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Weekly Workout Recap and a Little Drunk Photo Booth

So I have less than 3 weeks left until the Chickamauaga Battlefield Marathon-my first full ever. Am I scared? You bet. I'm also slightly confused about people complaining about taper. If I'm reading this right, you get to run less and eat carbs. I guess I'm not seeing the major problem yet. Here's the week in numbers:

Monday: 1 hour of Yoga
Tuesday: 8 Mile Run (10x400s)
Wednesday: 7 Mile Run
Thursday: 4 Mile Run
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 20 Mile Run
Sunday: 4 Mile Run/Walk With Hubby

So, total mileage for the week - 43 miles. Total strength, core,, just that one yoga video. Whoops.

My head is saying things like Um, remember that little marathon thing you signed up for? Maybe you should run a little. Which means less cross training because I'm lazy and can only handle one thing a day, fitness-wise.

Remember when I drank like 1/2 ounce of beer yesterday and got smashed? Me either. Luckily I had some photographic evidence to jog my memory courtesy of photo booth.

I'm sorry. You can't ever un-see that stuff. 

Luckily a couple of beers gives me an excuse to finish off the last of my Ting-a-Lings, which might sound just a little bit dirty but is actually an amazing chocolate candy. They come in 4 flavors: milk, dark, super dark and peanut butter. 

I have to say they were all pretty tasty, but PB comes in top, of course. Also, the Super Dark were nice but definitely not very sweet, in my opinion. I love that they're a small company (Sp Candies) who make everything "just like Grandma Elsie." I'm totally imagining a cute old lady in a rocker whipping me up some homemade candy. They're gluten-free, organic and made with high quality ingredients. Which makes me feel pretty awesome about myself when I sit next to hubs as he munches his Hershey's. I'm classy and I know it. 

What are your fitness goals for the week?
I think this is the last week to REALLY bust my tush with running before sliding into a calmer two weeks with taper. So my goal is to really give it my all, pushing the pace with speed training and tempo runs.

Do you buy "junk food" with healthy ingredients, or just call it a splurge and move on?
85% of what I eat I try to make healthy meals, with veggies, fruits, protein, etc. So when I eat my "junk" each day, I am fine with it being unhealthy. But I love when a product tastes like a treat but is full of great ingredients--like these candies, Larabars, or Greek yogurts. 

Also: Has everyone entered my giveaway for TWO SIGNED COPIES of Rocco Dispirito's latest book? Please don't make this pretty man sad. 

I received the Sp Candies free but the review is entirely my own.


  1. HA! love the little photo shoot.

    Those dingaling candies sound GOOOOOOOD!

  2. and for the record, I LOVE TAPER!

  3. Laughing again! 2 beers and i'm toast too...oh how things have changed!

  4. I hate taper because I have crazy amounts of energy and no way to channel it. Luckily, during my marathon taper, I was traveling all week for work, so I didn't even really have time to run if I wanted to.

    I don't go for healthy when I eat junk food. I eat enough fruits and veggies to keep me covered.

  5. Love the photo booth! I had a glass of wine Saturday night and got so loopy! So I had another and according to my husband I was pretty funny.

    Enjoy the coming taper!!

  6. You're a beast! Great job! :)

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I had always hated Taper weeks because I got so bored! THis last marathon though I tried a new program and it worked great! structured workouts that were similar enough to what I had been doing , that I didn't feel lazy.

    I try and eat quality food so that when my chocolate cravings hit I can enjoy my food!

    I just started a 5k training program so tonight I'm doing a speed workout, Wednesday I do Tempo and Saturday I do a Long Tempo! I love it!

  9. um, tapering is my favorite part! No more 20 milers and carbs = good times, in my book!
    Love the pictures!

  10. Enjoy the taper! I like the first, then I feel lazy and antsy and fat and unprepared closer to the race. I don't mind some junk food food, I figure if it's balanced with the healthy stuff, should be fine!

  11. I would have snorted my coffee if I had it in my hands, love the photo booth pics :-)

  12. My junk food is a mix - like you, since the majority of the rest of what I eat is healthy, I don't mind the indulgence (everything in moderation!), but if I can bake something sweet and use healthier ingredients (like substituting WW flour or applesauce) and it still tastes good - all the better!!!!

  13. I'm a huge lightweight too. It's probably a good thing I don't know what photobooth is :)

  14. I hate taper...because I over think everything, too much time to think.
    I also start thinking I have not done enough I wont be ready.

    I love the pics!!! very funny!

  15. I love the pictures!!! I tapered for my half marathon, but that was basically nothing, but I would be totally excited if I were less and eat more! Sign me up!

  16. I'm pretty sure I would be in love with tapering. Nothing like settling in and knowing that you've put in the time and training and now it's time to just run your race.

  17. i'm on the same "eat healthy 85% of the time and be fine with the junk" train as you. family, friends etc always glare disapprovingly at the size of my desserts but it's like, yo, i run. i'm covered. it's all good.

  18. You and hubs are adorbs! Hee I haven't had a drink in two years, a beer would probably put me on my ass.

  19. Tapering is tough because you start thinking that backing down is going to affect your performance. Love the photos! You two are hilarious!

  20. Oh man, I signed up for my first marathon too, which is in about 5 weeks...and I am looking forward to the taper! (and NOT looking forward to that 20 mile run! So nervous!) I noticed you are running 5 days a week? What training program are you using? I am using Hal Higdon and it only calls for 4 days, 2 of which are only 4 or 5 miles. I wonder if I should pick up another day or run more miles on one of the other ones?

  21. Cute pics... your candy sounds good, too.

  22. Taper sucks because if you're nervous about the race, NOT running is so painful. Personally, I'm anti 3 week taper and only do 2 weeks. My husband can't handle 3 weeks of me tapering anyway.

  23. OMG you and your husband in your matching colors are too cute for words!

  24. Hahaha, thanks for sharing the pics. :) By the way, that's a lotta' miles. I'm so impressed!

  25. You guys are a trip! Wow only 3 weeks to are gonna do great! Your training is going so good!

  26. Nice photo shoot!! You really know how to rock it with no lips and a monkey face! HAHA.

    Get UP & Go

  27. Looks like you two had a great time! Good luck in your last intense week! My goals for this week are just to run 4 miles at least 4 times this week. Need to get these feet used to pounding the pavement (or treadmill as the case may be) again :)

  28. My mileage was 43 last week too! The taper just sucks because all the time you used to spend running you spend freaking out about the race. But you don't need to, because you'll do awesome. Did you guys dress like twins on purpose? I have officially sworn off fruit on frozen yogurt - I'm with you, if I'm eating dessert, I'm going all out.

  29. im totally with you on the taper not sure why people complain, but I'll be there in a few weeks too..youll kick some booty in your runs this long as your not all 1/2 beer drunk again ;)

  30. Those pictures are awesome!

    And that fitness schedule is impressive!!

    *big thumbs up*

  31. Haha I love your attitude on the taper! I agree in theory but I think the biggest taper challenge is mental- like the constant fear of injury or sickness. But I also freak out big time before a race so you are probably a little more sane.

    I try to buy treats with healthy ingredients but sometimes I just have to indulge completely!!

  32. I'm loving the drunk pics!! Too cute!! Looks like a great week planned!! This week I've got 2 more runs scheduled as well as yoga and trapeze!

  33. you totally rocked the running this past week! i am so excited for you to run your marathon!!! you have been so dedicated to your training and are more than ready :) i get confused by people that dont like to taper too. it is my FAVORITE. and i am so dang good at it. haha! enjoy the put in the work and have earned your right to relax before the big day!

  34. I read this post the other day but wasn't able to comment from work. I love your drunk photos and I want to be real life best friends with you and your husband. We could ru. Together every day and Dean could get some singing lessons from hubby. Sounds perfect to me!

    And when I eat junk, I eat JUNK. Keep it real, ya know?!

  35. so your third drunk photo---- that is my 'signature photo bombing face'- apparently it creeps people out. Glad to know I'm not the only one who is doing this!

  36. I never understood the taper complaints either!! (:

    I love the pics!
    Do you know where they sell those chocolates?

  37. LOL @ the pics! Looks like you had a great time hanging out! I can't get myself to drink beer. I would like to and it would be a very easy social alternative to hunting down Smirnoff Triple Black but I just can't get past the taste. Maybe after the baby comes with all the changes to my body it will change my taste buds? We'll see!

  38. Have you ever tried "GeniSoy" protein bars? I swear they taste better than any chocolate bar you could buy!


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