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A Swim and A Much Needed Break

Yesterday I decided to take the day off from running and do something else instead. My mind needed a non running day, and my foot is acting up--I'm thinking it is a little flare-up of PF that I had about 9 months ago. So, I had a 1.5 mile walk to the lake and hopped in for a swim.

I hesitated a little before jumping in!

I swam for about 35 minutes, which was tough for me. I haven't been actually swimming in a while, but it felt great. Kind of neat to remember I have arms that like to be used every once in a while.

Since I had skipped running yesterday for the swim, speed work was on the schedule this morning. Except when I woke up, I was a mess. Hubs was sick yesterday (still is) and I'm guessing I've got what he has. Achey joints and just exhausted. So no run. Although I did sit on the floor and contemplate it for a while in my PJs. Tough decisions, but sometimes you just have to listen to your body.

Yes, I sleep in Bumble Bar shirts and colored heart boxers. It's a wonder I can keep my husband off of me. Pure sex appeal.

When you are sick, do you exercise or take the day off?
If I have a cold, I'll usually still exercise. Stomach trouble or achey body and I give it a rest day. 

Full length flannel PJs? Night shirts? Boxers and shirts? Tighty whiteys and a sports bra? What do you sleep in?
In the winter, I will sleep in all of the above. At the same time. I get so chilly and just bundle up with everything. Summer--boxers and tanks all the way. 


  1. I agree, I will exercise with a cold but not with stomach trouble or aches.

    I wish I lived near a lake - I miss that kind of summertime swimming. Around here it is all ocean and bay.

    Shorts and t-shirt for summer sleeping definitely!

  2. Good idea to take a rest day from running.....your body will thank you!!

  3. I am on rest after Dr.'s orders - congrats on your rock n roll half marathon bib win!!

  4. When I need to go to the gym in the morning, I wear my gym clothes to bed LOL! During the summer I wear sleeveless cotton nightgowns and in winter PJs :)

  5. Rest days are just totally worth it when you are feeling icky!! I love tshirts and boxers to sleep in! It just doesn't get much more comfy than that!! :)

  6. SO weird -- Max feels achy and flu-ey too. I always thought that was supposed to happen in the WINTER!!

  7. I tried to run through some stomach issues last week and it made it so much worse :( I will know better next time.

    I sleep in a big large tshirt. The bigger the better. I am so darn sexy. I used to wear a million layers in the winter until I was 9 months pregnant in march and I honestly couldn't handle anything on me at all. That has stuck with me since (almost 5 years ago!)

  8. Good call on the rest day. Achey body is never a good sign and definitely would not result in a good speedworkout!

    I am so jealous you are 1.5 miles from a lake. That is so awesome and I think it is great you take advantage of it. Have a fabulous weekend!

  9. Sounds like it's going around. I just got over a 9 day battle with it. Get well soon!

  10. day off for sickness... or it just drags on even longer

  11. Shorts and a t-shirt for me in the summer! Pj pants and a t-shirt in the winter...nothing sexy going on here!

  12. Achy joints could have been from the swim too! :) Everytime I go swimming I get crazy sore because I never do arm work unless it's pushups. Hope you feel better though.

    When I'm sick, unless i'm vomiting, I usually still exercise even if it's just a little.

    I sleep in pretty much the same things I run in...though clean versions.

  13. nice swim! it depends on how sick I am, sometimes a slow run helps me kick the sick feeling, but if you're too sick you have to rest

    i sleep in...blankets...

  14. love love love that you went swimming in the lake. i have definitely been taking a break lately. my knee was acting up and i was feeling a sickness coming on. it even hurt to bike so i definitely gave in and let myself rest :)

    love shirts or a tank and boxers. i like to just feel comfy when i sleep :)

  15. Yes take your rest days and eat some CANDY!!! I'm so happy you liked your package! It got to you nice and quick! I thought you might enjoy a little treat ;). You're pretty much the best ever and deserve it!! Hope the long run goes well you running beast! xoxo

  16. uugh sorry to hear that you are coming down with something. take a rest, have some cocoa, wrap yourself in a snuggie, and sleep the day away.

  17. That water looks so nice! Great job on the swim!

    I definitely rest if I have the body aches. Hope you feel better soon!

  18. If it's just in my head, I try to run, because I usually feel better as a result. If it's below the neck, no working out. No point in pushing it for an awful workout and making yourself feel worse. Sorry to hear it though, hope you feel better soon! Great job on the swim! I sleep in the nude - can't stand PJs! That's why I hate staying at people's houses (have to wear them). SHHH though, that's our secret that I just revealed on the internet.

  19. sounds like perfect running break! and man, i think tshirts and heart boxers are waaaay sexy man. or maybe that's just because that's the stuff i sleep in too??

  20. Are you sure it's your hubby's cold and not brain eating ameoba? Just kidding! Hope you feel better. I manage an urgent care clinic and the last month EVERYONE has had a summer cold!

    I usually run with a neck or above cold. Sore throats can lead to endocarditis so I usually don't mess around when I have a sore throat or cough.

    I wear pajama pants and a t-shirt to bed every night (short sleeve shirt in the summer, long sleeve in the winter . . . or when my husband is trying to freeze me out with the AC).

  21. Tell me about it! All week I have been wanting to take some time off. I know you are on the RLRF plan too so I am sure we are both thinking the same thing. It deflty wears me out. I have resorted to wearing my compression socks sometimes at night because I am paranoid that I am going to get injured. I am supposed to run 20 tom. Debating taking it off, one because I am tired and two, the hurricane is coming so that is a good enough excuse. Enjoy the day off!!

  22. Hope you are not run down from the long runs.... rest, hydrate and stay snuggled in.

  23. Ooo no hope you all get better!! I always get the cold my hubby had but worse :( :( bah. During the winter, I cuddle up to my husband he gets so warm it is like my own heated blanket lol is this TMI? You look to cute in your bumble bee shirt!!! Love it! Feel better

  24. girl I have been a swimming machine lately. This heat just kills my runs. But you are right, so therapuetic for the body. Let is rest! Happy weekend, be safe out there with the weather!

  25. I used to try to run through every bout of sickness I had... til one time it reallllly hurt and then I found out I had a full blown kidney infection. Whoops! Now I try to take a few days off and see how it goes.

    Love your jammies!! Mine look the same...

  26. If it's just a head cold then I will usually still run or workout. Hope you and your husband feel better soon!

  27. hmmm on Sat night I managed to fall asleep in stockings and a long sleeve top .... classy!

  28. Awww, so sorry to hear you're sick! What a bummer.

    I usually don't run when I feel sick, I feel like it prolongs the misery. Although, if I'm jsut coming out of a cold, I think running is the best way to get it out of my system.

    Feel better soon!

  29. I usually take the day off if I am exhausted and achy.
    I sleep in shorts and shirts!

  30. You're right, sometimes you just have to listen to what your body wants! Hal says, neck up, go ahead and run, if it's in your chest, stay home!
    Good work on the swim!


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