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Weekly Workout Recap and Family Visits!

Another week of training down! I'm currently five weeks out from the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon, and one week from the Dalton Half-Marathon. I'm pretty excited to put my training to the test with these two races! Here is the recap of the past week:

Monday: Walked 4 Miles
Tuesday: Ran 6 Miles, 30 Minutes of Yoga
Wednesday: Ran 4 Miles
Thursday: Ran 7.15 Miles
Friday: Ran 3 Miles
Saturday: Ran 15 Miles
Sunday: Ran 4 Miles

Total Mileage for the week = 43 Miles (39 Running)

Talking to some runners from the running group revealed that everyone who is currently marathon training runs more miles each week than me. I find that for me, lower mileage but higher intensity improves my speed, and prevents injury. So far. Knock on wood.

This week will likely result in lower mileage, for two reasons.

1) I want to rest up so I can give it my all at the half marathon on Saturday. I'm gunning for a sub-2, or as close to that as I can get.

2) The family is coming to visit--right now! They arrived today (Sunday) and stay until Friday. They came from Hong Kong, and I haven't seem them since January. Needless to say, I'll be spending all the free time I can with them, and if running takes a little bit of a hit, so be it. Priorities!

Me, my mom and my stepdad

My little brother Robert!

My sister Catherine and I 2 Easters ago.

I hope we get a chance to do lots of fun fall activities...I see a week of pumpkin patches, corn mazes and apple picking in my near future! One of my brothers can't make it...miss you, Hardy!

What is the highest mileage week you've ever had? Do you find yourself prone to injury at the higher numbers?
I think my highest week was last week, around 42 miles. I definitely feel like (at least for now) much more than that means I am susceptible to more nagging pains and potential injuries.

Do you live near your parents? How often do you see them?
Sadly, Georgia is nowhere near Hong Kong. I used to see them all the time when I lived in Hong Kong, but it's been more than 9 months since I've seen them last!


  1. i think you're gonna nail the sub-2 half!!! the highest week i've had i think was either 45 or 47 during training for seattle marathon. i usually run 35-40 each week, but i'm starting to think running 4 days instead of 5 might be worth trying out for awhile...

  2. My highest in a week has been 56... I feel best somewhere between 45-50, too many weeks above 50 in a training cycle and I get really fatigued.

    ENJOY YOUR FAMILY! I love being with my family and miss it so much, and they're only 6 hours away. I can't imagine being halfway around the world.

  3. Um I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing but I still live at home so I see my parents every day. Dean and I are planning on changing that pronto though!! That's awesome that your fam is coming to visit. Your brother is seriously the cutest kid ever!! Take advantage of every moment you have with them!! Make the most of it and have oodles of fun!

  4. I have only gotten over 20 miles a that okay since I'm not training and have only been running since July? I feel like that's such a small amount in comparison!!!

  5. My highest was 65, during training for the 50K. For marathons, I like to keep it 40-45 miles. I am injury prone, so recovery is just as key to success is getting the miles in.

    For the record, my hubby ran a 3:08 in May on just 40 miles a week. The only run he did alone was the tempo runs. Otherwise the rest was with (slow!) me. High mileage isn't for everybody, so don't feel bad for less miles than others. :)

    Enjoy the time with your family !!! :)

  6. Nice job on your runs this week! Wow great mileage! Have fun with the fam this week!

  7. That's exciting that your family is coming for a visit. I know ya'll will have a wonderful time!

  8. Have fun with your family!

    I've never had a "high" mileage week, haha. I think mine was maybe 20 miles?

  9. GOOD LUCK on the half!!! so exciting, it will be so fun to get a race under your belt and gauge the fitness level...u will rock it, you've been putting in all the work! :)

    that said, enjoy the time with your family, u all look so happy it!

  10. Have a ball with your family.
    Look forward to hearing how you rocked the half next Saturday.

  11. Hope you all have a wonderful time together. You resemble your beautiful mother... lucky you !

  12. You'll do great next weekend! I think you're mileage is perfect and I wouldn't worry about it being too low. I've dropped my weekly mileage to lower than it's ever been while training and it's lower than I would like, but I do feel like it's helped keep injuries away right now :) I think my favorite weekly mileage would be somewhere around 40, give or take a little.

    Everyone in our family is a flight away and we wish we lived closer, but we get to see our parents a few times a year - enjoy!

  13. There is a huge range of acceptable weekly mileage for marathon training, I think 40+ weeks are plenty! I think as long as you get over 30, you're golden.

    My highest week ever for mileage was 61 miles and at that point, it feels like running is a part time job that pays really poorly.

  14. i live in boston and my parents are in new york. i don't see them nearly as much as i would like. i try to go back home to see them as often as i can, but life really gets in the way and before i know it, it's been a couple of months since i've seen them. i really am trying to make more of an effort now to visit, even if it's for just 24 hours to hang out.

  15. which 1/2 are you running next weekend? congrats on having your family visit! your brother and you look so much alike!
    Neither of my siblings have visited me since I've lived in Tn (almost 2 years)
    To be honest, no idea of highest mileage week- I'd say in the 20s, not great I know

  16. Yay for family visits! I'm staying with my family right now!

    My highest weekly mileage is 65, but that wasn't during training. Yeah, mostly I'm just crazy. My highest during training was 54.

    My parents and inlaws live around 4 miles away. I see my parents about once a week at church and sometimes for dinners together. We see the inlaws about once or twice a month for dinners.

  17. Back in the day I managed to run a 90 mile week, days later I got mono from the stress and unproper nutrition. I agree with you, shorter more intense miles is the way to go!

  18. Dang girl! I think the farthest I've gone in one week was just under 30. I get bored of running longer distances.

  19. Your mom is so pretty and your family is so cute!!! I live 3000 miles away from my family and it makes me SO SAD.

    Get UP & Go

  20. South Korea is pretty far from Georgia, too... I've only had to go about 6 months in between seeing my parents so far. My mom is coming here to visit in April, so that'll be 9 months since I saw her last, but I won't see my Dad until June or July, so that'll be a year since I saw him last. I won't see my in-laws until October, so that'll be about 15 months, and I won't see my extended family (grandparents, sister, niece and nephew, etc.) until [potentially] January of 2013... so that'll be nearly a year and a half.

    Yay military life. lol

  21. I agree with your training plan. I think I will do the same when I run again.
    Luckily my parents live about 15 minutes away. My in-law's live like two minutes away and since they are going through a divorce, that is not LUCKILY. Argh!

  22. have so much fun with your fam!!! ahhhhhh so exciting! and totally cheering you on for that sub-2!

    my highest mileage week has been 44 miles but I definitely feel best 35-40 per week!

  23. Oh, I hope you have so much fun with your family!! I bet it's so good to have them around!

    Good luck on your half! You'll rock it!

  24. have fun with your family!! you are doing great in your training no matter how many miles others are running. my highest mileage week thus far was 38, but i think i get as high as 48 a couple weeks before the marathon

  25. That is some amazing mileage, Vanessa!! You should feel proud of yourself. Your little brother is so cute!

  26. Your little bro is sooo cute! Didn't know you had one that young. I'm so glad you parents got to come visit...that's always a treat. Can't wait to see you rock out the Chickamauga full!

  27. Robert is such a cutie! Enjoy your fam's visit!!

  28. I never paid attention to weekly mileage training for my first two marathons (I know, crazy, right?) but that sounds more than prepared to me! Time with family is the best! Mine is 7 hours away, and that's way too far for my taste. Enjoy!

  29. Nice work on the miles!

    Have a great time with your family!!

  30. I totally agree with your approach to training... I did the same and finished my 1/2 yesterday injury-free and just under 2 hours so I predict you will do the EXACT same!! :-)

    Excited for you and your visit with family... you and your brother definitely look related!

  31. I love hanging with my family and would definitely put running on the back burner if I didn't get to see them all the time. You and your fam look so cute together. I can't wait for you to have your first pumpkin picking experience. Your millage looks great! you'll get a sub2 at your half for sure :D

  32. When I used to race a lot I think my highest mileage for one week was 30 miles.

    Both my parents have passed on - so make sure you enjoy every minute you can with yours!!

  33. Have so much fun with your family!! That is so awesome they are here from HK. Awesome mileage for the week btw! I am getting very excited for your upcomming races.

  34. I think you are going to run a sub-2 no problem!

    Enjoy the week with your family! Hope you guys have a wonderful time just being together!

  35. I think I tend to do lower mileage than many people around me too, but it works for me!

    You're going to kill the half, no question you'll get sub 2!

  36. Awesome mileage last week!! And YAY family time!

  37. Great mileage!!! Enjoy your time with your family and have tons of fun!!!

  38. I wouldn't't worry too much about your mileage now, I'm readng one of Hal Higdon's books and he specifically says everyone has there optimal mileage level. Even if you do want to bump it up, I'd wait until postraceto work on that. Have fun with your family!


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