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A 48 Hour CAT-astrophe!

My family has been here visiting for about 48 hours...and we haven't had a dull moment. It hasn't all been good, but it certainly has been eventful! Here's a quick recap of the highs and lows....

High: Meeting the family at the airport and getting some much needed time to catch up.

Low: Jet Lag waking everyone up at 4am!

High: Having workout buddies to do a kick-butt P90X plyometrics workout with me. Thanks, Mom and Sis!

Low: Having my fur baby escape! This little one headed out the window yesterday and caused 24 hours of chaos:

High: Having friends and family that are happy to drop everything to roam around looking for her, and even help chop down a tree to get her down!

Low: Standing out in the rain for well over 3 hours getting chilled to the bone.

High: Seeing the babies cuddling together makes every little thing worth it. So glad she was found!

Low: Belly aches from way too much delicious food!

High...Duh, all the above-mentioned delicious foods! A new barbecue means grilled steaks and lots of roasted veggies and salads. 

Low: Waiting ages to get the coals just right...

High: Perfectly roasted marshmallows for s'mores! And yes...these were the very first s'mores EVER for hubs, and they were a hit! Prepare for weekly s'more night from now on...

I've really been having a great time with family, and can't believe their trip is already halfway over. I'll be spending as much time as possible over the next few days with them!

When was the last time you had s'mores?
It has been YEARS since I've had s'mores, but they are amazing! Although, I have to say...towards the end I was just making graham crackers and marshmallows. I can take the chocolate or leave it!

Have you ever lost a pet?
I honestly can't ever remember losing a pet, but this was a pretty traumatic event for us. Many tears were shed, and last night I was heartbroken. We got really lucky today, knocking down an entire tree and hubs was the hero at the end of the day!!!


  1. Oh my gosh! That is one of my biggest fears. Thank god furbaby was found. I swear I almost squished baby Ritchie to death when he bolted for the door once. Better me than a car I guess. WHEW! So glad she was rescued!

  2. ahhh! so happy you found your fur baby! i would literally be terrified if i lost riley!!! the house looks amazing!!! and so glad you are spending time with the fam :)

  3. I'm glad your kitty was found. Mine tried to escape today too, jumped our fence into the neighbor's yard. Must be a secret club they're in that requires an escape now and again.

  4. I have been in your situation and it is THE WORST! My previous dog got out when she was only 3 months old and someone took her to the pound before we found her (we went and bailed her out). She got out another time (she could jump a 6 foot fence) and was missing for about 12 hours before she came back. Both times were HORRIBLE and I would never wish it on anyone. I'm SO glad you found your kitty and she is home safe!

  5. I'm so glad you found the kitty! I've never lost a pet but I've had to chase my puppy around a few times when I've accidentally dropped his leash (bed pet-mom). It's so scary!

  6. oh, how scary! I'm so glad you found her! Fun that your family is in town and good that they were there to help.
    Your bbq food looks delicious!

  7. So glad you found your kitty. I lost a 12 year old cat once, my first and never did find him. Makes me sad to think about it all these years later. He was my cuddle baby.

    Glad you are having a nice family time.

  8. I'm so glad you found your kitty and it sounds like you are having a great time! I love smores (always with the chocolate though) and recently made baked smores that are sooooo yummy! I might have to post about it! Our puppy has gotten loose, but I think the longest was less than 30 minutes, so we've been lucky!

  9. oooo Have you tried smores with Reeses PB cups? TO DIE FOR!!! Glad kitty is back :)

  10. So glad you found her!! I would be absolutely heartbroken if my little baby got lost!!

  11. Ahhh smores!! I only made them once this summer which is like 18 times less than usual, haha. Little jealous right now! Also happy to hear you found your cat! Worrying about pets is the worst...

  12. oh my gosh, if one of my fur babies disappeared I'd be a total and complete wreck!! So glad she was okay!!!

  13. Good news about your fur baby's safe return :) It is awful when one goes missing.

    Tell hubby not to feel too bad, he has had more smores than me. I have never had one. I think I first learned of them from Toy Story 2 "they're called smores Buzz" I had no idea what these toys were talking about so I googled them and they do sound delicious.

  14. I can completely relate to the escaped cat drama! Ours got out last summer on the same day we were leaving for a long weekend at the beach. Dilemma--do you stay or go? We had lots of nice neighbors who volunteered to look for him, so we went. Got home and still no cat. Finally at 11:30 at night he came out of his hiding place to our calls and shaking of the bag of treats. Whew!

  15. Ahh I love smores! We camp and go to the mountains pretty often, so we have campfires and make them then! So yummy! I'm with you, I can take the chocolate or leave it.

    My little dog wandered off one night when my hubs and his friends were fixing a car. They didn't even realize that she was gone for over an hour. We found her laying down in the grass scared. Poor little thing. I'm glad you found your cat...pets are family :)

  16. My other beagle got out a MILLION times - the worst was when she was gone for 3 days! Every time was heart stopping. She was my world (had her while I was single) - totally know how you were feeling. Glad your fur babies were reunited - they're soooo cute!

    S'mores - ohh I probably had them a year or two ago. Not really a big fan. Are those the gigantic marshmellows?

    Have a fantastic time with your family - it's so sad they are here only a short time! Enjoy every minute!

  17. For some reason our 17 (!!) yr old cat has decided he wants out whenever we leave...and for 17 he is pretty spry. I have to double check whenever I leave.
    I am a sucker for marshmallows....

  18. Looks like a good time with family! So sad your cat escaped! You guys had to chop down a tree to get him back????? Definitely an adventure.

  19. I'm glad you found your kitty. I would have been freaking out as well. One time our cat shimmied down the pole that holds the porch up in our old apartment. It was like a fireman going down the firepole. Then he wandered around the apartment grounds until we found him hanging out by a bush with a bunny. At least he made friends.

    I can't believe your hubby never had smores!

  20. OMG, I'm so glad you found your kitty!!! That is so scary to lose a pet!! Hahahaha CATastrophe- well played. So cute to have your whole fam over- great kitchen space! I'm so jealous. My kitchen is big enough for a bowl of Cheerios.

  21. I'm so glad you found your cat!
    Omigosh, that must've been torture looking for her.
    What an eventful family visit!

  22. Sounds FANTASTIC!!! (except for the missing kitty, but glad she is home safe)

    Mmmm smores!! The grilled meat & veggies look awesome too.

  23. Glad your furbaby is home safe and sound! Enjoy your family time!

  24. This is why I'm not a cat person. You know what happens if my dog gets out? I call her name and she comes back. Cats just don't care. :) I'm impressed that it even required cutting down a tree, I hope your cat appreciates it, but since it's a cat, I doubt it. :)

  25. I am so glad you found your cat! Ugh, trying to find a missing pet is the worst(((

    The one time I was camping and people made Smores - I skipped the marshmallows and chocolate and just ate the graham crackers, lol.

  26. mmm i love smores!! glad you are having a blast and enjoying the fam time!

  27. I am soooo happy you found little fur baby! and I LOVE roasting marshmallows :D YAY for family fun....looks awesome

  28. Love smores! Your kitchen is absolutely stunning. Seriously I am in love. Enjoy the rest of the time with your family.

  29. when we took the boys camping over the summer, we had s'mores! SO GOOD! I love your kitchen too :)

    Oh my gosh, so happy the fur baby was found! Very scary time, I'm sure.

  30. Aww, so happy your fur baby is back home safe and sound. My cat got out a couple months ago. I was sitting at the computer doing work and all of a sudden I saw here dart across the back yard. Luckily she loves treats and when I shook her food bag she came running back to me!

  31. That food looks awesome! What a scare, losing your baby like that!

  32. I'm glad your cat came back!!

    If you get a chance, can you let me know if you still have an updated house blog? I really want to see more of your house, it's gorgeous!!

  33. I lost a kitty once who pushed out a screen and escpaed while I was on my honeymoon. It was so so sad. I pray that he found a good home.

  34. Oh I'm so glad you found your pet, I sometimes get paranoid when I take Carly out that her leash will break and she will see a bird or something and just take off running and never come back, but then....I remind myself that she is a Mama's girl and she will definitely come back because she is so spoiled she wouldn't know what to do in the wilderness lol

  35. Don't get me started on losing a pet. This summer there was an incident and my cat was missing. I was 3000 miles away in CA. I had a panic attack. There were tears, vomiting and general drama.

    We found the cat. Thank GOD or someone was going down.....

    Get Up & Go

  36. The hubs is just now getting a taste of Smores?! Oh my goodness! So glad that both cats are home safe and sounds now!

  37. we had to take our kitty to the vet this week, I just hate those moments!

    but yeah for wonderful fun with your family

  38. Glad you are having so much fun with the family and that your found the cat! Never had a smore - I so want one!


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