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Running Sucks! And a Giveaway Winner

What is the perfect shirt to toss on when you're relaxing on the couch after a 17 mile run?

I kid, I kid. Running most definitely does not suck. You know what else doesn't suck? These awesome shirts available from Kiley over at Daily Vitamin F.  She sells every color you can imagine, and they are so reasonably priced--you can't beat $8, can you?

And now...I know you're dying to find out who gets their very own Handful bra! I was shocked to have 250 comments on this one--I guess it was a pretty awesome prize! I plugged all the comments into to get the winner, and it was lucky #187--Nik from Two Yuppies and a Puppy! Congrats Nik!

After a run, what do you toss on?
I'm all about comfy sweats, PJs, and a big baggy shirt, most definitely!

What is a cool running clothing item/accessory/etc. you're dying to have?
I saw this top in the window of the lady foot locker in New Orleans and fell in love--but the store was closed! May have to bite the bullet and grab it online!


  1. OH yea girl, sweats all the way! I am a total sweats girl, love big baggy sweatpants, I usually buy mine in the men's dept so they are extra baggy!

  2. Running does suck! Hahaha- just lately for me because I'm burnt out. I made a tank top before a 1/2 marathon I ran once that said "I hate running" on the front, and on the back, "but so does being lazy and unhealthy." At the end it was all about the front :)

  3. I love those shirts! I need a running sucks & cancer sucks!

  4. Aaaaaaaaah!!!! I am so excited to get my handful bra! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Aw, too bad, I know the manager at Lady Foot Locker at the mall here, could've got you a deal ;-) if you buy online look for a coupon code, they almost always have one for footlocker.

  6. I'm definitely a comfy shirt and baggy pants kind of person after a long run- but I add in either compression socks or sleeves underneath.

    As for cool running accessory- I've been coveting the entire Oiselle collection for the last few months. Love their stuff.

  7. Nice shirts! I have a button that says Cancer Sucks on it. I wear it on my remission anniversaries sometimes.

  8. Love the t-shirt!! I also throw on the baggiest clothes I can find after a workout! I need to be super comfy!

    I am dying to have a pair of padded spin shorts right now!! They are SO expensive!

  9. I definitely have days where that shirt would be totally appropriate. You could sell those Running Sucks shirts at mile 23 of a marathon and make a killing!

  10. I'm all about comfy, baggy clothes after a really long run!

  11. That is so funny, I was just driving home and passed somebody who was running and wearing that shirt!

  12. I'm buying that shirt just to wear to boot camp. I always bitch when they make us run!

  13. That's a great shirt! I love catchy running shirts. My favorite one that I own is "Every Damn Day" which makes me feel empowered.

    It's sad, when I'm done running I usually chill in my sports bra and whatever bottoms I'm wearing until my shower or bed... it's gross but I'm usually too lazy. :X

  14. the shirt. way to go on that long run, girl!! :) and of course congrats to our winner. :)

  15. I like the shirts, especially the blue one!

  16. Love your shirt...gotta get one of these for the week after next when I attempt 20 miles!

  17. I love that running sucks tee! Too funny.

    Always comfy pants or shorts and a tank after a run - with a hoodie til I warm-up!

  18. That running top is WAY cute! And I love the running sucks t-shirts. Because lets be honest, everyone has moments in a race or LR where running really does suck! :)

  19. haha, that's the perfect recovery nap/snack fest tshirt :)

  20. Those shirts are great! Only $8, you can't go wrong. And the one you saw in New Orleans is so cute!!!

  21. i LOVE Kiley's shirts. I have a "cancer sucks" one and I wear it all the time. I really need to get a running sucks one!

  22. Running doesn't suck, but some runs DO suck! I can't wait to return to my post long run routine this weekend of ice bath, shower, comfy sweats (ok let's be serious - pjs) and compression socks. And tons of iced coffee. Yum.

  23. I like to put on my pajama pants and an extra large tshirt. comfy. Anywhoo, I am on a working clothing spending strike. I spend too much as it is. I need to work on my other normal clothing wardrobe for a while.


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