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Deer, Beer and Chicken

This Halloween I was a domestic goddess. Nope, I didn't dress up in a costume, I just WAS a domestic goddess. (Not the Charlie Sheen type goddess-don't want there to be any confusion) Roasting an entire bird is basically a Thanksgiving only deal, so tackling one on Halloween-eve was pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.

I was actually just a really hungry, sore-legged, just ran 13 miles and can barely hold this 6-pound chicken domestic goddess, but whatever. 

Is it just me or does this look like a tiny baby bird now? I promise, it was 6 pounds, served 4 and there are tons of leftovers. To go with the bird: roasted carrots, sweet potatoes and new potatoes, broccoli, corn and a homemade apple crisp. Except I was too focused on the Halloween beer tasting to take photos of the side dishes. 

Some old favorites and some new ones...I liked everything but the Hoegaarten. Blech. Also, this was my first pumpkin beer - why does it not taste like pumpkin? So disappointing. 

Bonus #752 about living in the boonies: while I made dinner, hubby can go outside and take pictures of the deer drinking water from the pond. Just stunning. 

My legs are a little sore from yesterday's run-13 miles, and my last long run before the marathon (10 days!!!!) It didn't go quite as well as I had hoped. Heavy legs and a slow pace really brought me down. But I'll still make sure to get in my 3.1 miles (5k) today for Kiley's Virtual Halloween 5K! You can walk, run, or swim the distance, but be sure to enter today and try to win some of the great prizes!

Did anyone dress up for Halloween? Unless you bought that "domestic goddess" nonsense. I haven't dressed up in a few years, but I  would really like to run a costume race one year, I think that would be so much fun. 

Do you get trick or treaters where you live?
Ha! Not even close. I wish we did, I would love to see the little kiddos all dressed up. 

Do you have any exercise planned for Halloween?
Yes! Excited to run the Virtual 5k. Go enter!


  1. I went to a halloween party on Saturday night and dressed up. A friend and I dressed up as the host and hostess of the was a little funny.

    We should get trick or treaters this year. Last year we had the lights on and had candy but didn't realize that in this city, having a pumpkin is the signal for "we have candy, come knock on our door." We didn't have a pumpkin so we didn't get trick or treaters. This year, we have our pumpkin so hopefully they come for the candy. (oh wait, note to self, go buy candy)

  2. Woo hoo- look at Mrs. Rachael Ray up there! We used to have deer when I lived at my parents' house. I kind of miss it now. Weird.

    For Halloween I did my hair like Medusa- I have a picture I'll post later.

  3. i wouldn't even know where to begin in cooking a whole bird- yo go girl! I do love seeing the deer- just wish they didn't always run away before I can snap a photo

  4. I totally dressed up Saturday. And I'm dressing up again at work, because we're having a costume party.

    We get a ton of trick-or-treaters. Two years ago we had to make a second run for candy halfway through the night. It was awesome!

  5. Nice looking bird! Cooking a chicken is a big deal, and terrifies me...I think i'm on Turkey patrol this Thanksgiving so time to face the fear!

    You need to try 'Spicy Pumpkin Ale' at wholefoods...all I know is it DOES taste like pumpkin spices and I love it! I grabbed single at WF and wish I grabbed more!

    No dress up for me. I'm just that old and lame :) Hoping for some trick-or-treaters the evening though!

  6. I'm not sure if we'll get trick-or-treaters. It's the first Halloween in our new house! :) I'm going to be gone tonight. Wouldn't be surprised if Hubby sat at home in the dark and ate all the candy, then told me that nobody came. haha

  7. Mmmm that bird looks good!

    We get tons of trick or treaters! Can't wait! I'm not dressed up this year, though. Last year I ran a Halloween race in costume - super fun!

  8. I live in an apartment downtown so I never get trick or treaters! I dressed up at my work party as Little Red Riding hood! My dog and my niece dressed up too---I just put up the photos.

  9. Did anyone dress up for Halloween?
    We are dressing up tonight to take the girls ToT'ing. I'm a little bit excited.

    Do you get trick or treaters where you live?
    We do. Although we won't be handing out candy at home since we will be at my mom's, but we'll hand out candy there.

    Do you have any exercise planned for Halloween?
    I did my virtual 5K this morning.

  10. I so am a boring halloween person. Me and the hubs even went to a costume party and didn't dress up. Yeah, festive. I hope we get trick or treaters! Since it is our first Halloween in the house we have no clue. As for exercise... I had planned to rock a workout dvd and yet I'm already reconsidering. :(

  11. Eeeek only 10 days away!! I am getting so excited for you. Great job at being domestic. It looks so delicious and you look gorgeous in the picture.

    Happy Halloween!!

  12. i love making and eating roasted dinners!! And don't feel bad, Tripp and I stayed in and had Tuna steaks and a bottle of wine with a movie :)

  13. That bird looks awfully darn good! Impressive. Have a fun Halloween! I'll be out w/ the kiddos making the rounds.

  14. Sounds like you had a great weekend. We don't get trick or treaters as we are just on the edge of town and our street has no lights - kids are bummed also 'cos it would take 10 minutes to walk to our nearest neighbour .... WIN WIN for me I'd say ;-)

  15. The Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale is my favorite. So yummy.

  16. No dressing up here. Actually only one person in our office dressed up, so it was a little awkward.

    I really want to run tonight, but I also really want to see the trick or treaters. Dilemma!

  17. You look like Ree Drummond! Well, until you mock take a giant bite out of your gorgeous chicken :). I've dressed up for Halloween entirely too many times this month; it's what happens when your kids are 5 and 2 and you teach at a preschool.

  18. I think you made a gorgeous DG! ;)

    I feel like I need to make an attempt at least tonight!

  19. Nice chicken! You are so domestic! We get some trick or treaters buuuut I've been eating a lot of the candy so there might not be anything left for them! I'm trying to recover my muscles from the weekend so no exercise + lots of treats are the secret I think. I learned that from Janae. I hope it works or I'm in trouble!

  20. Nice dinner. You did well at the Domestic Godess thing! And pretty too.

    No trick or treaters at the marina.

  21. Nice job! So many pumpkin flavored things are a let down. I have never missed a year dressing up - hopefully never will! My "exercise" is about to be running around on the ice hitting a ball - yup that's my choice of social activity.

  22. YUMMM! The last time I roasted a bird was for Christmas one year in college.

    A bunch of Hawaii kids who weren't going home got together for our own "Family Dinner". It was delish if I do say so myself!

    And no pumpkin taste in the pumpkin beer??? I'd be disappointed too.

    For Halloween I dressed up as a Pumpkin Smuggler. Pic to come on my blog!

    We don't get any trick or treaters in our apartment complex b/c there's a church down the road that has a HUGE harvest festival and everyone just goes there.

    And the only exercise I have planned is probably walking to the church later after work! Maybe walking home =)

  23. Oh Vanessa, you are so awesome and such an amazing role model. I just love how you have turned your whole lifestyle around from partying and beer drinking (not that it's a bad thing) to eating healthy, getting to a healthy weight and running marathons - superstar material :)

    I am so glad that your hubby was taking photos of deer, for a moment, I thought you may have been eating them :0

    Halloween isn't really big here in Australia so there was no dressing up or trick or treaters. I did have a Virtual 4k planned and totally forgot about it until now, so I think I will get off the computer and go do that - thanks for the reminder.

  24. i got ZERO trick or treaters. but im not gonna lie...i was kinda happy to just lay on my couch and keep all the candy to myself ;) Happy Halloween dear friend!

  25. I ran in costume!

  26. I didn't have exercise planned so I was pretty thankful when my boss dragged me out for a 4 miler on our lunch break yesterday! I hadn't dressed up so it made it changing easier and I was pretty thankful, haha.

  27. Looks like you guys had a great weekend! Beautiful pictures of the deer.

  28. How cute are you!? I'm seriously scary in the kitchen. I made food for Halloween and my husband refused to eat it.....that is how bad I am....I can only go up right?


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