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Welcome to America!

So I write this my family is getting ready to spend their last night in Georgia with Tim and I, and then they're heading off to the airport in the morning. A short trip, but it was certainly lots of fun. More of our adventures:

Obviously, you can't come to America from Hong Kong and miss out on the gluttonous glorious eats. We made sure they got to taste the amazing goodness of Five Guys burgers (and fries) and we each headed to the movies with out own personal box of candy, which contains 8 servings but lasts approximately until the end of the trailers. Anyone else have that problem?

We let them experience the great outdoors on a pontoon boat trip around the nearby lake, where the boys fished and us gals gossiped and read books. Ah, gender stereotyping at its finest. 

Little Bro with his little fish.

Tim getting ready for the biggest catch!
But of course it's not a trip to American without a little commercialism. We also squeezed in a trip to the outlet mall, where I was treated to some new duds (thanks, Mom!) and had a mini fashion show while waiting in the dressing room.

P.S. I bought that sweater. $8 on sale at Old Navy? Steal! I'm still confused about the full outfit pics I see on blogs. I can have the body or the face--but not both. What's the secret, seriously?!!

Now I'm heading outside to cuddle up around a bonfire and roast some more marshmallows. I hate to say goodbye to them but this should be a grand sendoff!

What's your ultimate movie theater snack? 
If they have kettle corn or caramel corn, I'm there. This time it was a box of Good and Plenty and a Diet Coke. I have a serious, committed relationship with licorice. It's been years and we still feel strongly about each other. When you know, you know. 

Do you fish? No, but really--for fun? I just don't get it. 
If I was really hungry and I had no choice I guess I would go fishing. Otherwise, I'll stick to reading my book in the sun, thanks.


  1. Five Guys is is licorice :)

  2. You KNOW I love a good bargain and a cute outfit! Nice work! You've got to get a tri-pod......duh...hahah Kidding.

    Get Up & Go

  3. cookie dough bites!! omg they only last me half way through the previews :(

    girl you are lookin good in those skinny jeans! glad you had a nice time with your family.

  4. oh my gosh, five guys... yes. I am a total and complete sucker for a good burger, so that place ranks super high on my list.

  5. I fish all the time! It is so relaxing and really awesome when you catch more fish than your hubby. :)

  6. I'm sad for you to have to be saying good bye to your parents. Hope you all can get together again sooner rather than later (though Hong Kong is a long way away!).

    I LOVE 5 Guys. When I lived in NOVA (that's Northern Virginia in case you're not "in with the lingo", I ate there regularly (and was 100 pounds thinner - hmmmmm!)

    You're so right about the box-o-candy lasting until the end of the trailers. I like m&ms best for a movie, but I have tons of friends who like milk duds and popcorn mixed in their mouths.

  7. I'm a gummy bear gal all the way! Or just really overly buttered popcorn.
    They just opened a Five Guys in the next town over! Stoked!

  8. You look super cute in that outfit!
    Great deal!

  9. Sounds like you were a great hostess! Safe travels to your family!

  10. oooh five guys...that was my post-race meal after my half two weeks ago. i may have inhaled it. that sweater is super cute...and so are the boots! my ultimate movie theater snack is an icee and a pretzel or m&ms

  11. awwww! what a blast with the fam!!!! I LOVE FISHING! so fun!

  12. Hmm 5 guys. Never tried it. I must seek it out sometime :)

  13. HAha ah yes! I feel the same way about licorice :-)

    That box, sadly, lasts until about the 2nd or 3rd preview though.

  14. We used to go fishing (as a family) when I was like 5 or 6 or 7 years old... I never liked the taste of fish though so I was quite happy when Dad sold the boat!

  15. Greasy greasy popcorn! Oh and tortilla chips with that super nasty nacho sauce from a can. Yeah I even smuggled my own bag of tortilla chips and microwaved jar of cheese sauce into a movie. What can I say, I'm cheap!

  16. All of a sudden I'm craving Five Guys and some sour patch kids!!!!!!! I'm blaming you:)

    Spending time with the ohana is awesome -- saying good bye is always hard -- sorry girlie:(

  17. Five Guys is so amazing! Reese's Pieces are my favorite but I rarely ever treat myself to candy at the movies.

    I'm sad your family is about to leave. I know you guys have really enjoyed spending time with them. It seems like it flew by though!

  18. the secret is setting your camera timer and placing it on a surface far away lol

  19. My mom buys some black licorice for my dad that is some Australian is SOOOO good and chewy and (hold on I am salivating on the keyboard) I can't buy it because I would probably overdose and eat the entire bag.

    Cute outfit!

    As for picture...I set the camera up, take a pic, and see about where it is hitting and then I stand in that spot. But I have my husband take a lot, too.

  20. Ah, we have a Five Guys here and I recently tried the roasted veggies with BBQ sauce ~ so good! I usually sneak it into the movie with me, since they're in the same plaza. ;)

  21. That outfit is amazing on you! So cute! They are right with the Tripod. I got one of those bendy ones that is small and will travel easy. Havent used it yet but I have it LOL

  22. Your little bro looks ALOT like you. I don't have a favorite theater snack - almost anything is good with me! I love Old Navy. I'll have to go there in a few weeks. Cute shirt, and I also love your shoes!

  23. I have a long term hatred for licorice. I'll try it out again every so often just to make sure, but we're just not meant to be together like you and licorice clearly are. Popcorn and I, on the other hand, are a match made in heaven.

    I' no good at the self portraits either!

  24. I don't understand fishing at all! But hey, whatever floats your boat, right?

    My favorite candy is probably good n plentys. The best part is no one likes black licorice so you don't have to share!

  25. looks awesome! I love your boots....I also love fish :D but I don't like fishing. it's too boring for me. I can't believe your fam has to leave already :(

  26. great boots!! best movie theater snack.. milk duds and whoppers. or candy corn if i sneak it in.

  27. Don't fish and don't see the appeal!

    Fave movie theatre treat is Licorice Nibs and M&Ms! BOTH, not just one. Luckily I don't go often. ;)

    Looks like a wonderful time with the fam jam! Hope they have a safe trip home!

  28. OH good n plenty! I'm an addict!! Looks like tons of fun with the fam! (:

  29. I LOVE 5 Guys. Like, a deep undying love. Also, I really like that blue sweater!

  30. Five Guys just made it's way into California but I am not a big fan. When you grow up with something as great as In and Out Burger...nothing else comes close. I did like the cajun fries at Five Guys but I guess I tend to compare every burger to In and Out!! Glad you had a good time with the family. It must ve hard living that far from your fanily :(

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