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Win A Bondi Band from This Girl!

Hello everyone! Any chance you're missing this pretty lady in your lives lately?

Christina (you might know her as the Athletarian) made a big bloggy switch over to a self-hosted site. Don't ask me how to do it, if I can check my own emails I call it a good day. Anyway, it seems like lots of people are missing out on her newest posts. Which is a problem, because you're all missing her amazing giveaway

If you want a pretty amazing BondiBand, head over there now for a chance to enter the giveaway, and while you're there switch your feeds over to her new address. Girl has TONS of giveaways so you'll be missing out otherwise!

*Please note* Bondi Band, while it makes you look hardcore, will not make you run faster on the track OR be able to jump higher. Bummer. 

Ok, blog rant time: what drives you crazy about blogging/technology?
Um, how about that I never know how to get it to work? Honestly, I can paste pictures and type. The end. Also, if someone would like to teach me to use my Garmin, that would be great, thanks. Apparently there are all these cool things it can do--besides start and stop?


  1. I'll have to check out her site. Yea, I'm totally not tech-savvy so don't ask me! When I taught Jr. High a few years ago, my students had to teach me how to text message ...sad but true :)

  2. You crack me up! ANY technology questions PLEASE ask! I can try my best to help out:) And I don't think I've have any issues with Christina's feed, but I'll double check it now that you've mentioned it!

  3. hahahah i love you, so cute. you always have the greatest jumping pictures. you get such great height, love it!! i love love bondi bands. oh gosh techbnology and i don't mix. today i was on my new treadmill and i plugged in the ipod to the treadmill and it started working and then stopped, i fixed it and it did it again. i was like you have got to be kidding me!!! seriously?!?! oh well, thats why we have husbands right? lol

  4. My Garmin, I only ever used start & stop too .... I sold it on ebay :-)

  5. Thanks for the info! I will check out her blog.

  6. hahaha i feel you on the Garmin thing! It is seriously a glorified stop watch for me right now!!


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  8. Haha I am lucky my boyfriend got his degree in Computer Info. Systems or else I would be pretty screwed!

  9. When I started my blog, I considered Wordpress, but then I realized I had no fucking clue how to work it, so here I am using the idiot's blog, aka Blogger.

    I hate comments in Blogger, especially since I can't respond to most of them.

  10. Love it! Basically every thing about technology in general drives me crazy. I am not tech savy at all and it seriously stresses me out!

  11. I am so with you. I hate techology. I just do the bare miminal with my garmin and blogger. Nothing fancy from me.

  12. I'm glad I found her through you. I "liked" both your pages on Facebook! :) I'm a big fan of those headbands. Maybe it's because I'm a big sweater.

    Have you done any halves or fulls since Scenic City??


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