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Rocco Dispirito Book Winners and New Shoes, Take 2

I really found it interesting to hear everyone's take on the shoe snob debate. Although my Asics weren't my favorite shoes LOOKS wise, I tried to ignore it for their cheap price tag. But after two runs, they just weren't working. My toes were actually going thanks.

I broke down and headed up to Chattanooga, TN today to buy a pair of the same Brooks I had before. I spoke to an associate there, he had a look at my old shoes, and I left with a new colored pair of the GTS 11s. All is well in the world again!

As if new shoes weren't enough, I also took a walk in the sun, grabbed lunch at Whole Foods and did a little grocery shopping, bought the Office version of Clue at a little antique shop, stopped for frozen yogurt and picked a bunch of new beers to try out tomorrow night. THAT is what I call a successful day. Way more fun than this work nonsense.

Oh-So-Natural Pose by the River

Veggie, shrimp and rice noodle wraps.

Our Halloween Beer Tasters!

There were two winner's for the Rocco Dispirito Book Giveaway! Thanks to Random.Org, I picked Comment #99 and Comment #125! The lucky ladies are:

Congrats! That's Alyssa, from Chocolate is a Life, who may or may not be running a marathon as a training run for an ultra this weekend. Craziness. And Caroline blogs over at Canadian Runner in Exile, and is the sweetest woman - with the cutest children on the planet. Go check them both out! Ladies: send me an email with your shipping info and full names so I can get these books out to you!

What is your take on frozen desserts in cold weather?
I was so torn today. Tim actually asked me three different times, "do you want to get frozen yogurt?" I don't think he believed me each time he said no. As we were driving past the LAST frozen yogurt place on the way home, I decided I needed some, despite the cold weather. Normally though, once winter hits I get ready for baked goods instead!

What is everyone up to for Halloween?
We carved our pumpkin, roasted the seeds and we're having a big roast dinner with our neighbors tomorrow night. But no costumes this year, and I doubt any children will be making the trek down to our house for trick or treating!


  1. Love love love Chattanooga! Great picture!

  2. im glad you settled on shoes that make you happy, if they are kind to your feet..theyre worth it! glad you had a good day.

    tonight im going to a halloween party and then tomorrow my church is putting on trunk or treat and ill be dressing up for that too--our theme is Wizard of Oz and Im a munchkin :)

    i still like frozen yogurt on occasion when its cold, but i have to eat it inside where its warm...maybe by the fire ;)

  3. Love me some brooks adrenalines. I have every color except the weirdo black. My current pair are red.

    Looks like a fun trip!

    I've actually been craving ice cream lately, so apparently, I'm good with it in cold weather.

    My halloween weekend will be spent on the computer manning the bake sale. It's going to be awesome.

  4. Hurray!! I was desperate for froyo last night despite being freezing, but when the place was closed, I got over and opted out of ice cream at home. I'm fine with them though, ice cream is year round for me. My Halloween celebration is over - on the actual day, I'll be playing broomball one day after running a marathon - yay!

  5. Good call on the shoes, glad you got what you loved…sounds like a fun Saturday :) No costumes for us for Halloween…going to make a spiced wine and wait for the few kiddies who come by!

  6. Some of the beers in your photo are my husband's favs - enjoy!

    All did start to feel well with the world and I wondered why . . . ahhh, you got nifty running shoes ;) Just kidding - but having the "right" shoes does make a HUGE difference. Glad you got hooked up. Have fun on your runs.

  7. The Blue Moon is surprising good! Enjoy!

  8. Oooh, I wanna do a Halloween beer tasting! And your day off sounds wonderful. I love just hittin' the town for an afternoon.

  9. yay!! so glad you went with the shoes you know best :) always a more comfortable feeling! i was actually craving frozen yogurt today...even though i was freezing. haha!

  10. Oh man that sounds like a successful day off!! I don't think I'll ever be cold again now that we live in South FL :) But I'm like you -- bring on the warm food when the cold hits!

  11. What a great day!

    I must commend you on those beer choices! Stella is one of my husband's faves =)

    I could eat frozen yogurt all year long... well, because I live in warm weather all year long!

    But when I'm traveling during the cooler months I take advantage of letting a warm coffee drink warm me up!

    No specific Halloween plans... There's a church down the road that hosts a Harvest Festival every year. The first year we moved into our apt. complex I was so excited to have Trick or Treaters! And no one showed up... because they all go to the festival!

    So that's probably where we'll end up. We don't have any costumes though... so we'll probably just hang out =)

  12. oh thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am so happy I won!
    and thank you for what you wrote about me and my are too kind.

    Halloween: no school...we will go to the Aquarium in Long Beach and trick or treats after dinner..Star Wars is the winner this year for the costumes!

    thank you again!!!

  13. I'm sure your feet will thank you for getting more of the same trainers to keep them comfortable :-) Looks like a fab selection of beer choices mmmm

  14. I love my Brooks, too. There's just no substitute!

    I adore Chattanooga. There's this Italian restaurant kinda down a small street with seating on the roof. It was featured in Country Living (I think?!) about 7 year ago and then I made Dave take me there. This is basically a useless comment because I cannot remember the name of it.

    I'm all about a beer tasting. I've actually been enjoying Woodchuck Cider this fall. Quite crisp and refreshing!

    I think desserts should be colder than the air temp at all times, so unless it's really cold, I'm all about the froyo.

  15. I am on the warm treats train already, liked baked goods and hot chocolate!

    My smoothie days are long gone along with summer, haha.

  16. That IPA is amazing - the Pumpkin Blue Moon, not so much. My friend and I always get a mixed six pack and taste away!

  17. can i have a round of applause for the new shoes?!?! hehe. :)

    getting cold treats in the winder is kind of a toss-up for me two. but as soon as the mood hits for an ice cream dive, i just make sure i'm wearing warm close and bust out the spoon! :)

  18. I like frozen desserts in the long as I can eat them inside a heated area. :)

  19. Congrats Alyssa and Caroline!

    The new shoes look amazing! Hope you enjoy them!


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