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Why I'll Never Be a Model, Plus a Long Hike!

Why won't I ever be a model? No, not because I'm too short, love candy too much, or would be confused by the directions. (Smize? Really Tyra? What is that?)

It's because I just can't pose for pictures. After our intense hike today, I wanted a photo, naturally! So I handed the camera to hubs, and tried my best to look semi-normal for at least one. Epic Fail. Let's try to guess what I was thinking here:

Whining. Typical. "I'm not ready to take a picture yet!"

All smiles. We got this, right?

"One more? Cool. Let me show you my neck."

"Bored. Let's try something FUN!"

"What? There aren't cameras on me from each angle?"

I wish I could pose as naturally and awesomely as the men did:

Look at my hubs in green, cool as a cucumber. He's done this before, this posing for blog photos thing. Old pro. 

Anyway, we had an amazing morning hike today. I'm loving have guests stay with us, we're basically half on vacation ourselves, since we get to go exploring mid-week! We hiked the Gahuti Trail on Fort Mountain State Park. Our friend was blazing the way at lightning fast speeds, but it felt great. We cut 30 minutes off our last time (in June) and finished the 8.77 miles in 3 hours, 15 minutes. Boom. 

Finished the day with a sandwich from Arby's. I got curly fries, duh. I'm going to start catching up on work for the rest of the afternoon, and rest my legs. I had back to back tough workouts: yesterday was 10 mile run, today was almost 9 mile hike. My little legs deserve a rest!

What's your favorite place to hike in the world?
I love this trail, since it's close to our house and just difficult enough to be really interesting. I would love to try more hiking on the Appalachian Trail. A woman set the world record for fastest time hiking it yesterday--41 days!

Do you ever have back to back tough workouts, or have a rest in between?
I try to have a rest day in between tough workouts or long runs, definitely. Today was an exception, but tomorrow will be a rest day, or maybe just a little yoga thrown in to stretch it all out. 


  1. I like having a rest day. My favorite place to hike is in the Beartooth Mtns. So pretty and so tough!

  2. Looks like a super awesome hike.

    I do back to back hard workouts, but usually with recovery in between, and of different types. So, I might do hard run PM-easy bike AM-hard swim PM.

    P.S. Who wants to be a model anyway? No need to be a human clotheshanger.

  3. I love mountain hikes... my favorites so far are at Lake Louise, Maligne Canyon, and at Mount Edith Cavell - all are in the Canadian Rockies.

  4. Looks like a gorgeous place to hike!
    I've never done much hiking. That needs to change!
    I definitely rest between hard workouts. I've been know to take two once in a while.

  5. You really do crack me up - your various "natural" poses and the commentary to go along with them - lol! I really like (as do my legs) a rest day in between. Last week I hit my long run on my 3rd straight day of running - one word summary for how it went . . . craptastic! Hiking - hmmm, I would like to hike around Arcadia National Park in the fall!

  6. haha your poses are too funny. Enjoy the rest of your day, it sound like yall had a great morning.

    I usually rest in between, or at least rest the parts that had a tough workout (lower body vs upper body)

  7. I love the comments that go with the photos. :)

  8. My favorite place to hike in the world is Alaska! I would like to eventually check out the French Alps.

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog. Did you ever read Anna at Adios Fat Pants? You look a lot like her!

    I'm not a big hiker but I definitely like hikes that go UP first!

  10. you are way cute. i think the photo of you in the prison run mile with you jumping was great!! that could be on a running magazine.

  11. Haha, I always feel like a goof posing for pictures and have a BAD habit of tilting my head back to show my neck. What gives?!

    Hubs looks like a natural!

    Glad you had a great hike!

  12. wow!! a 9 mile hike! that is amazing :) I love hiking...seriously one of my all time favorite activities. I can't get enough of the outdoors. And I don't think I could ever be a model for the same reasons ;)

  13. You always seem to have some great outdoor experiences, I love it! Last summer Craig and I went mushroom hunting, that was fun for both of us :)

  14. Loving the pictures. That IS an epic hike! I'm usually beat after two miles! We have good hiking trails around here, but I'd have to say my favorite place to hike is in the Appalachian mountains in Tennessee! Love it.

  15. "Cool. Let me show you my neck." Haha!
    I've hiked in Yosemite before, but it's been years since I've been. I'm itching to go again.
    And you caught me on my second rest day in a row. My last three workouts were INSANE, and my muscles still feel the burn. I just couldn't bring myself to workout today.

  16. i LOVE hiking in the upper peninsula in michigan. perfection!

    there's something super hard core about doing back to back workouts...but then i need a rest day extra bad.

  17. I think you make a great bloggy model, if that means.

    I don't have a favorite hiking spot, but I do love to get out in wander around nature.

  18. I love the photos! You could revolutionize the modeling world with your poses. :)

    I love hiking In the white mountains of new Hampshire. There are fully staffed cabins about 7-9 miles a part and the hikes are strenuous but not impossible. Plus the staff cook dinner and breakfast for everyone (for a fee of course). Some of my favorite memories are from hikes with my Dad and brother there. Plus, you stay in a big cabin and not a tent where you can be eaten by critters.

  19. Have you seen some of the weird poses they do on America's Next Top Model?? Your poses are WAY better :). 9 mile hike?? You guys are intense! I did the BodyPump class this morning and a spin class this evening... but that's no 9 mile hike!
    I haven't done a lot of hikes in different places- but I miss Oregon hiking.

  20. I agree with Jerilee. America's next top model is all about creating angles....well storks have angles and no one calls them hotties! I think you pics are just fine!!

  21. My favorite hike ever was in Belize...going through the rivers & forest to get to these amazing caves. It was so beautiful.

  22. There's a place in Vancouver called the "Grouse Grind" that is absolutely amazing... it's the best workout I've ever done in my life! It's not exactly a hike... more like steps carved out of dirt and rock for 2 miles up the side of a mountain.

  23. Whatever, I totally see a model in these pictures! You look beautiful. :-)

    I've actually not been hiking since I was a kid, but it's another thing (like kayaking) that I fantasize about doing some day.

  24. I think you'd be an awesome model -- you are gorgeous! Love your shoulders btw :)

  25. So much fun!! I want to hike more, but it is tough around the city :) Looks like a great day, and have you seen my horrid pics lately? Oh wait, no, because I stopped taking the self timed horror photos for my readers' best interest:) You look great - no worries!

  26. I love to hike husband HATES it! I need to find a friend that likes to hike too :) I think you look great in your you are having fun :)

  27. So awesome and you look freaking gorgeous in the pictures. Holy smoking body! Seriously girl you look great.

    I hope your little leggies got the rest they deserved. :)

  28. I always have a rest day between tough workouts.

    Lol, you looked really cute in all of the photos.

  29. I doubt I'd be able to pull of the model thing either. I catch myself with more awkward faces and poses than anything. Ha.

    I love hiking. Not much of that down here though! When I go to Tennessee, I love it!

  30. The land is so flat down here so I have never been on a hike. I would love to though!


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