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It Finally Happened..."THAT" Treadmill Accident

It really does pain me to even discuss this. Honestly. Let's start with the good, shall we? I headed to the gym to run my 18 mile long run on the treadmill today. Yes, I'm a wuss for not wanting to run outside, but it's ridiculously hot here. So...the first 99 minutes/10-ish miles were uneventful. I watched some Top Chef Just Desserts with the captions on, and ran nice and slow.

The treadmill does an auto cool down at 99 minutes, so it's the perfect time to get off, refill the water bottle, and stretch. I started her back up...and then bad things starting to happen. Bad things in the belly area. I pushed through and pushed through, thinking it would go away. I took a minute to walk, even knocked down my pace. And then....

Clenching. I have never jumped off a treadmill, grabbed my stuff, and booked it out of there faster in my life. I was literally jogging to the bathrooms. Without giving too much away, it didn't end well. I got to the the stalls just in the nick of time. I'm sure there are some people way more dedicated than me who would have headed back out to finish the run, but I was done. 

Total: 14.5 miles, 2:20 minutes (9:40 pace). I'll take it, but I was hoping for the full 18. 

Anyway, after that little adventure the only thing that sounded good to eat was Subway. I tried their flatbreads awhile back and I'm in love. Oven roasted chicken with toppings and mustard. Yum. 

Believe it or not, after my ice bath I felt pretty ok so I headed down to our house in progress to do cleaning and sanding. Guess what? It looks like we will be moving in this week sometime! It's far from finished, but we can live there while we work on the details. There are toilets, showers, a full kitchen, a bed, and aircon. If I can cook, blog, and go to the bathroom, I'm set!

Someone please tell me an embarrassing gym/treadmill running story to ease my pain.
Sadly, this isn't the first embarrassing treadmill story I've shared. Remember this one? Yikes. 

Are you a Subway fan? What's your favorite sandwich?
I've always loved Subway. I know there are some bad things in the bread, that the meat isn't always quality, etc. BUT--I love it. And I figure there are worse vices. Recently it's all about the chicken flatbread, warm and delicious!


  1. I am sure it won't make you feel better, but I have been battling this issue for weeks. I felt brave Saturday and ran a route I didn't know (which meant no bathroom). Unfortunately, I had one of those moments about 5.5 miles into my run - nearly a mile from the closest bathroom. Longest mile of my life!!!

    I haven't tried the subway flatbread, but that looks yummy!

  2. I haven't had any issues like that at the gym luckily. I am sure I will eventually though!

    I like Subway sometimes, it really depends on the individual franchise. Some do up a great sandwich, and some don't really care if the veggies land on the sandwich or not. But it is a great "safe" choice when travelling.

  3. i toot (fairly audibly) on the treadmill every time. I havent had a run to the bathroom problem, but I always know my neighbors are laughing at me for listening to my runners toots.

    I hope your belly problems get better. you are so awesome for doing 14 miles and that is so exciting that you get to move into your house!!!

  4. I haven't had this problem yet. I usually get the bad belly aches after the run...but I also can't run as far as you ;)

    My biggest fear it falling on the treadmill at a gym. I saw it too many times when I would go to the Y in high school to work out.

  5. You're just awesome!!!! Ive (thankfully) never had a mid run disaster, but I've come close and skipped stretching in order to rush home or stopped in the nick of time at the porta john in the park. I'm impressed you even grabbed your stuff off the 'mill. I might have just left it on the 'mill and the belt running. wow girl - glad you felt better later in the day.

    HOW EXCITING to be moving into your new house!!! That's awesome!!! You can use your own treadmill which is only steps away from your bathroom :)

    I used to eat Subway all.the.time! I think after several years of several times a week I got sick of it. Haven't been there in 18 months or so. I used to LOVE the turkey flat bread with oil and parm cheese with all the veggies :)

  6. Sorry that happened to you. Any chance you are not over your rur recent bout of illness?

    I did a 10 miler one time where in I ran into a tanning parlor that was on my route and begged to use the washroom... I was told yes but I would have to remove my shoes first... you never saw anyone kick off her running shoes as fast as I did that day!

  7. That happened to me in 2 different races- both were ridiculously hot, so I was thinking maybe something to do with the heat. At least you had the benefit of a bathroom nearby! Thats when you know you worked hard ;)

  8. Never happened to me but glad you are ok!!! I love Subway veggie subs. I just LOAD the veggies, extra pickles and green olives! YUM.

    PS I love your little favicon! I was looking for a runner for mine too but couldn't find I settled for a banana :D

  9. yikes i have been lucky enough not to have any major stomach problems while running yet.

    i also enjoy subway its not a bad quick meal there are definitely worse things out there.

  10. Seems like there was something in the air today. Glad your incident wasn't too bad.

    Good for you doing so many miles on a treadmill, I can never get past 6 miles.

    Hope your tummy troubles were only temporary :)

  11. That sounds awful! I don't have one of those experiences yet but for a race last year I did barely make it to the porta potty in time before the race. I got nervous and it was almost terrible!

    Love Subway! The cold cut trio on wheat or the ham on wheat is my favorite!

  12. Well at least you made it in time, it could have been WAY worse, right? :)

    I love Subway, but never go there except when I'm road tripping. It's easy and EVERYWHERE, so it's nice on the road.

  13. Nice work girl!! I could never run that long on a treadmill!!!!

  14. Ohmygoodness... Glad you made it to the bathroom in time! I would have been done after that too! ...or after like, a mile. haha :)

    I always knock my iPod/phone/whatever loose and it always goes crashing loudly on the ground and then everyone stares at me. :S

    I really am obsessed with the "Aloo" sub at Subway here in India. Can't beat a potato sandwich... uh that's good for me...

    My Life. I Guess.

  15. Ugh, stomach troubles are the worst.

    I have known plenty of runners that got the 'runs' mid marathon.

    Making it to a bathroom in time is key.

    As for tooting on the treadmill? Men do it with pride (and no shame) all the time.

    My opinion? Embrace your biology and shrug it off.

    So happy to hear you will be moving in soon!!!

  16. At least you made it to the bathroom in time! I have had to use the bushes a few times.

    Yay for your house being ready! I am a Subway fan and thankfully my kids love it better than McDonalds!

  17. I've totally had that happen to me and it was NOT fun. I was doing just a short 4 mile run on the treadmill and I had to get off THREE different times and run to the bathroom...and once I got there it wasn't pretty. I decided I would never eat carrots and an apple before a run ever again...apparently that's a little too much fiber for me...

  18. I had that treadmill issue but luckily I was on my treadmill at home.
    I looooooooovvvveeeee Subway. I like the buffalo chicken or sweet onion chicken teriyaki on flatbread.

  19. 18 miles on the treadmill?! Woah, rockstar! My treadmill patience limit is about five miles until I'm bored to death! Unfortunately the TVs at my gym are probably 4 feet above eye level, so I can't watch while running or I'd surely fly off.

    Also, why is running like nature's laxative? I have that problem, too!

  20. Oh that stinks! Sorry you had to endure that!

    I'm not a Subway fan, actually. I lived in Philadelphia for a while where they have the BEST hoagies and Subway has never compared since!

  21. The 'bathroom' considerations were a big issue for me when I contemplated running a marathon.
    Before the event, a running mate let me in on his secret. A product here in Australia called 'Gastro Stop'. You probably have an equivalent over there.
    It's not recommended and I certainly wouldn't use it in training, but on the day of my marathon after taking them, my stomach and the toileting thing didn't factor in at all. Bliss.

  22. Oh no! I, luckily, haven't had stomach issues while running but I do have a weak stomach so it's bound to happen. My most embarrassing treadmill moment was when, first week of my freshman year of college, surrounded by cute college boys in a packed gym, I fell off the treadmill because I got distracted watching tv. I've never been a fan of them anyway so I haven't run on one since! I hope you're feeling better!

  23. Ahhhh so sorry! But I have been there for sure! Not on the treadmill, because I avoid that devil machine like the plague, but just in life in general. The fact that you attempted 18, and ran as far as you did on the mill, is extremely impressive to me. Did you read about my last ultramarathon with Kara? Well, I guess that's an embarrassing story for her. But let's just say, I've used the woods. Well more than one time. I don't know why, but I just love Subway. I feel like I shouldn't, but their veggie patty sandwich is fabulous. Glad you are doing better!

  24. I am so glad you made it in time. I seem to have a lot of belly problems on my long runs. I think it may be a problem with something I am eating. Too much fiber. Glad there was a bathroom so close by. It is really bad when you are out on the roads with no bathroom in sight. Feel better.

  25. Oh man, that sucks. There is no fear like the fear of knowing there's a good chance you're going to crap your pants. Glad you made it. :)

  26. No Worries! I've had that happen several times. Why do you think I call it "the dreadmill"!!


  27. GI issues suck! When I read "THAT" accident, I thought you were going to say you fell off it! (Yes, I've done that & had road burns on my elbows and knees to prove it!)
    Love Subway - never tried the flatbread yet, will have to.

  28. I LOVE SUBWAY! I don't eat their flatbreads often, although I do like them, because the stuff always falls out on me! Love turkey on honey oat bread.

    Well done on the run! I have definitely had similar episodes and had to make a run for the washroom. Ugh, no fun!

  29. hahaha. I have definitely done that! It's ok...happens to everyone! Just glad you made it in time ;).

  30. oh! I had the same thing happen to me at the gym in college! I was on the leg curl machine where you lay on your stomach - well that must've gotten things moving because I had to make the mad dash to the restroom - which was two floors up! I made it just in time and then had to make the walk of shame back down to collect my things I had left next to the machine. It's amazing how quickly things can 'get moving'. :)

    Glad you didn't have a blow out on the treadmill!

  31. You are not alone!

    Nice work on the run though! 14+ still isn't bad!

  32. I've never tried the flatbread at Subway, but I think I'd like it. We FINALLY got spinach at the ones here... but still no avocado option that I always see on my trips across the border. Hopefully soon!

  33. I'm glad Alyssa wanted to share my story. :)

    Seriously, though 18 on the mill? That's nuts. I'd rather get up at 5am to beat the heat than run on that machine for 3 hours!

  34. Been there, done that... hate it when it happens.

    Favorite Subway sub... oven roasted chicken on flat bread, all the fixings, topped off with SW sauce. Lucky for my work is right across from Subway, so I have this maybe more often than I should :)

  35. I had a close call like that before too... Not pleasant AT ALL! Glad you made it.

    I'm pretty simple at subway... 6 in turkey and cheese on wheat with spinach, cucumbers, green peppers, pickles and a little mustard and mayo. Yum.

  36. I haven't had that happen to me on the treadmill, but it did happen while I was running outside. I've never run up a hill so fast in my entire life!

    As for Subway, I love it. I usually get the grilled chicken with cucumbers, lettuce, peppers and onions. I like their salads too.

  37. don't sweat the treadmill incident - at least it waited for the BR!! I have definitely experienced that before and left immediately after...the feeling of staying just seems sort of daunting!

    That is so exciting about the house though!! Busy week!

  38. Love subway and yay for moving into your house. That is so so exciting. I have had so many treadmill adventures that it is impossible to share just one story. Lets just say I've had my fair share of falls. ha ha

  39. Omg I've been there. I know exactly what it feels like to sprint to the bathroom!

  40. Hahahahahah I love how many people are SO on your side here. I am lucky to have a treadmill at home, but this chick has let out some serious nastiness on the ones at the gym. Isn't it the worst getting to the washroom and sitting down to feel your sweat on the toilet seat? I can't believe this hasn't happened to you before. Welcome to the club.

  41. I am super impressed by you run, 14 or 18 who cares?! WOW!

    I am training for a half and strugggggggling! So I am jealous!!
    lovely blog, following you!

    AND, I am also (shamelessly) plugging a giveaway on my blog. But it is for a really cool vintage t-shirt (winner gets to choose their design from the website) so I don't feel too guilty about it ;) The Mitten State Vintage T-Shirt Giveaway!

    The Mitten State Vintage T-Shirt Giveaway!

  42. oh no! but funny ... heehee!

    i almost ran OFF the treadmill today. i have a bad habit of running in the middle of the belt. i notice most people run up toward the top near the controls but i don't do that. today, i must have gotten lazy and there was a split second when i felt my foot go off the back of the treadmill (6.5mph!) and i jumped up, peed a little in the midst of it all and continued. maybe someone noticed, maybe not.

    14 miles on the treadmill is nutty girl! good for you.

  43. OH no Vanessa! I'm so sorry to hear about your incident! But when ya gotta go you gotta go! lol
    Next time you'll get'em!
    Can't wait to see the finished product of your home!

  44. Hahha I'm trying to build up mileage for my runs and last week I was towards the end of a run outside and suddenly really had to go but I pretty much told myself "you either hold it for the full route home or poop yourself". I held it and made it haha

  45. oh dang! the funniest thing about this is the CLENCHING. you're at a gym with a bathroom no need to clench and hold it in you silly runner! That's my favorite thing about treadmills vs. outdoors: there is always a bathroom.

  46. Great run Vanessa, well done. Sorry to hear about your "clenching" - you make me laugh :)

    We are soooooo behind with foods here! Subway doesn't even have the flat bread yet. I am sure we will have it someday, it looks delicious.

  47. I just read your other treadmill story - that is hilarious, those 2 guys blaming each other. I don't know how you composed yourself. If that had of been me, I would have burst out laughing and given myself away.

  48. Aww girl, it happens to everyone!! I don't got back either...once I'm done, I'm done!!

    Sometimes I feel like once I stop to rest, that's when my belly is like okay, you all done? me too!!

  49. Agh, yo upoor thing. Yeah, I'd have been DONE and DONE!!


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