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Bagel Sandwiches and Christmas Come Early!

Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway) I lived through my first 5am group run. I couldn't have asked for a better group of runners. It was a small group (5 of us altogether) but our average pace was 9:45 for 7 miles, which was perfect for chatting and getting to know each other as we ran. I'm excited to have some new running buddies, and I'm planning on running at last 10 miles of my long run on Saturday morning with them. Yay!

As a reward for waking up at 4:15, I made myself this incredible bagel sandwich for lunch. For the record, even if you don't run at 5 am, or you know...ever, you should still make this. Midnight snack, breakfast, whatever. Just make it.

In case you want my incredible Master Chef instructions for dummies, here we go:

-Toast bagel
-Spread bagel generously with pesto on both sides
-Top with cheese and turkey
-Place a perfectly fried egg on top
-Garnish with a slice of tomato and half a piece of lettuce ("veggies")

And I didn't go to culinary school or anything. Can you believe it? Feel free to skip the completely unnecessary lettuce. I like to fool myself into thinking something is healthy if there is green visible.

I also got a very pleasant surprise in the mail. A while back I won a giveaway from Kelsey at Go Girl, but the prize was a complete surprise. Christmas come early! And seriously...most of my Christmas mornings aren't even this good. The loot was incredible!

Tons of snacks and goodies, and my favorites - nuun and a Bondi band! Kelsey, how did you know I was just about to buy some more nuun? I was so blown away by this, but that shows you what kind of girl Kelsey is-sucha  sweetheart! Check out her blog for some laughs--she just dressed up as Snooki for a party and it is hilarious! Thanks again Kelsey!

Are you a bagel fan? What kind if your favorite?
I go through phases of loving bagels and then never eating them. I usually go for the cinnamon raisin ones (sugar, duh) but lately I've been loving the onion ones. Thank goodness hubby eats them too so he can't tell how bad my breath smells afterwards.

Hungry Runner Girl did a post today about the benefits of eating eggs--all the eggs, not just the whites. I was excited to read it, because I love eggs. What's your favorite way to eat them?
Does baked into muffins count? No? Fine. Then my favorite would be fried eggs on sandwiches, or scrambled into stir fried rice. So tasty!


  1. Love the loot! Glad the run went well! I lIke bagels, they are good, but not my favorite thing, unless they are being eaten in NYC, then they are amazing! I love eggs, LOVE them! My favorite is scrambled, then fried, then hard boiled. My husband and two youngest girls love soft boiled, and I think that's plain yucky!!

  2. WOW!!!! you hit the jackpot with Kelsey's giveaway! so proud of you for getting up this am and love that you found some new running friends! and bagel sandwiches are my FAVE!!!!!!

  3. I LOVE eggs! I normally hard boil a bunch and will throw them into salads or eat as is, point is, I eat them daily…and I was very happy to see Hungry Runner Girl post the benefits because they get a bad rap. I love egg sandwiches on either whole wheat or everything bagels, but adding the turkey and pesto is a nice touch - I'll have to try that!

  4. Congrats on finding running buddies - woot!!! I love running with people - it'll make those 10 miles feel amazing (but since you've been running 16+ miles, I guess the 10 miles will already feel amazing all by itself!).

    I do like bagels. I eat a bagel with PB for breakfast sometimes and always before races. I have strayed from full bagels in the past year or so and stuck with thins - still yummy but not as much food/calories. I stick to plain boring whole wheat but I'm always tempted by the cinn/raisin ones - ohh they smell and look so yummy.

    Eggs- funny you write about it - tonight, we had scrambled eggs with leftover sausage from last night's dinner and some shredded cheddar atop some homemade american fries. And because it was such a beautiful evening - we ate outside. SO my FAV way to eat eggs - is outside in beautiful weather :) SMILE!

  5. Used to love fried eggs in a sandwich, combining it with pesto is a great idea. That is a tasty looking picture. Since going paleo I eat more eggs than ever. I like scrambling them with lots of vegetables - normally onions, jalapenos, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Just because eggs have fat does not make them bad, they are very nutrient dense. I get something like 40% of my calories from fat these days.

  6. I love eggs too -- for YEARS I threw out the yolk, but now I don't. My favorite way to eat 'em is scrambled w/a little salt, pepper, and cheese. Mmm:)

  7. Nice haul!

    I am glad your 5 am run was so good and that you have found some new running buddies. That sammy looks good too!

  8. That egg in that sandiwch loooks perfect. I have been cooking eggs for 15 years probably... still can't get them quite perfect. Oy congrats on the loot!

  9. I love eggs! I always eat the whole egg.

    That is an awesome bunch of loot you got there!

  10. Eggs are my FAV! I eat them scrambled, quiche style, omelet, hard boiled, poached.....did I miss any? Well I eat them that way too. EGGS RULE. Ok, I am so immature...haha.

    Get Up & Go

    PS - 5am running group??!! You're my idol. Morning workouts are SO HARD FOR ME.

  11. Wow- that's quite the haul there! I need to win a giveaway like that!
    I love a good fried egg sandwich. In fact, you've inspired me and I now know what I will have for lunch tomorrow :).

  12. That's some serious swag! Good for you!
    I adore bagels. But I'm trying to stay away right now. Okay, I'm trying to eat them LESS than normal. Sooooo delicious. My Faves are the Asiago cheese and cinnamon crunch from Panera. Heaven.

  13. I love bagel sandwiches! My favorite is chicken salad on an everything bagel thin. Mmmmmmmm... might be lunch tomorrow :)

    Congrats on the giveaway win! Looks like good stuff!

  14. definitely agree that having the color green anywhere in a meal automatically makes it healthy. even if the "green" is just italian seasoning. still counts. mac and cheese = indulgence/treat. mac and cheese with italian seasoning = health food + should eat some dessert to balance out the healthy. its science.

  15. You're culinary skills are amaze. Hey give yourself credit for mixin' turkey, pesto and an egg - pretty freakin fancy if you ask me!

  16. I was glad to see your post of safely on DM this morning. :)

    Look at that loot! SCORE!

    I'm so hungry right now that I was tempted to eat my laptop screen.

    I really love everything bagels because they are delicious! I make cheesy eggs regularly. It's definitely a worthwhile cheat on my dairy free diet.

  17. Awesome stuff!! I love eggs, and the yolk is my favorite part. My favorite way to eat them is froached. Soooo good.

  18. Love me some bagel sandwiches! Will have to to recreate this!

  19. I JUST read her egg post, lol. I love eggs lots of ways... boiled, fried, scrambled in fried rice... all so tasty! lol

  20. Congratulations on the run and actually showcasing a food item on your blog that I would actually eat. :) I commend you for not using a bagel thin.

  21. Isn't it so awesome finding a running group? It's seriously the best thing I did for training. Plus now I have friends that are runners!

    I love bagels. I eat one everyday, because I'm boring and I don't switch up my diet.

    Sweet giveaway haul!

  22. congrats on the 5am run!! that's amazing!! also, the bagel sandwich looks like the best thing ever!! :)

  23. that sandwich does look pretty dang tasty!! So glad you got to the run on time! Group runs are the BEST....and that care-package?! wowza!

  24. That's an amazing little giveaway... I spy sour patch kids!! Also, love the Women's Running magazine... I buy it almost every month.

  25. Your sandwich looks so dang good!

  26. Could you please stop posting all of this delicious looking food!! ha ha jk it always just makes me want to lick my screen. I love egg sandwhiches.

    Great job on the group run and yay for the package!! I love suprises. :)

  27. Wellp that's pretty much an amazing giveaway, she really did it right!

    And I'm usually not a huge bagel fan, but that one looks amazing...

  28. WOW what an amazing giveaway snag!! That bagel sandwich looks soooo good, I really want one right now. Have you considered opening a little deli shop or anything? Your foods are always super delicious looking.

  29. I love eggs-any and every way you make them but my favorite is two eggs over easy.

    Wow! That's quite a haul for one giveaway!

  30. Holy delish! That looks awesome (the bagel!).

    THAT giveaway is something else too!!!! Congrats!!

  31. I am craving eggs bigtime lately--look at your bagel protein boosted sammy! Delish. And, that looks like the best giveaway to win!

  32. Nice pile of loot!

    My two favorite ways to eat eggs is poached or a soft-cooked omelet for omurice.

  33. Over easy eggs! Have to be runny! Mmmm!

    Good job on the super ridiculously early run!

  34. congrats on the prizes! I'd love to win all that stuff too!

    Ok, I LOVE bagels...because I love anything, Bread! So, we're not allowed bagels in our home, or I'd probably be able to eat an entire package in one sitting! Although every now and then I must go to einstein's and get a pumpkin bagel in honor of fall!!

  35. Yum that looks delicious! I never thought to put one on a bagel. I'll have to try that, I usually do one on toast. That package is awesome!!

  36. Yum your sandwich looks awesome! Good job on your early morning run. What a great thing to receive in the mail, it's just full of goodies!

  37. Wooohoooo. Glad you liked the swag! Now if we can just get your hubby to make Christmas (for real) even better!! :)

  38. I like plain or raisin bagels with strawberry spread.
    And I LOVE eggs, usually scrambled but I eat them fried too!

  39. you are a hero. 4:15 a.m.? no. way. Not for me, not even for a race. I'm a little bit in love with sleep, 5:30 a.m. is my max....going under that is a scary thought. It is really rad that you committed yourself to it and it paid off with a great run and great new running buddies!

    Full eggs, with the yellow, always look SO good....but then when I eat it, I find them overrated. They never hit the spot for some reason for me.


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