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17 Miles and Parking Lot Sushi!

Just for the record...17 miles is freakin' long. It was literally the longest run of my life! I really needed a successful long run to get my heart back into marathon training. The high heat and humidity around here lately mean that most of my runs are slow, interrupted by walking breaks, and usually get cut short a little. So when I saw I had a 17 miler on the schedule, I decided to use a guest pass at a local gym to get the run inside.

17 miles = 2 hours, 45 minutes (9:42 pace)

Yes, I spent nearly 3 hours on a treadmill facing the wall. And guess what? I LOVED IT! The gym has cardio machines with TVs, so I watched some news, lots of E! and an episode of Chopped to make the time go by faster. The best part of all? When I stopped to finish, and the treadmill said 7 miles (I ran the first 10 and went for water) and the guy next to me said, "Wow, I've never seen a girl run 7 miles on a treadmill before." You have NO IDEA how satisfying it was to say, "Actually, I just ran 17."

Post-run glory!

Any guesses what I was ready to do after 17 miles on a treadmill? If you guessed eat supermarket sushi in the parking lot, you're right! Hubs and I split some tuna and salmon nigiri, and then went with some rolls with salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, and brown rice. 

Tuna and salmon nigiri with white rice

Cream cheese, salmon, cucumber and brown rice rolls

After an ice bath and a little cleaning around the house, I have officially retired to the couch. If you need me, I'll be doing a combination of blogging/watching Lifetime movies, with only these two guys to keep me company. 

Would you rather run your long run in 80 degrees & 85% humidity or on a treadmill?
I know some people get bored on treadmills--I guess I'm not one of them. I know it's definitely easier to run on a treadmill, so I make sure to keep the incline at a minimum of 1%. Can't beat it in the summer!

Are you a sushi fan? What's your absolute favorite?
Love it! It is sad that I actually loved this stuff from the Kroger? Maybe I was just hungry after my long run, but it really was good! I usually get tuna on it's own or nigiri-style with white rice. (Although I have been known to down a few shrimp tempura rolls!)

P.S.--Last chance to enter my Handful Bra GIVEAWAY! I'll pick the winner tonight!


  1. I actually think its harder to run on a treadmill. Not just mentally but physically as well. I always sweat TONS more and it just seems harder, even at a slow pace.

  2. Great job on the long run!! 17 is something to be proud of!! I love running on the treadmill. I feel weird about it sometimes especially if it's nice out so I try to do my long run outside too. I don't think 80 degrees is that hot (when you live in Kansas and its been 100 for like 2 months straight 80 degrees is a treat!) but 85% humidity is a too high!! I'm totally with you though I dont get bored at all on the treadmill, in fact I think the time goes by faster because you can watch TV or read! And YES I love sushi!!! We have place down the street that is a sushi train where you can take small plates off the train, I love it because I can try lots of sushi without spending tons of money.

  3. You're incredible!! The most I have ever run was 10 miles...I would love to train for a marathon. You are inspirational :-)

  4. Congrats on your awesome run! And your sushi looks amazing!!

  5. Congrats on the longest run of your life! That's amazing and a feeling you're never forget!! And on the treadmill no less... you're amazing!

    I can't stand the treadmill, so I'd much rather run outside, even in the heat and humidity and I LOVE LOVE LOVE sushi, but have never had it for recovery food :) yet.

  6. Amazing run! That must have felt so good to tell that guy that you ran 17 and not 7!!!! Boo ya!
    I totally would have done the same thing and ran on the treadmill if the other option was outside in 80 degrees with humidity! Summer has not been my friend lately!!!! And I LOVE sushi!!!!

  7. Congrats! Oh I would prefer treadmill! I hate the heat! I've done as much as 12 miles on the treadmill. Lot's of stuff to watch on HULU since we have that set up.

  8. Got to be honest - I did twenty miles in 96 degrees, heat index 107, once. It was a bad idea but to me it was better than the TM! I just can't do treadmills! Props to you - no matter what anyone says I think treadmills are harder than running outside.
    Grat long run - let that inspiration carry you through training.

  9. Wow! Great job on the long treadmill run! My max on a treadmill was 10 miles, and it wasn't too awful but I'd definitely choose outside over the treadmill, even if I had to walk more or go slower.

    I'm not a fan of seafood, so that eliminates a lot of sushi for me ;)

  10. Oh my gosh, you seriously rock. I'm so impressed! GREAT JOB on that long run!

    LOVE sushi! Love love love. :)

    Peppermint mocha ice cream? Be still my heart.

  11. Great job on a long run and that sushi looks really good! It is hard to find good sushi around here!

  12. You are amazing!!! I bet it felt so great to say that out loud.

  13. Wow, that's a long time on a TM! I think my longest on one is 15 miles. I would much rather run outside in the heat! I actually kind of like the heat, I just slow down a little if it's scorching.

    I love sushi!

    I looked everywhere for that peppermint mocha ice cream when it came out and couldn't find it anywhere! Jealous.

  14. Nice job on the 17 lady!! Yes treadmills are hard for me. But I don't belong to the gym so I guess I am always forced to be outside. I just have to get up super early to avoid the heat and humidity.

    Love sushi! One of my favorite things to eat. I actually like it best from Whole foods. Already made and chilling in the fridge. I like my sushi to be really cold, it is more refreshing that way. I find that if it is made fresh it is not as cold. Im weird I know.

    Ok that ice cream looks so good. I love any kind of coffee ice cream!

  15. Great run! I would rather watch paint dry then run that far on the treadmill - I max out around 6 miles on the TM. The heat has been killer this summer, but all of my weekly long runs have been outside...and brutally slow!

  16. Whoo hoo for 17! You deserve both of those tubs of ice cream. I think that I would rather make an attempt at outdoor humid running then 17 on a treadmill, but I get so bored on that dang machine. I also don't think that I could refuel on sushi because my stomach is sensitive after runs, but I do like it at other times.

  17. Woohoo!! Great job on the 17 miles- on a TM no less! The most I have ever ran on a treadmill is 11 miles and it was TOUGH to get it done. I would choose the TM over the 80 degree weather, though.
    I love sushi rolls, but not as much the nigiri style.

  18. how the heck did you run 10 miles without any water!? I'm like a fish in the gym, all hot and sweaty. I drink water every 5 minutes, and keep a huge bottle in the treadmill

  19. Nice job! I would have paid to see that guy's reaction to you saying you'd done 17!

    I would have gone for the treadmill too, mostly because I'm in love with my treadmill. Though, after this week's long run, I'm feeling way better about outside.

    I LOVE sushi of any kind, the spicier the better.

  20. Great run only to be bettered by rubbing it in some guys face! The farthest I went on a treadmill was 10 and I thought that was bad enough. Gotta say though, it does seem like a better idea than running outside... I can barely hit 5 out there in this heat without stopping/dying.

  21. Nice job! OMG love sushi but supermaket sushi actually isn't bad half the time.

    I think i'd do half on the treadmill. But when I do long runs (almost never), I drive to a new place so I can enjoy the scenery!

  22. Super job on your run today. I think the longest I have ever ran on a treadmill would be 12 miles. It can get pretty boring, but tvs really help.

  23. I definitely prefer to run outside, even when it's super hot or cold. I just get bored on a treadmill, and after falling off of one in a gym full of cute college boys, I gave up on that. But congrats on your 17 miles, that is really impressive!

  24. Nicely done on the treadmill, I would definitely pick the treadmill over the 80 degree weather! I have never run past 13.1 miles, I'm still not sure if I ever want to run a marathon lol

  25. Congratulations on your wonderful run! Glad you got to set that guy straight too - that would have boosted your endorphins even more :)
    I think we might have been separated at birth - I LOVE doing my long runs on a treadmill. I trained for my entire half marathon on a treadmill at my local gym. I think after a while you don't mind staring at the wall (no TVs on these treadmills) and you just zone out.
    As for sushi - can't get enough!! I love just plain avocado or when I can get it shitake mushroom sushi :)

  26. amazing amazing job on your LR!!!! i was actually loving my TM LR this was definitely the longest I had ever run at one time on the TM and I was a little nervous but I had plenty to keep me distracted and it felt like a good run. seriously love your response to that guy! that had to feel AMAZING!!!!! sushi is not my fave but I "try" to like it all the time...haha! again...GREAT JOB on your run!!!

  27. 17 miles? I'm so impressed... I could mayyybe do it on a treadmill, if I broke it up! I've never done more than 13 though.

  28. I totally think TM are harder! I don't have a TV to watch though and my kids are usually around messing with me. My treadmill also faces the I see my kids going in there and all I want to do is Stop.and.EAT I overall think it's too easy to just jump off when I get tired. When I'm tired on the road, I turn further away from home so I know I have to at least walk back.

  29. You are crazy! 17 miles on the mill?! Nuts! I love, love, love sushi. I really like anything spicy - spicy tuna roll, spicy scallop roll with extra siracha on the side. :) I really like the seaweed salads too. yum!

  30. I like to do my long runs on a treadmill too. I am horrible at staying on pace by myself so I can just set it at the right speed, throw a towel over the display, and watch tv for a few hours.

    I love California rolls, Shrimp tempura rolls, and Spider rolls. Yum!!

  31. Way to get it done! I think I'd rather run inside instead of in heat and humidity like that because getting dehydrated is just so dang easy when you're stinking hot. Plus it would just take me longer because I'd be going so much slower outside in the heat. So yeah, treadmill would win although I really don't love treadmill running.

  32. Awesome job!!!

    I could not do 17 miles on a treadmill. I would die of boredom!! I did run 18 in heat/humidity last week and even though it was quite possibly the slowest run I've done since my first half marathon (actually - it was a little faster!) I loved every minute of it. Guess I'm just crazy like that.

    That said -- mmmm sushi!

  33. Congrats girl! I'd rather do mine on a treadmill if there is a TV or something to keep me entertained.

    I had sushi for dinner!

  34. YAY! 17 miles! I'm so happy and proud of you!! The TM definitely makes the time go by SO FAST when you're watching TV! I actually did my entire training for my first marathon on a TM because I had to train through the winter. I loved it! I ran outdoors for maybe the month leading up to the race and that's it!

    That ice cream sounds delicious!! We don't have that here! What else is new?! We don't have PB and chocolate puffins or pink frosted animal crackers either. BAH.

  35. Nice going on the 17 miler and stopping that guy in his tracks!

    I am not a treadmill fan. My limit is an 80 minute movie, but I have only done that twice. I need air moving past me... outside runs for me.

    Loooove sushi. My latest was a rainbow roll (salmon, ahi, tuna, prawn, avocado) very pretty and delicious. Salmon is my very favorite.

  36. Congrats on your longest run!!! WOW, I'd take the heat and humidity over that long on a T.M.! I've never gone past 6 miles on the T.M. You are going to be SO ready for Chickamauga : )

  37. WOW that is a long way to go on the treadmill. I hate the heat/humidity but I don't think I could do that indoors. Glad you got it done. Well -deserved sushi & ice cream post-run!

  38. You are a GODDESS! I did 11 on the tm not too long ago and thought I was going to die. Way to go!! I guess I'd definitely pick tm over that high heat but WOW. Great job!!!

  39. Congrats on the run girl! I commend you on the treadmill dedication - I would probably pick the 80 degrees and 85% humidity due to my lack of attention (I would be more likely to get off the treadmill before I would cut a run short outside) - But 17 is a heck of a long way, I just ran my longest yesterday too and it was...long!

  40. Nice work on the 17 miles!! I enjoy treadmill running too. The tv's help! As does the AC!!

  41. Congrats on the 17 mile run!! That is amazing! The most I have done was 8.
    Tough question....I rather run the road but I guess a treadmill would be the safest option in the hot weather. I get restless with watching tv so it would have to be something really good to keep me running for that long.

    I prefer rolls with avocado, snowcrab meat, spicy mayo, and veggies. I tried tuna before and it didn't taste bad....I just can't get over the thought of it just yet.


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