I'm very impressed! No race this weekend for me, I wanted to do a 10K trail race but I've got soccer to coach and my girls come first. I'd be super excited to hear Sister Hazel at a race, their hit "All for You" came out the year I graduated from high school and I listened to it all that summer, loved them! Good luck tomorrow, can't wait to read the recap.

  21. I love this!!!!! wishing you nothing but the best!!!!

  22. Hee hee can't wait to read all about it! Goooooo girl! Tomorrow seems lucky to me!

  23. Very nice poem, indeed! Perhaps you've missed your calling :)

    Have a fantastic run, lots of fun and I hope it's under 2 hours when you're done.

    That's all I got, sorry.

  24. Don't you just have a way with the words!!!

    Good luck in your 1/2 tomorrow, I have no doubt you will do it under 2.

  25. I love your poem…very creative :) Good luck tomorrow, you'll do great!!! And, yes, I always have multiple goals!

  26. Love the poem, that is too cute! Good luck on your race, that sub 2 is totally yours. YOU OWN SUB 2!

    PS I don't care if sister hazel was popular 20 years ago, I still like them :)

  27. I love the poem!!

    Good luck on your race.

    Now I have the only Sister Hazel song I know stuck in my head.

  28. Awesome poem!

    I'm not running a race but a friend and fellow blogger Jaymee at JayAdores (wordpress) is running a trail half marathon on the North Shore of O'ahu this weekend.

    I will be thinking about you both as I lay in bed.

    Good luck!!!

  29. This is AWESOME! and hilarious, but mostly awesome!

    good luck tomorrow!!

  30. i wish i had half the creativity you do- great poem.
    You will get sub 2, you trained for this!
    Also, Chicago RnR they had Brett Michaels--- just as weird to me.

    My usual goals:
    consistent pace (i'm all over the place)
    walk less (I always walk)
    injury free
    positive thoughts
    enjoy the race

  31. I usually have 2-4 goals, not always time oriented either. Good luck tomorrow!

  32. Loved the poem!

    You are going to rock the race - Good luck reaching your sub 2hr goal!

    Can't wait to read the recap.

  33. Good Luck! Cute poem! I always have a few goals for sure!

  34. HA this is INCREDIBLY impressive!!! I love love love it. Good luck tomorrow, I know you are going to kick ass.

  35. LOVE the poem :) Amazing! So much good luck tomorrow!

  36. you are a genius. that poem is unbelievable. you deserve to win the nobel prize or an oscar or a purple heart or something. amazing.

    GOOD LUCK. if your running is as good as your poetry, you're definitely gonna run a sub-2. i have no doubts about that.

  37. Oh I love it! So fun! Good luck tomorrow!

  38. Good luck!
    Fabulous verse(s).
    That man is a keeper, I tell you!

    Yes, I always have a spoken-out-loud goal and a challenging in-my-nutty-head goal.


  39. 1) LOVE the poem.

    Good luck! And remember to enjoy it :). that weather sounds amazing!

  40. That's talent! And I may or may not have starred this post to read before my half tomorrow!!

  41. I am loving the poem. I think you should quit your day job! Good luck tomorrow!

  42. I love sister hazel, and they actually performed at RnR Mardi gras two years ago!
    Good luck tomorrow, looks like perfect weather, enjoy!

  43. GOOD LUCK!!!! i luv the poem, and u will rock that race!! i'm so lame at the puns!

    okay, but setting multi-goals is the best way to go because u never do know wat the legs will have in store when the gun goes off. but u want to always set one of those goals as high so that when things get going and u question why in the heck u are doing this...u KNOW why, and u dig...and i KNOW u will do it. the only things is in which race, but i'm feeling like it will be this one becuz u've been doing all the work and training! but no matter wat, give it ur all and ur a winner in my book! :)

  44. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!! you totally got this! i always set multiple goals but i really think you got the sub 2 sweet friend!!!! run hard and strong and with confidence! thinking of you. that poem = epic!

  45. Haha, I'm beyond impressed with your poem skills :) GOOOOOD LUCK!

  46. oh my gosh that was an AWESOME poem!! Good luck and have so much fun!!! I can't wait to run with you in a couple months!!

  47. So wait, you're saying you're not a professional poet? I wouldn't have been able to tell if you hadn't said anything :)

    GOOD LUCK!!!! My number 1 goal is always to finish :p

  48. good luck! love the poem. totally made me think more about my own for tomorrow. haha

    wishing u lots of luck and fun!

  49. Awesome poem!

    I know you can run sub-2 (and I can't wait to read about it later)!

  50. Love it! I'm sure you did awesome!!

  51. Good luck! I know you did great and I'm keeping my fingers crossed you got your sub-2 half!

  52. That poem is just wonderful. I love it so much. Multiple goals is a must, so you don't feel defeated.


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