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I Think He's Doing It Wrong....

This morning a website caught my eye which really blew my mind. Now, I like a Biggest Loser-esque weight loss journey as much as the next person, but it's usually because the person in question is losing weight, getting fit and learning healthy eating habits. This guy? Not so much. Here's the personal trainer last May:

And now here he is today:

He has gained over 70 pounds and stopped exercising-- ON PURPOSE. It's all part of his year long program call Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit. He plans to spend 6 months gaining weight, eating the "typical American diet" and doing no exercise. Then, he will spend 6 months trying to get back in shape. The idea is to make him a better personal trainer, by understanding the difficulties average people go through when they need to lose weight. 

Is he on to something, or just crazy?

Here are my thoughts: while the idea is interesting, it's just irresponsible for anyone to intentionally put their bodies through that. I'm not just talking about weight here-I mean blood pressure, cholesterol, digestion issues, heart problems, everything. But will it be worth it if it makes him a more compassionate and empathetic personal trainer and weight loss coach?

What do you think? Is the whole thing just a gimmick or a real experiment?
I definitely think it's (at least now) a publicity stunt. I can't imagine it will be easy on his body, and who knows if we will recover from these mass eating binges he does almost daily to gain weight?

This guy is obviously making some profit from the whole thing. If you could gain $1,000 for every single pound you gained, how much would you put on? You can lose it after a year!
Ah! I don't know. Maybe 10 pounds? I could use ten grand! 


  1. A friend of ours was participating in a Biggest Loser type contest at work. Three weeks prior to the beginning of the contest, he ate everything that he could (trying to gain weight). He figured that he would win the contest, because he could easily lose the weight he'd gained. The prize was $100. He didn't win, and has not been able to get his weight under control since. I'm with you. It's irresponsible and senseless to put your body through that!

  2. I'm not going to lie, it's kind of intriguing. That said, it's also completely nuts.

    Does water weight count? I can gain 5lbs in a week :)

  3. Nooooooo.
    I think that's deplorable.
    The six months of gain go against everything he stands for.
    The subliminal message is it's ok to live like that short term.
    It's not.
    We're all going to get fit, lose weight, be healthy tomrrow aren't we??
    Then something gets in the way and tomorrow turns into next week into next year...
    He must feel diiiiiisgusting.

  4. I'm not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, it DOES give him credibility from the perspective that he will know what it's like to lose the weight. On the other hand...WHY?!?!?

  5. i was reading that last night too. i think its irresponsible to put your body through that. I understand his wanting to be more empathetic, but there are other ways to accomplish that

  6. I read about this too. I think it is for publicity. I don't think it's good for his body to go between the two extremes so quickly, he could do lasting and permanent damage.
    I guess I would gain about 10 lbs too.

    Going through 2 pregnancies (where I gained 25 lbs each time) I can't imagine putting on weight on purpose (other than for a baby!) It's amazing, my knees hurt, my back hurt, not just from baby but from the extra weight. It is so hard on your body.

  7. This guy is crazy! People are stupid, period. He must be blinded by money because I cannot think of a single fitness professional in their right mind that would let their body go through that. Drastically gaining and losing is super dangerous for all of the bodies systems. And my gosh what the heck has he been doing the last five months to put on 70 pounds? Yes Americans are fat, but 70 lbs in that amount of time is a bit insane and drastic.

  8. Well, I can see the value in his experiment. it is irresponsible to do that to your body...but so is running a marathon 9 months pregnant. I hope things go his way. What a waste if they don't!

  9. In all honesty, I kind of like his thought. Then at least he can say he knows what works. Sure it'll get him a lot of money in the end because I'm sure many Americans will go for it.

    I don't think it's going to hurt his body that much to do this for a short period of time. Most Americans live the unhealthy lifestyle constantly and it does long term hurt but not too much short term. He'll get himself back to his old ways and his body will thank him in the end.

    Of course I didn't study the effect this could have on him so I am not sure if I am even accurate in what I said, but that's what I would think ;)

  10. Ahh, great post. I am so on the fence on this one - on one hand, it is not very wise to put that stress on your body and it's obviously a publicity stunt. On the other hand, I thought I knew a lot about weight loss being a thin, fit person, and it wasn't until I actually had to lose weight (after pregnancy) that I truly UNDERSTOOD weight loss. But yeah, I don't think that's an experience anyone should be artificially trying to create.

    To answer your question - can I just wait until I'm get pregnant again - gain 35 or so pounds, and come out 35 grand ahead, with a a new baby? That sounds perfect to me! :)

  11. I think he's nuts for putting that kind of stress on his body (the medical conditions you mentioned), but if he's hell-bent on doing it, I hope that it does make him a better trainer going forward. He'll have the potential and the ability to touch a lot of people!

  12. Wow, can't lie, in about to go devour this site. Seriously tho.. It's a cool concept that he wants to improve his training technique and relate to his clients but I have a hard time believing his motivations are so selfless and ts not all a big publicity stunt!

  13. I definitely think that it is a publicity thing but really cool at the same time. If he truly wants to be able to relate with his clients and try to understand what they are going through..that is awesome!

  14. Wow - this is definitely a hot water cooler topic for sure! I don't think he will come out of the experience more compassionate. Hmmmm, an interesting topic!

  15. I think he's nuts.

    I think the woman (who was in fit condition and had previously run marathons) and, ran one at 17 weeks pregnant and ran one at 9 months pregnant WITH MEDICAL care/attention was FINE. Our bodies are designed to withstand a lot. . .

    This man is just nuts. Maybe he just was looking for an excuse to stop working out. . .keeping the body in photo 1 was HARD work most likely. Maybe he just took a vacation from that and this story is his excuse/cover.

  16. My girl friend just sent this story to me this morning, I was astounded, yet intrigued. As a trainer I have always wondered what made me qualified to kick someones butt into shape without truly knowing what they are going through. I have always been fit and athletic and in the maintenance phase and I would love to know exactly what obese people go through, however, I don't think I could put myself through what he is doing. I'm sure some day it will happen naturally with age, but until then I am taking care of my health. You never know when one little funny thing could go wrong when messing with your health.

    I'll take 10 pounds :) I dropped 10 after I finished playing college basketball and that wasn't such a bad weight to be at, even though I am happier where I am now.

  17. dedication at its finest. Scary to think of how much weight he gained in 6 months- wow!

  18. Ugh, that's sick. Not only is he harming himself, but he still won't understand the underlying cause of other's weight gain. For him, gaining weight is a personal challenge, for his future clients it is a medical/emotional/lifestyle thing that needs to be worked on.

    Having said that, yeah, I'd totally gain 10 pounds for $10,000. Er, maybe 5 pounds for $5,000. Or I can just enjoy my health for free :)

  19. Yea, I don't think I could do that. That's crazy! Hopefully him and others will benefit from it, but I don't think so. He's been in the habit for years of working hard, eating well, as is shown by his body. The formula is simple when losing weight, eat less and move more. The hard part is following through with that formula. It is a struggle for people because they are having to adjust and change almost all of their habits.

  20. I think if he was really doing it for what he says it is a cool concept... BUT I'll bet about 99.999% of it has to do with rollin' in the dough.

    I think people that have not experienced the 'other side of the weight chain'... do not realize the difficult to get back to a healthy life style - both physically AND mentally.

  21. Oh good controversy going - you should follow up with a post of readers' opinions! I don't really like it. Conceptually it is good, but I don't think he needs to go to that extent and put his body and health at risk in order to understand his clients…maybe he's in the wrong profession :)

  22. WOW! I have to admit, I'm interested in the concept and in some regards, I can understand why it would make him a better trainer....BUT, it's pretty stupid to put your body through that much unnecessary stress.

  23. I think it's dumb- but that's just my opinion. Why can't he talk to people who have been through extreme weight loss or read their stories. It seems like a lot to put your body through to become a more empathetic trainer.
    That being said, I am going to become a hypocrite here and say that I would probably gain 10-15 lbs if someone paid me $1000/lb! We could do a lot with $15,000!

  24. I feel like the fat picture looks like his head is photoshopped on the body?? or is it just me. I think he's an idiot but he will soon realize that when it comes time to get his body back. I think when you are naturally fit or always have been, when your body gains weight it's actually a huge wake up call at how much work it takes to get back to your ideal. LOSER- the biggest loser FACT

  25. I agree with you, that can cause irreversible medical problems for him, rather than help him improve his training techniques...the healthier way to accomplish what he is trying to "learn" would be to shadow some of this clients through their day to see their habits and how hard they are working to get fit.

  26. I watched an interview with him the other day and it was incredibly interesting. He said that he hasn't really been gorging in food necessarily but rather just eating the typical american diet. Amazing in my opinion. He also said that the psycological effects have been awful and that he is suffering from major depression. I'm not sure I have a real opinion but I definitly think it is very interesting.

    I would seriously gain like 30lbs if I got $1,000 for each pound.

  27. I would never do it just because I think it would be so hard on my body I would never want to let myself get there, and what if I couldn't get back ahhhh! As for him I guess he needs a gimmick to get more clients!

  28. Many actors/actresses do that kind of stuff for movies. Christian Bale and Natalie Portman both starved themselves for roles (the machinist and black swan), and if i remember correctly, Charlize Theron put on like 40lbs for "monster". so I guess if he is being paid to do it (it is his "job"), and he is okay with it, that's his perogative. not something that I would do to myself, but hey, whatever.

    On the bright side, he will become accustomed to eating the way that he is, and he will understand how hard it is to alter those habits and get back to healthy ways. This will definitely enable his clients to relate to him better, and it might help with their overall motivation. It is easy for an out of shape person to look at an in shape person and think "oh, they were just born that way, I can't do that", but in this case, he will have actually endured the same struggles that they are dealing with (assuming he can return to his previous fitness level at all!).

  29. I remember reading about a trainer in Australia three years ago who was going to do this, but there was no follow up.

    I give the guy props for wanting to know what it's like to go through what his clients are going through, but man, I don't think it would be worth it.

    I remember on Super Size Me, it took 30 days for Spurlock to gain, what, 25 pounds? And then 6 months to lose most of it (and he says he never lost the last 5 pounds). Scary stuff, man.

    My personal trainer was a fat kid who discovered lifting weights, and now he has the body of some kind of GOD.

  30. That is CRAZY!!! i can't even believe someone would go through that. Well, I can. Celebs do it all the time for roles. But- seriously?! I would never. It's just not healthy!

    On the plus- I think he will be able to connect to his clients on a more personal level.

    I still couldn't do it.

  31. I saw the article too. As much as I think it's scary. . .I commend him for entering the journey that most PT clients are encountering these days. I'm sure knowing what the actual challenge is of his clients first hand will help him make their weight loss a better experience. The article I saw said he was being monitored by MD's. . .which I think it important. I just hope he stays healthy and gets back to how he was before!

  32. ahhhhh. this sounds kinda terrible to me!?! what a crazy idea. i would never want to have to go through that! it just isnt smart to me or sound like fun!?! i think at this point...i have worked so hard to lose weight I am not sure I would really want to gain any for money...but maybe. i am not sure its worth it to me.

  33. Sister this is totally real!! Celebrities get PAID to gain weight and then lose weight simply to represent a weight loss company. Crazy--I KNOW! If this guy is doing this merely to become more passionate for his future clients, more power to him--but most if not all stunts like this is for bookoo bucks!!!

  34. Those pictures made my gut drop. How terrible! I only hope he doesn't do something to himself that is irreversible in the process because, seriously, that's a big deal. Very intresting though.

    I NEED to gain 10 pounds! I wish someone would pay me to do it!

  35. I actually LOVE that he's doing this. It shows his confidence in his technique, AND I think it makes the gym less intimidating -- kind of shows that even fit people can get out of shape, ya know?

  36. That's weird, I mean maybe he gets some valuable insights into what its like to struggle to lose weight, but the wear and tear on your body wouldn't be worth it to me.

    Plus it seems to encourage yo-yo dieting. Instead of making healthy a lifestyle its just a temporary thing.

  37. He's really taking a huge risk - I mean, what if the weight doesn't fall of like it did?? What if he has to crash diet/over-exercise to get back to the shape he was in? I would be SO miserable not exercising! And eating all of that junk! When someone says Typical American Diet: I think McDonald's and bowls of breakfast cereal.

  38. Wow- that is very intriguing.

    I understand that he wants to relate better to his clients. I can appreciate that.

    But is this really the right way to go? I'm not too sure.

    You're right about the other factors too: cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc...

    He's putting his body through a lot, in the name of becoming a better trainer.

    I'm not sure it is worth it. Could there be another way? I feel the same when I see actors gain/lose weight for a role. I always wonder if it's really worth the part.

  39. Oh my gosh that is crazy! Why the heck would someone do that to their body?! I really don't understand it!

  40. I have heard of this before, with ads on diet pills I have read that people actually are paid to put on the weight for the before pictures. I am not sure if I would do it, at most 10 pounds as well..I just know how HARD it is to work weight off.

  41. Not sure how I feel about this. It does give him cred, but really, to put your body through that? I guess you could call it dedication but I don't think I could do it.

  42. There is no way he gained that much that quickly eating a normal diet. He must have been eating like a fat kid in a candy store.

    That being said, it reminds me of Mac on It's Always Sunny. Man, sometimes fat is funny.

  43. I think it's a silly stunt.
    But it's his body, he can abuse it as he pleases.

    As for whether or not I'd gain weight for $1,000 a pound... hmm... maybe 5 pounds. I'm not weight-conscious, but I don't want to have to buy a whole new set of clothes either and reduce the net $$. ;)

  44. This is bananas. I get that he wants to "understand" his clients, but seriously...he can find a healthier way to do it. He may never get back to the way he was! Abusing his body like that is going to take a huge toll on him both mentally and physically. I know I would never do it, even if there was money involved. Like you, I would probably cap my intended weight gain at about 10 more than that. Then it becomes way to hard to come off!

  45. As a former fattie (lost 100 lbs. in the last 18 months), this man is nuts! I know first hand how hard it is to lose weight and what it does to your body. I will forever have blood sugar issues because of a lifetime of bad choices. And he is consciously choosing to do this to himself???

    If I interviewed him as a potential trainer and I found this out - I'd run the other way!

  46. Wow!!
    I sort of like the idea that he wants to understand how difficult it is...AND I would be curious to see if he can lose it as easily as he can gain it. As one who was sidelined for well over a year, I got so out of shape and I am finding it is NOT going to all come back to me in a few's going to take at least a year and I think it's important for trainers to understand this!

  47. This is pure insanity... I can't imagine putting my body through this! I want to see if he can get back into as good of shape as that first pic... yikes!

  48. Man that is going to be hard to take off. Although I do think it is easy for a slimmer person to think that if you are overweight it should be easy to lose the weight. So maybe this will make him more compassionate. Who knows.

  49. Fascinating and a little sickening because he probably will get his abs back and I'll still be wondering where mine are :)

  50. Silly man. So, what's he going to do? Lose all the weight and then tell his clients that they should be able to do it because he did. Silly man.

    PS Is it my imagination or does he look like a nicer person in the after photo?

  51. This is crazy but I'll be really interested to see what happens when he goes to lose the weight in six months.

  52. i'm super intrigued, but seems a little crazy.

  53. It looks as if he is trying to prove two points.

    1: Bad food and no exercise are not good for you.

    2: Good food and exercise are good for you.

    I’m not so sure that risking his life or health is worth the trying to prove what is clearly known.

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