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Indulgence Decisions and Pink Animals

The day's workout = sitting on my tush in the backseat, planning stops to get food. We're about halfway between out town in Georgia and New Orleans, Louisiana. 300 miles to go. Not impressed.

After a stop for the bathroom (I needed to go about 5 minutes into the drive, whoops) a stop for lunch, and then a stop for fro-yo (unplanned--Starbucks was closed so I found a substitute in fro-yo)--what else is there to do?

Right. Reminisce about the amazeballs fro-yo! Any guesses which of the three was mine?

Of course! The one with pink frosted animal crackers!

Just me and my Mac in the backseat, hanging out. Trying to remember what it was like to stand up. So lucky that my hubs made a awesome roadtrip playlist, plus now he and our friend get to listen to my fantastic singing for 5 more hours--lucky them! 

Stay tuned for a pretty amazing GIVEAWAY for tomorrow! This item has made me so happy over the last few days, so I know you'll love it too!

I will give a million dollars (or, you know, a hug) to someone who comes up with the best car game to play while we're driving! Boredom. is. setting. in. 
I used to play I spy all the time. And punch buggy! Hubs gets angry when I punch him and he's driving though. Weird. I saw punch buggy first and everything. 

Trying to decide on the best indulgence for New Orleans. Would you rather have a hurricane cocktail or a gourmet popsicle (in flavors like salted caramel or pineapple cilantro)?

Hurricane vs.
Gourmet Popsicle?
Just to be safe, I'll have one of both! Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!


  1. definitely both, girl! and my favorite care game is the ABC game:)

  2. I've been indulging in quite a bit of fro-yo myself. It is amazing but rather healthy when you compare to anything else ;)
    Enjoy your trip!

  3. I'd rather have a beignet (not sure I spelled that right... pronounced ben yay!) Mmmm so good!!! We always played the ABC game in the car. Nothing too fun.

  4. Um I want those animal crackers. I have never seen them here! Good call on the fro-yo...always a tasty treat :) Excited for your giveaway! Maybe I'll actually win this one! I hope it's pink animal cookies and Puffins!

  5. I always put frosted animal crackers on my fro yo. Usually 1/3 fro yo, 1/3 gummi bears, 1/3 animal crackers. Mmmmm delish.

  6. that has to be the prettiest fro yo pic ever! :) a hurricane sounds so good right now!

  7. The fro-yo looks amazing. Have a safe and fun trip!!

  8. What a pretty froyo picture :) I always get one of those frosted animal crackers when they are available, a perfect addition!
    Have a safe trip!

  9. I bring Mad Libs along on any car ride over two hours. At first, everyone complains about how juvenile they are, but then everyone joins in. They are hilarious! You should print some out before the drive back. You should eat two popsicles, one for you and one for me, okay? Thanks!

  10. Awww I love roadtrips!! Of course you should go for both, live it up and have fun!!!

  11. I like to sing to The Captain while we are driving.... all the little nursery rhymes and kids songs that no one ever took the time to tell him when he was a kid.

    And I make him play Eye-Spy with me too.

  12. When in Rome (err, NOLA) - better do what the locals do :) Have both and enjoy!!!!

  13. I say Popsicle! YUM! Have fun!

  14. I like the place name game- name a place that starts with the last letter of the previous person's place name.

    As for the pink animal crackers- I love them.

    Good luck with the rest of the drive!!

  15. Those frosted animal crackers are dangerous! I could eat an entire giant bag of them without even trying!

  16. Oh great, now I want frosted animal cookies.

  17. You sound like an awesome road trip buddy!

  18. DEFINITELY one of both!!! have a blast on your trip! super jealous but can't wait for the giveaway!!

  19. I LOVE PUTTING frosted animal cookies on my fro-yo and eating it by the package:) YAY for the hubby making a killer playlist but I totally agree with you...ROADTRIPS can be super boring!

  20. Yum Popsicles!

    And I love pink animal crackers!

  21. popsicles look great! ENJOY YOURSELF!!! Ah, we love New Orleans...if we lived there, I swear we'd gain 300lbs in the first year! Their food is AMAZING!!!

    have a great trip :)

  22. To me that popscicle looks darn tasty!

    Just finished my run, 3.75 miles in the country in 40 minutes. I'm a newbie! :-)

  23. I can't decide if I want the popsicle or the frosted animal cracker more... I didn't even though those existed!!

  24. how fun! those Popsicles sound so interesting! Enjoy your trip!

  25. I love bringing along some Mad Libs for long car rides! Those are always fun.

    After that (assuming that you don't have Mad Libs with you) there is always 20 Questions!

    And of course, "6 Degrees of ______ (insert celebrities)" is always fun! In my version, you choose two random movie or TV stars that you don't think were ever in the same show or movie, and you have to link them together by other stars. I hope that makes sense.

    I'll help you out. Start out with Jim Carrey and Bette Midler. And.... GO!

  26. I love frosted animal crackers!

  27. You have no idea how much I thought about that pink frosted animal cracker today! Such a yummy post! LOL!

  28. Those frosted animal crackers ALMOST make the drive worth while! YUM!

  29. I got a little too well acquainted with those Pat O'Briens Hurricanes during a little trip for New Years Eve back in 2000 so I'd definitely go with the popsicle.


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